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  1. Snoutopus

    Compatible Books

    The biggest potential issues are probably with some of the weapons and occasionally suits on magic. Off the top of my head, keep an eye on the Into the Steam weapons and check them against the new corebook, and take a look at suits on spells. For the most part, the new corebook magic pursuits and magia assumes that all Sorcery uses tomes, Necromancy uses crows, etc, and some stuff from the older books (Gremlin bokur, IIRC) need to be tweaked so they work with the update.
  2. Snoutopus

    January 2018 Errata

    Generally a fan of the changes, but unsure why poor Ronin are still 6 stones.
  3. Snoutopus

    PAX Unplugged - Volunteers Needed

    Not planning to demo any Through the Breach?
  4. Snoutopus

    Crafting costs

    I think that's quite unnecessary. Players being able to make their own gear is interesting, but those are skill points that aren't in more active or offensive skills. If they want to invest in blacksmithing, engineering, and whatnot, I'm happy to see them rewarded for it.
  5. Snoutopus


    Full disclosure: This was my wife's idea.
  6. Snoutopus


    Roller Derby Hired Swords!
  7. Snoutopus


    Buff as hell female Von Schill. Or just an alt version with his new metal parts. Mannah. Heck, genderswapped versions of everyone else. Alt Librarian. New lady convict gunslinger.
  8. Snoutopus

    Sandeep Desai and a terrible time

    I was the Sandeep player in Sault's game. The 2/4/5 damage spread on a casting, no-suit-required, non-projectile ranged attack that often benefits from the + from a Commands in Wind'd gamin is brutal against someone relying on cover+incorporeal to keep their models alive, but it'd work well against just about any crew. His cache meant I had enough stones to do basically whatever I wanted all match, and there was never a time I felt like Sault could threaten Sandeep without exposing his entire crew...and maybe not getting the job done anyway. He's definitely an issue that needs to be addressed.
  9. Snoutopus

    Wyrd Chronicles 30

    aww yiss
  10. Snoutopus

    Wyrd Chronicles 30

    For getting the Alt Sybelle (yay EB!), would the Through the Breach 2e Corebook count, or is it only Malifaux-proper purchases?
  11. Snoutopus

    Handling Player Combat Frustration

    When it comes to intelligent opponents, if they're not the Fight-to-the-death types, parlaying/surrendering/fleeing is also something to always consider.
  12. Snoutopus

    Malifaux Playtesting Callout

    Are folks still being added, or is this basically full?
  13. Snoutopus

    W: Colette Avatar

    Hey folks! I'm looking for anyone who has a 1e Colette avatar they're willing to part with. I'm willing to pay cash or arrange a trade, so if you have one, please contact me. Thanks!
  14. Snoutopus

    Howdy from Maryland!

    Just saw this! I'm from up in Pennsylvania with a small group. If you're ever up here, give a yell!
  15. Snoutopus

    HI from Lancaster, Pennsylvania

    Most of us are in Mechanicsburg, so we usually play at the Game Table Cafe. The only issue there is the 5$ cover/table rent, but it's a lovely place with great food and coffee. The owner was also kind enough to bring in terrain for us, which is great when we have multiple tables going.