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  1. Single faction for the whole event. You can change master and crew within the same faction each round.
  2. So relevant rules; P24: "Irreducible damage ignores damage reduction from all game effects." Hoffman's Temper Steel: ... "until the End Phase, its Armor Ability cannot be ignored." "Armor +2: Reduce all damage suffered by this model by +2." P3: When a special rule explicitly contradicts the core rules, follow the special rule rather than the core rule. Armor is a game effect which reduces damage, which is why it's in the scope of Irreducable damage to begin with. Armor literally only does one thing, so to state that it cannot be ignored can only mean it's damage reduction cannot be ignored. There is no other possible meaning of the Temper Steel ability. A reminder as well that Irreducible damage is a core rule and Temper Steel is a special rule, so temper steel has precedence.
  3. @Flippin' Wyrd George FYI Dave's event is here;
  4. M3e makes much less use of upgrades than M2e did.
  5. Paid! Been too long since I've been up to Common Grounds.
  6. FYI this is covered off elsewhere in the rules; Seems fairly clear cut.
  7. I've got him on the table with Kaeris a couple of times and he's solid there; free action to move out of melee, more pyres, and don't mind me are always useful. I expect some of those things have a lower value in a Colette crew though.
  8. Are we getting objectives for this soon Dave? I’ve got an Easter themed model I’m deciding if I should paint or not.
  9. Page 27: Page 35: Shouldn't these be the same?
  10. I agree that as written the cost of the model is what's printed on it's card and that's how the game works. Given the number of things which could be perceived to change costs at hiring (upgrades, hiring discounts, totems, out of keyword tax etc) then I think it could do with being explicitly spelled out in the rules like it was in M2e. If only to reduce confusion.
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