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  1. Who was running the strats/schemes? I assume the Eyes+Ears->Berserkers were primarily distraction/fillers/killers/wound sponges/body blockers.
  2. Since the target enemy model will not count as engaging, you probably won't need to disengage (unless it's a scrum and other enemy models are engaging you).
  3. Where in the Flight ability does the Aura rule appear? I think you might be thinking of a previous edition's wording for Flight.
  4. It's not just on original Asami's card, but also on the upgrade Asami's totem gets if she ever dies before him. Basically with the way the flicker mechanic works (instant kill if you end any activation with 3+) you can't allow opponents to add flicker to your models. That said, new Marcus could have something to protect upgrades on his models (or gain some benefit if they are discarded by an opponent).
  5. Oh nice, hahaha, that's cool.
  6. She can place herself via Violation of Reality in an original Asami crew. Unbury is a place as well, so new Asami can get her to place as well. Good note on the once per activation bit as she does have a few ways to place enemies.
  7. Additional synergy in an Oni crew with original Asami is that Violation of Reality would allow Lady Yume to charge and check her fate deck before making her attack. Similarly the unbury tricks with new Asami can do similar. Warp the Veil is once per activation, so she can't look at her deck then use her placement effects on enemy models to look at their deck, though
  8. Lady Yume has an ability Warp the Veil, the current wording of which is below: Warp the Veil: Once Per Activation. After a model is Placed within Aura6, this model may look at the top two cards of that model's Fate Deck. (more words, not critical to question) IIRC you're always within your own Aura, so if Lady Yume places she will be able to look at the top two cards of her own Fate Deck, correct? Or is there some reason she wouldn't get the effect? If so, please help me understand why.
  9. Seems like her minor Oni synergies are: -Can get flicker on Kamaitachi to start the Dust Devil push-cart (hard to call that a train or engine -I think you can get the Yokai fllicker place via her From Two Worlds, but that doesn't look like a strong thing to do. -When you use Violation of Reality to charge, or flight, or a Katashiro's Blown By Wind, or a Yokai's flicker place, or Dimensional Rifts, or various other place effects in an Oni crew, you get a bit of a fate deck preview and some fate deck sculpting. You can also get a look at the opponent's fate deck with new Asami's Another Mouth and possibly other effects. Though I doubt you'd want to discard weaks from your opponent's deck. I think that last one is what you'll be looking at using in a Oni crew.
  10. How is Asami the oni one you didn't have a pun for?
  11. Desper is 2 more soulstones of cost (so now down to 8*ss for cache & models outside this plan) and a shorter range on the play (walk walk leap vs walk secret passage or double secret passage). *assumes you're still taking a 5ss healer, 13ss if not.
  12. Nah, I was wrong about the first activation thing. I was thinking about the gaining the flicker at start of the activation, but wasn't thinking about the "second activation" part of that clause as my mind had dropped the word second and I didn't go back to check. So you've got 4 actions without flicker in the case of a double activation version. This is, of course, why I posted and also asked for why I'm wrong.
  13. This plan is now: Ama no Zako 10ss 2x Jorogumo 18ss OOK Huckster 7ss Tanuki or OOK Low River Monk 5ss That's 40ss, leaving 10 for your cache and whatever strat/scheming you plan to do. If you're using the Huckster for range of this alpha play, you're probably not dropping in range to clear the Flicker via Asami's aura, so the Jorogumo needs to kill an enemy with 42 AP and no flicker used or you lose the Jorogumo (at the end of the first activation of the double activation). If you inception'd the second Jorogumo and the first fluffed it's kill, that second one is now going to unbury next to Asami, back near your deployment, with 2 flicker on it with nothing really gained. The more I think about this play, the less I feel like going all in on it So to ensure last activation are you activating both Jorogumo prior to getting buried? This might be a better plan than trying to drop double activation Jorogumos across the table, but also limits the high end output from this play. You still need to get that first Jorogumo to kill it's target without using Flicker if doing Jorogumo inception. I also wonder how strong Jorogumo will feel when they can't use Flicker willy-nilly, like they can under a summoner Asami (who just brings them back and has more active flicker removal for turn over turn flicker control). Still this alpha strike might be a stronger play than I'm feeling right now. Just want to work out the kinks.
  14. So I did a lot more this June... Some I really like (the Emissary especially) and some I don't as much (the stuffed piglet & tanuki). It's a lot of soulstones, 26 I think, so 38 for the month?
  15. If I'm reading things right, putting two Jorogumo in a Huckster leaves that Huckster on 2 wounds with Injured +1* and Staggered. Once you secret passage that Huskster up Manipulative is gone and your opponent should have at least 2 (possibly 3) models unactivated to choose one to respond with. Df/Wp 4 and 2 Wounds is a stat line that makes a Malifaux Rat almost look beefy. If the Huckster dies before the Jorogumo unbury, you're unburying next to Asami and have basically wasted turn 1 while putting unnecessary flicker on your models. *I don't think you can choose to put staggered on twice. One Jorogumo in a Huckster is probably a safer option as your drop ship is then Df/Wp 5 and 4 wounds and harder to just delete in an activation. I figure you'll get to do the Huckster drop ship once per opponent, then your opponent will hold onto an activation that can delete an activated Huckster. Cards, terrain, and such may allow the single Jorogumo drop to continue to work, but I'm not sure the double Jorogumo drop will work against opponents that are aware of it. I could be wrong, so feel free to explain how the Huckster survives long enough to deploy the Double Jorogumo.
