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  1. @Nikodemus you're correct! I always get messed up between beasts and chimera models. This makes Cojo better this time 😉 The other instance is Myranda Def buff: it's for Chimera models only, not necessarily beasts.
  2. Being able to push Myranda and Marcus 10" on turn 1 is not bad. I tend to have Marcus too far behind because he spends his first activation distributing upgrades and moving a Cerberus and I also need him to be 6'' of those models discarding upgrades later on to draw cards. You also need to be 6'' away to call of the wild. Myranda is also useful up the board. A cheaper alternative is an initiate but call of the wild is a much shorter mv and it involves a duel. It's just that I prefer it when I thought I could charge+toss 😊 Yesterday I had a good use out of toss to isolate my take prisonner target and score the reveal part of the scheme 👍🏻
  3. If you are in concealing terrain, you can ignore up to 1'' of concealing terrain when drawing LoS. You should be ok most of the time. It seems that you cant bypass diesel engine though.
  4. Suddenly Cojo decreased a lot in value for me. I have been abusing a lot of charge + toss in my games. Hopefully my opponents wont call me a cheater now 😊
  5. @frumpypigskin Hire two soulstone miners to do outflank. What is the deployment? Do you know your opponent's master? Then, I'm maybe less sure about what to say. I tend to always bring a summoner into corrupted idols, but I am interested in trying alternatives now and would try her just because I'm curious about how she would perform into such a strat. You will maybe need a don't mind me model for the strat and to negate Deliver a message at the end of the game since it is quite likely your opponent will take it. I guess you will have to think carefully about where to place the ironsides bubble since it will determine where most of the action will take place.
  6. Cojo has a toss attack too. It's stat 4 against Sz. But you can only target models with Sz 1 or 2. It's not a bad tool: if you send an enemy 10'' away, he probably won't be able to interact with the strategy marker this turn. With frenzied charge, you can potentially throw two enemy models back. edit: the above is wrong. Cant charge and toss. See @dannydb's comment below.
  7. My bet is that you don't lose a card in these cases but i'd prefer that others confirm my bet. I have another question on this ability. What if the model is next to two ice pillars? Does he have to pitch two cards? I thought it would still be one card, but I listened to the Deep Dive episode on Rasputina of Third Floor Wars the other day and they suggested the opposite. The wording seems clear to me though:
  8. Natural masters for Corrupted Idols are Ramos and Sandeep because they can use their summons to move the strategy markers and thus do not sacrifice much of their crew. Do you have good lists that are not thought around these two masters though?
  9. Only two games so far in plant explosives against Von Schill. I have been appreciating the cerberus with soulstone cache and the stealth upgrade, coupled with a soulstone miner for more stones. It's crazy how many stones I have been eating over the first two turns. I dont dislike Cojo to throw Myranda and Marcus forward. I would like to try Crockett. He seems good on paper. How did he perform in your list @Nikodemus?
  10. I think it has been clear I have committment issues 😊 The other day I quickly painted Colette's totems instead of working on the fire golem I pledged, or even the Kaeris model I mentioned. I guess I needed to feel the satisfaction of finishing a model. @Caedrus I have three mechanical doves for 6ss so far:
  11. I agree with @thatlatinspeakingguy. To be more precise, on page 24, you can find the definition of a Damage flip: While on page 22 it is said that the disengage action resolves as follows: Hence, the variable flip involved is not a damage flip because it does not determine how much damage a model suffers.
  12. Page 13 of the rulebook: "Two objects are said to be in base contact with each other if their bases are physically touching (edge to edge or overlapping)."
  13. Page 12 on "Action Triggers": Action Triggers are tied to specific Actions and can only be used with that Action. Since triggers are part of the action, it seems to me that you can't attach an upgrade. Edit: Oh... I think I now understood your question. You're asking if you can even take the action without the trigger. I don't know... That's an interesting question.
  14. If I see outflank in the pool, two miners are autoinclude for me.
  15. I agree a lot with this. It is rare when I decide not to mine to be honest. I include two miners in almost all my games. My activations with them tend to be mine, concentrate, bury/unbury/interact.
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