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  1. 21 Glowy onto Alphonse on turn one? Wow! That's pretty bonkers for sure! Mind adding that to the Wong Tactica @ShinChan?
  2. Absolutely stellar work! And a good game, as well.
  3. Summoning is very powerful, not doubt about it, but I'm not sure it's hugely problematic as such. In this edition Wyrd made a ton of individual restrictions to summoning which certainly helped. There are top-level Masters who don't Summon out there so it isn't game-breaking as such. There are lots of minis game with some kind of summoning mechanics but they are usually much more limited than in Malifaux. I mean, there are games without summoning like Moonstone or Blood Bowl or Infinity but many, many others do have summoning (the big GW games, Eden, ArcWorlde, Pulp City, Twisted, Hell Dorado, etc etc).
  4. Whiskey Golem is always a solid choice when one needs a tough, mobile beater model. He's reliable, simple to use, and self-sufficient. As a bonus, people don't tend to take all that much anti-armor stuff against Gremlins so he can be monstrously durable in the right circumstances. Wp 5 is a definite weakness, though. I've also taken Spawn Mother with Mah as Focus makes Mother's damage track very, very juicy and Gupps can be handy in some situations.
  5. I think that the far more common scenario is that the player playing slow is newer to the game or is playing a new crew and aren't playing slow on purpose. It can be very difficult for a TO to penalize something like that and oftentimes, in such a case, the other player would be winning the game anyway so giving them a 0-0 would be punishing towards the wrong person. I think that that suggestion would lead to more problems than it would solve. I'm pretty sure that you'd be up to the task but I'm super interested in your thoughts on the matter after the experiment so please report back once you done it! (And if you somehow remember to tag me, I would appreciate it immensely but certainly no requirement)
  6. That's somewhat problematic due to the fact that things moving slow is often the fault of only one of the players.
  7. I think that pinning the Wong tactica is a great idea - it's well-written, quite comprehensive and wasn't affected by the errata. Mah needs to be looked at in a somewhat different light after the errata, I feel. She arguably got hit the most by the errata with her signature ability getting impacted gigantically, BBB getting a small hit, and Miners getting nerfer massively. I agree with all of the changes made but she wasn't exactly oppressively winning tournaments left and right and her power level was impacted massively so I'm a tiny bit worried. I did ask about Zipp and there was a wealth of great information in that thread from the likes of @Jesy Blue, @Rufess, and @wizuriel. I hope to take him for a spin in various configurations soon including testing the new Smugglers.
  8. In the case that this was a genuine question, note that the post was made before the errata which should make the answer somewhat obvious.
  9. I believe that @Maniacal_cackle's point was that the examples were real examples from a real game so theorycrafting all these options for theoretical situations is maybe not all that useful.
  10. I demolished a McMourning crew in three turns using Mah - they were just pulverized by the Roosters, basically.
  11. @Jesy Blue Thank you so much for the in depth explanation! Also, sounds like a very skill intensive list with lots of decisions points and ones that change heavily from game to game, which is certainly always fun. Very cool to see these very different lists! But I can easily see Zipp slotting into various playstyles as funneling the enemy through pianos can be exploited by fast Schemers and fast beaters just as well (though for a very different feel and playstyle, naturally). Elite list special Zipp advantage of Pass Tokens is certainly a cool note. @wizuriel Slop Hauler + War Pig with Inferiority Complex OOK is rather an expensive pair - are they worth it? How do you normally use them?
  12. Has anyone compiled a handy list of models that can remove the Underbrush? Bayou has Lucky Emissary (versatile) Mancha Roja (Infamous, so can be taken by Outcast Zipp as well) Wrastler (Infamous, so can be taken by Outcast Zipp as well) I can't think of other options in the Bayou.
  13. Math Mathonwy

    Pig help

    I did my Stuffeds in various shades (they are Undead after all) and the same should work for the flying versions:
  14. Thank you so much both of you, so far! Very interesting insights! Some further questions/comments. So I'm thinking that the list plays somewhat like a Colette list running circles around the opponent doing Schemes while Zipp and Emissary provide a distraction? No First Mate? I've been playing him with Zoraida and he has always performed amazingly well. Three Flying Piglets? Are they really that good? How do you use them? How do you keep them from dying an inglorious death when an opposing model looks at them funny? Do you simply team them up with Skeeters to basically extend the Skeeters' Scheming range to ridiculous lengths? Can you keep the Wrastlers alive against enemy attacks? They seem awfully squishy and that 0" melee range is such a giant weakness. What a fantastic guide against a specific Master! Love it! Finally, a general question: who do you usually ferry with the Skeeters? And do you tend to form little tag-teams or is the ferrying more opportunistic in nature after the first turn? That seems kinda suicidal but I suppose I'll have to just try it out in practice. I do very much appreciate the in depth description! Nekima is unfortunately in the same Faction as Zoraida but I suppose you need to weigh the chances when declaring Zipp against the Neverborn. And there's also the fact that Nekima can be a bit difficult pill to swallow for most of the Bayou Masters. The note about the Arachnid Swarm is great!
  15. I must be missing something important - he doesn't seem like he'd contribute much aside from Initiative to Swampfiends? I mean, you can get an unsuited Obey from within the keyword as well?
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