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  1. mythicFOX

    Can Soulstone Miner Charge?

    The wording requires a portion of both of the bases to be within the range (1”). As the bases didn’t start overlapping and the gap must now be a gap of 1” no part of either base can be within the gap, and are therefore not in range. Seriosly there are pages of this argument somewhere in the depths of the M2e rules thread. Hence it ending up on the FAQ. Let’s just abandon the discussion because I think we all agree it’s annoying. I’m sorry I brought it up.
  2. mythicFOX

    Can Soulstone Miner Charge?

    The argument goes; If the gap between two objects is 0”, and one of them pushes 1” away there must now be a gap of exactly 1” between them. No part of their bases can be within 1” as there is a 1” gap between them. Therefore a 1” melee attack couldn’t be made under the rules above. Again just playing the pedant. I don’t believe this is right, I’m just pointing out the potential for rules lawyering.
  3. mythicFOX

    Can Soulstone Miner Charge?

    To @solkan ‘a question it made it to the FAQ in a slightly different form as question 35. I agree the answer is A, I’m just pointing out that the same question got argued about to the point it hit the FAQ in M2e.
  4. mythicFOX

    Can Soulstone Miner Charge?

    Can a Soulstone Miner Unbury then Charge with it's first action? Mv5 and a 1" attack. Argument A: If the model Unburies the minimum possible distance from an enemy (6"), then theoretically it can Unbury and charge with it's first action (Push 5" and attack 1"). Argument B: There must be a 6" gap between the models, and as part of each model's base would have to be within range to attack you can't cover enough distance. There's was a big M2e rules argument at the time about which of the two is right. I think given we now have range 0" attacks 'A' must be correct however couldn't see anything explicit. Either way I'd suggest changing one of the numbers on the model to avoid confusion. <EDIT> This broader question had to be FAQ’d in M2e, it’s effectively question 35. </EDIT> As a side note the Miner feels weak as it's really slow to be able to place any markers (turn three at the earliest). If it's going to use it's main trick then it would only get two interact actions in (turn three and five). If it could start buried it could interact turns two and four, then be free to potentially walk and interact on turn five.
  5. mythicFOX

    Changes for Ramos

    No one wants to see that.
  6. mythicFOX

    Same ability occurring at the same time

    <modhat> Thread closed for necro. I don’t hold with this ressuresctionist tomfoolery. </modhat>
  7. mythicFOX

    Masters Invitational - 27/28 Jan 2018

    Ok, orders in. Thanks all and see you tomorrow.
  8. mythicFOX

    Masters Invitational - 27/28 Jan 2018

    List up to date. Thanks all.
  9. mythicFOX

    Masters Invitational - 27/28 Jan 2018

    OK - meal is booked. 7:30 at Imge on Saturday evening. We've been asked to pre-order food by Wednesday evening. Thanks. Menu tweeted out here; Those singed up; Me: Spicy Turkish Sausage, Mixed Kebab Dave: Balik Kofte, Peppered Steak (well done) Judith: Grilled Goats Cheese, Imge Chicken Ben Sime: Feta Cheese Triangles, Mixed Chargrill Yogurt Tim Brown: Tavuk Kofte, Feta Cheese Salad Connor T: Melon, Lamb Shish Luke: Spicy Turkish Sausage, Mixed Chargrill Yogurt Martin: Fried Goats Cheese, Et Beyti Kebab Connor M: Tavuk Kofte, Mixed Kebab James Henley: Fish Cakes, Mixed Chargrill Yogurt Kamila: Hummus, Lamb Shish Greg: Hummus, Feta Triangles, Mixed Chargrill Feast (sharing) Adam Bone: Hummus, Feta Triangles, (sharing above) Josh: Stuffed Vine Leaves, Mixed Kebab Wookie: Fried Goats Cheese, Mixed Chargrill Yoghurt AJ Barr: Mixed Kebab AJ Barr+1: Mixed kebab Dave L: Melon, Lamb Shish, side of Chips Kai: Smoked Fish Roe Pate, Chicken Shish Kebab Jamie: Soup of the day, Shish Kebab, side of Chips. Ali: Humus, Chicken Beyti Joe: Mushrooms Mantar, Meat Moussaka Tobias: Peppered Steak Mark: Vine leaves and sausage, Mixed Grill, all chicken (otherwise Chicken Sote) Blu Tac: Fish Cakes, Mixed Chargrill Yoghurt Tom Skitt: Stuffed Vine Leaves, Meat Moussaka
  10. mythicFOX

    Masters Invitational - 27/28 Jan 2018

    Ok, so we're booked in at Imge at 7:30 on Saturday, the same place we've eaten for the last couple of years. I need to confirm numbers tonight, if anyone else wants in they need to let me know ASAP, thanks. Right now I have the following names; Me, Dave, Judith, Connor, Ben Sime, Tim Brown, Connor T, Luke, Martin, Connor M, James Henley, Kamila, Greg, Josh, Wookie AJ BArr Ant
  11. mythicFOX

    Enforcers Assemble/LOEH 27/28th January - Coalville

    FYI we looking to plan the normal masters meal (open to all) for the Saturday evening. Details in this thread;
  12. mythicFOX

    Masters Invitational - 27/28 Jan 2018

    Apologies for the long radio silence. I have a very busy work life at the moment. Traditionally we all go for a masters meal on the Saturday evening (open to all). If people are interested in attending one can you let me know? (Post in this thread). Also if anyone local has restaurant recommendations (or would like to handle organizing it) then that would also be appreciated! We'll need to get moving on this so prompt responses are appreciated. Interested: Me, Dave, Connor, Ben Sime, Tim Brown, Connor, Luke, Martin, Connor, James Henley, Kamila, Greg, Josh.
  13. mythicFOX

    Masters Invitational - 27/28 Jan 2018

    Pools now posted.
  14. mythicFOX

    Masters Invitational - 27/28 Jan 2018

    We have 16 players! Thanks all for the prompt responses.
  15. mythicFOX

    New Rankings Algorithm?

    <modhat> Topic pinned. </modhat>