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May 9 - Carlos Vasquez

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2 minutes ago, OneLittleThunder said:

Looks like he's got a bit of Ten Thunders in him...

More than a bit IMO, before I'd read the text I thought it would be a TT model. I wonder if it's coincidental or if he is a Foundry dude.

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1 hour ago, OneLittleThunder said:

¿Quién es Carlos Vasquez?

Looks like he's got a bit of Ten Thunders in him...

Well, one way or another, everyone is working for the Ten Thunders, in the end.  You can't simply escape their machinations :ph34r:

37 minutes ago, Cinnamon Bear said:

Let the Arcanists wrestle with their dainty contact points!

Brilliant!  If they make their models harder to assemble, it might just drive down their popularity so other factions can compete in the world event!  :P

I am interested to see how well those wisps of fire translate into render // the model.  If it looks half as nice as the art, or god forbid this guy comes out in translucent plastics somehow, I imagine them being amazing looking.

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