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  1. Today I played a game with a folk from the Southern part of the country who was in town for the day. It was his first M3E game. I prefer not to reveal his name here because the game was quite unbalanced (I have a bit more experience than him): Is this OK @Kyle? If not, I can tell you through a private message who it was. Anyway, even if one should not pay too much attention at the result, there are a couple of things I have to say that could be relevant (see my remarks below). The strat and schemes were the following: Reckoning, in Flank Deployment Detonate Charges Search the Ruins (Arcanists and Guild) Hold up their Forces (Guild) Deliver a Message Claim Jump (Arcanists on Rusty Guardian) We played about three hours and arcanists won 6-1. Arcanists scored 2 for the strat and 2 for each scheme. Guild scored 1 for the strat. The Arcanist list was: Hoffman with a cache of 1ss. Mechanical Attendant A Guardian with Magical Training (9+2ss). I'll call him "Shiny Guardian". A Guardian with Diesel Engine (9+2ss). I'll call him "Rusty Guardian". Arcane Emissary (10ss) Soulstone Miner (6ss) 2 x Watchers (8ss) Mobile Toolkit (3ss) While the Guild crew was: Perdita, with 7ss Enslaved Nephilim Francisco (10ss) Papa Loco (7ss) Nino (7ss) Abuela (5ss) Austringer (7+1ss) Witchling Stalker (5+1ss) A succinct summary: During the turn 1, Hoffman gives fast to the Emissary and the two guardians. On his center/right flank, he had Perdita with finger on the trigger with Frank and Abuela nearby. Papa Loco was further on the right. Nephilim in the back. On the left Austringer, stalker and Nino. Emissary gets focus from mobile toolkit and given fast and amazing mobility, he charges Austringer on the left and kills him. Score: 0-0 Turn 2: Hoffman was not well positioned and gets badly injured by Perdita. He decides to move away towards the left to get healed by the toolkit and hides behind a house. Emissary kills Nino. Frank hurts badly Rusty Guardian. Rusty Guardian throws Frank 10" away. Shiny Guardian kills Abuela, engaging Perdita at the same time. Soulstone Miner stops Papa Loco on the right flank. Watchers drop markers. Arcanists reveal Search the Ruins. Score: 2-0 Turn 3: Emissary hurst stalker and charges Perdita, putting negation aura on. Perdita hurts badly Shiny Guardian, who strikes back and leaves her on one wound. Frank charges Shiny Guardian and kills him. Rusty Guardian charges and kills Perdita. In the mean time Toolkit and Attendant had healed Hoffman and Rusty Guardian. Watchers drop more markers. Soulstone Miner mines a stone and keeps entertaining Papa Loco. Score: 3-1 Turn 4: Fast Emissary kills Frank (Red Joker luck I believe). Rusty Guardian puts himself in the middle for Claim Jump. Watchers drop more markers. More healing from Attendant and Toolkit. Stalker charges Hoffman. Miner and Loco keeps entertaining themselves. Arcanists declare Claim Jump. Score: 4-1 Turn 5: Hoffman kills Stalker. Arcanists score the end parts of their schemes. Score: 6-1 Some remarks: - the Arcane Emissary was the MVP in this game. He is so mobile! With two Ap, he can charge somebody who is 18 inches away. Indeed, Rush allows him to move 6+2 inches with a charge. Given that he can charge more than once per activation (Frenzied charge) and charges do not need to lead to an attack (hence he can move with a charge), that's a 16 inches move with an extra 2 inches engagement range. Moreover, with Fast from Hoffman, he can even attack twice and he may get an extra attack or damage from triggers. He does not benefit from power tokens, but the mobility is so good and Negation aura is so annoying that I may prefer him over Howard. I'm wondering if he is not a little too good for ten stones. I defenitively prefer him over the Rogue Necromancy (another 10 stones model I have been playing with lately). - Soulstone Miner: I played him like he can unbury and charge somebody straight away. It seems like too much to be honest. With armour 2, he can stuck somebody in melee. A useful annoying piece. - My opponent clearly did not play Perdita well. But I remembered her much more powerful from M2E. A mistake of my opponent is that he did not use her Analyze Weakness attack, but, thinking about it, it is not clear if one wants to use it given that you lose one AP for applying it while one could have used the AP to shoot. At least, I want to say that Analyze weakness does not seem like a big benefit. I'm wondering if it should not do some damage as well, or maybe it could be a bonus action. Thoughts?
  2. Franchute

    Moving your master/beater forward

    There is this model in your crew, probably the master or a beater, that you need to move forward. In M2E, you were probably using Oxfordian Mages or Angelica to move it. Now with which model do you do it? And why do you use this model over alternatives? In the beta, I have been playing with Hoffman mostly when declaring arcanists. A nice option is tossing the model you want to move with a Guardian. If the Guardian has fast from Hoffman, it does stay too far away from the rest of the crew. Another option I have been experimenting is the Mech Rider with Ride with me. In the end, I preferred the Guardian because I convinced myself that Hoffman does not need that much card draw given how many power tokens you can get. How do you do it? And Why? Any better alternative?
  3. Franchute

