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  1. Onko totta, että suomalaisessa jouluperinteessä joulupukki oli lapsia syövä villisika?

  2. Apparently the models have nothing to do with the weaponry they have in rules. Dashel has baton, wields an axe. Sergeants have breaching axe, wields a scimitar. Guilty have murder weapons, wield nothing. Arachnids have sawblades, wields a lightning dong.
  3. Denying they are a misinterpreted version of something they clearly are trying to imitate can hardly be called an explanation.
  4. The pose on the Spawn mother is quite stupid, What's that supposed to represent? On the Gupps, I get the left one and it's okay. But why are they doing "wastrel" poses with the knuck crackling and the beat up stick? Ugh. Why aren't Silurids doing such things? Oh right they're Swampfiends.. No wait.. I am quite glad all these renders lately are just plain boring / make no sense / are just idiotic. It saves me a ton of money on other gaming systems. Ashes and Dust was good though, but that's the only one lately, well Rooster Riders were pretty damn nice too but apart from that it's a swing and a miss after another one.
  5. Damn you and your never ending skills.
  6. I don't regret selling off my Ten Thunders.
  7. Well it's not like the whole Sonnia crew must and will do only blasts. Hence Von Schill is not her crew's arch nemesis. There a lot of other Guild models that Sonnia can lead very well against the Freikorps. "Better player will win is not advice or helpful" Nope. It's not advice, it's fact. That's why you can't go ahead and say that this master is this masters nemesis and this master will do bad against this master. That's just ignorance. And we have tested it and seen it happen for what, two years or more now in my meta that it doesn't matter, it makes absolutely zero difference what crew the less skilled player takes against the more skilled one, no matter how hard you gimp your crew, take sub-optimal lists and still play intentionally bad, the less skilled player won't win the games. The question was simple, hence the answer was simple, it's not about the masters.
  8. I see no tactics and ways to help in your post either, yet you were eager to disregard other people's posts and critize them but with 0 content on your own.
  9. You can dislike it all you want and hold it as a cop out answer. It doesn't change that it is so. A better skilled player with Sonnia will win against a less skilled player with Von Schill pretty close to every single game. Luck and bad match ups aren't enough to close the gap between skill. Not in malifaux. Actually speaking of cop outs, a true cop out is to say you only lost because of the match up or luck. Then you are undermining the other players efforts and skill. And frankly being very rude.
  10. Sonnia's worst enemy? A better player. Doesn't really matter what crew that person takes. Malifaux is a game that comes down to skill more than anything else.
  11. Hungering Darkness, Bete and the Dreamer become way too easy to kill. Leveticus and Bad Juju aren't that difficult either on a model that can pack I Pay Better himself. The attacks on buried models that have been balanced as such, easy to kill anyway this seems a bit too much on this level. Df6, 12 wounds and that damage track on a CA. Dreamer is so easy to kill it's not even funny. In a faction that packs Obedient Wretch and I Pay Better as well as Oathkeeper.. Sure very balanced and not broken at all. Yuuuup.
  12. I seriously don't understand this thing that is highly visible on these forums. If another forum member speaks out some issues he/she has, or gives a very constructive critique the other members of the forums get offended and run to defend wyrd. I reckon wyrd doesn't need you to defend them. In fact have asked you not to do that. Still it happens constantly. Negative feedback is feedback nonetheless and can be more valuable than the endless tide of awesome great best ever posts. While positive feedback is of course good the fact that they sell well is feedback enough they are doing well. The negative feedback is people saying there would be a way to get even more money if things were different.
  13. While it might be an over simplification one might argue that yours is an far fetched pipe dream to make models work with Perdita that have no place in her lists namely the emissary and executioner. Perdita will be way more efficient without either of those and doing what she's known for. Kill the enemy models.
  14. What a disappointing sale. Not much of interest and no wave 3 models, the alts only being available on the ridiculous tier of 300 dollars? A pvc model? What else.. Well at least there's A'n'D available. That's something I suppose.
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