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Upcoming Releases and GenCon

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The spell effect is completely separate and requires no conversion work. 

For the simple fact that we will never sell as many of these as the rest of the box sets due to the nature of the product. A regular release can have the funds made back over time through continued re

Loving what I am seeing. The only thing I'm pissed about is that I absolutely have to buy the Crossroads 7 box. I don't like the idea but I've got a great idea that would be boosted significantly in awesome if they were part of it - with a band name change and one hell of a conversion on wrath being mandatory. I'll buy them for purely modelling and display purposes only - they will still never hit the table for play. >8)

I also require all of the limited edition stuff as well as all gremlin junk in print... and the effigies... and starter... and book...

Screw it I'll just buy f*cking everything! :D

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I don't play Ten Thunders, but I really like these sculpts.

Maybe I'll pick up Mei Feng and just enough 10T stuff to do a proper crew with her....

Hey, that slope looks really slippery, doesn't it?

Get Yan Lo and/or Toshiro and play them as Ressers!

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