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  1. I think that it is important to note that NPE, though naturally very subjective, is still a thing that guides game design and NPE, even when not overpowering, can be something that needs looking into. For example, I believe the reason they took out Paralyzed Condition for M3e was due to how people found it very frustrating. Similarly, the changes to the playstyle of Brewmaster seem to be motivated by him having been really annoying in M2e though far, far from overpowered. So even if Cadmus was nerfed to proper power levels but remained super annoying to play against that's not necessarily
  2. I think that it is important to remember that no one is claiming that Cadmus is unbeatable no matter the skill discrepancy between the players. The concern is that in high level play Cadmus will end up dominating with a crazy high win rate and be downright unfair in some strat and scheme pools.
  3. I got the impression that he was a competitive player who was at his wit's end - this wasn't his first loss to Cadmus. But I don't know the guy or anything.
  4. I think Cats' point was that it wouldn't solve much at all since only five models care and yet it would be a pretty big change.
  5. I was looking at this: https://public.tableau.com/profile/malifaux.world.series#!/vizhome/MalifauxWorldSeries2020-2021_16075309651830/DominantMastersPerFaction From there it looks like, aside from Cadmus, Jedza has only one game (a win), and Syndicate hasn't been played at all. The rest of the Explorers have been played a bit but not to any remarkable amount of success. So yeah, based on this (very limited though it may be), Cadmus is a problem and we don't know about Seekers (or Syndicate but I would be very surprised if they were indeed problematic).
  6. Isn't Nexus currently at eight wins out of nine games with the only loss being to Dreamer? Cadmus seems to have by far the highest win percentage out of keywords that have been played more than two times. Or am I misreading the data somehow?
  7. Reva player lost so hard that he decided to switch away from Malifaux to Infinity since he didn't see any point in playing competitive play with the Explorers around.
  8. Ah yes, the great community of faux, where people are accused of losing on purpose in order to prove that something is OP for... reasons.
  9. I'm not sure I quite understand the advice above. It first says that Cadmus shouldn't be rushed but then gives an example of rushing Cadmus turn one with massive damage? I also don't understand how Cadmus wasn't able to get Meredith out of the Aura/block the Aura with the Nexus Activation at the end of the turn but I suppose there was some kind of a traffic jam there. As for how I guess Plaag would handle a Pride+Mad Dog tag team attack on Meredith based on the videos - well, the Emissary kinda solves the problem completely unless I'm missing something and Flush with Cash on Meredith woul
  10. Yes, one of those is a Henchman. I'm guessing Ruffles. Yes. These would've been absolutely stunningly amazing in HIPS! Like crazy good. But they are also really complex so cleaning up the PVC is going to be an utter nightmare, not to mention the softened details and such. A massive, massive shame - these could've been some of the very best Bayou models ever. As for the stats - I'm not super impressed. Super squishy with self-damage - doesn't seem all that good to me. Charge is juicy, though, not doubt. Still, a clear disappointment after oogling all the Society stats Also, this w
  11. I kinda feel that Cadmus is currently so imbalanced that no single change will make them fair other than something utterly crazy like removing We Are Legion. But that's based solely on watching those games and reading the commentary (and the cards) so might be wrong. But to me it feels that Wyrd really have their work cut out for them in balancing Cadmus. I also really really hope that we won't be saddled with them in their current form for a full year...
  12. I do like your approach but it's a crazy complicated calculation to make. For example, one one hand, you should take into account that the models summoned usually appear at least one or even two walks from their deployment zone thus essentially giving AP in that way but on the other hand you often have Pulses for Focus or for Pushes which are a lot of AP and on the third hand Summons cannot be chosen for Schemes and so on and so forth. Despite my name, I feel that a mathematical approach is difficult to take to analyze this problem in a comprehensive way. I do like the idea of making
  13. But if you save the Pass Tokens for initiative it means that Cadmus will have several activations at the end of the turn where you cannot respond and since there's a lot of Lures and stuff it means that they might draw a unit into the bubble and do horrible things to it.
  14. Wait - so how does it work exactly? I've been apparently thinking this way too simply. Don't need a step-by-step Action guide but more the order of activations and what they do in general terms.
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