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  1. Can anyone offer any help with getting the wizz bang turn one just right?
  2. To the top! Any developments on this terrain setup, particularly the tiles? Or was it scrapped?
  3. I'm wondering why Hamlin ranks so highly amongst players, both outcast and opponent? Ive never played as him or against him, but have his thematic crew as I love the back story to him as well as the models. Is it his obey style combined with out activation with relative ease?
  4. I'm fancying a dabble with Sandeep and wondered what everyone felt was his must buys when putting an order together?
  5. So, chompy dreamer. Am I right in thinking that you plough in with chompy to wreak havoc? My question is, how do you protect the dreamer as and when he reappears in his child form?
  6. This is very true. Quite often, you will want to slingshot papa in to the enemy lines with your DM to blow himself up and finish off what Sonnia has started, which means you want him in the box until you can move in with your Unimpeded. After the activation flip for keeping him in the box, the only way to get him out is to target someone else with the pine box, he'll then be out regardless of the outcome as the unbury is triggered upon taking the action. Yes, I'm guilty of running a very similar list
  7. Looking at it, I guess you can chain them together at the end of the turn too rather than all within range of your unbury beacon. ie - place the first unbury, you then have another friendly model available for your next unbury. This will make it much easier to get good positioning on the bigger things such as 50mm jorogumo
  8. Has anyone had any success with this combo at all? its quite an AP sink, but could bring some nice early VP. What would come first, the unbury of the last blossom or the scheme VP Calculation?
  9. Look forward to following this Kyle, great start with Asami
  10. How does the emissary-Hopkins-Abuela combo work?
  11. Here's another one for everyone Standard extraction convict labour show of force exhaust their forces set up quick murder
  12. But then remain tangled somewhere else as the condition hasn't been broken
  13. Does a lure totally trump the tangled condition? The condition states a move or charge cannot be declared, and a lure is an undeclared move, so avoids the 3 damage too
  14. Ah, I missed the initial style switch and wondered what the powerful chi was being used for.
  15. Rather than start with both on the board, powerful chi one in to play after initiative and sac the slow peasant that was summoned for a mastery and then do as you wish with Shen longs own zero action, be it a mastery or change in style.
  16. Hmmmm cant be much longer now
  17. Awesome, can't say no to theses sales. Really looking forward to seeing the renders, particularly the ten thunder brothers
  18. Hey all, I'm looking to have a play around with Perdita. ill pick up the crew box and then spend the same again or so on a few extras. Any suggestions on what I should pick up?
  19. Does this abilities Immunity to slow count against things that are already slow? ie, Nicodem moves in to range of an existing slow friendly model, does this model now lose slow? Or does it mean that models within 6" are immune to gaining the slow condition? I've summons etc
  20. Good luck and congrats to all. Brilliant painting article is the new chronicles too
  21. If a belle lures a terrifying enemy model I'm to pounce range and triggers multiple Belles to pounce, must they all take a horror duel each?
  22. It's a strange one that I can't fathom. Am I right in thinking that dreamer becomes buried upon chompy appearing? Im struggling to find anything that states that the only unbury mechanic is via chompy and not the death/sacrifice of another model?
  23. I aimed to do something similar last night but I couldn't get in range of the copycat for the mimic action
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