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  1. Definitely think they need to re-word or clarify Toni's summoning, this LoS issue will have a huge impact and I can see it creating problems aplenty. I can also see valid arguments in both interpretations, although I'm inclined to agree with Jinn simply because otherwise the ability seems very, very powerful, and its already pretty good, I'm guessing Jinn is correct on a nebulous as the "play-testers assumed the rule read and played", which is always the issue when testing what you wrote and so you KNOW what it means and always read it that way. Nevertheless as Murkai points out, as you read the card, if you interpret the language the model drops a scheme marker and then "it", not Toni per se, discards a card, that would indicate that the model which dropped the scheme marker discards the card and then summons a Drudge. This seems to support that the model (as the it) needs LoS, but Toni does not, she grants the ability (after a friendly model that shares the keyword) but does not necessarily perform the summon (although of course as a friendly keyword model she can). Still I suspect the intent is as Jinn describes, this needs to be clarified, hopefully Wyrd is using these reveals as a stage in the troubleshoot powers and wording stage before finalising the release. Hopefully. Which Dreamer did you face mate. Was it summons vs summons? Did Dreamer benefit at all with the Drudge's low WP, for example you team a Drudge with a Gunsmith would seem to make the Drudge a target to summon off and almost immediately engage said Gunsmith. I do note that the Drudge is a Minion (3) so that caps the number you can have. Did you find they rotated a fair amount, summon - die - resummon, or did you hit the cap and your opponent try to ignore them? Was your early strategy to get all 3 out in turn 1, or latest turn 2, then resummon as casualties required or was it a more opportunistic, I'm placing a scheme marker and have a card so....... Also given the discussion were/did you play that Toni needed LoS to any summons? Was this an issue in the game at all? Or did it simply not come up. I imagine if you zerg the initial summons aiming to get everyone out turn 1/2, given that Toni and crew slants towards bubbling, it would not be a huge chore to summon every Drudge in LoS of Toni. But mid-game as the chaos ensues then obviously that is a huge potential difference maker. I'm loving the concept, she does seem both very different and at the same time still highly thematic, just emphasising a different angle on the theme. I am a bit sad that the poor Captain still looks like he struggles to find a master which loves him, but then again we still have seven master variants to be released/revealed and that offers so much glorious scope looking at the reveals already made.
  2. One of the things I'm noticing is that the re-worked Masters seem, so far, pretty complicated and non-linear in how they work, in the value they provide their crews. All of the new cards so far are going to be pretty intense to maximise the master, rewarding folks that put in the time and creating games where crazy off-vector threats and scoring opportunities are the norm. I absolutely love it. 🤩 I love the web puzzle of Malifaux, balancing the war in the game with the winning of the game, oft times not directly linked. I love the fine balance of getting the cogs of a crews engine working, carefully ordering and balancing activations as each cog spins at least one other, all while your opponent throws grit into your machine with their own Rube-Goldberg creation. These new masters are adding that in spades so far. Every faction has a couple of simpler masters, the introduction low floor entry crews (which can be still maximised for scary results) but for me the biggest intrigue and rewards in the game are from these less linear more puzzle power crew leaders. So yeah, the more I see of the direction that the design is taking the more I'm hoping that this direction continues and that we see some marvellously weird Arcanist masters that I can look at for an hour and still not encompass some use implication that could blow up a game.
  3. I don't play rezzers, but against the Stargazer in a match up this looks nasty. The Transmortis crew already can be lethal, this adds a small amount more, which further tips an already bad kill-attrition-kill balance for most opponents. His attack seems sub-standard, but that also is not the role I think intended for him, he's an exceptional weird vector support, control master. Briniging and buffing attacks from his crew when you think you're safe, foiling and frustrating opposition schemes. Ultimately Malifaux is about the VP's and he can literally switch a model off, the power of which cannot be overestimated, recently Arcanist forums exploded with angst because they nerfed the Miner by switching off its scheming for a turn, this is offensive scheme negation, nasty as hell. And yet, he is durable, in his own way, likely frustrating to kill in the extreme. And if you're not paying damn close attention that paltry 1/3/4 turns into a 3/5/6 that will leave a bloody smear, with a stat 6 and soulstone use. You're supposed to underestimate his lethality, if you do and he rolls in while you're paying attention to his already deadly crew, well it will be a short battle. Really like him. But not as an opponent.
