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  1. The first thing that popped to my mind was Mad dog Tannen from Back to the future. But I am almost always wrong.
  2. I guess that Elli and Patti Ramones are mixtures of a Ramone and Patti Smith and Elli Medeiros (The Stinky Toys). The wild ones can both be an homage to Real wild child (Wild one) by Iggy Pop, fits the punk/alternative wibe, but also to the Motorcycle movie The wild one from 1953. About Cherry Bomb, I am pretty certain that is more The Runaways than Mellencamp to stick with the 70's punk stitch. But we will never know before someone from Wyrd give us the real deal.
  3. Kolla En Svensk! :D

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    2. MrCheeze
    3. Cate


      Sitter och tittar på Daredevil samtidigt som jag målar TT's galning med kulspruta. Så det kunde vara sämre. Själv?


    4. MrCheeze


      Bygger baser till mitt ten thunder crew!

      Vad heter du? tänkte om vi har korsat våra vägar på en turnering nån gång!

  4. I rarely do use Obey, as rather use Perdita to kill stuff herself, but when I do I usually make one of my own models to obey as then I do not need to do a duel. One time when I obeyed a had a good hand with several high , and Nino stood on a good spot so he managed to get off three Headshots in one turn, burning my opponents ss-pool rather quickly, I want to obey a high cost enemy model to kill my Governor's Proxy, but I find the Nephilim more useful so that will probably never happen. /C
  5. *Looks at list of releases.* *Raises an eyebrow and smiles when reading about the guild hounds.* *Re-reads list, turns over the list, shakes list." *Mutters something about Whitchling handlers* The biggest surprise is that my bank account will not turn into a black hole. /C
  6. Three DM are often to much, but then again in the 'Dita box you have ton of shooting, and quite a lot movement shenanigans, which are the Austringers tricks, while DMs are faster sturdier, better in cc and can hide and move around other thing. But then again sooner or later you will have both. /C
  7. If I was you I would get the Lady box before the Austringers, sure Austringers are good, but you really want death marshals, for many things, pine boxing papa, scheme running, pine boxing big bad etc. Judge is a good henchman, even if Franc is good, I feel that Judge is a little better when you play a henchman lead game. Lady J has a different playstyle than 'Dita and can confuse your opponent a bit when choosing leader. The order I would buy stuff would be. 1. Lady J 2. Sonnia 3. Austringers 4. Abuela 5. Pathfinders I am thinking Dirial is pointing out that both of you have almost the same Avatar picture and that both of you are from Germany. /C
  8. When you bought all the stuff from your list you are quite solid with several sorts of lists and playstyle. Then you are down to your own playstyle, but I would look for a large beater just for the fun, peacekeeper comes to mind, or one of the ponies, marshal, pale or cavalry. The second you buy Lucius, you have started to thread the slippery slope of other factions. I had the idea to be pure guild, but the I bought Lucius and now I have started to glance both a TT and Neverborn, and I have some mercs which means I have dipped my toe in the outcast pond. So be careful with what you buy next. . /C
  9. The definition of good is very relative, in my book that is awesome. I assume that is a witch handler head? /Cate
  10. On a similare note. I always wondered why Sidir Alchibald should be ona 40mm base, considering that none other "human sized" character is, and that ther are other clearly larger minis who are on 30mm? Dashel, who is clearly wider around the waist and broader, is on a 30mm base, I don't get it. We have other models who barley can't fit on a 30mm base, barley on a 40mm base either for that matter,which they are supposed to have. /C
  11. Thanks a lot for the help. /C
  12. This may have been a question who has come up before, but I could not find any answer, in either the FAQ, PullMyFinger or anywhere else. According to my Guild guard cars I got in my Lucius crew box, Guild Guards do not have the Guardsman rule as for example Dashel and Austringers do. Is this a misprint or is it so that Guild guards are not viable for Dashels "Fire" and "Ready! Aim!" rules or the Guardsman part of Lucius "Issue command" that are specific for Guarsman or mimics? If it so that they are viable, could someone point out where I can find this rule as I have persons I might meet who really must argue against any rules. /C
  13. If/when I do a more sun-bleached or old wood I start out with the original colour of the wood, i.e brown, and then carefully drybrush lighter colours over it, pale grey or pale yellow depending on how I want the finished effect. This is a more pale wood base I have done. If I remember correctly I used coffee stirrers as material and then painted it with Vallejo beast brown and after that I drybrushed it with a light grey colour. /C
  14. I struggled a long time with that fiddly bit with the three skulls, in the end I managed accidentally to crack the front of the brim and it slid in. I am not a fan of how Abuela in her chair is designed, /C
  15. Cate

    Reckoning vs Collodi

    Naah Austringers are not banned, it is just that we had both decided that we should not use proxies, and why I did not use Perdita is just because during the last 6 months I had only used her crew, and my friend only have been using J.Lynch, so we had decide to use some of the other crews we own. But it doesn't matter anymore as I lost with Lady J vs. Lilith, a fun game anyway. We did another game were I did play Perdita and he played Pandora, I was really lucky and managed to tie up most of the middle with Nino, and he conceded at round three, when Pandora had been blown to bits by Papa, and Candy was in both Perditas and Ninos sights with less than half her wounds left. I did warn him before the game that I had would play without mercy that time. I am not really a fan of playing with proxies and unpainted figures. Ludvig, I do not play in stores yet
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