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  1. I just saw this today as well. I don't get all the hate for the Outcasts one, I think it is awesome and I got more of a creepy/bizzare vibe from it than a comical one like the gremlin one has. Maybe that is because I know what it is supposed to represent, I guess to a bystander it is just an old man riding a donkey but I also like this idea. I imagine someone meeting the Hodgepodge on a road out in the middle of nowhere thinking its just some old man traveling, and then inexplicably, Bad Things Happen... I love the Gremlin and Neverborn ones as well which is good because they are the factions I play besides Outcasts. The Arcanists one is neat, I think does a decent job considering how disparate the themes in that factions crews are. The Dragon is also neat but I think will require a good paint job because otherwise he is pretty boring. The Ressur and Guild ones are pretty much what I was expecting. Nothing wrong with that but meh. I don't see how scale/anatomy can be an issue on magical construct/creature thingies born from dolls and magic. There is no real rhyme or reason to their existance in the first place so why nitpick things like their clothes and body structure. I guess there could be issues with the human in the cage being a silly size in comparison to other models in the range but provided that isn't an issue I don't see the problem.
  2. I have a rare blood condition that will cause me to die if I don't recieve my Dark Carnival a week earlier. Maybe you can put my order before Jansens in the queue
  3. My 2 day shipping cost like 1-2 dollars more. I mean of course it depends on where you live, but it was much better for me than last years insane prices.
  4. Let me know if you are planning on bringing it to a game night around here sometime soon maybe? Edit because my phone butchered that.
  5. Well I am just in California but last year the shipping costs really were insane for here, and you only had the one option if I remember right? I feel for you guys accross the pond when it comes time for Gencon and Black Friday sales though. Higher shipping to start and then dealing with customs. Ugh.
  6. I made a single order for Dark Carnival and the Ulix box. Now I have 3-4 more days to decide if I feel like picking up Mah and Wong too(maybe Shenlong? ), and a second Miss Anne Thrope. I would like to commend Wyrd on cutting down on the shipping costs, SO MUCH more reasonable than previous years have been. I don't know if its just the area I am in, but last year the shipping was absolutely ridiculous, this year it was cheap and I could upgrade it for 6 cents!
  7. They just make small settlements as fast as they are wiped out, it is a never ending cycle of tiny frontier towns popping up and being destroyed almost immediately by creepy crawlies. Or I like to think so at least.
  8. Sorry if I offended, I would love for you to explain a bit more what you meant then?
  9. So you would have them only make limited edition models of things that are not out yet? Or not make any at all until they are caught up in plastics? Either way I think it is unecessary, the limited edition models are just a few boxes anually and wont really slow the main release schedule down all that much, and I don't see a reason to limit your choices to the small selection of models that are not out in plastic yet. If they make L.E. of something that doesnt exist, all the better, but that doesn't mean it has to be that way. They should make limited edition boxes with cool concepts that people want to buy because they are neat, not as some stopgap to fill a hole in the current line that will be filled soon anyway. The only wave 3 we have seen ready for release (besides the starter?) is the Crossroads box and I bet its near the end of that list of things that don't even have release dates yet. I would be very surprised if they were not working on the wave 3 stuff at this point, and if the wave 2 stuff wasnt all planned out/in some form of production as well. I really dont see your point about new blood, having the wave 3 stuff out sooner wouldnt make new people happier or more likely to join if anything it would give veterans something more to buy if they have everything. Unless you are just referring to the starter? I want Wyrd to catch up and ultimately begin releasing brand new things as much as anyone else but I think you are making mountains out of molehills harping on 1 story encounter box besides the obviously needed starter and 2 limited edition releases a year.
  10. I agree with all of that and it is all true. Personally I like the librarian for the heal and the fact that my love Hannah can copy the heal. Perhaps almost always using the librarian with Hannah has skewed my view of the model, but I also find that the Outcasts faction (or the crews I build) dont really lack for the kind of firepower the gunslinger brings in any case. On a model to model comparison the Gunslinger is stronger than the librarian in several ways, but I think the librarian does more things that other models (in my typical outcasts crew) dont. It is very hard to compare the obvious combat benefits of the gunslinger to the librarians heal and the ability to deny suits on casts and things that can have a huge impact on the game but are not exactly easy to analyze in the same way. In short I think gunslingers are good with tara (I have tried one once and it preformed incredibly well, maybe not the largest sample size of games but hey), but I feel like if I am picking models for a tara crew more often than not I am going to spend the 7 points on a librarian simply because I am likely to have already chosen models that fill a similar role to the gunslinger for the rest of the crew and the librarian brings "more" to the crew that isnt already partially covered. I dont know if this last paragraph makes sense its a bit hard to explain. If you needed exactly what a gunslinger brings and didnt already have it in the rest of your crew, then I think it would compete much better with a librarian. Obviously if you like different crew compositions than I do this might not apply and the gunslinger might be much better for you. Tara needs more points in her lists. There is so much cool stuff you can do Or just make all the outcasts cheaper! Yeah thats a good idea
  11. I agree, I wish friekorpsmen were 4 points, they wouldn't even have to be as good as they are now but 5 points for a model that still usually accomplishes nothing just like a 4 point model unless your opponent doesn't focus on it... idk. I guess friekorpsmen can be hard to put down for their cost. I just can't see a reason not to try to squeeze in another point or two for Johan, a librarian, a trapper. I had issues with endgame several years ago as well, they stopped supporting warmachine and hordes at one point because of a disagreement with pp, and although I didn't even play the game, their decision combined with people leaving 40k 5th edition kinda killed the mini scene there for a time. A lot of people left on principle or because warmachine and hordes was their main game. Games of Berkeley just depends on who is working there, I used to always run into this really angry woman who seemed to hate everyone in the store and just made me not want to be around there at all. (I think they had issues with people stealing models but srsly she was mean, killed the minis scene there for a time from what I understand but I didn't participate much there before so this is just hearsay). But other than that woman everyone who I have talked to who worked there was really great. I talked to one of the guys there a few months ago as well and he told me he would love me to come in and play just to try to drum up interest. But then I haven't had time to go anywhere. So maybe I will give them a call again and see if they still want to do that or have already started a group. I actually went down to both of these places to play a few times earlier on in the year and I kept asking about malifaux at endgame, I was just too early for hateful and those other guys to start grouping up there I guess. Still I am very much forward to checking out both stores now that I have more free time again.
  12. FK in general are really good with Tara and the heavies make the synergies with Hannah and Tara together very interesting. The issue there is fitting them all into one list. And I meant I don't play her as resser. I just don't have the models to play any resser masters yet. As for where I play recently it has just been at a friend's house or my house but I really want to start going to endgame in Oakland again now that I have a bit more free time. I was talking to hateful darkblack about it a couple of months ago and from what I understand they have some people meeting there regularly but I just didn't have any time to check it out with the holidays(my work gets a bit busier in September-November as well). Hopefully the group there is still going strong and I will be joining them in the next week or two.
  13. The problem with gunslingers is that librarians exist. Imo at least.
  14. PM sent assuming you aren't against working over a little water.
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