  4. Just wow, the new alternate masters are blowing me away, one after the other. And I haven't even seen any for the faction I play. Riding the hype train.
  5. Yeah not knowing the strategy and schemes means advise is not simple, and largely broad generalisation. First note, always take the crew you have the most fun with and know the best. Malifaux is a game for fun, or why bother, and Malifaux rewards knowledge more than perhaps any other war game I've played. This is always the default unless you're intentionally branching out to learn or experiment. Against Hoffman, absent of any other information. No Colette, you don't have her. No Mei, don't run OK stompy Bots into the Prince of stompy Bots. That's the no's. Maybe Marcus, he's not the first tier but if you know him it's a solid list. Maybe Sandeep, summons is always a solid choice, although with the GG2 summoning nerf I'd be cautious. Maybe Rasputina, she is slow but Hoff-ball does play into a mid-field brawl where her tough, healing crew and blasts are solid. Maybe Hoffman, the Hoff vs Hoff battle, bring your Bots to the battle, but I'd be cautious seems obvious your opponent knows Hoffman better than you and in the mirror the more experienced will usually win. Better selections. Solid, Kaeris, she and her crew are fast, versatile and reliable, envelope the Hoff-ball and literally slash and burn, rolling in and out, picking off key strat and scheme scorers, this works great with at least some VP's on a spread field, not so good if the strat and schemes dictate a mid-field brawl. Solid, Ironsides, run durable brawlers up into the middle of the Hoff-ball and trade blow for blow on the M&SU mistresses terms, Ironsides crew hit hard at range, while being solid at the attrition battle and a crew which likes to bubble up, solid opposition to Hoffman when the strat and schemes dictate a centralised slugfest. So in a more spread out scheme pool I'd take Kaeris. In a more centralised maim and kill scheme pool I'd go old Ironsides. From your options available.
  6. True, but that doesn't preclude alternative methods of dealing out Chimera upgrades, foremost as Yumi shows they could easily bring out a Chimera model that provides upgrades in lieu of Marcus in some fashion. Or give alt-Marcus an alternative method of handing out, spreading upgrades. But I imagine Marcus will retain the upgrade schtick. The interesting thing is they appear to be providing an alternative non-summon Master option to some primary summoners, so this has implications for Sandeep and some real Academic love.
  7. Would not placing the marker itself be considered a form of movement, you're literally moving the marker onto the table.
  8. And card draw for a Summoner, even if it has been nerfed its still something.
  9. I agree that Peacekeeper is generally better than Langston in the Hoff's crew. However, Langston is living/construct and Peacekeeper is just construct so the Medical Automaton can heal Langston in a fashion it cannot heal the Peacekeeper and given that Automaton is better than the Mobile Toolkit I will argue that puts Langston + Automaton on par as equal to Peacekeeper + Toolkit. In addition that box gives you the Steamfitters and the value of Magical Training is well documented, this alongside the fact the Steamfitters do work well in the Augmented crew, I think they are better than Watcher's, simply more flexible uses. So based on that calculation, while I personally prefer taking a Peacekeeper and one Watcher because I prefer the model and playstyle, I also take a Steamfitter and I am open to replacing Peacekeeper with Langston. Noting that Langston also is slightly faster, has one more health and is Terrifying. I honestly think on a budget you get more from the Rift in the Union box than from Keeping the Peace (also note as a final key point the Rift box is usable with all the other Arcanist crews and KtP is only Augmented). I'd place Rift at least in Yellow, but for myself, if I was advising I'd say Green and then later, if you love the Hoff (and who doesn't the man is a living legend) I'd 100% get KtP, which is kinda the point. Yes, I precisely understand this point, I actually own 12 versions of the Coryphee for this reason, I hate magnets. But.... its Performers on a budget. A real bind, it implies a new player so don't try magnets, but limited budget so buying two to get 1.5 feels kinda bad. But Coryphee are 110% must includes, they are the true stars of the Stage. Now I don't know how others feel but I, personally, when playing and advising new Performer plays suggest 2x Coryphee separately on 40mm bases and also purchase, find, scrounge, borrow (it really ain't that hard) a single 50mm base with a glob of blue tac or similar sticky putty substance. I'm happy for an opponent to display the danced together Coryphee as a single model on a 40mm base tac'd to a 50mm base. Yes this can lead to the occasional, shit I forgot that was the pair on my part, but the logic is I'm trying to get folks introduced to the game, I'm not playing hard to win with a new player anyway. Sure this isn't working in competitive games but by then you should be buying the Yellow Performer selections where you get your Coryphee pair for the second model. No magnets required. And while Coryphee are truly most essential I still argue that for fun and an introduction to the Performer's crew I'd encourage Center Stage, a 50mm base and blue tac over the second Waiting in the Wings, but yes 100% the first Coryphee is a purchase with Colette's box, or what's the point. As for the rest, I understand everything you're saying.
