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  1. AverageBoss

    Assets and Preventing Damage

    Yes, this is allowed.
  2. AverageBoss

    TOS in Europe

    They shipped the stuff during the holiday shipping rush. That is a very busy time and distributors usually get bogged down. Things were even worse this year however with companies rushing to get as much product on the shelves as possible before the new round of tariffs hit. As far as major distributors are concerned (especially during the holiday season), retailers take priority over individuals in most cases, regardless of how long the individuals have been waiting. I am not going to fault Wyrd on the shipping situation itself. I am going to fault them on its resolution, several EU backers being charged customs fees, and the MSRP switch however.
  3. AverageBoss

    TOS in Europe

    That would be the Field Intelligence Corp I am guessing? There was a problem with them at shipping time, so they withheld them from the early pledge shipments. Pledge shipments are being handled 3rd party, but the replacement FIC were shipped direct from Wyrd. But yes, this whole shipping situation, and the complete and total lack of proper advertisement for the game, are pretty embarrassing. And the fact that they seem to be leaving it to the backers to solve both issues themselves is baffling. And this just compounds with the issues of the unannounced MSRP change and the perception they tried to sneak that by. Love every bit of the game I have played. But this KS has left a bad taste in my mouth.
  4. AverageBoss

    Hi ! Non-backer with some general question.

    The game is indeed out at retail, though the distribution centers (primarily in Europe) have completely dropped the ball on getting backers their stuff, despite Wyrd sending them backer items a month before the retail items. The release schedule on the Wyrd website is incorrect. The first wave of product just hit store shelves within the past couple weeks. Also note that Wyrd waits a month or two after release of product before they put it on their own webstore. This is to give LGSs a head start on sales.
  5. AverageBoss

    Think the game will take off?

    Actually, the game is already at retail despite not all backers having them in hand atm. You need to ideally promote your products before they hit retail to give those items a sales boost. If you don't that can make a product languish on the shelves. And if that happens, game stores will simply not order/stock any more of the product. Look at all the promotion FFG, PP, and GW do for their games. They send out free kits and books to big names that people look to for minis news. They pump out constant detailed articles and even some video publications. Wyrd at this point seems like they are piling all that on the backers.
  6. AverageBoss

    Think the game will take off?

    They honestly should have advertised and promoted the game heavily through 3rd parties before any of it hit store shelves. That ship has sailed though.
  7. AverageBoss

    Tokens available for purchase?

    I hope they sell some of the markers separate. I need MANY more Tide Pools. 3 is nowhere near enough.
  8. AverageBoss

    Opposed duels and Pulse for range.

    Each target requires a separate duel. So for each target in range both players will flip/modify/declare triggers/etc, before moving on to the next target.
  9. AverageBoss

    Backer price is now the MSRP?

    I don't think anyone is asking them to raise prices, nor should it be dismissed as simple nerd rage. They feel they were lied to about prices, just to get their money and have it held up for 2 years. Some people dropped well over a grand on add ons thinking they were saving a couple hundred as the KS showed they were. If they were going to pay full price anyways, they would have held onto the money for other uses, and bought it at launch to support their LGS, or for a discount elsewhere. I personally am not dropping anything, but am just going to avoid buying any add ons from future Wyrd Kickstarters (if I pledge at all). I will simply operate under the assumption the prices are overinflated, and will be available at retail for the backer price or less. But its Wyrds complete silence on the issue that bothers me more than anything and what has done the most damage to my local community.
  10. AverageBoss

    Backer price is now the MSRP?

    That is not really what the OP is talking about though. They feel that Wyrd was misleading when they showcased you were getting add ons at a roughly 15% discount off MSRP as a backer, when in fact you wound up paying full (and in some cases more than) MSRP. They are not alone in this sentiment either, several players around here have decided to depart from Wyrd games altogether over this. And they perceive Wyrds silence on the issue as just hoping nobody noticed. Keep in mind this only applied specifically for add ons. The core pledge was still a good deal.
  11. AverageBoss

    Any update on TOS goodies?

    Wyrd sent out a notification for this on the KS a month or two ago. FIC were missing from packages that were sent early due to a problem with them and will be sent separately later. The problem was corrected sometime during the shipping process so packages shipped afterwards include them.
  12. AverageBoss

    Backer price is now the MSRP?

    This has been known for a while and has been discussed on Facebook, the Discord channel, and these forums. It is also most certainly not a mistake and Wyrds own upcoming page also lists the lower MSRP prices. Wyrd never said anything about it though.
  13. AverageBoss

    Any update on TOS goodies?

    Nothing here in Florida yet. Just hope it arrives before I head to Mississippi next week.
  14. AverageBoss

    Any update on TOS goodies?

    That is actually very abnormal, and I have never heard of a shop doing that. The most I have ever seen a shop sell minis for is flat MSRP. Many sell with some sort or discount of customer loyalty program. Cool Stuff for example starts at a flat 10% MSRP on all items, then they up that % permanently based on customer purchase records. Miniature Market sells for 15% of MSRP base, and can get cheaper from there with sales. But yes, Wyrd did make everything on the KS appear as though it were a deal. It just turnes out nothing was a deal outside the core pledges.
  15. AverageBoss

    Any update on TOS goodies?

    Everyone knew it would be cheaper after launch, as retail discounts are very common. What was not known was that the MSRP itself would be lowered to match the KS price (which was very clearly shown off as being less than MSRP), and for Wyrd to remain silent on the issue. Some people actually paid MORE for some items on the KS than what the new MSRP came out to. My players around here are pretty upset, and its not looking good locally. I myself am simply going to abstain from any future Wyrd KS, assuming the prices listed are simply over inflated and will be the same or cheaper later. That is if people keep playing Wyrd minis around here. Seriously, Wyrd needs to at least acknowledge it as a thing that has happened and address the backers. Of course with "several updates over the next few days" followed by a week of silence and a more of the same update at the end of that, my expectations are low.