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  1. I’m a fan of Hoffman and have been playing him a fair bit. If you need to brawl toe to toe with the enemy he’s one of our best options. The 2” push from Power Transfer, plus power counter bonuses, access to fast, and condition removal, make the crew very efficient from a combat micro-game perspective. The constructs have access to a Swiss-army-knife of aggressive options; precise, prevents triggers, irreducible damage, stunned, execute, and high weak damage packages, this lets us hire the right weapon to take on the enemy. Toss and the 2” push allow the crew to be surprisingly
  2. I think it's important to note that power level is not the only reason to errata in and of itself. Generally you look to errata where; The meta revolves around something; you have to either play it, or play to beat it. Something is unpleasant / not fun / non-interactive to play against. Power level can be a root cause of these, but something can be 'OP' without needing to be errata'd (see Rotten Belles in M2e), and not OP but still causing the above issues and get fixed (I'd argue Zoraida in M3e GG0). With Shenlong I'm most concerned about how un-fun the game against him
  3. Most recently I'm on the English GT Podium, the Expert Round Table, and going back a ways; Kaeris Deep Dive.
  4. There's a few things going on here in the background; As one of Third Floor Wars resident Arcanists my view is this is mainly Craig having a laugh. Arcanists posted strong early results which drew attention, partly because of the availability of our powerful M3e models to the player base, which was a bit ahead of the other factions. We were the first faction to demonstrate that strong versatile models will be very common in M3e, as we now see in other factions. Had Thunders got there first with Minako Rei and Yasunori, or Outcasts with Midnight Stalker and Prospectors, I'm not
  5. Just to contextualize the above a little re the UK meta; We only play single master (what GG0 calls Singles), most of the events listed will be single master, certainly all of the GTs and the Nationals were. This is done because we found the game to be less fun, and the meta less diverse, with multiple masters. Worth noting that a good number of these event will have occurred in a context where models new to M3e which didn't have rules published until recently will not have been available. For example; Nekima's totem, False Witnesses, Agent 47, etc. I expect these hit Neverborn and
  6. That's a misleading way of cutting the tournament results (at best). Of the 20 UK M3e tournaments on Malifaux Rankings (http://malifaux-rankings.com), plus this weekend's Nationals; Ten Thunders: 6 Arcanists: 6 Outcasts: 3 Ressers: 2 Bayou: 2 Guild: 1 Neverborn: 1 If you look at the podium places of the four Grand Tournaments which have been held, which are the well attended competitive two day events, it's as follows; Thunders: 5 Arcanists: 3 Outcasts: 2 Ressers: 2 Or if you want to exclude the Welsh GT fro
  7. TLDR: Kaeris. Assuming no knowledge of the opponent, and a broadly average board. Where crews come into conflict on the table is usually determined by the strategy, Reckoning isn't like that. In Reckoning the advantage is usually to a player being attacked, as the attacker has to waste actions and threat potential moving in order to attack. You tend to force a player to attack you in one of two ways: Threatening to win by scoring schemes 'out of conflict', and therefore requiring them to try and disrupt you. Having a better ranged threat than they do. Plan one is
  8. For the first turn I tend to use the Eternal Flame, and occasionally Carlos. After that there tend to be a decent number of models on fire to choose from.
  9. Thanks for the update! Glad people were able to help.
  10. Thanks 1) The latter, although I wouldn't say she's bad at it, I just think we have way better choices, her movement tricks are great but I find them too linear. 2) I wouldn't send Howard to chase Zipp, I use him to deny Zipp parts of the board. Zipp finds it risky to operate inside Howard's threat radius. Which is important in games like idols. Miners don't pose the same threat that a tooled up that our Howard does. Stat 5 2/3/4 isn't the same as Stat 6 3/4/5 with execute and trail of gore.
  11. Good call Dave. Thanks for providing a clear update to players so promptly. Also is @Tapdancer on the list twice? (30 & 47)
  12. No worries. 1) Carlos is a good all purpose objective runner and counter schemer; good mobility, don't mind me, can drop two schemes a turn, trigger to pulse delete schemes, decent defensive tech, and a 40mm base to protect objectives. 2) Sandeep summons to make a Golem turn one, with extra summons generally being Wind Gamin to run objectives, or Metal Gamin for the back half of Dig Their Graves. 3) Iggy's misery bubble is made of win, that combined with Arson and reckless in a 6ss body make him and amazing all rounder in the mid ground. Hope that helps!
  13. Third Floor Wars were kind enough to have me and the other players who made the English GT podium on this week's show to talk about the event; Link: https://thirdfloorwars.com/malifaux-path-to-podium-english-gt/ I came second, just missing out on first by 2VP diff. Thought I'd share the lists I used and played against that weekend in case anyone was interested. Any questions please just ask. Round One: Standard, Plant Explosives Dig Their Graves, Hold Up Their Forces, Take Prisoner, Deliver a Message, Claim Jump My Aracnists: Kearis, Eternal Flame, Carl
  14. Playing into potent combat masters at lower points is always rough because you tend to need the points for tools. Against Shen I like to what an extra copy of Magical Training on my master or another soft target. Counterspell makes it more costly for him to get the juicy triggers. I'd be aiming to target Vendetta and Deliver as my schemes but would need to know what your options are like? At 35 I'd be tempted by; Sandeep (+MT), Banasuva, Kandara, Soulstone Miner (+MT), Carlos Vasquez, Fire Gamin, and cache 4.
  15. Start with what you like the look of is always a good bet, as is going in with your eyes open about the objectives based nature of the game. Colette is a tough master to learn the game with but if she’s who you’re interested in the I say go for it. Tip wise: what points to play for and sacrifice is going to be key. Fight the battles you can win.
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