  16. Yeah, as MrPieChee noted, a move to a grid system likely requires multiple changes to the game and would likely be best built from the ground up. I think as you build the new game rules and play you'd find more things that needed to be changed from Malifaux. Another option might be to make hexes fit ~30mm bases and just abandon base size as a concept. If your base hangs over the edge of a hex you just ignore that and assume it's entirely within the hex it's 'mostly' centered on. You have to fudge model placement a bit (you hang out of the hex more than normal) if multiple models with too large bases are near each other, but since everything is hex based, you kind of can move models as needed, since all measurements would be to a hex and not to the model's base. Bloodbowl already does this as there are various sized boards with different sized squares and various makers of models with different sized bases, but since everything is measured square to square, it doesn't matter as long as a base isn't so large it causes placement headaches. Other hex/grid based games do the same since the hex/square is the important location for measurement and models & their bases are just markers.
  17. I'd consider going the other way with hexes. Make the hexes slightly larger than 50s, and allow 2 30s to occupy the same hex (if a player chooses) but otherwise allow only one base in a hex at a time. I think that's an easier rules set than having bases occupy multiple hexes. It does change ranges (each hex being ~2"), but a majority of ranges in the game (that are not movement or 1" melee) are multiples of 2, so it could still work by rounding up or down on the odd number ranges.
  18. Marvel Crisis Protocol does the front to back movement measurement, by having movement not be in inches. Movement there is S, M, & L. Base size matters, as larger bases give effectively longer movement. This would require a change in Malifaux stats across the board, but wouldn't make the game unplayable. It would just be different. As for the Grids thing, squares are a terrible idea for measuring as diagonals vs straight lines leads to weirdness that works best for dungeons with walls and corridors or a "beer & pretzels" fantasy football game. If you wanted to move to a grid, Hexes is a better grid than squares. There's still weirdness with Terrain, as terrain doesn't typically fit well into hex shapes, and Base sizes end up not mattering (unless you allow smaller bases to stack in a hex like with Godtear or similar).
  19. I think Fixed Keyword tournaments would be quite interesting. Several dual faction master would likely rise to the top, and some of the stronger single faction masters would still shine. Crossroads 7 might be a decent choice for such a tourney but wouldn't likely be a power keyword. It's not like the Crossroads 7 can bring something like Fuhatsu and Manos in the same list regardless of tourney format (unless it's some weird 'break all hiring rules' format). Crossroads 7 as an option in an otherwise fixed-faction format likely wouldn't be that powerful either. Sure they could try to swap in different faction versatile options depending on opponent, but the Crossroads 7 models themselves benefit from having more of their keyword models to put out Sin tokens for each other so the more points into versatile or OOK options means fewer sin generating Crossroads models. Going to the extreme, Lust leading 50stones of Ten Thunders versatile & OOK models is probably crap on a stick and I'd guess the same goes for any of the Crossroads models. Here's a challenge: Make a scheme/strat/deployment pool. Pick an opposing faction. Build a Crossroads 7 list (any leader & related faction) that would destroy a strong list from the opposing faction that was built for the SSD pool.
  20. I got some malifaux painting done early this month, so I'm gonna post now, then post again if I finish more. (Maybe I'll even get around to basing as I'm getting closer to having good batches for basing together) 3 Akanane (12ss) for my Asami & Bayou crews. Orange nail polish as the tie in to my Asami crew... I also especially like the apple core. (All contrast paints, so kinda hits the monthly contest, even though I painted them at beginning of month before reading the contest Might still add splotches to make them more dirty trash demons. Or maybe try tattooing.
  21. There's a slight difference. Soveriegn's ability procs on Moved, so will always be the first move. The Shadow Emissary's ability procs on Placed, and while you usually place when you move with the Shadow Emissary, Flight is a "may" on being placed, so the Shadow Emissary can forgo the benefit of Flight while moving if it wants to proc Dragon's Fire on the second move.
  22. I enjoy Asami, though TBH I haven't used all of the others. I like the versatility of her summons (even if lessened due to the GG2 changes) and she's still got some summon scheming tricks even given the prohibition on summons interacting on the turn they're summoned. Summoned Tengu can make another model interact. Akaname can drop a marker (scheme/scrap/corpse) where needed. Obsidian Oni can get schemes/scrap out with triggers. Katashiro can get scrap in almost any location (by dying).
  23. I scored one point of it in my last vassal game, using Asami, where I bluffed the Claim Jump that was also in the pool. I think I would have scored both points, but I misjudged how slowly we were playing, and pushed a BTL marker to 8" instead of dropping a scheme for outflank on a turn, because I thought I had more time and thought I might need that BTL marker further up the board to get the full 4. I think it can be scored if you've also got a center scheme to bluff and force your opponent to decide which scheme they want to try to stop. Scoring both points can be fairly hard I think, unless you've bluffed well or really dominated. You probably need to build your crew for it. Not completely, but you'll likely want 3 models that can do the scheme (one for each side and a central model that can move to a side if you lose the model on that side. All that said, it's probably not a "go to" scheme if there's easier options in the pool. It can be a scheme you pick if your opponent's master and expected/selected crew look bad for the other schemes in the pool.
  24. You'll find some of the tricks* to fairly easily summon 10+ pts a turn in this thread, which is a pretty big swing in points when you're playing a 50 soulstones. 60 soulstones vs 50 soulstones is an advantage and more of an advantage if you can add more and more later. https://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/topic/152837-opinion-crews-shouldnt-consistently-be-able-to-summon-10-stones-in-a-turn/ *typically not described in depth however. Some summons (stuffed piglets) might not have deserved the nerf, but my limited experience post errata with Asami (a summoner hit by the summoning nerf but no other direct nerfs) is that the nerf to summoning seems fine. I hire schemers a bit more and summon beaters instead of schemers (though depending on scheme and situation I can still summon certain schemers). Given your last paragraph the change shouldn't affect you much.
  25. Asami Red Joker can also do Yokai + Akaname/Tengu, in addition to the Katashiro x2 option you list.
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