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  1. I'm done with Captain Marvel. Here it is:
  2. Hey @Ultravanillasmurf Thanks for the kind words. Vision is still in the same state unfortunately. I did some search for a tutorial on how to paint white. I liked this one: I'll probably use some inspiration from it. Let me know if you have some tricks you feel like sharing. When I was painting Gamora, I considered coming back to something similar to the box art. I dont know. For the moment, I have to answer to my other daughter's demands. She is a big fan of Captain Marvel: she might be the next one I'll drop a picture of.
  3. @astapable I like how you worked the skin of your gremlins. Is it some red you put in the shadows? Or purple maybe?
  4. @Caedrus Thanks. I have not looked at the channel. I guess I should. Is it good?
  5. My eldest daughter insisted I should paint Gamora from the same faction. Here it goes:
  6. @Caedrus I like the combination of colours you used for the Nothing Beast. It is pretty cool.
  7. Hey, I have been working on Groot from Crisis Protocol lately. Here is what I did:
  8. I like the turquoise look on the crooligans 👍🏻
  9. I decided to put aside the idea of painting white for a while and I went for something easy. I thought I could apply the paint scheme I used for my Hoffman crew on Ultron from Crisis Protocol. Here is the result:
  10. Hello, I had this guy primed in grey with the base painted. Suddenly I decided I wanted a white Vision. I started to highlight the thing and, after two hours working on the cape, I understood it was a crazy decision. So I took my white primer and went with it. That's his current state. Any tip on how to paint white from this state?
  11. Look at the dates: February were two minis. 😊 Given my burnout, it's not that bad no? Thanks for the kind words!
  12. I finally came back from hollidays and could work on Red Skull from the same game:
  13. Hello I have been a Malifaux player for more than four years now. I have mostly played arcanists, but I do own minis from every faction to be honest. All this time, I took part in the monthly painting challenge (check out the threads of the current challenge!). I even ran it in 2018. But I wanted to take a break this year and paint minis that are not necessarily from Malifaux. Without the pressure of the challenge, I am even slower than usual. Anyway here is my first mini of the year, Black Widow from Marvel crisis protocol:
  14. Thanks for the kind words @Caedrus. I actually ran the thing only one year. Before me was @prof_bycid
  15. @Caedrus I decided not to enroll for 2020. I feel like painting non-Wyrd models and I am afraid the challenge does not help me in this regard. I lost a bit of motivation since Malifaux is not played anymore in my area and I want to get it back by painting other things. I have been completing the challenge for the last fours years. I really enjoyed this group. It really motivated me and the interaction with some of you was fantastic for me. I know we haven't met in real life and I can hardly call the relationship "friendship", but sometimes it was almost there for me. Hopefully, if some of
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