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  1. I have six Rotten Belles (three plastic, three metal). I'm considering green stuffing some moustaches for the metal ones and using them as Dandies...
  2. I dunno, the ones I've seen from Wave 5 on tables have IMO been good but I have seen a somewhat limited selection as well (no Domadores, for example, that might be a prime candidate for too bulky details). I don't think that the new DMs are better or worse than the original M2e versions (I have a soft spot for the original metal ones as they were the first things I bought from Wyrd long before Malifaux even existed). The lanky one dragging the coffin looks to me like it'd be the best plastic DM. The surfer is indeed silly but still less annoying than the giant version. There I agree and I hope that the new faction won't just be a "lazy steampunk amalgam of Guild and Arcanists" faction. That said, I think that the quality of the sculpts themselves is really good - there's lots of interesting detail, the poses are fine and even the billowing cloaks aren't the "Guild billowing cloak clone"-type. I think that these are on par with Wave 1-2 stuff easily. I think that they are fine and are on par with what we've seen before. They are not Wyrd's greatest minis ever but a solid entry, IMO. But really, I think that my point is that I find that the quality is on the same level as before but there's more details and less blank and Wyrd is IMO on the right track climbing away from Wave 3 style. Individual minis vary but that's how it is and I don't see any noticeable drop in quality between Wave 5 and M3e. YMMV and that's fine as well.
  3. Emissaries are fine (there are successes like NB and Gremlin ones but also lows like Guild and Arcanists) but in general there was this blandness to the whole wave. Survivors, for example, are probably the worst of the Gremlin models quality-wise. The cybernetic parts are super un-inspired, the detail is all weird and the poses are boring. Wave four I disliked Sandeep and Reva (again, super bland designs). And then stuff like Draugr and so on. Zipp was great, though. But Wave 5 finally started doing interesting things with basic minis. Smugglers are amazing while I feel that in Wave 3 they would've looked like generic low-lifes. And the same goes for Domadores, Investigators, Steamfitters, and even stuff like Medical Automatons. I feel that they are seriously imaginative and break basic expectations and are as far from bland and generic as you can get. Grootslang - I'm sure there was some kind of a mistake as the size doesn't make any sense at all. I love the Wisps and Adze.
  4. Tastes vary and that's OK but I must say that for me the real low point was Wave 3 and 4 and now they've been getting better again. I've been around since before the 1e beta and the original stuff had a certain charming quirkiness to it. Then came the more bland and stylistic 2e that then got super bland with Wave 3. The final Wave of M2e was well along the way of digging them out of that hole and now they have an identity again and there's stuff happening and models look interesting. I disliked the 2e Lady Justice sculpt and though this new one isn't superb I still think it's better. Scales is better, too, IMO and there's no giant Death Marshall so that's a plus. The DMs themselves are IMO about on par with the old ones with surfer being a bit meh but the lanky one dragging the coffin is probably my favourite DM of all time. Judge is fine though the 2nd edition version was better. As for the Marcus box - well, Marcus himself is a clear letdown. Miranda is better than before but still not great. Jackalope is lots better and the new Initiates are nice, IMO, especially the bird lady is awesome. The snake dude looks a bit imbalanced, but I'll reserve judgement until I see the sculpt. Colette's box is completely top notch. Not a single dud and finally Colette looks her part. An excellent box. Somer is nice but the gun is ludicrous and not in a good way. Skeeters look the same as before? Good Ol' Boys look amazing! Probably the best of the whole lot. Lenny is a huge disappointment, though the Pig is sorta funny. Hucksters look great, though some of the faces look a bit weird in renders - I wonder how they look on the models. So yeah, a solid set of releases. Not the best stuff ever but certainly way better than the blandness of wave 3.
  5. Collodi's crazy 2" Push bubble after Walking and Vasilisa's buff and Bunraku's natural speed meant that I was able to go around the bushes somewhat handily. And on the second turn I sent my Marionettes to annoy the opponent and didn't worry about keeping them in the Collodi bubble. As Pluck was so crazy.
