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  1. I was glad to see that the Henchman Hardcore wasn't required to be fully painted. I'm guessing that this is what new players are encouraged to play in?
  2. Here's hoping that they get the Upcoming section of the website updated before too long. So that we can see some pictures and start getting an idea what's in the boxes. So that we can plan ny purchases, or holes that we may need to fill in our models.
  3. I was hoping that Origins would be the official M3E launch, since we know that they like to launch things at big conventions.
  4. In regards to the part of the trigger that says, "If the target is Buried by this Trigger, at the start of its Activation, Unbury it within 1" of an enemy model", who decides which model it unburies next to? The owner of the model with the trigger? Or the owner of the buried model?
  5. New model, got it. Thanks. How about the Firebranded? Are they new as well, or models that have gotten a rename? I kind of wish there was a list of which models got renamed.
  6. This is probably a silly question, but I'm drawing a complete blank. Which model is Elijah Borgmann? Which book is he from?
  7. Can you elaborate on this a little? Upgrades were a little bit of a headache to remember and keep track of for those people who don't play very often. Will there be fewer upgrades in general? Will there be more limits on who can take them and on how many they can take?
  8. Does anyone know which, if any, American distributors carry Customeeple products?
  9. Is Wyrd not doing any pre-releases at Gencon this year? I know they'd mentioned special promotions like their periodic holiday sales, but I didn't know if that also applied to their Gencon booth as well.
  10. Any chance that someone can post a summary of information? For those of us who don't have access to DriveThru.
  11. Are those all the pre-releases that will be available at Gencon, or will there be more? Other than the next book, it looks like only stuff that will be releasing through August in stores normally.....
  12. I'm not sure whether I should be happy or sad that there's really nothing on that list that I care about.... Granted, I'll more than make up for it when the Emissaries appear. Wouldn't surprise me if they're available during Gencon....
  13. Definitely a model that's going to to need a bit of painting BEFORE assembly....
  14. If you can, I found that the best way to actually get proficient with Showgirls is to actually run them in a campaign. You learn to use all their scheme shenanigans rather proficiently without Colette until later in the campaign; it's great practice for all of their abilities. If you focus on practicing with their scheme management/control abilities, this tends to be the key to running the crew successfully. Colette just helps them do what they normally do better.
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