    Moving your master/beater forward

    Triple lightning dance? (I have no clew how it works now) Oh...! You can play ping pong with Yan Lo now? 😲
  4. Franchute

    Moving your master/beater forward

    There is this model in your crew, probably the master or a beater, that you need to move forward, but you dont want to use its APs. In M2E, you were probably using Frank/Grimwell/Investigator etc... to move it. Now with which model do you do it? And why do you use this model over alternatives? A nice option with Hoffman is tossing the model you want to move with a Guardian. If the Guardian has fast from Hoffman, it does stay too far away from the rest of the crew. But, now I feel like trying Sonnia and I'm not sure I want to pay the merc tax to do it (though a 10 inch toss is quite OK to be frank!). Alternatives seem to be the Rider or even Grimwell. How do you do it? And Why? Any better alternative?
  5. Franchute

    Moving your master/beater forward

    Ok. You still need to move a minion first and turn 1 you may not get it far away. It is still very powerful. With a stat of 7 against Wp, it sounds like you could easily get it on an enemy too. It also sounds like a good lure mechanic.
  6. Franchute


    He got depressed after Ramos was taken away
  7. Franchute

    Moving your master/beater forward

    Presto Chango seems to have range 8". How do you do to send a guy 20+" away?
  8. Franchute


    Related to Sonnia: why would the purifying flame attack with Burning touch instead of Breath of fire? I dont see why one would use the close attack instead of the latter.
  9. Franchute

    2019 Monthly Painting Challenge - January

    @Athiko did you see what you have done!? Now @misterfinn is burning his kitchen again! Stop giving excuses to this pyromane @misterfinn You may hate the sculpt, but how you painted it turned him amazing! I love the subtle green hightlight.
  10. Franchute

    Collodi (and Zoraida) vs McMourning 50ss

    The way Dead Man Hand works has changed since the closed beta. Collodi is now Neverborn: just look at his card
  11. Franchute


    Cant anybody within 2" do it with Assist now anyway?
  12. Franchute

    Pour one out for the crews you can't take anymore

    Molly's former playstyle.
  13. Is it just me or do you think Rogue necromancy is now a bit overpriced compared to Archie? I understand that with three headed he was a bit too much damage effective. But now I'm wondering if Archie is not strictly better given he costs one stone less. I might be underestimating Grit (Frantic) and Projectile Vomit though.
  14. Franchute

    Fading Memories

    I like Fading Memories as it is now. If I had to change something, it would be Disturbing story. It could be improved a bit. If you want to do damage with it, you really have to give a lot of cards to your opponent. When you think about it, abominations were making 2 damage to get a card in M2E. @Paddywhack made some suggestions in another thread that are interesting.
  15. Franchute

    Mortimer aka. the bothersome battery

    I used him for the push when combined with a crooligan in a Molly crew. But I think I prefer a doxy, who has lying in wait.
  16. Franchute

    Molly's disturbing story

    hello I dont understand the italic part of disturbing story. What do they refer to by "their maximum hand size"? The ennemy's? Also there is a "ennemy only" that is not clear.
  17. Franchute

    Can Soulstone Miner Charge?

    I had asked during the open beta and didnt get any answer. I played it this way too.
  18. Franchute

    Colette Survivability.

    Are you saying this will be a common situation?
  19. Franchute

    Molly: rogue necro versus Archie?

    @LunarSol Three headed was on Rogue Necro most of the closed beta. It's not that we are comparing between edition.
  20. Franchute


    I played Hoffman as an arcanist a couple of times. I was very exited about the idea. The first thing I did was to check Joss. After reading the card, I immediately went for Howard. Joss is not the guy he used to be. And now we can hire guardians---two were autotakes for me. By the way, I am a big fan of the new Hoffman. He feels much more flexible under this edition than he was under the previous one.
  21. Franchute

    Asura Roten

    Another thing about Asura: she lost the Revenant keyword and became versatile, but she still has Final Veil. Maybe you want to drop this ability?
  22. Franchute

    Molly's disturbing story

    dont underestimate fading memories.
  23. Franchute


    @NotSoEmpty dont forget about the power of outactivating beyond turn 1. It is specially useful to score points without having your opponent reacting. I havent played Seamus in the beta but I played enough Sandeep and Ramos games in M2E to understand that. I did used doxies and belles with Molly though. With the new design of schemes, I suspect lying in wait could be useful in turn 5 to score the end parts of schemes.
  24. Franchute

    Molly's disturbing story

    my issue was with "their" more specifically. If the ability has not changed, I would say the previous wording was good.
  25. Franchute


    where do you all get this type of info? 🤔