  6. Well, I put her on the table today. She seemed really amazing compared to Titania who was on the other side. Titania's problem seemed to be that she's mainly doing the same thing her entire crew is doing. The bush markers are really annoying (and I'm not a fan of having that many markers around in general) but other than moving them around and her Aura she doesn't seem to do all that much different from what her minions already do. But this thread is about Collodi and she seemed very powerful and durable. But the thing I feel worried about is Marionettes and specifically their Pluck the Strings Bonus Action. They are sorta durable, can give out Slow, and being Insignificant they are a real annoyance. Plus summoning more is absolutely trivial so your opponent would probably like to ignore them as much as possible but there's four and they get in the way a lot. And Pluck the Strings. Sheesh! A four inch Pulse (that's crazy big!), Wp duel with TN 13 (that's a lot!) and Distracted is nasty. And it's a bonus Action! That seemed absolutely crazy making a big part of the enemy crew really bad at doing stuff. And you can't get rid of Distracted unless you try to do stuff (or use Condition Removal). The massive range, high TN, and it being a bonus Action on the super annoying free band of four seemed a bit much. Anyone else feeling it's maybe a bit too powerful currently? I could easily see it being a normal Action, having a lower TN or a smaller Pulse (even changing from 4" to 3" is a big change in area!) but maybe it was just a bad match-up or something?
  7. Collodi is part of the DMH so I think that she will kinda set in stone after the beta unless something really weird happens. So is she perfect now? I haven't seen threads about her and found only one Battle Report with her. Is she considered perfect? Or is it simply that DMH means "forgotten" to most people and one shouldn't really bother? Or have I maybe just overlooked her discussion thread? I was wondering whether I should test her or concentrate my efforts on someone else.
  8. That's just very sad. But I suppose the idea is that through this open beta the things can be fixed? As for the Bushwhackers, I think that @Rosskov's idea has merit. All in all, the problem with Pit Traps is, like @HipsterWhale kinda noted, is that dropping them next to you isn't very impactful. The effect isn't huge and the hoops you have to get through to get the enemy enter one aren't usually worth the trouble. Now, that said, judging their impact isn't trivial because they can have an "invisible" impact even if they seemingly don't do anything simply because they force the opponent to maneuver around them a bit. Especially against ranged stuff this could mean that the opponent can't make the best use out of cover or maybe they just get slowed down by the traps' mere presence. But this doesn't really happen if you can't drop the traps into range. And if it seems unfluffy to be able to set up traps at range - just consider that they always were there but were revealed only now. Tricksy is the perfect descriptor for a crew who sets up a ton of traps in advance and then drives the enemy into them. Basically, what I want is Home Alone Gremlin Edition!
  9. I think that the third wave was the worst and from the fifth book onwards the quality has been getting better. I mean, stuff like Survivors, the original Starter Set (well, they were simple on purpose), Forgotten Marshal, Winged Plagues... A couple of the Emissaries were cool, though. As for Hans - I'm not convinced that the old version was tons better than the new one. I think that the new one is fine. Though the hair blowing one way and the coat the other is certainly crazy annoying.
  10. That's certainly an interesting idea. But I do think that the Pit Traps are kind of a schtick in Mah's crew and if you take them away from Bushwhackers there's not many models left that can make the Traps (only SS Miners and kinda Sparks, I believe).
  11. In the Rooster Rider thread it was presented as a known fact that Bushwhackers suck a lot. And it's not difficult to agree - they have a good gun and From the Shadows but that's all they have. They don't even have any bushcraft abilities! Any ideas? Would giving them Stealth while concealed or in cover help any? Would be very fluffy. Or simply dropping their cost to 5?
  12. Yeah, they might not be the best comparison point but they were the only other Tricksy model with the same gun. Still, even without the comparison I think that Roosters shoot too good for what they are and that also makes them a bit too good due to the mitigation of their chief weakness of being squishy. Summa summarum: I feel that Roosters should be toned down a bit and I think that their shooting prowess is the place to do so.
  13. I'm not convinced that the power level has risen, though. I think that their shooting could be toned down a little. I feel that in its current form it kinda goes against fluff and additionally makes them too safe to use. It's weird that a Rooster Rider is one of the very best shooter options available and massively better than, e.g., a Bushwhacker due to their mobility and access to the third AP not to mention Grit. Dropping the ignores cover and lowering either their range or their stat would be my suggestion.
  14. Rage Machine: After a friendly model within 3 declares a Action, that model may suffer 1 irreducible damage to receive a to that Action's duel. Does "that Action's duel" include, e.g., possible Terrifying checks that are a part of the action as well? Whatabout Triggers that generate new Attacks - are those Attacks affected? Should it be "to that Action's duels"? Or is it just the one Attack Duel?
  15. He's in the fluff and important to the Malifaux world but that doesn't make him fit the Neverborn. He probably should've been an Outcast and him being Neverborn doesn't make much more sense than if he were part of the Gremlin faction.
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