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  1. You're either 'checking again' all the time or you aren't, I don't see why you would take the burning damage if you gained the burning in the end phase unless you are 'checking twice'. There's nothing in the rules about checking multiple times, and there's nothing in the rules that limits things only going off once per instance. So the only way that makes sense is if you check once. So again; the rules interpretation that causes the least odd unintended consequences is check once and resolve what you find once.
  2. It's game breaking in the sense that it's clearly bizarre and untended, not in the power level sense. There were other examples of those sorts of consequences of 'checking again' in the thread I linked. Malifaux isn't designed to not work, so the interpretation which leads to clearly unintended (and bizarre) consequences will be the wrong one. Which is the general guidance we give for the rules forum.
  3. To your first point; Just because two things are phrased differently doesn't automatically mean they work differently. As you say you can only find one interpretation in the rules then the rules forum guidelines kick in; "The answer will be explained in the rules, not hinted at." To your second point; There have been long discussions about 'checking again', see the thread below. I come down on the side of NOT checking again because if you do check again it allows some really odd and clearly unintended stuff to happen. For example; Ferdinand Vogel can go into a replacement loop and heal to full each turn while moon-walking across the board. Again the rules forum guidelines kick in; "Where there are several ways to interpret the rules; the one that doesn't break the rest of the game will be right." Other players may take a different view.
  4. So I think there are probably a few different things to unpack here. 1) Are M3e crews more thematic? I paid 2ss in hiring tax over three rounds of play, and one of those was a specific tech choice against the opposing master. That feels like a good space to be in. You would expect versatile models to show up more often in faction. It’s sort of why there are versatile models to begin with. 2) Should some models show up in every crew? Ideally no, but in reality powerful stuff will show up a lot. Looks like there are plenty of examples from other factions to show this is something across the board. I’m fairly reassured the worst case appears to be 16ss, or under 1/3. (I’d also argue the Swarm isn’t quite auto include) 3) Are Soulstone Miner and Steam Arachnid Swarm too strong? They’re definitely above the curve. Are they far enough to warrant an errata? That’s one for Wyrd. I’m encouraged that the meta doesn’t appear to be overly Arcanist heavy right now. We’re seeing way more Thunders and Outcasts at the top of events. All IMHO.
  5. Steve - I feel that the conversation would flow significantly easier if you posted more than oblique sentence fragments. You seem to want to make a broader point but it isn't coming across from your posts? Worth noting that Prospectors also have; a 3" push, ranged scheme marker removal, and a pseudo lure. They seem to be as ubiquitous in Outcasts as Miners are in Arcanists but YMMV.
  6. It would help to know exactly what models you do have available. Ideal choice would be a Soulstone miner, failing that a fire Gamin and Magical Training would do. (Yes when I said AR above I meant MT.) I'd normally want at least 5ss available to play a 50ss game, but these aren't 50ss games. So cutting a couple of stones is fine IMO.
  7. <modhat> <tips modhat to Ludvig> <BAMF!> </modhat>
  8. So 40ss games with a fixed 25ss crew. Do you have all the Wildfire models? A 5ss cache is a lot to lock in at 40ss, which is also why I wouldn't favor the Soulstone Cache upgrade. You should probably run light on stones. Given your restrictions I'd probably go with this; Kaeris (cache 1) Eternal Flame Fire Golem (10) Carlos (8) Iggy (6) The above choices are all quick and should give you plenty of flexibility, plus none of them are a liability in any of the games. Iggy provides bonus damage output, speed, and marker removal, making him a great all round choice. In non-Reckoning games: I'd probably add; The Firestarter (7), Fire Gamin (4) + Magical Training (2), +2 cache (2) = 15. This gives you more utility and objective running. The Firestarter's 'Light Under their Feet' is great utility. In Reckoning: I'd go for; Elijah Borgmann (9), +2 Magical Training on Kaeris, and +4ss cache. This removed the Firestarter (who's a liability) in Reckoning, and brings in more protection and hitting power. Adding MT to Kaeris makes her much more survivable. Good luck and hope that helps!
  9. By engaging her to prevent her doing what she wants. Wind Gamin take a bit of chewing through on their own, but can be re-summoned to resume their distraction. The swarm with MT is tough to chew through as Ikiryo loves her triggers to get to a decent damage output. These models kept Ikiryo from interacting or chewing on anything more meaningful.
  10. It depends on the keyword. Generally focus on killing one thing at a time and be careful not to pick fights you can't win. Alternatively ignore the enemy and go for the objectives. Healing tends not to be over effective in Malifaux as it doesn't advance the game state in your favor. So generally it's not an efficient use of actions. I suppose burning in the Wild Fire crew can also mitigate. Did you have a specific Keyword you were concerned about facing?
  11. Soulstone Miner and AR are locked in to all my lists. Swarms probably make something around three quarters of them. That not withstanding; 16ss recurring across a faction is a marked improvement over M2e. Especially as I can’t imagine taking the same master to each round of an event the way I would in M2e. It’s also probably worth noting these are designed to generic choices (Versatile). I’d be more worried if I was regularly paying >2ss in hiring tax. I suspect this is the same for most, if not all, factions as @admiralvorkraft has said. YMMV.
