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  1. I'm a bit disappointed, @Maniacal_cackle - I mean, I can see the problem you outline and all and I suppose your suggestion is a solution of sorts but really - what is Molly's thing? It's obviously making things very very difficult for the opponent. So the natural Molly solution is Sharing is Caring: When a Forgotten Minion would discard a card, the opponent discards a card instead (yet it still counts as the Forgotten Minion discarding the card for any effects and abilities). Voila!
  2. Aye, but it also means another moving part for the combo making it more unwieldy. But yeah, agreed, Serena works here well! I don't think that a player should go out of their way to force the interaction but Yume and LCB do make for a fine pairing and if Yume is getting targeted, the heal is excellent. It is a powerful combo but not groundbreaking.
  3. She can Consume Chompy so that Dreamer can re-summon and get another Activation out of the big boy (effectively also healing him and getting rid of Conditions - the Slow is naturally somewhat annoying).
  4. I've seen this opinion a lot but I must admit that I don't get it - how does it work? I mean, I realize that the Emissary is fast and relatively durable and impossible to pin down but it is also really big and has no special defenses against Pushes or Lures and such. It is obviously a very good ball bearer but four VP seems like far from trivial to achieve unless I'm missing something. IME Leylines tends to be two very easy VP and then one difficult and one very difficult VP. But it is entirely possible that I'm just missing something crucial with the Emissary.
  5. So is the playstyle a massive alpha strike with a double activating Jorogumo lobbed into position through Rifts or other tricks? Nekima eat your heart out. I must say that I'm not a huge fan of extreme alpha strikes as they tend to lead to boring games. And they took out Valedictorian's alpha strike in last errata! (I mean, deservedly so.)
  6. I believe Jesy's point is that if you pump Cooper full of Poison and then Summon, you cannot pump the newly Summoned Whiskey Gamin full of Poison as well since your Poison engine has already activated. If you hire them, you can direct the attentions of the Poison pumping engine to the Gamin and they will be full of Poison when they activate.
  7. You totally convinced me! I'll swap them around in fact. Thanks!
  8. In a normal Tri-Chi list you can have a Fermented River Monk Charge Cooper with their 2" Ml (so they get to move up the board) and provide two Poison and with good suits get themselves Poison or Focus or Chi. Wesley, Fingers, and Moon Shinobi can also do this but without such good Triggers. Akaname can also give Poison and provide the Scrap. So the hoops are pretty surmountable (unless you're going all Armor models, naturally).
  9. I think that the Emissary is a model for whom you want to have a clear plan and purpose. He's great against marker crews and his mobility means that he also rocks some strategies but I wouldn't put him into a "core crew" as such. Also note that non-Tri-Chi part of your force doesn't like Poison as much so take care with your Poison Pulses and who you pair up with who. High Armor and low Wounds makes Poison especially annoying.
  10. I give her a rating of MMM - being a combination of Mah, Molly, and Mei Feng: she drops Pit Traps that can be Rail Walked on while Reactivating her models and punishing the enemy for repeat actions. I suppose that when you double the number of Masters in a game, you kinda have to re-use your ideas Oh well, she seems interesting enough and the new art is cool, though her resemblance to her current sculpt is kinda minimal (as in, I definitely wouldn't have guessed they are the same character). I'm a bit worried about those lanterns as I'm pretty sure they'll be a part of the sculpt but we'll see. I'm not nearly as big a fan of swirly energy effects on minis as Wyrd is. I do like the fact that a faction's main summoner's alt version doesn't need to be a summoner.
  11. 40k sucks! I started this indie game about post-apocalyptic barbarians wielding giant smoke stacks with strange handles. It's called The Indie Game About Post-Apocalyptic Barbarians Wielding Giant Smoke Stacks with Strange Handles or IGAPABWGSwSH for short. Has pretty cool minis in it! Haven't had a chance to play it yet but apparently it uses cards instead of dice so it already sounds better than 40k!
  12. For the record, I preferred the Minion heavy ultra mobile surgical strikes coupled with strong Scheming playstyle already before the nerfs. I felt the alpha strike was too counterable by a skilled opponent and preferred to use the threat of Vale to force the opponent to bunch up and then just Scheme around them while stopping them from Scheming. Which was kinda the closest I could get in M3e to the playstyle of my undefeated Seamus list from M2e that I loved. The problem is that the nerfs hit that playstyle super hard as well due to the absolutely massive nerfs to the mobility of the Minions.
  13. I'm not sure I would go quite that far. I mean, a Corner Turf War is closer to a Wedge Turf War than a Corner Symbols, at least in my mind. On keyword strength level - for individual models it might indeed be the opposite. But that said, yeah, deployment naturally plays a huge part as does the Scheme pool. So all of that ranking would change based on several factors but the matrix for Strat x Deployment x opposing Faction x Scheme Pool x Terrain would be quite impossible to discuss so I feel that we need to approach these things one at a time though naturally keeping in mind that the whole is more than the sum of its parts and the interplay between all those things might mean that even if a given crew excelled in all of those elements individually it might not be the optimal choice when all of them are combined.
  14. After so much Malifaux I decided to paint a 40k tech cultist of some sort:
  15. Some time has passed and people are starting to get some real experience with GG2 - which Masters seem well-suited for which Strats? I was thinking of a simple tier list of good, solid, and non-optimal while of course keeping in mind that the opposing faction and terrain and all that naturally plays a role as well. So here's my try: Corrupted Leylines Good: Somer, Mah (Note: swapped Mah and Zipp around due to @Antebellum's excellent analysis below) Solid: Zipp, Zoraida, Wong, Brewmaster, Ophelia, Ulix Non-optimal: Symbols of Authority Good: Zipp, Zoraida Solid: Mah, Ulix Non-optimal: Somer, Wong, Brewmaster, Ophelia Break the Line Good: Mah, Zipp, Ulix, and Zoraida Solid: Brewmaster, Wong Non-optimal: Somer, Ophelia Turf War Good: Ophelia, Mah, Ulix Solid: Somer, Zoraida, Brewmaster, Zipp Non-optimal: Wong Zipp can generally play any strat pretty well and absolutely excels in Symbols. Zoraida is also very versatile and can do pretty much anything. Ophelia isn't all that good in using lots of AP for the strat but is very killy and can project that killyness well from a distance so works really well for Turf War and can be used for Leylines. Mah is our second killy Master but her keyword is quite mobile and has some very interesting tricks that makes her quite a good all-rounder. Somer is a bubble crew and with the Summon changes he needs to rely on bought models for (most) strats so he isn't all that amazingly suited for many GG2 strats these days. Ulix is our second summoner but he can compensate for the changes much better than Somer due to how growing pigs works. Pigs are also fast and can generate lots of AP so he is in a pretty good spot. Wong is quite fragile but can get lost of AP. His main problem is his general low power level and the fact that the enemy can avoid bunching up easily enough most of the time. Still, his core competences work well enough into most strats, I feel. Brewmaster can mess up the opponent's strat well enough and isn't horrid into most things but again, his general power level is quite low. Do you agree? Disagree? All comments are super welcome!
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