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  1. Hey guys, I hope you are doing all right. The pandemic took me away from painting for too long now. We are slowly getting a normal life again in Chile. With this, I would like to get back to the hobby. But I need motivation and I know that this group is the perfect place for me as I did help me in the past. @Caedrus I would like to enroll. I saw you introduced a new category, totem. That's great because it would allow me to enroll now. May I be part of your great adventure? By the way, I dont even remember how to post pictures. Which auxiliary website are you guys using now?
  2. @Purple Mist you have a problem XD (I have too) @Viruk @bedjy you have some really nice arcanists there!
  3. Hello, I'm playing a game of Malifaux this afternoon with a friend. It's been more than a year without playing and I'm pretty exited about it! I'm starting this thread mainly to know what I have missed during all this time. I guess there is a new gaining ground and a new errata, but we should maybe be aware of more things. Also, I wanted to know how you guys play Sonnia nowadays. I'm thinking about bringing some keyword minis with things that are already painted (Grimwell, the effigy), but these are probably not the relevant minis to play her. What about the governor proxy? Is he still popular?
  4. Hey @Ultravanillasmurf Thanks for the kind words. Vision is still in the same state unfortunately. I did some search for a tutorial on how to paint white. I liked this one: I'll probably use some inspiration from it. Let me know if you have some tricks you feel like sharing. When I was painting Gamora, I considered coming back to something similar to the box art. I dont know. For the moment, I have to answer to my other daughter's demands. She is a big fan of Captain Marvel: she might be the next one I'll drop a picture of.
  5. @astapable I like how you worked the skin of your gremlins. Is it some red you put in the shadows? Or purple maybe?
  6. @Caedrus Thanks. I have not looked at the channel. I guess I should. Is it good?
  7. My eldest daughter insisted I should paint Gamora from the same faction. Here it goes:
  8. @Caedrus I like the combination of colours you used for the Nothing Beast. It is pretty cool.
  9. Hey, I have been working on Groot from Crisis Protocol lately. Here is what I did:
  10. I decided to put aside the idea of painting white for a while and I went for something easy. I thought I could apply the paint scheme I used for my Hoffman crew on Ultron from Crisis Protocol. Here is the result:
  11. Hello, I had this guy primed in grey with the base painted. Suddenly I decided I wanted a white Vision. I started to highlight the thing and, after two hours working on the cape, I understood it was a crazy decision. So I took my white primer and went with it. That's his current state. Any tip on how to paint white from this state?
  12. Look at the dates: February were two minis. 😊 Given my burnout, it's not that bad no? Thanks for the kind words!
  13. I finally came back from hollidays and could work on Red Skull from the same game:
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