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  1. Franchute

    Gravity Well and Marker placing

    When a model drops a scheme marker, it does not end a placement effect.
  2. Franchute

    Gravity Well and Marker placing

    why would it be? The card does not say anything about it, does it?
  3. Franchute

    Is Crewfaux No More?

    I beleive I read them announcing on facebook that they would not update the app anymore. That was a couple of months ago though and I have a bad memory. edit: btw I have the same fear about logfaux 😢
  4. Franchute

    M2e Kaeris

    Last weekend I had my first game with Heat wave Kaeris. And it was a disaster 😂. I would like to share my experience here just to emphasize some things other players should pay attention to. In my list I had Kaeris (with HW, Flaming angel and Seize the day), three mages, Fire Golem, Fitz, Carlos and the totem. I was playing against Von Schill in Public executions. Among other things, my opponent had : 1. Anna Lovelace: bad news, because of her aura, I couldnt push with Flaming Angel and got stuck where she wasnt supposed to 2. Sue with the neg flip aura to Ca: pretty hard to apply burning. Thank god I managed to get initiative in turn 2, meaning the aura wasnt up, but a black joker ruined my day... 3. It turns out that, with the steamtrunk, you can also remove burning from Carlos and the Golem! And the flip is not even resisted: you just need to discard a card to do it. Hence, my two "tanks" were pretty fragile In short, Kaeris had a pretty bad day. Anyway, this list can surely be approved. I realized several of my models needed to discard cards: Carlos at the end of the turn, the Golem when he wants to do the nova and the totem to heal. I shouldnt have so many models that discard cards. Public executions maybe wasnt the best strat. I'll have to try again!
  5. Franchute

    Waldo's Weekly - Youko Hamasaki Reveal

    To be honest, I'm glad activation control and card tricks would not disappear completely: these are among the things in Malifaux I like. I understand they have to be balanced, but this is another question.
  6. Franchute

    Soft and Hard Cover

    You decide with your opponent just before the game what is soft or hard, together with the Ht of terrain pieces and other features of terrain. There is no rule regarding this: this is why you have to decide it with your opponent.
  7. Franchute

    Spain Nationals - First place

    @Fictor can you share your list(s) with us? Why do you consider Snow Storm with Sandeep exactly? Do you give Banasuva frozen heart to move him around?
  8. Franchute

    M2E Ironsides

    I think you comvinced me: you simply apply the general timing rules and choose the order 👍🏻
  9. Franchute

    M2E Ironsides

    Protected by the Union says "to a minimum of 1": I'm not sure mages can reduce up to zero if they are next to Fitz. Am I wrong? Having Fitz---I'll definitely call him this way from now on---next to them might actually hurt them if they are supposed to receive one damage (e.g. misery).
  10. Franchute

    M2E Ironsides

    How do you play Ironsides with the new models from Backdraft? Have you managed to improve your lists? Yesterday I tried Fitzsummons---or whatever he is called---but I wasnt really convinced. He is not Amina. He is not Joss either. His positive to attacks is nice, but this means he does not really benefit from HPM. I couldnt really use his scheme markers tricks as I needed the markers to score points. What are your thoughts?
  11. Franchute

    Backdraft Arcanist models.

    Hello, Today I assembled the Fire Golen and Fitzsummons. Any interesting burning list or tricks now that people have had time to play around with the models?
  12. Franchute

    Monthly Painting Challenge: October

    But @Caedrus what happened to that mindless zombie you mentioned! XD I'm one of the few fans of the original model. But I have to recognize you did a great work on Lazarus. I like the way he bends the metallic thing. This indeed makes it more dynamic. I agree with you on the back pack. It may need something else. You could maybe do some weathering on the back or add a sticker maybe there. edit: btw I'm writing down 10ss for you so far this month.
  13. Franchute

    Monthly Painting Challenge - September

    Did you manage to paint any of these?
  14. Hello, Here is the thread for October of the monthly painting challenge. Please post your pictures, plans and discussions for the month here. I'm also copy-pasting a reminder of the rules and the principles of the challenge: The idea of the challenge is a motivational one. It is simply a friendly painting community---not a competition---that we use to find motivation to finish painting our Malifaux miniatures. You pledge an amount of soulstones that you will be painting each month of the year 2018. If you want to enroll for the challenge, it's too late because you would use too many mulligans. I'll use the following spreadsheet to keep track of each one's situation: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1zYYugrSGk_4GTo8OjHjyfI_ruYWYOSnhy7U2ivbgfZ8/edit?usp=sharing Some specific rules: Models count for the month in which you finish them. Everyone may fail to make their monthly goal twice and stay in the challenge. You can choose to go down in the pledge hierarchy during the year, but you cannot move up. You may choose to sign up during a later month for the challenge but this means that you'll have to use one or two of the aforementioned mulligans: e.g. if you start in February, one mulligan will already been used; if you start in March, two mulligans will already been used; you cant start in April. Masters count for 15 soulstones Zero cost models count for 5 soulstones Terrain count too. Terrain must be painted and is treated like zero cost models (i.e. count for 5 soulstones). The piece of terrain must be significantly larger than a 50mm marker.