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  1. I have had good results with augmented so far too. It might be my meta though. I should try the duet, I havent yet.
  2. I've finally had time to finish the peacekeeper. @Caedrus this means I have completed 11 stones so far this month: My eldest daughter got into a fight with him. She managed to cut his harpoon. When I took him back to the arcanist warehouse, Hoffman had to repair it. This explains the piece of meat I added to the harpoon. There is also my fingerprint somewhere on the model 😆 Try to find it 😊
  3. The few pictures I managed to get of the event:
  4. Hello yesterday I organized a small tournament. I was expecting three tables, but a couple of players had an accident (they're fine! 👍). In the end we had only two tables. We went from small to tiny. Anyway the players had fun. The new edition sounds promising The schemes and strat for each round were the following: Round 1 Strategy : Reckoning Deployment: Flank Schemes: Vendetta, Claim Jump, Search the Ruins, Assassinate, Harness the Ley Line Round 2 Strategy: Plant Explosives Deployment: Corner Schemes: Hold up their Forces, Vendetta, Breakthrough, Search the Ruins, Power Ritual Round 3 Strategy: Turf War Deployment: Standard Schemes: Breakthrough, Vendetta, Assassinate, Deliver a Message, Outflank We played 40ss games. I played Arcanist Hoffman all three rounds. Two players soloed Asami and Rasputina. The last one played Von Schill round 1 and 3 and Parker round 2. I'm going to comment a bit about Hoffman (again). It went well for the Hoff. All three rounds, the list included as a base a guardian with magical training, Ryle and a mobile toolkit on top of Hoffman and his totem. Then, for round 1 against Von Schill, the list also included Joss and Diesel Engine on Hoffman. For round 2 against Asami, we had Melissa KORE and a soulstone miner. Round 3 against Rasputina had two soulstone miners. As schemes I took Vendetta (Guardian on Arik) and Claim Jump (Ryle) in game 1, Vendetta (Melissa on Ama No Zako) and Search the Ruins in game 2, and Vendetta (Guardian on Ice Golem) and Outflank in game 3. My first comment is about the soulstone miners. I have the impression with how stunned works now that they generate too many stones during a game. While stunned, they still can take a bonus action, it just count against its action limit. Generating soulstones does not really compete with burrying, unburrying or interacting. I would even say that if one is planing to do only one of these things during a turn, one should take the opportunity to just generate a stone. Depending on what one does with a miner, one easily generates at least 2-3 stones during a game (at least during these games). Given that soulstone miners cost 6 stones, it sounds like they are undercosted. Moreover, they are quite tanky given armor 2 and the burrying/unburrying mechanic, and quite mobile depending on the deployment (corner and wedge, they are awesome, still ok in standard). They scored points for me in each of the two games I took them. In game 2, my miner just dropped a bomb marker in the enemy deployment zone and defended it. Moreover, it helped me for vendetta (I had vendetta on Ama No Zako with Melissa). In the last round, after she killed Ama No Zako, I saw Asami pushing a samurai towards her. The samurai ignores armor in melee. She is armor 2 with 7 wounds and I had no stone, meaning that she was about to die. I just generated a stone with the miner in the next activation: that's what kept her alive with one wound and allowed me to score the end part of vendetta. In game 3, the two miners simply were my autoinclude to score outflank: their capacity to appear and disappear just to score the points for outflank is amazing. My second comment is about Hoffman and armor. He did ok against anti armor. I saw 3 acolytes games 3. Izamu and a samurai game 2. I tried to keep the bubble and just put anti anti armor on the guardian to take the hit when I could. I wasnt even cheating against analyze weakness if I knew I would then just take the hit. One needs cards to take the hit, but I did not suffer much from this thanks to power tokens and arcane reservoir. Hoffman at the same time has tools to deal with armor! He analyzed weakness on Izamu in game 2 to allow the rest of the crew to kill him and did the same on the ice golem in game 3. In game 1, Joss just catapulted himself (by commanding the guardian to toss him) onto Lazarus and managed to kill him turn 1 (I was maybe a bit lucky on this one). The scheme pool certainly wasn't too bad for Hoffman. Corrupted Idols was the missing strategy and should be a pain for him. Vendetta was available in each game, which does not seem to be a bad scheme for him. I still have to try him against a crew that can make multiple small damage. I have the impression he would struggle more against such a crew than against anti armor.
  5. @Viruk But the result is worth it so far!
  6. ok lol I guess this answers my question. Too bad they decided to make him an enforcer now, that would have been cool to keep him a henchman
  7. Today I realized that one can bring frontier models such as austringers, raptors and some other guild shooters into arcanists if one chooses Paul Crockett as his leader. Has anybody tried this? The damage burst he brings when combined with beasts already sounds good.
  8. I've tried a couple of them for outflank. They seem pretty good for this scheme because if they manage to survive once you reveal outflank, they can bury immediately and come back at the end of the game to score the end part of the scheme.
  9. It seems like a nice table to play on!
  10. @Purple Mist These wardens look great. Which colour did you use for the metallic parts? I'm having a debate with my local chat group. I'm claiming that these GSW paints mean the end of NMM. But some disagree with me. Somebody told me that the GSW paints look better in picture than in reality. What are your impressions now that you have used them @Purple Mist @Viruk @Kimberly?
  11. Call it meditation! And now it's almost a philosophy. I wish I had results like yours 😉
  12. @Athiko the result is pretty nice indeed. I dont listen to anything while I paint by the way ☚ī¸ I used to. I even had stupid routines like @Burnin' Coal's (the routine, not you Ed 😉). But, with the kids now, I need to wait for windows of opportunity. Sometimes my painting sessions last for 10 minutes. I cannot spend time setting up each time, otherwise I would clearly never paint. It's funny because I hadnt realized it was like this for me now until I read your posts. I felt identified when I read your experiences. Then I realized how many painting sessions I had yesterday... @Viruk I love the armour on your samurais, especially the guy on the left. Is this NMM? Or did you use @Purple Mist's paint?
  13. Did I say purple? Well I am kind of a lunatic. I went for yellow, the exact opposite on the colour wheel... Here is a WIP of my intents to weathering:
  14. Hello I did some quick drybrush on the peacekeeper to have a rusty base to work with: Given that this contains mostly oranges and that I'll probably do a swamp base (greens), I'm wondering if I should complete it with some purple instead of the hazard stripes (thanks @nicodemus for letting me know about the terms). What do you guys think? I had a look at @Viruk's peacekeeper---which is very cool by the way. An option could be to do something similar with purple instead of red, some rust and a swamp base: http://www.whatthefaux.net/2016/01/peacekeeper.html?m=1
  15. I'm not a 40k player either, but on the following minis I see some of the yellow and black pattern I was referring too. The thing is that I'm afraid of doing something wrong with the stripes:
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