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  1. I started malifaux way back in 1st but hardly played in 2nd. Decided to jump back in now 3rd is out so ordered the rulebook and the Youko starter set as though I concentrated on Guild previously I thought new edition, new faction. Youko I haven't heard much about but I liked the look of he models so took the plunge. So, after the testing does anyone have any thoughts about her, play style, model synergies etc?
  2. I have been out of the loop for a while but I thought Bass was a Guild master? Or am I getting confused with someone else, but I vaguely recall an article when M3E was announced and I could swear that a Cornelius Bass was listed in the Guild section?
  3. Absolution Black is the main character in my malifaux fiction...probably can still be found in the writing section. Also the name of my chaplain in my Raven Guard, warrior priest in Warhammer etc... Avatar? Well, I'm Welsh and obviously love the sheep..... That's a joke by the way.
  4. Have to say I agree with Darkblack and Ludvig. They pretty much said everything I would!
  5. I've seen it go for anything between £40 and £80 recently. Good hunting!
  6. Ok, I have three complete gremlin crew boxes for grabs... Somer, Ophelia and Wong so a good selection of core gremlin models for anyone interested in starting the faction. All cards and bases included as still nib. I am happy to sell all three for £50 Inc postage to the UK. PayPal preferred. PM if interested!
  7. I'm with Ludvig. I'm sure in the past Wyrd have stated that they don't want to have too many boxes around so it allows stores to stock their product without taking over too much shelf space. Plus releasing separate models isn't probably a good business idea in that the player will just buy a master model, ignoring the respective crew box. You would probably have to sell five or six individual models to make up that shortfall and I don't think each master will be that popular. Coupled with more design costs, production costs for the models it probably wouldn't make much sense.
  8. They do not have the original boxes but are all new on the sprue and will come with the relevant cards. I prefer UK buyers but if someone abroad wanted them and they were willing to pay the postage I could consider posting abroad. I have had several trades on here and my ebay identity is refreshmentboy so check that out if you want to! Anyway, the list of models available: 1 x Hunter £4 3 x Pistolero de Latigo £9 Cheers Abs
  9. Also top marks to Torsul for being an excellent buyer. Great communication, swift payments and a pleasure to do business with. Recommended buyer!
  10. Will leave these on here until Thursday night then they can go on eBay.
  11. Ok, will leave these here until Thursday night then they will go on eBay.
  12. Further streamlining my Guild collection and have the following up for grabs. UK based, paypal preferred. Will consider posting elsewhere if buyer meets any extra costs. Prices are my ideal amounts for them, but may be open to negotiation if multiple models are being purchased. All current M2E plastics. McMourning & Zombie Chihuahua (Part painted & based. Cards included) £7 Greed (new on sprue. Base and card supplied) £5 2 x Nurses (Part Painted & Based, cards supplied) £7 Sebastian (part painted & Based, card supplied) £5
  13. UK based. PayPal preferred. I'm streamlining my guild collection and have the following for sale. I may consider posting further afield if buyer pays the extra. Alt Guard Sergeant (on sprue, no box. Card inc ) £15 Alt Francisco (on sprue, no box. Card Inc) £15 If interested let me know by PM. I answer as soon as i can, and will probably post one or two times a week. Thanks for looking
  14. I don't think alt versions of models should be exclusive to guilders as this will exclude a large player base that may want those models but don't or can't earn the guilders. Plus, the flip side is, if those alt models are available to everyone else via sales etc, what is the point of making them rewards for guilders. I vote stick with plastic resculpts of original metal models or other rewards or merchandise. Just my two pence worth.
  15. Hmmm.. wasn't a fan of the original. But I actually prefer it to this version. Its too organic for my taste.
  16. Ok, I'm glad you explained your stance more as when I first read your original post it came across as a 'gimmee' post demanding LEs for being a 'loyal' supporter. I can see that obviously how things look on the internet is not always what is meant. I still disagree on some points, however, but I don't want to derail a thread unnecessarily. I still don't see LE as rewards but more an enticement to back or spend more, and that's fine as it makes business sense to get as much money or funding as possible. I like a lot of the LE models and have managed thankfully to get mine throug
  17. There is no reason wyrd have to provide LE models in the kick-starter. If you are going to back the game you will back it, I get the impression that people who want the LE stuff before they back are in it simply for the sell on value later. I know this isn't always true but to be fair to wyrd, they have funded without the lure of LE. Personally I'm not backing it as it's not for me and I will wait until I see it played before deciding whether to change my mind. I also don't like the way you imply that those who will wait and buy from retailers after release aren't supporting wyrd. Wy
  18. As far as I know, she has always been plastic. Mine certainly is. Hope you find one but be prepared to pay a lot....
  19. Hope you get it sorted Cinnamon, Managed to get all I wanted though would have preferred an original plastic Wild Ones but will be ok with the translucent one.
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