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  1. @Caedrus I meant to finish this little guy yesterday but it seems that I was too optimistic. I'm starting December with 3ss of painted miniature with the Apprentice Wesley:
  2. @PetitDalek I'm really in love with the blue-orange contrasts you're getting with your gremlins.
  3. @Caedrus I finished the Brewmaster. I believe he counts for 15 stones: @misterfinn I'm sad about your surgery. You're unlucky: I remember you already had to use mulligans last year because of your hand. I hope you will be well soon.
  4. Hello I'm trying to come back to painting. I have been on this green guy to try something new: Anyone has a good tutorial on how to paint bottles?
  5. @Caedrus I'll use a mulligan for October.
  6. Because of the social turmoils in Chile, I was informed that the convention was cancelled. This means that we'll have no tournament on Saturday unfortunately 😢
  7. @Caedrus I did not meet my target in September as I painted only 4ss. Is it possible to downgrade me to the minion category please?
  8. Hey I finally finished that crooligan I started last month for 4ss: This means I completed the Molly crew box. It took me about a year... The main reason being lack of consistency and procrastination. I should maybe take a picture of the band to celebrate. Maybe motivation will come back this way.
  9. Hello, We'll have a Malifaux tournament on October 26th at the convention "Ludocronicas". The convention will take place at the Spanish cultural center, located at Providencia 927. It is close to Salvador subway. The registration rate and the starting time will be informed soon. The tournament will be three rounds, with the following strat and schemes for each round: Round 1: Plant explosives on Wedge deployment, Harness the Ley line, Search the ruins, Dig their graves, Power Ritual, Deliver a Message Round 2: Turf war on Standard deployment, Detonate the charges, Hold up their Forces, Assassinate, Claim jump, Vendetta Round 3: Reckoning on Corner deployment, Breakthrough, Take Prisoner, Power Ritual, Outflank, Assassinate Crews will be 50ss. Dead Man's Hand will be allowed and crews do not need to be painted.
  10. Admittedly August was not a great month for me paintwise. But, the good thing about finishing an arachnid swarm is that now I have the keyword Machina done! To celebrate I took a picture. Most of these minis are among the first I painted for this challenge 2-3 years ago:
  11. @Caedrus I did a quick job on a steam arachnid swarm for 8ss
  12. @PetitDalek I really love the work you did on the rusty part. Hopefully I'll motivate myself between today and tomorrow. I did some work on the crooligan---and a couple of other minis of course 🤦🏼‍♂️. But it is still not enough. I may end up fast painting an arachnid swarm I'm still missing for my machina keyword, just to save a mulligan.
  13. I am sorry I have to announce the tournament is cancelled. The reason is lack of players for the event.
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