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  1. Schemes and stones had an episode on this under second edition. On average, a plus flip is more or less +2 but, if you need more extreme values, a better stat is more suited. Moreover, if you are willing to cheat, a better stat will yield better result too.
  2. Hello, We'll have an M3E tournament on August 31st from 12:00 to 20:00 at the shop "Wargaming.cl", located at Doctor Manuel Barros Borgoño 100, Santiago de Chile. It is close to Manuel Montt subway. The tournament will be three rounds. Announce a faction to register. You'll have to bring 50 soulstone crews for the following strat and schemes: Round 1: Corrupted Idols Wedge deployment Detonate the charges, Search the ruins, Take prisoner, Assassinate, Deliver a message Round 2: Turf war Corner deployment Hold up their Forces, Assassinate, Deliver a message, Claim jump, Vendetta Round 3: Reckoning Standard deployment Breakthrough, Harness the Ley line, Dig their graves, Outflank, Assassinate Dead Man's Hand will be allowed and crews do not need to be painted. Registration fee: $4,000 (Chilean pesos)
  3. @Wintergloom I'm in a similar situation. I was away for three weeks in July. I came back and my local meta is not active anymore. I have been reading comic books for two weeks in my spare time. Now that my daughters are older and I sleep better at night, I even choose to go to bed one hour earlier instead of painting. I wish I were methodic like @Nikodemus 😉
  4. @Caedrus I couldnt bear the idea of a mulligan this month, so I did a quick job on McMourning. Here he is for 15ss:
  5. @Caedrus I recently came back from my trip. It is quite likely I'll use a mulligan this month, unless something magical happens tonight. @Wintergloom great work! Which color do you use for the yellow shadows? It looks like brown.
  6. You can reduce damage for these things too, unless it is written on the card.
  7. @misterfinn You may want to keep the dark spots on the hat, or simply rework them a bit. Her hat is unlikely to be perfectly clean.
  8. @misterfinn She looks really good. She doesnt look like a fast painted model.
  9. Prevention as a concept does not exist anymore, only reduction. You can use soulstone to reduce damage the same way you were using them to prevent in m2e. Also, you cannot reduce damage when facing irreducible damage .
  10. @Caedrus you're mastering NMN like a king!
  11. I'm leaving and McMourning still needs work ☹️ Hopefully I'll able to finish him during the last days of July!
  12. @Vangerdahast ça serait vraiment cool! Je ne sais pas trop quand ceci dit.
  13. Hello I'll be in Rennes, France in July. I'd be happy to meet other players there. I would be available to run demos of the new edition too if people are interested.
  14. Guess what? I impulsively started to work on McMourning. I finished his base. I was even proude enough. Suddenly I got carried away and did all you see on this picture for Archie: I cant believe myself. Cant I focus on just one miniature? 😊
  15. On Friday I'll leave for three weeks. It will be hard for me to get something painted this month. It might end up in a mulligam for me. But who knows, if I'm productive enough, I may get something done before Friday. The question is what should I paint...
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