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  1. I’m a fan of Borgmann in the right pool. He adds a lot of potential damage output to proceedings. I’m woefully unsold on the Fire Branded. I don’t see what their USP is for the crew. They seem over costed for what they’re bringing.
  2. I've played a lot of Kaeris. Start with the crew box and Burning Bridges as the others have said. Iggy and Carlos are really solid for her as well if you can track them down. After that for versatility; Soulstone Miners get a lot of work done.
  3. The restriction applies to the tokens placed on the models after deployment, not the ones they gain during play. The rules even use different terms (place and gain) for the two processes.
  4. @solkan I've been over the Hoffman Temper Steel question a lot and I've come to this conclusion; Armor is a form of damage reduction, if it wasn't Irreducible Damage wouldn't normally be able to ignore it. Temper Steel says the Armor cannot be ignored, which is what Irreducible Damage is trying to do. Temper Steel is a special rule, and Irreducible Damage is a core rule, therefore Temper Steel has precedence. Therefore Irreducible Damage cannot ignore the Armor of a model effected by Temper Steel.
  5. I think that's inefficient. If you do this you aren't meaningfully increasing the value of your crew using the turn one summon, and are spending tempo in the match to do so. It's also risky against Guild or Ressers (exorcist crossbows). It also means you can't get a Wind Gamin down turn one, which hobbles your movement, and means you're into turn three before your objective running capability can interact. Especially important as a build with Mei in it will rely more heavily on summoning to do objective running. I've played a bit with Mei in a Sandeep crew. A typical list from a recent Cursed Idols game below; Sandeep Desai (cache 5) Banasuva Mei Feng Emberling Kandara Metal Golem Soulstone Miner w Magical Training
  6. Good catch @hemgath . <MODHAT> With the release of M3e I think this topic's run it's coarse and could cause confusion. So to avoid confusion I'm now unpinning and locking the thread. If someone wants to start a new accurate one, happy for them to do that. </MODHAT>
  7. Amazing. Thanks for sharing.
  8. UK has definitely had stock. I know this because I received my pre-orders on time via the normal distribution channel to my UK FLGS (leodisgames.com). As I understand it a lot of places have had stock and have sold out of quickly, and are presumably in the process of restocking. The only thing that appears to be wrong is some people in the supply chain underestimated the demand for M3e and didn't order enough. Fortunately the rules are available free online, which may help people bridge the gap while the supply chain catches up.
  9. I tend to think of these things in terms of Cores and Packages. The core of a crew being the group of models you'll almost always want in order for the crew to function, including a base cache size. A package is one or more models hired to do a job; I.E objective running, killing. For Toni I'd say my core is; Toni, Mouse, Fitzsimmons, Gunsmith, magical training, and a four stone cache. Four models and 22ss. This gives a good protective core, plus strong scheme denial. For a recent Reckoning game vs Nekima I played; Core: Toni + cache 4 Mouse Fitzsimmons Gunsmith + Magical Training Objective Package: Union Miner Soulstone Miner (Vendetta) Hitting Package: Steam Arachnid Swarm (Immune to black blood) Tech / counter play package: Amina (opponent heavily reliant on charging for damage output)
  10. Really good post from Adran above. As he says some masters play in two different factions. Worth noting that everyone in Malifaux has tricks, the difference is what they use their tricks to do; movement, defense, disrupting the opponent, buffing your own models, summoning new models, etc. It would help us to know what games you've played before and if so what factions / styles of play did you like?
  11. I'd start with either Kaeris or Mei Feng. Both are damage dealers, Mei is more in your face, Kearis is more stand off and skirmishing. Both crews are capable of covering most objective sets. I'd start from their crew box's and let you expand in a number of directions.
  12. Yeah that's not a pool I'd expect Toni to be overly favored in. Generally I think she'll have game in Reckoning and Turf War, with Explosives and Idols being more marginal. Personally for the above I'd probably run Sandeep (6 cache, Banasuva, Kandara, Metal Golem, Metal Gamin, Soulstone Miner, Wind Gamin, Steam Arachnid Swarm + Magical Training.) That said there's no harm in trying something. Assuming standard deployment I'd probably look to mix it up a bit; Toni (cache 5) Mouse Fitzsimmons (8) Amina (9) Union Miner (5) Steam Arachnid Swarm + Magical Training (10) Wind Gamin (7) Soulstone Miner (6) Use your M&SU block to get up field and fight the enemy, using Toni and Amina to disrupt their positioning, with your independent operators managing the flanks.
  13. Both abilities happen at the start of the model's activation, so you can resolve them in an order of your choice. So you combine into a Golem (gaining slow in the process) the question is then; can you remove slow with Arcane Conduit as the Golem is continuing the Gamin's activation and is not starting it's own? My answer is; yes you can, because step 4 of the replacement will transfer the Arcane Conduit effect to the Golem which will resolve after the With Out Powers Combined completes. Relevant rules; With Our Powers Combined: At the start of this model's Activation, if it is within 4 of at least two other models with the same name, it may Replace itself and two such models in range with an Elemental Enforcer model with the same Demise Ability as all three Replaced models. Arcane Conduit: Until the End Phase, after a friendly model Activates within range, that model may end a Condition affecting it. Replace, P32, step 4: If the new and original models belong to the same Crew, the new model becomes the target of any effects that targeted or chose the original model, such as Schemes, Leader designation, or lasting game effects. The new model is always considered a legal target for those effects.
  14. IMHO it's probably worth posting this in the rules forum with quotes of the relevant rules.
  15. I can give you lift if you want mate?
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