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  1. JoeJones

    Go To Master

    For Arcanists, I always go back to Rasputina. She was my first master, and is still just about my favorite. For Ressers, it’s tougher to say, but I do so enjoy playing Seamus.
  2. I’m happy to see you doing more Malifaux batreps. I always enjoyed your Warmachine reports - even more so since Khador was my main faction. I hope to see more from you soon, and I wouldn’t mind seeing some Arcanists or Ressers featured.
  3. For Public Demonstration, you have to hire the minions. Your specified minions must be within 4” of one of his master, henchman, or enforcer models at the end of a turn to score.
  4. With Public Demonstration in the scheme pool, I would recommend taking multiple Belles for an easy 3 points. That is probably the easiest GG2018 scheme for Ressers to score full points. Against that sort of Ramos crew (Disclaimer: Arcanists are my main faction, and Ramos is one of my favorite masters), you will lose models and you will be outnumbered rapidly. Take One for the Team is a good scheme option to take against an extremely killy crew like that one. To score Ply for Info, use your Belles to separate one model from the rest of his crew, and use that model to gather intel from. There are some specific things you can do against a Ramos crew like that. First, you must deal with Howard Langston. Either take a heavy hitter to deal with him or slow him down with a tarpit model (or more likely, models). Multiple Canine Remains or a Flesh Construct might be useful for this. Second, try to disrupt his summoning before he overwhelms you with spiders. Find a way to separate him from his scrap markers and the rest of his crew. If he didn’t take the Under Pressure upgrade, Ramos is as vulnerable to being lured as any other model. If he did, he has Counterspell, and is therefore immune to lures - so you need to lure his crew away from him and kill them individually. (Yes, I am basing a lot of this strategy around having and using multiple Belles, because they are extremely useful, especially in numbers.) Joss is a hard target who ignores most defensive abilities. Avoid if possible. If not possible, use armor-ignoring attacks against him. Johan hits hard, but is otherwise slow and squishy. Kill at your leisure. The Arcane Emissary is intimidating, but can only use its most powerful attack on a charge. If it charges in, that means you don’t need to use a lure to bring it into your kill zone. Hopefully, you will find some of this advice useful, and hopefully the other people going to the same tournament I am today won’t read this until after the tournament Good luck, and good hunting.
  5. JoeJones

    Resurrectionist Henchman Hardcore

    I would probably use a Dead Rider instead of Izamu, but otherwise this is identical to what I would use for HH.
  6. JoeJones

    Iron Scorpius choices

    I would take Rasputina, Ramos, Ironsides, Marcus, and Kaeris, since those are the masters I have painted.
  7. JoeJones

    Summon'able Models

    After you start the encounter, you can add a model by hitting the “Add Model” button which appears at the bottom of the crew lists.
  8. It’s still a Ca attack action, and it is still targeting the same model, so as long as you have line-of-sight, you can blast him again.
  9. JoeJones

    Does archie need synergies to work

    Technically, you could put it on Archie with Doc Found a Squid Today to get 3 (0) actions, but other than proof-of-concept, I can’t think of a reason to do so.
  10. JoeJones

    Last list you played: arcanists

    I was playing against a newer Guild player in the following pool: Symbols of Authority Punish the Weak Take One for the Team Recover Evidence Dig Their Graves (not 100% sure on this one) Take Prisoner (again, not 100% sure, since neither of us took these schemes) My crew was: Declared Faction: Arcanists Crew Name: Kaeris - fire & ice 50ss Leader: Kaeris - Cache:(4) Flaming Angel 2ss Grab and Drop 1ss Seize the Day 1ss Eternal Flame 2ss The Firestarter 7ss Imbued Energies 1ss Arcane Effigy 4ss Soulstone Miner 6ss Soulstone Miner 6ss Silent One 6ss Silent One 6ss December Acolyte 7ss My opponent was using Sonnia, Samael, the Judge, an Orderly, a Witchling Handler, a Witchling Stalker, a Thalarian Queller, and the Brutal Effigy. I don’t remember which upgrades he took. I took Punish the Weak & Take One for the Team (December Acolyte), and my opponent took Punish the Weak & Recover Evidence. My December Acolyte (with healing support from both Silent Ones) distracted Samael & Sonnia from the center of the board while the Soulstone Miners, Kaeris, and the Firestarter advanced. Sonnia fell turn 2 from repeated Harpoon Gun shots and a charging Soulstone Miner. (And yes, the Miner did get her soul in a stone.) His Orderly & Witchling Handler each took one of my Symbols, but my Silent Ones were able to hold them off from the third. The Firestarter took out one Symbol, and Kaeris took the other two. Kaeris actually was able to kill a Thalarian Queller with Grab and Drop. Final score: Kaeris 7, Sonnia 3. I scored 4 on the strategy and 3 on Punish the Weak, but my Acolyte failed to die for my last scheme. My opponent scored 2 on the strategy and 1 on Punish the Weak. By the time he revealed Recover Evidence, all of his surviving models were engaged in or near his deployment zone.
  11. Hoffmann, Ophelia, Wong, Lilith, & Perdita. Maybe Sonnia or Lady J. Who am I kidding? If I had unlimited time and money, I’d try to play all of ‘em.
  12. JoeJones

    What competitive list would you bring?

    It all depends on the schemes & strategy, the terrain, the opposing faction, and what I feel like playing on any given day. Too many variables there to give a general list which could be competitive in any situation.
  13. Rotten Belles have become my autotakes recently. Archie, Anna, and the Dead Rider have also shown a lot of promise in my last few games.
  14. Running Marcus with all beasts is perfectly viable. The Sabertooth Cerberus and Blessed of December work well as extremely mobile beaters, and Canine Remains or Hoarcat Prides can work as scheme runners. I tend to add in a Rogue Necromancy, since it is one of my favorite beasts in any faction. Adding non-Beast models can work. When I started playing Marcus, I would run a December Acolyte or Howard Langston for some added firepower, but I’ve done that less as i’ve become more accustomed to using the beasts to their strengths. All in all, Marcus is a powerful enough master to run well with whichever models you want to run with him.
  15. JoeJones

    Can't Start encounters?

    My iPhone has the same issue, but my iPad does not. Both have been recently updated, so I’m not sure what the difference is. Edit: I was able to replicate the bug on my iPad. I completely closed out and restarted the app, and now the format and encounter buttons don’t work. Of course, this means that I will be unable to create formats or encounters until the next update... Bad things happen.