  10. OK, my 10 cents worth.. Academic: I am torn, Heavy Metal certainly makes the best economic sense but I prefer other models with Sandeep. Not having Kandara hurts my soul, admittedly partially as a pre-errata holdover, but I still consider her near essential and on that alone would grade her yellow or orange. I'd drop the Ice Gamin/Golem down, they simply are the least useful Elemental choice for mine. Augmented: I'd move Langston and the Steamfitters up to essential. A Steamfitter boosts your crew and is an excellent Magical Training placement. Langston is the premier beater Enforcer choice with the Medical Automaton as a Living/Construct. Core+Support+Rift and you've got your solid Hoffman crew, I'd like a cheap fast scheme runner but you have Watcher's in Yellow, although for that reason I'd move Arachnophobia up to Orange. Chimera: The only thing here is I'd move December's beasts up to Yellow, the Blessed is supremely flexible, a healing Silent One literally never hurts and the Hoar Cats, while maybe not first class, are functional cheap scheme runners with actual bite potential, I could even see an argument for them in Green, but not quite with one OOK and Hoar Cats being sub-par. December: Ah the realisation that Ice Constructs are not great, even in key word they are not a premier choice. I think, such as it is, this selection placement for Raspy's frozen friends is correct, sad as that is. Foundry: I don't really play them but with the Sparks changes and given I love the Mechanized Porkchop I'd move them up to Yellow. Not much else to say, that's likely a flawed personal preference anyway. M&SU: I really like Saboteurs and find the Soulstone Miner useful with Toni, I'd definitely move them up to Yellow. Performer: I simply wouldn't get two boxes of Coryphee, although I know why you did. I'd switch one of the Coryphee down to Yellow and put Angelica and Carlos up to Green, if only for variety, flexibility and pure fun, although Ice Dancers are pretty bad sadly. God I wish Harata Ngaatoro was better value, he is an amazing addition to a Showgirl crew, but you're correct, on a budget with two basically totally useless Explorer models he can't climb higher on the list, but if you could get him alone cheaply he'd be Green all the way. Wildfire: To be honest this shows the central strength of the Kaeris crew, two boxes and you're pretty much settled, I'd change nothing really.
