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  1. Oh, I forgot from the first post Shambling Nests which are, IMO, by quite a large margin the creme de la creme of Totems (outside of the LCBs of the world). Even one would be amazing but getting two is kinda bonkers.
  2. If we skip the obvious Huggies and LCBs of the world, which Totems do you consider the best? Either from a "anyone would love to have this" as well as from a more "the synergies with the particular Master are off the charts!" type of view point. I'll start with Shang who has good synergy with Misaki, great healing and as a giant cherry on top Arcane Reservoir. I feel that lots of Masters would take Shang over their own Totem as is, even without benefitting from the Misaki synergies!
  3. Surely it's option 1) as 2) wouldn't make much sense at all (as you note).
  4. I don't get it. Aren't most Summoners actually good purchases in that they tend to make good use of their keyword models? I mean, no matter the Master you kinda need three or four boxes for a "full" crew. I suppose you can make do with two but those will be quite weak crews for the most part. Looking at Summoners, Dreamer is four (plus Teddy, I suppose), Somer is four, Dashel is four, Hamelin is four, Kirai and Asami are five which is kinda a lot admittedly, and Sandeep is awkward but I don't see that as a massive downside and definitely not something I would strongly recommend to avoid.
  5. Colette as three models like her Avatar used to be. At the start of each round you replenish her to three models and then when one of the models takes damage, you either remove the one that took damage or take damage to the Colette card and remove a different Colette model.
  6. Wong I could see focusing on his Three Demon Bag which is a massively powerful artefact but isn't really represented on his current version. It used to be able to Bury models as well as transform them into Piglets so a more control-oriented Master profile would make sense. Ophelia is a weird case - unless she gets new Totems then the Guns seem like they would be staying and if they stay her role would seem like it might be rather similar to what it is now unless something convoluted happens. The standoff idea does seem fun, though. Zipp could focus on his blimp so no rocketpack but a
  7. So has anyone managed to put VS onto the table after the nerfs? How was it?
  8. Every Master already in the next book? Holy carp! That's like, what, 60 new Masters or something in that ballpark? Sheesh! I do like the idea but am a wee bit concerned about balance. That's a gigantic shake-up. I do like the different take on Sonnia quite a bit, though. A lot is different yet it is still definitely Sonnia. Should play quite different with her keyword as well. I wonder if the TOS Starter replaces individual Guild and Resser starters.
  9. You could also play with five SS and only use them to draw and then discard your two best cards each turn
  10. In M2e Killjoy started the game buried. A friend of mine hired him and then totally forgot about him until they were calculating VP at the end of the game. So that's one way to handicap yourself! Taking a Henchman to lead your crew is another possibility that hasn't yet been mentioned - some of them are way worse as Leaders than stuff like Rasputina or Wong that are the lowest rung of Masters. I was acutally thinking of a "Pauperfaux" format where you'd have Henchmen leading forces that had to include at least five Minions using just two different profiles for them (so 2+3). Would gi
  11. Very interested in hearing your thoughts. Somer had (and still has) one of the highest skill floors and ceilings in the game, I feel, and when used by an experienced player he could feel rather oppressive unless you teched against him and knew what you were doing. I'm afraid that now there's a massive skill requirement resulting in a decidedly mediocre result. I also agree with @Rufessthat GG2 doesn't seem to favour Somer. I suppose Break the Line and Corrupted Ley Lines are possible strats for him but it seems like we have better options for both within the faction. Without the Summ
  12. Titania had a super solid win rate and Zoraida's was positive as well and neither was touched in the errata (other than the everpresent Serena, I guess) and the new GG2 seems, on paper, to fit both of them well.
  13. Ah! I can actually see both readings. I took the "more" to mean that no other targeting Abilities trigger but now I can actually see both readings for the whole FAQ entry. So either they are saying that no duplicate effects trigger or that no targeting effects of the new target trigger when the target changes. We need and FAQ of the FAQ...
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