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    It's attractive, but after convincing my wife I needed two different 3d printers, it will be hard to justify buying ANYTHING made of plastic. Inspiring designs, though
  2. phloog

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    All of this is likely moot in terms of me not playing anymore. Unless I can find someone who wants to buy my entire collection of hundreds of assembled but unpainted Malifaux models, I'm going to have them to play...so unless somebody wants a great deal on an instant Malifaux collection, the REAL question is whether I play 2e or 3e.
  3. phloog

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    This for me in spades....I have been collecting since 1e.....I don't need the huge art, and frankly odds are high that my models may not even look like the newer art anymore. But my biggest card switch gripe is simply the amount of space they will now take up for NO advantage in use...even if the format is better that could be still done with the same form factor. Oh....this just in....Fate decks are switching size as well: http://bit.ly/2L6aeKS 😜
  4. phloog

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    So....is Malifaux a game with a low cost of entry or not? As I sold my friends on this game, that was always the point...many of them are now older, married, kids, and way too many miniatures from GW ...NO interest in getting back into big collections. If only choosing one master and associated models is an option and you're in, then Malifaux has a real appeal. If choosing one master is going to open you up to DMH-ing, which almost CERTAINLY will result in less support for small incremental adds (new puppets), less ability to participate, then I can't tell people it's low cost of entry without a huge disclaimer.
  5. phloog

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    My friends who play echo a lot of what folks are posting here. I personally might pick up a model or two for 2e continued play, but the rest of my group (who admittedly don't buy as insanely as I have) are basically locking down their collections until more is known. I have enough love for 2e that I think I'd be fine parting with Wyrd in terms of new stuff. The card size thing is not a huge killer, but it IS a factor, as I consider moving from my hard sleeves to a thousand or more of whatever the new size is. 2e has issues, but it's solid enough that my group can likely abandon tournaments and do what lots of players did with D&D...revert to old comfy rules.
  6. phloog

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    that was ONE of my options: selling off. The OTHER OPTION I mentioned was sticking with 2e...I certainly have enough models for decades of endless fun, which is a positive, and sticking with 2e means that I can't use new releases...but I can use my OLD releases. In the end of course it's their call, but I find it a bit laughable that they're doing this to the game as if the fiction is more important. It's NOT about events...I guess I should have been more clear. It's about the near certainty that there will be areas of imbalance in the "dead" models that will almost certainly never be addressed...it is also about the company philosophy on display here...this is a goofy move. I get that they have to reinvent things and try to shake things up..it's just a silly approach. Peoplr who really embraced the low-entry cost skirmish philosophy now have to worry the 1 or 2 masters they had don't count anymore. People who went apesh*t are almost certainly finding chunks of their investment that will get no/inferior support. Pretty sure my three buddies and I will just stick with 2e...but if someone has a pile or cash lying around.
  7. phloog

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    One more bit....am I misremembering, or wasn't there a bit in 1E or 2E that talked about Malifaux being so strange that two of the same Master could fight each other? Even if that is incorrect, the strangeness of Malifaux does make any fluff that bars models a bit artificial and silly.
  8. phloog

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Many are offended by the changes. My thoughts will likely offend many: I bought Malifaux, from metal and 1e to the present, as a GAME. I currently own hundreds of Malifaux minis, having nearly complete collections for most factions. On my third big Battle Foam case. I know I may be odd, but I almost never read the fluff, and while the ideas are interesting, it's not the most gripping story/writing. The idea that they're making huge changes and destroying value of existing purchases in service to this (IMO) mediocre fiction is just wrong. For me the decision unless something changes is between staying with 2e or selling all my stuff. The Dead Man's Hand stuff is totally flawed. There will be no effort to balance them, or keep them balanced against the "active" models...BUT...even if they did want to try to keep them balanced, eliminating them from most structured play means that even if they had good intents they'll never get the DATA needed to do it correctly. These models will become more and more imbalanced, until even organizers who allowed them will ban them, or they won't be worth playing.
  9. phloog

    Brinn and others

    Bummer...ill-timed sale for me then. My LGS is not super friendly, and has almost zero knowledge, so while I get that this policy helps the GOOD stores, I can only bring myself to pay local full retail at a local store if there is an actual difference in service level beyond an online giant...where the "F" from FLGS applies. Thanks for the info. My plan was to get Brinn and throw in some of the other fun stuff to hit the threshold. So nothing listed for March will be available in this sale? Black Friday it is!
  10. I thought Brinn was coming out in March but can't find the model in the store...? Any other models coming in this week? I am going to Mexico tonight and it might be the difference between me jumping in to the Easter Sale or not. Thanks, JT
  11. Just got a Battle Foam P.A.C.K 432, and the default trays are not going to work for most of my models for Malifaux. Does anyone know of: 1) The best trays for various models (30mm, 40mm, 50mm) 2) The typical 'bounding box' dimensions for most of the models ("most 30mm models are 30mm x 30mm x 36mm...") or some generally safe dimension ("90% of the 30mm base models will fit in a space that is X by Y by Z") I just want to avoid ordering new trays that STILL won't work, or having to go to 100% pluck foam. Thanks, JT
  12. Thanks, all...this wouldn't be an issue I don't think if I hadn't gone crazy and bought around 300 Malifaux figures...because, y'know...it's a skirmish game (actually it's because I can never decide what I want). I was just dreading tracking a bunch, but I put all my data cards in those hard sleeves, so I can just print errata and stick it in front. Of course, a lot my stuff might have come out AFTER errata...yick.....(I bought a lot of arsenal packs as I had metals) Thanks again, JT
  13. So I know there is a very limited amount of errata - for example in my campaign deck there was a new card for a couple of models. I play MAYBE once every few months, and in such a casual way that winning and losing are not really something we care too much about...however, we don't want a broken game, so here's my question: Is the errata typically created to counter an unexpected loophole/exploit/synergy? Sort of like "Oops...just realized this card plus these two and this upgrade lead to an instant win!!!" Or is the errata typically to fix a horrible problem that is not complex to detect or exploit? One that instantly breaks a game? Based on what I know about their playtesting I'd assume it's the first, and my group can continue to play with whatever version of the cards for the models they have.....is this true? I'd like to just be secure in knowing that some models may have an advantage, but nothing too horrible. Thanks, JT
  14. phloog

    Tracker Spreadsheet

    Thanks SO much! Off to do all the recording...for a game focused on not requiring a lot of models...I sure bought a lot of models. JT
  15. I will add my vote for a builder...but I would love it if - - unlike Crewfaux to my knowledge, it also has a general inventory/model checklist for all your models.