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  1. I've long liked the idea of the loser's suit determining location. I like Red right, Black left, but maybe the 1st turn idol should always start in the center?
  2. I'm finding I tend to decide on a master first and just tweak my crew accordingly. For example, Hoffman runs a pretty good murder ball, but some fast Watchers can guarantee you some significant points if the right strats and schemes show up. Little modules I swap around more than lists set in stone.
  3. Yeah, I'm excited to get him on the table and honestly he will probably spike on my list when I do, its just that every time in beta when I wanted to play him there was a slight tweak to Sonnia I had to verify or a complete Perdita overhaul to try out and I never got that far down the list.
  4. Personal excitement to play: Sonnia - My first and favorite master. Love the playstyle. A few models I'm disappointed in, but overall happy with it. Dashel - Probably one of the big design success, IMO. Really happy with the playstyle and crew composition. Lady J - J herself is super fun to play and she has a lot of great looking models. Not sure if they're good enough to hold up to the option of playing J elsewhere, but it's definitely on my radar. Hoffman - I really like his playstyle. Not sure if I won't just play him on the blue team when I do, but that will likely depend on whether the local group sticks to declaring factions or if people drift to playing whatever master. I think he's fun enough to play as a Guild option if I declare Guild at least. Perdita - She's changed so many times at this point I just don't really know. She feels like she lost what made her feel like a master, but I've played the crew several times and still kind of enjoyed the family as a whole. I'm not sure what I think on her. Lucius - Haven't played him enough, but he could easily hop up my list. Nellie - Feels like she just kind of flew under the radar all beta, including my own. I'm not sure if its just because she had a decent chunk of models that aren't out or if she's just kind of low on the priority for most players, but her problems felt kind of drowned out by Perdita/Sonnia/Lady J. Basse - His playstyle is neat, but thematically I feel like he overlaps too much with Perdita. I think he's good and I might eventually prefer him to Perdita, but at the moment I wish he was a different theme.
  5. LunarSol


    Just a comment; I assume this is a typo: Choose a friendly model within range within more Power Tokens than the target. Should be: Choose a friendly model within range with more Power Tokens than the target.
  6. I'm probably not the person to ask, as I'm kind of cynically burned out on the concept of trying to appease the existing playerbase in gaming in general. At this point everything is just an excuse for people to go play Games Workshop stuff anyway, whether its "this game needs to change" or "they changed something I didn't like". M2E had a good set of old guard go on a campaign to burn it to the ground and I'm glad it wasn't held hostage by them, and I'm overall having terrific success introducing M3E to new players, in a way that just felt like I was scraping by before, so overall? IDK, I get the point, but at the same time I also appreciate that Gaining Grounds is the version of the game for the established players and there's value in something a little less... perfect? Honestly, in the past I've felt like teaching Malifaux, even out of the rulebook is like trying to teach Warmachine in 75 point Steamroller games. It's always needed a more digestible version of the scenario system to learn on and I'm finding this one to work pretty well. Apologies for any undue salt. I've just gotten really soured to watching social media react to change over the last.... its been a while.
  7. FWIW, while I largely agree with a lot of this, I think its something for Gaining Grounds Hindsight (2020) rather than the core rulebook. The one thing I've been finding about the M3E schemes is that they're teachable in a way I never felt like the M2E schemes were. I have taught games without a cheat sheet on the schemes and just reading out the first scoring requirement, with players "getting" that the second point is largely the same, but more and worrying about the specifics after they score the first. What you need to do for that first point is pretty straightfoward, and players seem pretty good at grasping those 5 options where I've felt like they were previously overwhelmed. I'm all in for more traditional scheme setups in Gaining Grounds, but in terms of core rulebook I think these are a great way to introduce players to the game, which has always been what rulebook scenarios are for. They're not my favorite tournament schemes, but that's what the tournament packet introduces, and since this launch seems pretty obviously aimed for GenCon at this point, I don't think 5 months of learning the new game and getting new people is a bad wait before getting a set of more serious tournament scenarios.
  8. LunarSol

    Are we OP?

    Guild Masters feel quite powerful at the cost of underlings that aren't nearly as threatening. I think its easy for Guild to feel powerful in a game where an opponent isn't aware of the strengths and limitations of their opponent, but with a bit of experience I find that a Guild crew can be shut down by properly tying up or otherwise containing the master.
  9. And a couple more as I'm working through that formerly nebulous pile of things labeled M&SU: Augmented Machina
  10. There's really nothing like a good organization system to get things done! The keyword system has encouraged me to get to fully painted faster than anything before and it seems like a good opportunity to start a new thread of complete masters and their crews. Planning to post the complete crews here and go back and update the pics when new things are released: Witch Hunters Marshals Family Guard
  11. Thanks. Appreciate the insight. M3E has been good motivation to buckle down and get things painted. On that note, I finished up the stuff for Magneto and Xavier: Steamfitters & Saboteurs Large Arachnids Ryle & Riotbreaker Medbots & Drills Thinking about grabbing some shots of everything that fits under a keyword one of these days. Might start a new thread for that.
  12. It's a very different kind of summon than something like Dashal's. Just being an opposed duel is a substantially different ability than what most summoners use to bring in models.
  13. That's the usual, absolutely, but there are definitely models with Armor or HtK that demand a large burst of damage that only Scorch can really reliably provide before finishing them off with a weaker Scorch.
  14. It's essentially once per turn as is. There are actually a bunch of models that are already impossible to Scorch unless you can get enough burning on them to scorch them twice as is.
  15. Bringing up the card on the tablet or whatever and revealing that works just as well. Warmachine has been doing this for ages now.
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