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  1. I've had decent luck with Santiago using Deadly Pursuit and Expert Shot to clear off things that get too close. That 8 cost is... high.... and I'm not going to pretend there aren't better things to fill the spot, but I've generally gotten solid results when I put him on the table.
  2. I get they don't want her getting the extra attack without spending a stone, but Leap not being built in really hurts. She's just a little subpar compared to other melee masters in terms of raw stats and the Marshal keyword lacks a coherent mechanic to make the models feel like their more than the some of their parts. She's pretty good, and way better than she was for most of M2E, but at the very least, could REALLY use a way to deal with Terrifying.
  3. I'm a Melissa away from being caught up with M3E for Guild. Updates for crews below: Guard Journalists Versatile
  4. Vikorias' Mercenaries Outcast Versatile Apparently I never took pictures of the Guild/Arc versatile models. I'll have to do that at some point.
  5. Updated Lucius's Elite Ironside and the M&SU Mei Feng's Foundry
  6. Guild complete! I’ll have to get a group picture. Removing the pic above now that they have a boss. Frontier
  7. I've just found them super useful. Their damage isn't incredible, but ignoring Incorporeal, Hard to Wound, Terrifying, Manipulative and Friendly Fire makes them really consistent. They often get some early shots in, then one of the J's rushes in to engage and they either get to finish it off to free a beat up to keep going or put in damage on whatever tried to take down my beater. That said, they definitely get a lot better against undead. Luckily, False Accusation is actually quite powerful as a free action in the crew in general. Mental Trauma is nice, but just opening up something
  8. Ah, you’re right. I’ll just have to settle for being able to back off and shoot twice. It’s still a massive difference in his effectiveness but good to remember.
  9. It's pretty easy to keep fast on them even in the later turns. You just sometimes need to activate someone to catch up to them first. Similarly, Creep Along and similar abilities sometimes just require you have someone walk ahead first.
  10. Marshals are in a pretty good place overall. GREAT - Exorcists are one of the best models we have access to and are quite good at draining resources from the opponent while softening up targets. I pretty much always include the pair. - The Judge is pretty amazing. Sometimes does more than J. GOOD - Death Marshals are fairly good runners. The 0" on Pine Box basically kills it, but every once in a while it comes up. Mostly though its just that they're durable and can tie up enemy models for the Exorcists to shoot repeatedly. - Lone Marshal would have
  11. Finished up my Guild for the M3E launch... still need to do Crossroads I suppose, but ready for some new stuff: Nellie's Journalists Updated below! Lucius's Elite Updated below! Frontier.... boss found! And now we have a useless post.
  12. I'm finding I tend to decide on a master first and just tweak my crew accordingly. For example, Hoffman runs a pretty good murder ball, but some fast Watchers can guarantee you some significant points if the right strats and schemes show up. Little modules I swap around more than lists set in stone.
  13. Yeah, I'm excited to get him on the table and honestly he will probably spike on my list when I do, its just that every time in beta when I wanted to play him there was a slight tweak to Sonnia I had to verify or a complete Perdita overhaul to try out and I never got that far down the list.
  14. Personal excitement to play: Sonnia - My first and favorite master. Love the playstyle. A few models I'm disappointed in, but overall happy with it. Dashel - Probably one of the big design success, IMO. Really happy with the playstyle and crew composition. Lady J - J herself is super fun to play and she has a lot of great looking models. Not sure if they're good enough to hold up to the option of playing J elsewhere, but it's definitely on my radar. Hoffman - I really like his playstyle. Not sure if I won't just play him on the blue team when I do, but that will l
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