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  1. I have been out of the loop for a while but I thought Bass was a Guild master? Or am I getting confused with someone else, but I vaguely recall an article when M3E was announced and I could swear that a Cornelius Bass was listed in the Guild section?
  2. Absolution Black is the main character in my malifaux fiction...probably can still be found in the writing section. Also the name of my chaplain in my Raven Guard, warrior priest in Warhammer etc... Avatar? Well, I'm Welsh and obviously love the sheep..... That's a joke by the way.
  3. Have to say I agree with Darkblack and Ludvig. They pretty much said everything I would!
  4. I've seen it go for anything between £40 and £80 recently. Good hunting!
  5. Ok, I have three complete gremlin crew boxes for grabs... Somer, Ophelia and Wong so a good selection of core gremlin models for anyone interested in starting the faction. All cards and bases included as still nib. I am happy to sell all three for £50 Inc postage to the UK. PayPal preferred. PM if interested!
  6. I was going to comment, but words escape me...
  7. I'm with Ludvig. I'm sure in the past Wyrd have stated that they don't want to have too many boxes around so it allows stores to stock their product without taking over too much shelf space. Plus releasing separate models isn't probably a good business idea in that the player will just buy a master model, ignoring the respective crew box. You would probably have to sell five or six individual models to make up that shortfall and I don't think each master will be that popular. Coupled with more design costs, production costs for the models it probably wouldn't make much sense. Alt models for events such as Gencon, tourney wins etc or Guilder exchange is probably the best way to go. Plus if you release a wave of Alt masters, where does it end? Everyone will then expect Henchmen etc to be released separately ...and so on.
  8. They do not have the original boxes but are all new on the sprue and will come with the relevant cards. I prefer UK buyers but if someone abroad wanted them and they were willing to pay the postage I could consider posting abroad. I have had several trades on here and my ebay identity is refreshmentboy so check that out if you want to! Anyway, the list of models available: 1 x Hunter £4 3 x Pistolero de Latigo £9 Cheers Abs
  9. Also top marks to Torsul for being an excellent buyer. Great communication, swift payments and a pleasure to do business with. Recommended buyer!
  10. Will leave these on here until Thursday night then they can go on eBay.
  11. Ok, will leave these here until Thursday night then they will go on eBay.
  12. Further streamlining my Guild collection and have the following up for grabs. UK based, paypal preferred. Will consider posting elsewhere if buyer meets any extra costs. Prices are my ideal amounts for them, but may be open to negotiation if multiple models are being purchased. All current M2E plastics. McMourning & Zombie Chihuahua (Part painted & based. Cards included) £7 Greed (new on sprue. Base and card supplied) £5 2 x Nurses (Part Painted & Based, cards supplied) £7 Sebastian (part painted & Based, card supplied) £5 1 x Warden (without cape, new on sprue, base & card supplied) £5 Ramos box plus extra Steam Arachnids (new on sprue, bases & cards supplied) £25 2 x Soulstone Miners (new on sprue, bases & Cards supplied) £7 Thanks for looking!
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