  11. I really like the idea of this and am hopeful concerning its development and reveal. We will all, I think, acknowledge that we have our favourite "look/fluff" master's and crews and this provides either (a) a chance to play an alternate if we enjoy the original mechanics of the crew (variety is fun) or (b) an opportunity to have a master/crew variation we like to play if, for some reason, the original crew just didn't gel with us. I am hoping that this does not become an alternative to re-working underpowered or problematic original mechanics masters, I want these titles to provide viable alternatives, not to patch over weaknesses (Rasputina?). I'm also invested in the new titled master's still integrating with their keyword crew, but ideally in a different fashion. The Sonnia unmasked fills me with a degree of hope, she seems to fit the bill. She does share a lot of mechanics with Kaeris, which is fine, Wyrd should take what works as a foundation, Guild would surely also appreciate a fire blaster like Arcanists already have, and the small changes between Sonnia (who walks) and Kaeris the fire-angel will impact their similar kits in how they play, so they wouldn't be clones anyway. So what would I like to see, or some chalkboard ideas..... Colette, my Arcanist darling needs to stay as the illusionist, trickster but I'd like to see her as maybe more support (Jordan's backstage mistress), with her crew becoming more fighty and brutal, so maybe see a limited return of obey Colette Hoffman, a control style perhaps where control tokens generate static charges which move, push, pull and lock enemy models and with his allied models he can arc his charges out, literally an arc-node style similar to Raspy's Ice Pillars. Letting the Hoff crew play very spread out while forcing the opposition into a clump, the reverse of his current metal-ball play style. Kaeris, a where there is smoke there is fire styling perhaps, Pyre markers operating for her crew as movement points (ride the rails style) and Kaeris having a limited summon through Pyre markers or alternatively a Sheathed in Flame idea where Kaeris near a Pyre marker becomes a melee beast with a 2-3" reach, lashing out with fire, maybe both in combination, so if she kills with her fire whips in melee she get's a Fire Gamin summon. Marcus, the mutation master needs this core mechanic to remain, but perhaps something to integrate poison and mutation, so his crew can cause unstable mutation in opponents they hit with the poison condition (requiring a little more poison handout as well) resulting in flipping poison to injured, distracted or burning (depending on perhaps a mutation option Marcus triggers in his turn). Marcus can extend or stack poison on his enemies as an element of his forcing mutation on opponents. Ironsides, go a rabble rouser support/healing build, so more interaction at range, increase her capacity to hand out Burning (fire bombing rioter's) and allowing her a ranged heal to support her crew, make Ironsides go from an up close brawler to a back of the protest firebrand. Mei-Feng, the freight train Mei, so ride the rails becomes a mechanic allowing her to "throw" out a scrap marker at an enemy and then move into base contact with them and/or she can by your side to allied constructs. In this structure she moves from the fast moving skirmisher and becomes the armoured train, the tank build and she can utilise Burning she generates as either shielding or healing either banking the fires or stoking the furnace. She becomes a monster to kill. Rasputina, a short ranged in the middle of things Raspy with high mobility through her Ice Pillars. Give her an ability called centre of the storm which is a AOE low damage hand out slow (with more slow equates to higher damage for her crew perhaps), claws of ice high melee damage and maybe a slow (or stun if already slow) trigger. Make December a nasty up close, alpha strike crew and have Raspy as the feared fist of frost in the middle of this. Sandeep, pump up his ranged, taking maybe a Nightmare style ranged summon through an enemy hit with willpower style "Academic Sanction". More emphasis on his Academic models, where his Elemental summons exist only for a limited time "flicker" style mechanic but ranged attacks from Academics can increase the duration of this temporary summons, so the Elementals entangle enemies in melee (for limited damage) while the Academics lay in ranged damage. So emphasize this long ranged gunline style for Sandeep. Well that was a quick 10 minutes brainstorm. Some of the changes likely aren't that impactful, I've not got huge playing time with all the Arcanist crews so can't really comment with authority on what certain crews feel like their "missing" and would thus provide an interesting change. However, I think this demonstrates how poaching a few ideas from other factions, spinning them into a Arcanist theme and then applying them with a little twist is a fertile source of cool ideas.
