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  1. Oof, that softness of details is pretty bad, yeah. The more recent Zombicide character models actually look sharper, I think. Kirai's face looks just really bad. I did order the Bayou Starter but kinda dreading how it'll look, now 😬 Have to agree that with these prices and the Wyrd pedigree this really isn't what I'm looking for.
  2. I agree that the best targets are something that tag along with Zoraida and that don't mind the Sz increase and where the stats really make an impact on what they are trying to accomplish. I feel that McTavish and Stumpy fit the bill but yeah, Gators are also good candidates because they get to use their stats a lot with Flurry. OTOH discarding cards isn't necessarily something Z2 wants more of into her crew so there's that to consider as well. Wisps I'm not sure about - even with +1 to Df and Wp they are still super squishy and Z2 is less likely to Summon the Voodoo Doll so Wisps don't seem all that potent for her. Getting a +1 to their Lure is naturally nice and if they manage to survive long enough to strike an enemy in melee that's probably nice as well but I dunno. One possible use is to enable the use of a card for a given Simple Duel if you have the correct suit in hand but the card is one too small. Might be especially pertinent with Bokors and Spawn Mother, for example. The latter of which isn't a bad target for the Brew, either, btw. She can hit pretty hard and is already plenty big (and has Stealth). The +1 Sz can also be used to sometimes surprise opposing models who were hiding behind Sz2 terrain by allowing McTavish or an Adze to see them. Oh, and McTavish loves extra Walk and Concentrate Actions as well, so I guess he might have some legit play with Z2. Amazing! You can also get a Sz 6 Grootslang if you give it the Ghillie Suit Upgrade as well!
  3. Witch's Brew - who do you think benefits from it the most? @Scofferalready mentioned McTavish and I feel that he really, really benefits from stat boosts - could he see actual play with Z2? Another model that comes to mind as someone who might get to see more play with Stat boosts is Stumpy from the new Starter box. Df 7 makes her actually tanky and she really benefits from the extra Mv and Stat 7 Attack on a Charge is pretty fine. Anyone else that could get a new lease on life through the Brew? Another question I had is who do you envision using for Marker generation for Lost Knowledge? Mech Pork drops "free" Scrap but I feel that Z2 really wants Swampfiends as much as possible. Especially if using the Kurgan. I suppose Waldgeists can drop Underbrushes but that doesn't seem superb. Anyone else?
  4. The newest expansion included new titles for all Masters and you can choose which version you wish to use. Do note that the last errata did change the rules of the original Som'er, though, so be sure to use the right card (the one in the app is the correct one).
  5. To be fair, I don't think anyone other than the honorable @ShinChan has posted real play experiences with her. I agree with you that on paper she seems fine but OTOH I do respect ShinChan's expertise so I'm a bit worried. Still definitely excited to test her out, mind!
  6. Question on Another Gremlin's Trash: if there's multiple enemies, can you give some of them Staggered and some Stunned or do you have to choose one Condition for all of them?
  7. I feel that Som'er1 feels quite "Som'ery" but the problem is his crew. The way it revolves around Lenny and G&O and has so many support pieces with very few options for actually performing and making proper use of that support that it's just a bit awkward to play. And the positioning is crazy delicate. Once the opponents focus their attention on the key pieces the crew kinda ceases to function. And now, after the nerfs, the crew is kinda middling even when everything is working. (Compare to Dreamer who was way more oppressive than Som'er and got nerfed twice and is still super competitive.) Back in M1e my favourite part of Som'er was the intricate interplay between the Skeeters, the Pigs, and the Gremlins. Especially the expendable parts of the equation, which, to me, epitomized the Som'er way.
  8. Your battle reports are fantastic and always a joy to watch!
  9. Zoraida can also be used to avoid direct engagement and just control the game while scoring if the strat and schemes support such a playstyle.
  10. I realize that I'm a bit late with the comment but I love the red caps on the EVS. A proper Jacques Cousteau vibe there!
  11. The work on textures is absolutely fantastic and the patterns look amazing! Really superb work! Are you going to go back to it to finish the patterning? The red patch could really use something, I feel, as it's so prominent. Love the subtle colour variations in the shadows with red and green hues all over the place!
  12. Love the crazy bases like the Totem Pole and the table! Super fun! Also, the wasp fist of Joss is great!
  13. The problem there is that his keyword isn't very marker-oriented at all. I feel that Zoraida2, for example, will blow Somer2 out of the water in marker-centered pools simply due to having some synergies and a better keyword.
  14. I feel that the killing off of Collodi was just super anti-climactic. I mean, the rest of the Dead Man's Hand Masters at least got a proper build-up leading to something more-or-less epic and logical but Collodi just got randomly disposed of.
  15. OK, so the titles have been out for a bit now and people have probably had enough to digest them at least in theory if not yet on the table top proper. So how do you feel we fared? If we consider the sweet spot for a title to be one where it offers a viable option but the original would still see some play, how many did hit the mark? Additional points if the title makes some less used models shine alongside it. Here are my rough thoughts backed with zero actual play experience with the new titles and just looking at the cards and reading the surrounding conversation. Somer2 is a complete dud. Somer1 was nerfed massively but is still somewhat playable in the right circumstances but the new version has a playstyle that doesn't mesh with his keyword and requires a ton of hoops for very little payback. To top it all off, he isn't even interesting design-wise. I really had high hopes for this one and Somer is definitely my biggest disappointment with the new titles. It's weird this got through playtesting. Zoraida is the polar opposite! Offers a different playstyle and is a powerful alternative without completely overshadowing the original version. One of my absolute favourite Masters in the game and I'm really happy how the new version looks. Also likely encourages different choices in crew building. The only minus is that you need a lot of Effigies to make full use of her and they are silly expensive to get a full collection of if using normal means. Mah seems solid. The difference in playstyle isn't necessarily gigantic but both versions seem valid and the concept is fun. Not much to say about this one but I feel it's a very good title. Brewmaster is a big change in playstyle and changes how the whole crew functions. Looks like a ton of fun on paper and I'm really looking forward to giving him a spin. Brewmaster has always been a bit weird for me in that in theory I love him but in practice is kinda dislike all the faffing around with putting giant stacks of Poison on your own models (that sort of thing is one of the aspects I enjoy the least in Malifaux). But yeah, a brialliant title! Might overshadow the original, though. Wong2 seems vastly better than Wong1. Not sure why I would ever pick the original. But this is a bit mitigated by the fact that I'm not sure why I would pick the first version anyway. The new one just does everything better and loses so very little. Zipp is a bit weird. The new one does stuff that the rest of the keyword doesn't really synergize with but he isn't bad. With all the new marker hate he seems like he might have a niche but the original is just very good at what he does so I dunno. Definitely nowhere near Somer-level but a wee bit disappointing still, I guess. I do feel that putting him onto the table should help solidify my opinion even more than with the other Masters. Ulix seems kinda crazy good. He does trade some support capabilities but the payoff is ultra-massive damage potential so it seems like a bit of a no-brainer. Still, Ulix the only Bayou Master that I don't own so my understanding of him is a bit shaky even though I have faced him some. Ophelia2 seems super fun. A bit like Brewie my only worry is that she might overshadown her original version, though admittedly the original does have some quite straightforward damage edges and is simpler to play. Ophelia2 also might make LaCroix Raiders worth taking so that's a definite bonus! Looking forward to getting Ophelia2 onto the table and seeing how it goes. I do like the design a lot. So yeah, that's a fairly good haul, I feel. Somer is, to me, the only massive letdown and Zoraida is maybe my favourite implementation of the title concept. What do you think? Where did I go wrong?
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