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  1. It seems that both me and my opponents avoid all Scheme Marker Schemes except Power Ritual and Breakthrough as there seems to be so many abilities that deal with enemy Scheme Markers extremely efficiently if they are somewhere other than the very corners of the battlefield, basically. Unless your crew poops Scheme Markers absolutely everywhere while doing other things, it seems that making them is more effort with less payoff than removing them. Which seems very weird. Anyone else noting a similar thing or are we just weird?
  2. Actually, that's an amazing question! I somehow automatically thought the latter but now that I look at it more, I'm actually very unsure. Or rather, kinda sure that it doesn't generate blasts - thank you! Well, I suppose that cuts down on some of the micro juggling so that's a good thing, at least!
  3. I've been using Olivia to hit a Lightning Bug for Fast and Glowy and then that Bug blasts the rest of the crew for Glowy and Fast with his Rams trigger (it's OK if it isn't quite everyone). Then have a Bokor heal the group and use Swine-Cursed to Push Wong up. And then activate Wong last to give everyone Fast for next turn - since stuff isn't quite as clumped at this point he might be forced to use two Shockwave Markers for this but OTOH he can usually hit enemies with them already as well. His 6" Pulse is large enough to still fit in most. ...but that's an amazing amount of busy-works and precise positioning.
  4. I have come to the decision that I'm not a huge fan of Wong's playstyle. Which is a shame as he was one of my favourite Masters in 2nd edition and I still love his theme and the look of his crew. But my problem is all the "playing with themselves" that they have to do. Juggling Glowy Tokens, damaging your own dudes, then healing them back up, hitting all the Triggers, Shieldeds, Pushes, Pulses, card draw - there's a massive amount of stuff that they are doing without any interaction with the opponent. I have always disliked these sorts of mechanics (killing your own dudes for Corpses in 1st edition was such a chore!). And these are quite exact stuff - maintaining LoS and distance for all the Pulses, deciding between cheating the correct suit vs using a Glowy Token, whether you really need that heal when it fails or you flip a weak and so on and so forth. I have always like the "macro" level tactics more than the "micro" and this is kinda the ultimate of "micro". And I tend to get annoyed when I play this sort of stuff non-optimally. But I haven't played him all that much, yet. So I guess my question is: do you find it all a bit much? Do you get used to it? Do you somehow minimize it?
  5. You can't declare Mei if you're Bayou, though. And Mah's Focus Hollering is potent support. I do agree that you kinda need Metal Gamin to take full advantage of Rail Walking, though.
  6. I've a couple of times done a crew of Mah, Lass, Sparks, Mech Pork, 2x SS Miner, 3x Survivor, Bushwhacker It's durable and very difficult to pin down (makes a great use of Scamper and can sometimes use Ride the Rails). Now, granted, it would be easy to make the list better but I wanted to test a very "extreme" build and it worked well all three times I used it. Usually the opponent has a pretty limited amount of models that pose a real threat to all your Armor so taking those out early makes for a pretty laid back game. I think that the amount of Armor is actually the biggest upside as it comes as a surprise to most. Some healing would be golden with the Survivor HtK, though. Their main problem is that Roosters are so bonkers.
  7. At first I thought that the "power level" of models in M3e was lower than in 2e. Damage tracks have been toned down in general, access to extra AP is limited, there's no Paralyze anymore, additional Actions from Triggers can't declare Triggers, Red Joker damage is only Severe +1, Gremlins don't double their damage anymore, and so on. But now that I've played 3e a bit my feeling is that the truly powerful stuff in 3e is actually way more powerful than they ever were in 2e. Many of the profiles are simply upgrades in that if you could have the 3e profile card in a 2e game, you'd choose it in a heartbeat. And then the synergies inside some crews are also on a wholly another level. And the balance seems also to be very random. I think I've had two or three close games of M3e and the rest have been very lopsided. Granted, the VP difference hasn't been that huge but it has been very, very clear who is going to win somewhere during turn two at the latest. Now I realize that things are affect by the fact that people are still getting to grips with the new profiles and the new system and the S&S and so on and M2e certainly had its share of blowouts to say the least but still. There seems to be a lot of "Oh, you have Armor +2 on most of you force - I guess that my sole Analyze Weakness thingy that I own (or even that my Faction provides) is going to be the deciding factor in this game. (Also, they cleaned up the Conditions but then left us with these weird pseudo-conditions like what Analyze Weakness or Poisoned Fate gives you - seem like a very strange design choice). OK, that got a bit rambly. And don't take the musings on balance issues as all that significant as I still have quite little experience with M3e (haven't even seen half of the Masters on the table yet). But I was most interested in how others feel about the power level of M3e when compared to 2e. And I realize that power level in itself is an ambiguous concept but try to cope.
