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  1. LunarSol

    Think the game will take off?

    Games seem to take off after a tournament at one of the big cons (LVO, Adepticon, technically GenCon but that seems to have lost the minis crowd). A large tournament well covered with pictures of nice tables and painted armies will likely determine how well the game continues to fare. I feel like minis are in a weird era where players are more aware of their launch and putting more stock in how big the game is at launch. It's likely bleed from the digital market, but minis games have never really worked that way. They've always been small things that blossom over time. It seems even more true with Kickstarters where people assume the campaign community somehow translates to their local shop. In any case, it feels like we need to be a little less afraid of a game not making it, because more and more, it just feels like a self fulfilling prophecy.
  2. People are generally less concerned about their government secretly exploiting them when they have to sleep at night wondering if a dead relative is going to show up and tear them apart or if the bed might come to life and eat them.
  3. LunarSol

    LunarSol finally gets things painted

    So.... the wait for M3E has me realizing something I'm not terribly proud of. I have a LOT of unpainted Malifaux stuff. Some of that is just because of the way you tend to buy a box for one model in second edition and some of it is just a collection a little out of hand. In any case, I'm knuckling down and doing some serious painting for the Guild. Sanctioned Spellcasters Quellers and Handlers Torch and the Blade Pistoleros de Latigo Monster Hunters Hermanos Now the challenge. Can I get every Guild model done in time for M3E?
  4. LunarSol

    Whose your favorite Guild Master?

    Sonnia for me. I'm always a big fan of the Sword/Mage archetype and the blend of range blasts, flame wall board control and bits of flaming sword makes for more dynamic combat than the usual sword and board melee style.
  5. LunarSol

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    I'd find it very odd to completely lose Mounted Guardsmen from the faction. I'd think it pretty likely to lose Wastrels and the rest though.
  6. LunarSol

    Guild Second at Gencon

    Sonnia is pretty great, but needs a few things to really push her over the top. 1. Counterspell (not ALWAYS necessary, but a pretty trivial addition for the power) 2. Flame Walls (made better by Malifaux Child) 3. to damage (generally from Papa Loco) 4. Some way to escape combat (Francisco or Phiona generally) As long as she's got those things, she's a terror.
  7. LunarSol

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    One thing I like about cheating initiative is that it bakes in a penalty to going first in a round. If you assume that whoever went first likely cheated a card to do so, in a way you can say going first reduces your default hand size. That's not a terrible thing to add to the game. Even if you go first by beating your opponent's cheat, the player who wins initiative still chucked a higher value card for the privilege.
  8. LunarSol

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Glad to see the pass tokens added. I've always felt activation control is the great flaw of alternating activation systems and ultimately just comes across as gamey and exploitive rather than creating the sense of dynamic interlocking play the turn structure tries to create over IGYG. I've seen far too many games, including Malifaux turn into first turns of silly balking contests of red rover. The first turn is easily Malifaux's worst and there are several things here that look like they're seeking to address it. There will always be value in cheap models. M2E's mantra was always that "good Masters don't walk" and that sentiment definitely applies to scheme markers as well. Not too worried about the changes to Peon's and the like. Enforcer mostly just let you add upgrades in M2E and we've definitely seen a lot of testing on the front of "Enforcer Minions" in things like the Thralls and other 9 SS minions. Seems likely that Enforcer will just be reserved for name characters that can't use Soul Stones and overall I'm good with that. Peon on Insignificant were definitely a problem in need of consolidation. No real loss there. Additional masters is a gamble, but they just need to be priced accordingly. I do think its problematic to price them though, as if you don't give them universally the same cost, you can always take the better value for free. Also, in terms of being your only master, its kind of hard to call things equal options and price them differently. Totems shouldn't be a problem. A good number of masters are designed with their totem being integral to their gameplay. Generally these masters feel better designed than the ones who have tagalong totems (looking at you Guild). The more a totem is just part of a masters kit, the more it makes sense to roll it in to their cost like we've seen with Levi and Huggy and the like.
  9. LunarSol

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    That's assuming they want to do 2 AP actions that way (which requires different wording anyway since that lets you take it as your second action). For example, one rule might achieve a similar effect by saying it can't be made as part of a charge action. Another might require you haven't moved or maybe you need to spend a Focus condition to use it. Ultimately, I just don't think AP as it worked before was used for much beyond (1) actions for it to really be a significant change either way. As a bonus, I think that little lightning bolt is probably the new way of showing (0) actions, which will be a lot easier to explain the limitations of, particularly on models with more than one.
  10. LunarSol

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    The way the current rules work there's little difference. Everything that's currently written out would still need to be under the AP system. Given how few (2) AP actions existed in M2E, its probably cleaner to just make that a unique property of the ability if that's the way you want to go about it. There's also fewer ways that it can interact poorly with Fast.
  11. LunarSol

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    I'm cool with a bit of randomness in my rulebook scenarios. There's so much general chaos post release of a new edition figuring what's good it takes a good 6 months to settle into a place where scenario design is really crucial and by then GG19/20 will make the rulebook scenarios irrelevant anyway. In some ways, having the rulebook stuff be a little random and silly means that they always have a purpose rather than being immediately outdated by the next GG.
  12. LunarSol

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    One thing to consider is that the Red Joker often made it really hard to allow things to give on damage. M2E generally worked on the idea that cheating damage was always fairly rare, in no small part because if it wasn't, holding the RJ to spike something dead would have been a no brainer. Bounding that card eases up that burden significantly and makes having a high min damage less universally important.
  13. LunarSol

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    I'm very curious to see how the charge game plays out. Long charges are very much a thing, but doing so is likely to result in taking more damage in reprisal. Of course, an activated model is going to get swarmed by tots so.... just curious all around. Also, mildly apprehensive about losing WP, though as I try to explain why I realize that most of its benefits carried some pretty big design issues too. For the most part though, I'm liking what I'm seeing. M2E was my favorite game that I had no idea how to sell other people on that weren't already sold on it. This feels significantly more approachable without really losing what makes the game special.
  14. LunarSol

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Usability is a big aspect of it for sure. Warmachine's initial app wasn't too bad, but the current one just works. The current Malifaux app needs some serious reworking to be competitive with cards. The rule lookup is pretty dire and would probably be better if it just had PDFs of the cards to work with.
  15. LunarSol

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    I mean.... I haven't been 14 for like...... a couple decades now, but sure?