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  1. I'm done with Captain Marvel. Here it is:
  2. Hey @Ultravanillasmurf Thanks for the kind words. Vision is still in the same state unfortunately. I did some search for a tutorial on how to paint white. I liked this one: I'll probably use some inspiration from it. Let me know if you have some tricks you feel like sharing. When I was painting Gamora, I considered coming back to something similar to the box art. I dont know. For the moment, I have to answer to my other daughter's demands. She is a big fan of Captain Marvel: she might be the next one I'll drop a picture of.
  3. @astapable I like how you worked the skin of your gremlins. Is it some red you put in the shadows? Or purple maybe?
  4. @Caedrus Thanks. I have not looked at the channel. I guess I should. Is it good?
  5. My eldest daughter insisted I should paint Gamora from the same faction. Here it goes:
  6. @Caedrus I like the combination of colours you used for the Nothing Beast. It is pretty cool.
  7. Hey, I have been working on Groot from Crisis Protocol lately. Here is what I did:
  8. I like the turquoise look on the crooligans 👍🏻
  9. I decided to put aside the idea of painting white for a while and I went for something easy. I thought I could apply the paint scheme I used for my Hoffman crew on Ultron from Crisis Protocol. Here is the result:
  10. Hello, I had this guy primed in grey with the base painted. Suddenly I decided I wanted a white Vision. I started to highlight the thing and, after two hours working on the cape, I understood it was a crazy decision. So I took my white primer and went with it. That's his current state. Any tip on how to paint white from this state?
  11. Look at the dates: February were two minis. 😊 Given my burnout, it's not that bad no? Thanks for the kind words!
  12. I finally came back from hollidays and could work on Red Skull from the same game:
  13. Hello I have been a Malifaux player for more than four years now. I have mostly played arcanists, but I do own minis from every faction to be honest. All this time, I took part in the monthly painting challenge (check out the threads of the current challenge!). I even ran it in 2018. But I wanted to take a break this year and paint minis that are not necessarily from Malifaux. Without the pressure of the challenge, I am even slower than usual. Anyway here is my first mini of the year, Black Widow from Marvel crisis protocol:
  14. Thanks for the kind words @Caedrus. I actually ran the thing only one year. Before me was @prof_bycid
  15. @Caedrus I decided not to enroll for 2020. I feel like painting non-Wyrd models and I am afraid the challenge does not help me in this regard. I lost a bit of motivation since Malifaux is not played anymore in my area and I want to get it back by painting other things. I have been completing the challenge for the last fours years. I really enjoyed this group. It really motivated me and the interaction with some of you was fantastic for me. I know we haven't met in real life and I can hardly call the relationship "friendship", but sometimes it was almost there for me. Hopefully, if some of you show up in Chile, let me know and we can go for a beer. It is possible I'll come back for 2021. In the mean time, I might open my personal thread to post my stuff or leave a message in the group once in a while to say "hello". Keep up the good work!
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