  8. My usual start with Mah is to deploy into a giant bubble and Horrible Holler three times to Pulse three Focus to most of the force. I use SS to make sure this happens if needed. Roosters are obviously the craziest. They are just completely bonkers. Mech Pork has good synergy with them as it can help them turn Frantic. Both benefit massively from Mah's Focus. Pumped full of Focus they are death incarnate and can kill almost anything (except for Yan Lo - I poured about fifty damage into Yan in three turns but that thing is unkillable unless you can ignore Demise abilities). Survivors are quite durable and versatile and can be very good for Schemes which require presence somewhere. Big Brain Brin is amazing. Trixie isn't bad but BBB kinda overshadows her and taking both seems like too much support. Sparks isn't bad but a bit situational. Analyze Weakness is sweet but puts a massive target on his head. SS Miners are absolutely crazy good. Durable, deadly (with the abundance of Focus), and superb Schemers for many situations. Plus, they produce Soul Stones. Bushwhackers aren't bad but don't take too many. I've always been happy with one, though.
  9. What's people's opinion on Adze? I love the mini but the profile seems to be a bit all over the place and without Stealth (and kinda lackluster defenses in general) he seems to have a giant target on his forehead.
  10. Gracie and Mech Pork are Versatile and both have Armor +2 and hit plenty hard. Fitting them into a list isn't trivial, though.
  11. Zoraida was one of my favourite Masters in 2e and she has survived the transition pretty well in that her hiring pool is huge, Obey is even better than before and she has a ton of tricks. What sort of lists do you run with her? How would you rate her Henchmen? Are there any particular Schemes or Strategies that you find especially well-suited to her? Also, how do you torment Voodoo Doll?
  12. Proxying is naturally expected but it's still an additional hassle and there's quite a bit of hassle already in beta testing what with the rules and profiles constantly changing (and being foreign to begin with). I know our group never touched the new Masters in our testing. And there certainly were some less-played Gremlin Masters that were talked about very little, for example. I tested Collodi in the beta a bit, for what its worth. Sure. I tend to travel to tournaments quite a bit though including international travel. If I wanted to discuss this issue with my local gaming group, I wouldn't be doing it here Why be so mean? Even my toddler knows that if someone is indeed throwing a tantrum, being mean to them is not the correct response Some people have differing approaches to their painted minis for example. Some spend a lot of time painting them and get attached to them. Some others sell freely their painted stuff. Just because you're happy with your minis getting invalidated and buying new ones doesn't mean that everyone is the same. People have differing points of emphasis in this hobby of ours. On a different note, I really, really enjoyed Collodi's theme and loved the models. I think that the puppets were some of the most iconic Wyrd minis and they were superb quality-wise. Now, I realize that you can play a Puppet crew without Collodi but Henchman crews aren't quite up to par, IME. I think losing Collodi was a real shame - Nico, Ramos, and Lilith still have their themes well-represented by other Masters, I feel, but Collodi not so much.
  13. I 100% disagree that Wyrd removed DMH models because they were too powerful in 2e. I don't really think that there is any chance of it being that way and the whole idea seems just... utterly bizarre to me. But we won't know for sure unless they tell us so I'm not sure there is a point in conversing this particular point further. I would be very surprised if DMH Masters were the least tested ones as there were completely new Masters without crew models out yet and there were also less played factions like Gremlins. I never said that removing those "ruined everything" or anything even close to resembling that. I am saddened by the massive amount of minis that I won't be able to use in tournaments anymore - I play dozens of minis games and have gone through a ton of edition shifts and this one has been by far the most destructive to me outside of some GW stuff. But it didn't "ruin everything". I won't probably be buying non-Gremlin models anymore because I feel that I need to have a full faction as Wyrd might have story reasons to kill off any of my models and if I have a full faction all my remaining models will remain relevant. We did lose a player from the gaming group who had only Lilith and was thoroughly disgusted but so it goes, I guess.
  14. How am I forgetting it? She was in a coma yet was playable. Whether an edition shift happened in between or not has absolutely zero to do with anything. M1e was played a lot (there were even official tournaments) while she was in a coma in the fluff. What? Guild Ball is much more story-driven in that the characters and factions change far, far more radically than in Malifaux and characters die left and right and yet they manage to keep their models playable across edition changes. Wyrd didn't have to do anything. They couldn't stopped producing games altogether and began knitting beanies. I'm sure that were that the case, there would still be someone telling disappointed minis games fans to quit their whining. I'm not making ultimatums. I'm not telling anyone else what they should do. All I'm doing is criticizing Wyrd for their decision and then criticizing people when they defend that decision with silly arguments. I doubt that you're arguing that the concepts of "Master Necromancer" and "Puppet Master of Puppets" are too powerful and cannot be made work but it seems that you are based on what you quoted. If you really are arguing that, I can easily adjust M2e or M3e Nico or Collodi in a way that makes them extremely weak while retaining their character but, like I said, I doubt that that's what you're arguing so I won't unless you ask me to.
  15. Have to say that I've no idea whether you're agreeing with me here or not - kinda not following you here, unfortunately. "She was in a coma, not in a prison, so naturally much more playable" must be the one of the weirder arguments I've heard here. But I'm not at all sure what you're even arguing here for? Just to disagree with me? Or am I missing your point? As this seems to contradict what you were saying previously. TOs are already banning them. Two years from now I fully expect them to be completely banned. It's how things go - this isn't my first rodeo.
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