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  1. The thing for me is, whatever way it changes it should only work on attacks. That at least means the agent has to be operating in a place where the opponent can interact with the agent in retaliation.
  2. IMHO Guru is his primary defensive ability. Being able to attack and summon at 16" and 12" respectively, while out of LOS of the enemy, this should preclude him being attacked by anything you haven't allowed to get to him. He's definitely fragile but provided you keep him out of the fray and are willing to burn stones the enemy investment to kill him should make it prohibitive.
  3. Just to chip in, as someone who got shot from 14" away (copied Rifleman ability) five times a turn with no ability to interact with the duels (inhuman psychology) it didn't feel particularly fun or interactive. Plus Lucius bouncing the Issue Command via Changelings meant he drew four cards in the process. Couple of ideas; make it only work with melee attacks, and/or make it cut both ways; when this model declares an attack action, before any cards are flipped, it may choose to prevent both players from cheating during the duel.
  4. There was a lot of this sort of logic in M1.5 and it basically led to being alive being a huge disadvantage in the game (and life). I'd rather the game took an abstract route through some of these things that getting bogged down in caveats for the sake of realism. Also keep in mind construct doesn't always mean metal, and a lot of the things doing the chewing aren't exactly mortal either. Teddy heals by eating things and I really don't want to get into the mechanics of the giant carnivorous Teddy-bear's metabolism.
  5. I've said this in another thread but; Blessed and Steam Arachnid Swarm are both under costed and their attacks need toning down. Sandeep is a bit too strong, see my thoughts in the thread. Kaeris or her totem should just make all Wildfire models Flameborne. It would save a huge amount of player head space fiddling about managing burning in the crew. EDIT: On the Soulstone Miner. I think the issue for me is that mining a stone isn't a trade off enough of the time. I'd have it take one or two (irreducible) damage when it mines, that way it needs to choose between being a tank and mining but it can't do both effectively.
  6. I did pick up a 10 player tournament win yeah. I wanted to play one master all day so I could focus on being familiar with them and get my games done inside the time limit. I chose to play Sandeep because he really suited the final round (Idols with Hold Up their Forces and Deliver the Message) and had solid game in round two, playing the same event again in another month or so and I'd expect to use two or three masters not one. I also played vs Guild twice and they don't seem to have objective runners in games that really needed them, so I'm not sure it's not just that they're a bit rubbish. I played Sandeep as you'd expect, the core crew included; Kandara, Wind Gamin, Fire Gamin, Soulstone Miner (with Arcane Res), and the Blessed of December. I then added and mixed it up from there, although the crew changed every round. Sandeep: I think the thing I'm concerned about is summoning a Wind Gamin up to >13" away from himself which can then leap another 7" and interact the same turn is too good. It makes Deliver the Message and a few other objectives trivial. My take would be his summon upgrade should stun the model as well as give it slow. That way the wind gamin can't leap and interact the turn it's summoned. Command the Elements should probably need an 8 and not a 6. Blessed of December: We've said this a few times; it's under costed. It should cost 8ss and have it's attack toned down (no onslaught trigger, 2/3/5). Steam Arachnid Swarm: It's an 8ss minion that often gets 5 actions (2 + nimble + built in onslaught twice), keeping in mind it's effectively attack 7 with [+] to damage. Needs to lose the mask on it's attack minimum.
  7. There will always be bad models and good models. By virtue of a normal distribution curve around the power curve. We can tighten the distribution but something will always technically be bad. I’m just going to say again that with maybe one update left in the beta it’s way too late to reopen a core mechanic to an entire crew and expect that to end with it being balanced. If there are issues with individual models we should look at those. I’m still not sure what the issue we’re trying to solve is? What’s wrong with the Toni crew right now?
  8. I just had to set up a board for Flank Tuft War at my FLGs and I cannot tell you how much easier it was knowing that before the terrain had to go down.
  9. There are a number of cases where you want the effects of a shockwave (or other pulse with a simple duel attached) to hit your own models. Examples below. They should be included for the same reason that relenting to opposed duels is included. It's quicker than generating multiple duels a player has to resolve solo.
  10. Snowstorm; It's unclear from the wording if friendly models make the simple duel and push if they fail, or just skip past the duel and push 3"?
  11. It's an issue I've had since M2e; I don't understand why I can relent to my mate shooting me, but not his grenade. Why can you only relent in an opposed duel? I can't see a mechanical reason it would cause an issue that relenting to and opposed duel wouldn't. What do people think?
  12. Yeah the point of having the loser pace the marker means the winner get the first chance to intercept them. As it is now the winner placing means they can place the maker and have the first go at getting to the marker.
  13. T I've played Rasputina a few times in Reckoning and she seems good for it. A lot of the time you want range threats in Reckoning as it's easier to get points without giving them up, and it forces the opponent to come to you. Raspy's great for this, and with a crew that's got strong Melee potential she can counter punch effectively.
  14. Which is really valid. I think moving setting the table up until after the scenario is determined is IMHO; a no brainer. Otherwise we need rules for what to do when you’ve put terrain in the wrong place for the scenario.
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