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  1. What are the opinions about rogue necro with the current version? Do you think he's still not worth its ten stones? Better Archie for nine?
  2. @Athiko she is awsome! What is left to paint honestly? She seems finished.
  3. I agree. Given that fading memories has changed, disturbing story also makes less sense. I sounds like it is too big a tax for the damage it does. Remember that abominations were doing 2 damage to draw a card in m2e. Disturbing story is supposed to be an attack. Not sure about that. If you do it late in the turn, It is then equivalent to letting your opponent stone for cards at the begining of the next turn.
  4. @salisterro this eye is amazing! @Caedrus if you dont mind, I prefer to go down to enforcer now and score 8ss. I wont have much time in February. One week less would mean a mulligan with certainty. Thanks for the proposed extra week anyway.
  5. Hello I wish to finish the cricket I should have finished last month and I'm adding in Samael: Wish me motivation because I'm leaving on hollidays in two weeks!
  6. isnt the only family candidate who can take the action the nephilim? by the way another possibility for the name of the ability is Hasta la victoria siempre or too political maybe?
  7. By the way, if you're looking for expression in Spanish that may replace hasta la muerte, a possibility could be A por él! It means something like go after him.
  8. Isnt hasta la muerte almost useless on pistolero de latigo?
  9. @PetitDalek show us your wall! Great work on Lilith! Love it!
  10. @Burnin' Coal What happened to you? You kept your usual standard and on top of that you finished 10 minis this month!! I am really impressed.
  11. I finished the purifying flame for 3ss, finishing the month at 8ss. This is not enough for henchman, but it's still ok, in case I need to move down to enforcer at some point. @bedjy I agree with the others, your hinamatsu "déchire" (I'm just following @Maxooo here and use some French so that I have the inpression that the meaning is stronger 😊)
  12. would it be worth mentioning cover and concealment? Pass tokens?
  13. @Pierzasty try to post pictures. This is what keeps the motivation. If not, this forum would not make any sense! Welcome to the challenge!
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