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  1. Who wants a chance to win $300+ in prizes, and not even have to bring your own minis? Only one week to go until The Other Side demo league kicks off. 2PM on Saturday afternoon at Coliseum of Comics in Kissimee. That's right The Other Side demo league is officially scheduled. I have painted and flocked 8 separate armies, totaling 180 minis, for you to come in and play with. Everyone can come to try out a brand new minis game, and have a chance to walk away with their own allegiance box, Coliseum store credit, and/or limited edition models. The league will be achievement based, and enco
  2. That is correct, the Tide pool/Portal/Poison/Mine markers only come in the allegiance boxes. And I really need far more Tide pools than is given.
  3. You can actually see the module in action on these very forums:
  4. There was indeed one for backers during the beta process. And it was mentioned there would be a public release eventually. Of course we are also still waiting on the TOS app.
  5. On the subject of Abyssinia, I think the card draw was on paper meant to fuel discards for "The Long Game" and prototype actions. Those were in turn were meant to balance out Abyssinia being the elite army in the game. It is certainly a tough balancing point.
  6. The hot water fix has done nothing for me. Over time (even if it takes a month or two), the models lean again until they faceplant. Models like the Alpha Crawler and Walker simply have too much upper body weight for the soft flimsy legs to support them. I have already had to shock my Alpha, Walker, Cutter, and Basotho unit 3 times. At this point I have given up on that being a viable option. I have drilled a hole into my Walker and have run a clear peg from its lower frame to the base. Will probably end up doing the same to the Cutter and Cav unit. For the Alpha, I think I am going to have to
  7. They were going to be even higher at MSRP, but they lowered those prices to match the kickstarter prices last minute (in a few instances the new prices are actually less than the backer "discount" price). Probably would have been quite a few more complaints had they stuck with the old advertised prices.
  8. I have all four factions and primarily play against Cult. I love the game as a whole but have some complaints about some specific models. Every Alpha Crawler I have seen is a sloppy mess as far as how its been built. Due to the soft nature of the minis and weight distribution, some models just sag over time and there is nothing that can be done about it. You can straighten them out with hot/cold water trick, but after awhile the weight and soft material are just going to make them face plant over and over. Worst offender on this front are the Alpha Crawler, both cav units, the Walker, and the
  9. They are unique, otherwise there would be zero point to "place back into deck" effects.
  10. Same thing can happen with anything with push effects. You can do an 8" push on a target with the Stormsiren to a tidepool 1/2" away. As its a pulse fireteams will simply be subject to a many pushes as their unit fails checks against.
  11. They shipped the stuff during the holiday shipping rush. That is a very busy time and distributors usually get bogged down. Things were even worse this year however with companies rushing to get as much product on the shelves as possible before the new round of tariffs hit. As far as major distributors are concerned (especially during the holiday season), retailers take priority over individuals in most cases, regardless of how long the individuals have been waiting. I am not going to fault Wyrd on the shipping situation itself. I am going to fault them on its resolution, several EU back
  12. That would be the Field Intelligence Corp I am guessing? There was a problem with them at shipping time, so they withheld them from the early pledge shipments. Pledge shipments are being handled 3rd party, but the replacement FIC were shipped direct from Wyrd. But yes, this whole shipping situation, and the complete and total lack of proper advertisement for the game, are pretty embarrassing. And the fact that they seem to be leaving it to the backers to solve both issues themselves is baffling. And this just compounds with the issues of the unannounced MSRP change and the perception the
  13. The game is indeed out at retail, though the distribution centers (primarily in Europe) have completely dropped the ball on getting backers their stuff, despite Wyrd sending them backer items a month before the retail items. The release schedule on the Wyrd website is incorrect. The first wave of product just hit store shelves within the past couple weeks. Also note that Wyrd waits a month or two after release of product before they put it on their own webstore. This is to give LGSs a head start on sales.
  14. Actually, the game is already at retail despite not all backers having them in hand atm. You need to ideally promote your products before they hit retail to give those items a sales boost. If you don't that can make a product languish on the shelves. And if that happens, game stores will simply not order/stock any more of the product. Look at all the promotion FFG, PP, and GW do for their games. They send out free kits and books to big names that people look to for minis news. They pump out constant detailed articles and even some video publications. Wyrd at this point seems like they ar
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