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  1. There are probably multiple reasons, agreed. Taking two combat cheapos is very seldom better than taking one combat heavy and I think that the main reason there is fragility - the cheapos lose half their effectiveness when one dies, they utilize you limited cards worse, and they benefit less from healing. But yeah, there are a lot of Schemes which don't require all that many Actions. Some do require a lot if you can't somehow poop out Scheme Markers when you're doing other stuff (e.g., Spread Them Out requires six that are far apart on the enemy Table Half and Sabotage requires four
  2. No, I meant that Shlong and McCabe brought a ton of Focus while Asami brought a ton of Focus plus the Flicker stuff. It doesn't break the game in the sense that you can still play it but I think that it is one of the things contributing to the fact that something like well over half of the cheap profiles seemingly never see play in competitive environments. Focus means that they can be one-shotted very reliably by a stronger model and when that Focus is incredibly plentiful, it means that cheaper fighter models are at a massive disadvantage. Now, it is entirely possible to
  3. I'm not convinced that Collodi is worse than Dreamer, for example. Not to mention powerhouse masters from other Factions. One of my biggest losses in M3e was with Collodi against Titania so at the very least there is still some skill involved
  4. I'm not sure the uneven number of Masters per Faction is a big deal. It's very unlikely that someone will master seven or eight Masters to a comfortable tournament level and usually people do better with a slightly unoptimal Master that they are comfortable with than an "optimal to the situation" Master that they haven't played as much. As for the balance of DMH - I'm not convinced that they are any less balanced than many other Masters in the game. All in all, the balance of Malifaux is kinda all over the place but since player skill levels are even more all over the place, it tends to s
  5. To be fair, that kinda pre-supposes that things are currently balanced. At least in OP's opinion they aren't, thus the suggestion. Now, the question is, is the balance better before or after the change and that's naturally open for debate but the current state of the game isn't very fragile and it would most likely survive a change like that just fine. Some models would become better and some would become worse but the open beta tried to balance hundreds of profiles with intense synergies in a number of weeks - the end result is impossible to get anywhere near perfect. I must say that one
  6. Let's talk a bit about Zoraida herself. Do you have any sneaky tips for using her? Has anyone ever used Poisoned Fate? Also, whose Fate deck do you generally prefer to check with Reading the Cards?
  7. Another problem with Wong is that his keyword lacks reliable beaters aside from Alphonse. He has great support options in Sammy and Bokors but his meat-and-potatoes of Swine-Cursed, Taxidermists and Lightning Bugs all are super squishy and even though they hit well, they don't hit quite so well that it would make their non-existent defenses workable especially since you want to be damaging them yourself. Couple that with Wong's very lackluster damage dealing abilities and he has a difficult time actually killing opposing models once the opponent knows what his deal is. And it's all quite
  8. So the consensus seems to be that Mother could be used as a big Scheme Runner who eats opposing Scheme Runners while pooping annoyances or just using her as a general distraction. I could see that!
  9. Spawn Mother. What do you think of her? I've used her with Mah Tuckett pre-nerf as Spawn Mother's damage track is such that she absolutely adores Focus. She is also very good at spawning Gupps and I usually got one on the first turn and then two more on the second. Now, the problem is that Gupps are kinda useless. The combo of Mv4 and Mindless means that they actually kinda suck as Scheme runners so their usual MO is just to get in the way of things and hope that the enemy can't somehow benefit from killing soft targets. And Spawn Mother really doesn't do much else. If she does
  10. I agree with you in theory but I have never had a Silurid kill anything by himself (his attack can be reasonable in finishing stuff off). Might be a user error on my part, though, admittedly. Adze also has the pulse that, on a Trigger, can cause one damage and one Burning with no resist. Edit: Oh, as a note, in my meta the very squishy Scheme Runners like Terror Tots or Hounds and such are extremely rare which might account for differences in experience!
  11. I dunno that I would agree that comparing Adze to a Silurid is a good idea. Silurid is all about Schemes and he's superb at it and if all you're using Adze for is the Mv 7 Flight + Ambush to Scheme, then yeah, a Silurid is obviously better. So if you use an Adze, you should make use of his damage potential and other abilities like Lure. A Silurid will never threaten enemy Scheme runners but an Adze can. As for the Lure - in GG1 (and, well, Malifaux in general), a Lure at the end of the turn can oftentimes deny a VP, which is huge. Especially when the thing that Lures is as extremely mobil
  12. Haha, admittedly I wasn't aware!
  13. I've been looking forward to Alphonse getting released as he seems to be quite an interesting addition to many crews. I already have Wong, though, so I'm waiting for the special order. Lenny, however, is an interesting suggestion that I hadn't considered. Being outside of Big Hat removes quite a few synergies but he does still offer quite a bit. On the Swampfiend front - have people tested Adze? The more I look at him, the better he looks. He's crazy fast with Mv 7 and Flight and Ambush. (Admittedly Ambush can be sorta weird without Unimpeded but Zoraida has easy access to cards
  14. Mama Z, the queen of the Bayou. She's a cool mama. Let's talk about her and Swampfiends and good versatiles and OOK stuff from the Bayou. Let's talk about Strats and Schemes. Let's talk about experiences and highlights and stuff. I'll start with some OOK picks. First of all, I think that Swampfiend has excellent support models and scheme runners. So I haven't felt the need for those OOK. But on the beater front Swampfiends are sorta lacking. Bad Juju is, true to his name, bad IMO, and First Mate's beating power was (justifiably) nerfed. Which leaves McTavish who is quite po
  15. I have the same issue. I'm not sure when it began but it wasn't always the case.
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