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  1. Rage Machine: After a friendly model within 3 declares a Action, that model may suffer 1 irreducible damage to receive a to that Action's duel. Does "that Action's duel" include, e.g., possible Terrifying checks that are a part of the action as well? Whatabout Triggers that generate new Attacks - are those Attacks affected? Should it be "to that Action's duels"? Or is it just the one Attack Duel?
  2. He's in the fluff and important to the Malifaux world but that doesn't make him fit the Neverborn. He probably should've been an Outcast and him being Neverborn doesn't make much more sense than if he were part of the Gremlin faction.
  3. Chiaki would not be a bad idea - she is tough, can deal with Conditions and can sub for a Scheme runner. It's certainly possible to devise a list to take this one down but I really meant this as a counter to the current meta that favours insane alpha strikes and stuff like that. And that is why I didn't add the Emissary/Asura/Sybelle/whatever else. I also feel that GG18 is a surprisingly good environment for this style of list. Gremlins do have lots of trouble with this list, though. I'm not at all sure how I'd tackle this one without specifically building a counter against it. If they aren't needed for Schemes, I suggest replacing them with Chiaki and/or Night Terrors. Some of those like Hold up their Forces and Show of Force might seem superb at a first glance but getting more than one point against this list from those might be trickier than you'd initially think if the Seamus player is good with Lures. Especially Hold up Their Forces might end up being way dangerous. That said, there certainly are obvious weaknesses in the Strat&Scheme department for this list and I did give full points for Punish the Weak against Collodi (it was helped by terrain, he did flip and play well, and I could've played it better but it's still a tough Scheme to deny).
  4. Not a bad idea! The only thing I'm a bit leery about is that Hayreddin would add a clear target for the opponent to try and bring down. Because currently one of the greatest strengths of the list is that there's nothing there that the opponent wants dead (other than Seamus but good luck with that) and they therefore waste all their big hitters. That said, I suppose it mostly depends on how sneaky you can be with Hayreddin - he could even be used to bait stuff, I guess. And that Df7 works nicely with the list's general theme of not needing high cards for much of anything. Certainly worth a try, in any case!
  5. I know that at least one faction change has happened that I remember clearly but it wasn't brought on because of balance issues. I might be forgetting some other cases though, so am willing to admit that I'm wrong and that balance-based faction-shuffling has happened. It has been super rare, though, in any case. (Though of course this beta is going to be way, way, way, way bigger than any before it so who knows how much shuffling will occur this time)
  6. Collodi is the only Master I've played in tournaments when I've been playing Neverborn and I've only lost one game with her doing that (a finals game against pre-nerf Nicodem). She is very capable of being soloed in tournaments and allows one to pack a light bag (as I did when I went to a tournament in Sweden)
  7. Was it in beta? And because of gameplay aspects as opposed to the model getting a re-write in fluff/art? I think I've been in every beta but I can't recall that one. That said, the point still stands - you can lock down stuff if you want and then simply keep it unchanged no matter what. Oh, most definitely. But those weren't so central in M2e as they appear to be in M3e.
  8. As I said, I can't recall it happening because of beta testing. Maybe I'm forgetting something but I can't recall any faction changes which were because of rules.
  9. My Collodi crew has the crewbox, Stitched Togethers, Bunrakus, Mysterious Emissary, Changelings, four Effigies, and Lazarus. That's quite a bit more than $60 or $70. It's not at a WHFB army level but you're still talking about $200+. Now, because I have way more minis than sense I can still probably get some use out of some of those but if Collodi was my only Neverborn Master, then it would be quite a blow.
  10. Then don't change them! There are lots of things which are locked down about models when going to beta. I can't recall any models changing Factions based on beta testing, for example. So lock the keywords down and if something is off balance-wise, change something other than the keyword.
  11. How would it be unfair? Having 10 Masters to choose from doesn't give an edge to a Faction over one who has only eight. The balance is nowhere near that tight. And no one gets super good with ten Masters for a tournament! Most people even now limit themselves to 1-3 Masters in a given faction for a given tournament. Iron Scorpius is a challenge not a competitive advantage.
  12. Note that the only thing in the list that isn't from books 1&2 is one Upgrade
  13. OK, the title is obviously hyperbole but I'm now 5-0 with this list including a tournament win. Seamus (Mad Haberdasher, Do You Know Who I Am, Sinister Reputation), 6 Pool Copycat Killer 4x Rotten Belle Dead Doxy Crooligan Crooked Man Necropunk Ten models is a lot which allows you to outactivate most enemies and do evil stuff to them. I switched the Necropunk and Crooligan for three Night Terrors for a game where there was no need for Scheme runners. Night Terrors are ridiculously annoying and help with the outactivation. The secret to the list is that there's no targets for the opponent. The only model that's worth more than 5SS is Seamus and he is basically unkillable with the hat if you play it even a bit safe. You have six stones and no one else who uses them. And the rest of the crew is ridiculously durable and not worth killing, really. And there's little need for cards, either, (Dead Doxy's Take the Lead is basically the only one) so you're free to use the good cards for Seamus to kill stuff or make your Lures irresistable when needed. Why a Crooked Man? Because he is amazing in Paralyzing nasty Enforcers. Unlike normal lists, you don't need high Crows for anything else so make that melee Trigger work. In the second practice game I Paralyzed a Fast Looped Peacekeeper. You also put down massive pressure on the opponent's hand since your Lures have a high Ca and since Seamus' Boo is nasty. So even Copycat Killer can kill stuff pretty well if you time him right and have a high card left. How do you win? Well, you stop your opponent from achieving VP through the use of Lures and Seamus. Since you outactivate, this is really doable. And no matter what they're trying to do, you are really good at stopping them. The control that this list achieves is remarkable. Oh, and don't get too focused on Boo. It's amazing but sometimes Seamus is better at being just a shooter. In the second tournament game I Lured and Pushed Seamus into the middle of the field and double Focus shotted for four turns (8 to Nekima, 8 to Nekima, 8 to Collodi, 8 to Tooth) and then triple Walked to score Undercover Entourage. Immobile gun turret Seamus!
  14. One could summon and blow up Constructs while the other one boosts and moves them around. They manage to have two Masters whose main schtick is to punch little guys in the same faction as well, and make them different enough from one another. So their niche is too broad but if they come back it can be made fit? Why couldn't it be made fit already? I mean, I do agree that they currently do quite a few things. Lilith has her movement stuff, terrain stuff and swording as well as cards and black blood and so on. But surely you could condense them to a couple of key traits? I don't understand how that should be any more difficult than what they've done to, e.g., Marcus.
  15. Her blurb mentions creatures of the Swamp with a special bonus of Penetrating Stench so that really doesn't sound like Puppets. Besides, there's quite a few Swampfiends already so that feels like a theme that is pretty fleshed out as it is. From the descriptions, the dolls really don't sound like they'd fit any of the Neverborn Masters. But who knows, I guess. Won't be buying any new dolls in the meantime, though, that's for sure!
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