  12. Last weekend I managed to take my Arcanists first at a local event charity event in aid of the British Heart Foundation, run by TO @balgor. Really fun event, well run and with great opponents. Thought I'd share the games a few thoughts on them. Happy to answer questions, and really interested in feedback on the format; Is this clear / useful? Round 1 – Corner Idols Vendetta, Claim Jump, Take Prisoner, Search the Ruins, Power Ritual. My crew: Sandeep, Banasuva, Kandara, Fire Gamin x 2, Wind Gamin, Carlos Vasquez, Steam Arachnid Swarm (+Magical Training), and Soulstone Miner, cache 3. Carl’s crew: Kirai, Ikiryo, Datsue Ba, Jaakuna Ubume, Lost Love, 2x Shikome (+ Grave Spirits Touch), 2x Seishin, cache 6. Game overview: Banasuva tossed Wind Gamin and Swarm out right to the first marker (8” from the right corner) then followed on foot. Everyone else broke left to cover the left ready for the second marker. Swarm and Wind Gamin, backed up by a summoned Wind Gamin were able to tie up Ikiryo without killing her, keeping the marker on the enemy side and grabbing the first Power Ritual point. Summoned fire golem went toe to toe with Kirai’s summoned Goryos while Carlos did both Search the Ruins VP. Another summoned Wind Gamin took the second Idol on the left corner. Shikome managed one search VP against me and one Power Ritual point. Event started late so a compressed round one ended turn three at 5-2 to me. Over five turns the game would probably slightly favour me form this point. Key moment: Swarm and Wind Gamin neutralising Ikiryo without killing it, so denying Kirai's ability to recycle it efficiently. Tactical Observations: Not having MT on the miner is well worth it when you can leverage the other abilities on the upgrade as well. Such as making the swarm less vulnerable. Round 2 – Wedge Reckoning Claim Jump, Hold Up Their Forces, Outflank, Harness the Ley Line, Detonate Charges. My crew: Kaeris (+Magical Training), Eternal Flame, Fire Golem, Amina Naidu, Iggy, Steam Arachnid Swarm (+Diesel Engine), Soulstone Miner (+Magical Training), cache 4. Mike’s Crew: Nekima, Blood Hunter, Hooded Rider, 2x Mature Nephilim (+ Eldrich Magic), 2x Bloodwetch, cache 5. Game overview: My crew turtled in Iggy and Amina’s auras, while sniping out with Kaeris and forcing opponent to come to me inefficiently. Very lucky on damage flips (hitting severe on at least four single negative flips, and an RJ on turn one with blasts attached). This let me get up one point on reckoning, while scoring both outflank (denying his) and a detonate. Also got to deny a point on Lay Line through my crew's scheme marker removal. Win 5-3. Key Moment: Swarm using it's other mask trigger to move a Mature off the Outflank position while scoring it itself for a 2VP swing. Tactical Observations: Amina continues to pays dividends as a tech choice against crews who need to charge you (see also Ulix) while providing a tool box of other stuff. Strong tech choices are a must in M3e IMHO. Round 3 – Flank Turf War Assassinate, Dig their Graves, Breakthrough, Deliver the Message, Vendetta. My Crew: Kaeris, Eternal Flame, Fire Golem, Carlos, The Firestarter, Iggy, Steam Arachnid Swarm, Soulstone Miner (+ Magical Training), cache 3. Radek’s Crew: Hamelin (+Servant of dark powers) 3x Stolen, Nix, Rusty Alice, The Midnight Stalker, Prospector, Prospector, Obedient Wretch, cache 5. Game overview: Board was dense enough that pyres could really interfere with my opponent’s movement. Was able to pressure Hamelin with burning early to keep my opponent off balance. Lack of speed on his side showed as my crew held up well to his attacks. I avoided taking breakthrough due to the prospectors and so was able to strand a high portion of my opponents points unable to effectively contribute. Scored full the Deliver Message and Vendetta (Miner on the Stalker), while denying my opponent’s second breakthrough point and all of their Vendetta (Nix on Golem). This combined with my speed and board control got me a point ahead on Turf War. Win 6-2. Key Moment: In turn two Kaeris was lured into Hamelin and hit with six blighted to set up a kill on her. The Firestarter was able to use Light Under Their Feet to push her 8" to safety. Tactical Observation: I expect I got ahead on scheme selection here, not having to run deep into my opponent’s lines made everything else more efficient. Definitely need to think twice about breakthrough and/or search when your opponent rocks prospectors.
  13. @Medic6666 A graveyard is a good plan. Keep in mind that Ainsty Castings stuff is great, but they are famously slow to deliver orders (like 60 days slow), although this may have improved in recent years. If you start from the Sigmarite Mausoleum and grab some fog you've probably got a good start. Rendra do the cheapest plastic grave stones, as well as fences, etc. http://www.renedra.co.uk/index.php. Sarissa do loads of MDF stuff; https://sarissa-precision.com/ Also I wouldn't under estimate what some cheap model railway trees on a felt bases will do. You can get a board's worth of spooky woods for <£20. @Maniacal_cackle - Thanks!
  14. @Bzerk_Rampage Harsh. 😆 Message received and understood.
  15. Welcome to Malifaux! Having a third of the board covered in terrain is a rule of thumb. It can be more or less, and a lot depends on the type of terrain you're using, as some stuff impacts the game more than others. Generally terrain is there to do some combination of; disrupting movement, giving cover/concealment, and completely blocking line of sight. When building terrain I generally aim for 1/6th of the board doing all three and 1/6th doing two of the above things. In Malifaux it's best to have a lot of little pieces than a few big ones. You don't want any single piece of terrain covering half a sheet of paper worth of board, with the majority of the terrain being smaller than your mobile phone. Quick tip for easy terrain; FOG. Grab the smallest bag of teddy-bear stuffing from amazon, cut a few shapes in a grey felt (or even card) and drop the stuffing on top. Looks good and it's cheap. If you look on my twitter you'll see examples of the kind of terrain I use, for example; https://twitter.com/mythicfox83/status/1105783544935268352?s=21 https://twitter.com/mythicfox83/status/1111942581292879873?s=21 (Note that this Arcanist lab board is probably lighter in coverage than average because the wall sections have a higher impact on play than their footprint suggests). Hope that helps, any questions just ask.
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