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  1. There aren't many other AoE effects that do a similar amount of damage on an area of even remotely similar size and without any resist. These nuances are what makes the effect extraordinary and why it's being discussed here. No one is asking for a nerf for Wong's shockwaves. You can just ignore this conversation if it bothers you, you know.
  2. If its considered a misplay to let the Rider pulse hit more than three models, then the effect of the Rider is absolutely massive. Forcing the opponent to spread out when they don't want to is huge. Positioning is one of the most fundamental aspects of Malifaux and I'm not sure that everyone here accurately appreciates the impact of a single model that can, merely by existing, force the opponent to compromise massively in that department. There are multiple crews that rely on Auras and other such buffs that require clumping up and if you can stop that by keeping your Rider safe and r
  3. Just take all the cards for the minis that the participants brought and deal them out randomly "Looks like I'm playing mostly Guild Masters and Resser Minions today..."
  4. Seems like McTavish doesn't generate much in the way of discussion I dunno how much there is to really say about him as he is quite "what you see it what you get" type of model. But let's move on - Gautraeux Bokor! Now that's a quality model if I ever saw one. Maybe the most hired OOK model in the whole faction, I think. Are there situations where you don't hire one for Zoraida? Do you ever take more than one? The heal is naturally amazing and it's probably the most used Action for the model but do you do other things with them? Obey is of course powerful and a Zoraida
  5. Ponygate? Wyrd has been having issues with their scaling ever since they switched to plastic. Ramos' totem is too big for its base, Young Lacroix are the biggest Gremlins around, the differences between two of the Rooster Riders are downright comical, the female multipart TtB minis are enormous amazons, half of the kneeling models are gigantic compared to their non-kneeling counterparts, and so on and so forth.
  6. I'm not a huge fan of Alphonse sculpts but it would be immensely better if he was properly big and not "somewhat tall human" size. He looks very lackluster on his 50mm base.
  7. It's the very end of M2e but the one-wheeled Whiskey Gamin just has no detail on the underside of his arms - the barrels just turn inexplicably flat and it's on the render as well.
  8. Here's Alphonse, btw: (Note that his base is quite a bit thicker than Assistant's.)
  9. McTavish. McTavish has a gun but it doesn't make him worth his points. Still, if you can give him Focus it's a fine gun. McTavish has a massive melee attack but his durability leaves something to be desired. He is somewhat surprisingly mobile, though, which helps. Toss in the Mud is a good Action no doubt but using Henchman AP for it is always a bit of a bummer. Kinda wish it had a juicy Trigger or two. Still, certainly a thing. Finally, Gator Snack and Swampscreen provide all sorts of utility but nothing earth shattering. All in all McTavish feels a bit "too fair", in a s
  10. Alphonse is also way too small and all in all a super lackluster mini. Most likely the worst Bayou model there is, actually.
  11. They can mess with all Markers, not just Scheme Markers so consider them against Marker heavy crews. Though of course The Emissary is fierce competition. They can also naturally do stuff with Pianos and Pit Traps and such. Their main problem is that they kinda want to activate both early (for Shielded) and late (for messing up opponent's Markers) in the turn so it's a trade off. All in all they aren't bad as such after the errata but probably not essential, either.
  12. Ooh, I like those pyre tokens - they look very functional which is fantastic!
  13. Unfortunately all the forum attachment links were broken a month or two ago and no longer work. I have nine piano markers which has been enough so far but it has been a close call at least once so I guess I would suggest making 9-12 markers.
  14. I must've hallucinated a "to a minimum of 0" into that Poison lowering thingy. Yeah, you are correct. Fair enough - it's just that Sober Up requires a seven and you likely want to do it on the Gamin and there's always good uses for crows in Tri-Chi but all that said, I could actually see it in this crew since there aren't all that many crows needed on the first turn.
  15. Sorry, I was thinking that you'd want to give some poison to the Gamin as well (counted them in the "Cooper Jones" package but that was unclear - apologies). Also, can't you reduce the damage by five making a full health Gamin? I'm not saying that's necessarily a good idea and three is likely the optimum, but just making sure I'm not overlooking something? Finally, isn't Akaname hitting just one Poison unless you manage to flip crows? And it gives Cooper Slow as well? I have to admit that I never considered hitting my own models with an Akaname so maybe again I'm missing something?
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