  12. In regards to the nerfs or not. We all can agree Colette was the general consensus strongest master in Arcanists, she was primed for a nerf. Notably the strongest masters, as I understand, in most of the factions similarly got some sort of nerf, Von Schtook, Dreamer, Leveticus, Som'er, Yan Lo, that is 6 of the 7 older core factions. In addition there were targeted nerfs to other troublesome models and some generalised rules changes which function to boost or nerf some mechanics. So it is pretty obvious that Wyrd looked at the "strongest" masters within each faction and attempted to address them, pulling them down more towards the centre regards power within their respective factions. Now notably two factions did not have their strong masters touched in the targeted way everyone else did. Explorers, they are the new hotness as we all know, Wyrd was not going to nerf a release literally only a matter of months old, and justifiably they can argue that there simply is inadequate data in which to do so. Sure people are screaming that x, y and z are OP, but let's see how things are when some GG2 games have been played and counters begin to emerge (or it is discovered that there is no simple counter). Guild, and here I'll highlight Dashal who does seem to be the strongest master in Guild. But then Guild is dumped on as the weakest faction. So perhaps the thinking is that with the nerf to summoning (which effects Dashal) and Focus (a powerful mechanic in the strongest gunline faction) and Phiona (I understand the strongest henchman) will be adequate to slightly reduce Dashal in line with other Guild masters and at the same time slightly reduce Guild while the stronger factions climb a little closer to the centre line. I will maintain that the Colette nerf does not seem to make her totally unplayable in Arcanist's, I still think she and her crew (which got stronger) will find a place and can at least compete in most opponent, scheme, strategy pools (compete, may mean be strong or weak depending) and she will still be a priority choice in certain combinations. That is what I want first and foremost, Colette to be viable but not overpowered. The "power" tier within the faction has changed, it will need to shake out, but I don't see Colette plummeting into a basement purgatory. In addition I don't think that Arcanists are a junk faction compared to the others, I still think they are a strong, vibrant and diverse band of revolutionaries and rebel rousers. I think each of the core factions except for Guild got at least some sort of nerf, the "power" tier of each faction in relation to the others has changed (especially and more so because of Explorers than the errata or GG2) and needs to shake out, but I don't feel Arcanists have been exiled to the grave of non-competitive. As stated the previous 'weakest' faction, Guild, has seen the smallest hit and every other faction has seen at least some nerf. Seems to be pretty fair to me overall. Could it have been more, less, different, will it all work exactly as hoped to create a 'perfect' game balance, hell no. But the intention seems pretty clear, the changes not unreasonable and I'd rather see a fewer models changed than huge swathes verging on a entire rework of the factions from the ground up.
  13. Check the salt in the other (non-Explorer) forums. Every forum has a "they nerfed the best master in faction way to much" post. Everyone take a deep breath. Consider where Colette fits in relation not to other factions but within our faction. I'm considering it now. How has the new errata upset and changed my view of model value within our faction, who will I take, when and for what. Pretty safe in saying that Colette pre-nerf was the consensus best Arcanist master, other than specific counters she was a solid crew take into anything. What about now? She has clearly gone down, but where does she place? Is she top 1 or 2 (still awesome) in the top 50% (good, fine, acceptable), bottom 50% (sad, my princess falls from favour) or is she now in the underground dungeon as likely to see action as Ramos (in an actual fictional dungeon) when compared to her Arcanist colleagues? Ultimately, I'm hoping Arcanists are first and foremost still a viable and competitive faction, then I'm hoping that all the models within the faction have a time and place to shine, then I'm hoping my favourite Masters (Colette, Hoffman and Rasputina) can step up to the line and fight for justice. So can Colette still stand tall among the Arcanists as a Master with a place at the table and voice in the resistance?
  14. Yes, Looking over the, considerable, Colette nerf was initially a bit of a blow, she's my favourite Master, has been since 1st ed. But the buff to Distracted and nerf to Focus should really help her keyword, which tbh I prefer, I'd like the Showgirls in there entirety to be a force to be reckoned with, not Colette and a couple of understudies with some versatile. Want to see it on the table, I'm most worried about her losing huge volumes of survivability when all the nerfs are taken as a whole, can she get as close as she now needs to and then manage to survive/escape, I think she should be OK if carefully managed but not certain. Also as Jinn pointed out really all the top tier (non-Explorer) models and masters bot the massage down therapy, which is good, the game should strive for variability without overpowered dominance. Which brings us to Explorers. Obviously a new faction, released so recently that no adjustment was incoming. Hopefully they already had the Eratta nerfs in mind when considering the Explorers power base, but who knows. I know that Explorers are dominating the meta conversation right now and A Wyrd Place is alight with salt concerning them. I'm hoping that the current tilt of the meta is associated mainly with the newness of Explorers and as folks explore them they will discover the flaws and exploits to break the new Explorer crews down. But we shall see, would be very unfortunate if the post-Covid tournaments were totally dominated by Explorers, not simply in number - which as newness is expected, but in terms of podium (particularly if these podium placements are not even close). I'm hoping my darling mistress of the stage and curtain is still the tricksy little deceiver she always was and meant to be and she and her crew remain a real threat, we shall see.
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