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  1. Thanks for suggestions. Ironsides plus captain looks good.
  2. Hi, back playing Malifaux after a while off and trying Arcanists. I'm doing a tournament at weekend and i have plans for some rounds but i have interference one round and just can't work out what to do. I don't own Raptors or the Mech rider which seem to be obvious help (but don't like just buying "best models" - i like themes). I have ramos but really don't like him or his spiders...I need an alt female sculpt... I have Sandeep but he's not built. So if i can't use any of them - what's good for this scheme. I have all the other masters, but am not very familiar yet with Collette or Marcus. I was thinking Mei feng to jump around and engage - but then there aren't many quick constructs to help her... Thanks in advance
  3. Typical! Due to work I cannot make it now! Oh well, maybe later in the year. Have Fun
  4. Sorry to ask again, but is this happening. Don't really want to drive into sheffield to find its not
  5. Another great game today at Impact. Really friendly bunch of guys
  6. I don't. I own a chunk of every faction. I thought that was the point. One reason I like malifaux is that having lots of models is more feasible than other games. But generally I use my models with friends. It's like a really expensive expandable boardgame.
  7. i would do both if i was free that weekend!
  8. Or not...will have to be next week.
  9. i'm planning to come monday night. not til 5.30-6.00ish Maybe try a henchman game...
  10. I'm also thinking of taking gremlins to a HH event. I'm worried Trixie, Francois, Burt are too squishy, even with a slop hauler. Was thinking of taking Mancha Roja, Trixie, Francois or Burt and a Slop hauler...but then i have no upgrades. Thoughts?
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