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  1. I started malifaux way back in 1st but hardly played in 2nd. Decided to jump back in now 3rd is out so ordered the rulebook and the Youko starter set as though I concentrated on Guild previously I thought new edition, new faction. Youko I haven't heard much about but I liked the look of he models so took the plunge. So, after the testing does anyone have any thoughts about her, play style, model synergies etc?
  2. I have been out of the loop for a while but I thought Bass was a Guild master? Or am I getting confused with someone else, but I vaguely recall an article when M3E was announced and I could swear that a Cornelius Bass was listed in the Guild section?
  3. Absolution Black is the main character in my malifaux fiction...probably can still be found in the writing section. Also the name of my chaplain in my Raven Guard, warrior priest in Warhammer etc... Avatar? Well, I'm Welsh and obviously love the sheep..... That's a joke by the way.
  4. Have to say I agree with Darkblack and Ludvig. They pretty much said everything I would!
  5. I've seen it go for anything between £40 and £80 recently. Good hunting!
  6. Also top marks to Torsul for being an excellent buyer. Great communication, swift payments and a pleasure to do business with. Recommended buyer!
  7. Hmmm.. wasn't a fan of the original. But I actually prefer it to this version. Its too organic for my taste.
  8. And there are 3 guild riflemen sculpts not 2! Sorry, I will stop looking now
  9. Oh and Miss Anne Thrope too. Female wastrel! You are going to hate me aren't you?
  10. You forgot the alternative witchling handler. But well done so far, lots of good stuff for new players to get an overview.
  11. I don't like it which is fine , as everyone has their opinions and I don't aim on collecting TT or Oni anyway. I liked Reva and Titania though. I am looking forward to the Guild and Arcanist reveals.
  12. I'm not sure, I usually put her music videos on mute and stared at the screen Katy Perry is a bit like that too...
  13. They're coming to get you Baaaaabara! (if you get the reference)
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