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  1. Onko totta, että suomalaisessa jouluperinteessä joulupukki oli lapsia syövä villisika?

  2. They make pretty cool miniatures I suppose.. But the whole cocks flying out of the asses of the monsters and all that.. Well it's a bit much I just saw another picture where I went "What? There's nothing super weird going on here?" and the the miniature was flipped around and there was hands crawling out of it's butthole. What the hell is the matter with those sculptors?
  3. Such great work here! Can't wait to see that Molly crew finished!
  4. That is one absolutely fantastic Izamu! Seriously. Topnotch work!
  5. This is exactly what I have been thinking about. How would Hamelin work without the Rat Factory. The upcoming Brotherhood of the Rat pack seems like a solid purchase though, good looking models, gets the Rat core so I will be getting that most likely. But I would be very interested in how he works with I Pay Better merc force multiplier. Also once he gets some Blighted going he becomes quite formidable in melee. Though will he get the Blighted going without his Rats? Also how would he do with the likes of Ama No Zako, Kill Joy etc big monsters.
  6. Added to the 3rd post finally after many months of forgetting and too busy etc excuses the basic principle of Poison Nicodem build and a whole new way of playing him while stealing McMourning's thunder.
  7. Really? Brass arachnid. Young Lacroix. All the kneeling ones. Just to name a few.
  8. Izamu is a staple on many TT crews and highly rated there. What Nicodem does is make all of that he is just better. I can't speak highly enough of how good Izamu is with Nicodem and pretty much an auto include in all my lists with Nicodem.
  9. Not the 70 piece models? The super small parts the get lost or not used because they are so tiny / make no sense? Pieces not shown in assembly guides? Pieces not fitting where they ought to? The glaring scale issues? The super snaptastic models / parts? Now there are great models out there, don't get me wrong and once you get them built they are quite nice actually etc. It's not all doom and gloom but seriously if that is the only wtf moment of Malifaux plastics then I am utterly confused..
  10. Some models are vastly better, some are just as bad as the Bayou box. I like to think / hope wyrd is getting better with these newer kits. But then you get a box like Dark Carnevale. A few very nice models to assemble and suddenly.. Faces split in half. So I have resorted to waiting for the unboxing by gmort / checking out the assembly instructions before purchasing.
  11. That Izamu is gorgeous! The effect inside the helmet is utterly insane.
  12. Yeah I don't actually even remember whether the Forgotten one was an undead or not.. So if it's not an Undead model then no problem! I just went ahead and assumed it was Undead and that caught my eye. But yeah Superb choice with the placing of the coffin and all. And as always, you do great work! Just once I had something else to say apart from "freaking amazing work" I had to use the opportunity now didn't I?
  13. Wow I love how the coffin with the hand actually goes along with Forgot That Was In There. But.. Is she a bit too lively? is my only concern.
  14. Or if someone puts you on minus flips on all duels. That's gonna hurt.
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