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  1. Thank you. I think people have to really think long and hard before crying "broken" - perhaps learn to deal with it first? Too many cries of "broken" are what caused half the models in the game to be nerfed... Might I add that, as you imply, 1 point of damage is hardly the end of the world. It would be different if it stacked, as it used to do with old Pandora - but it seems the designers intentionally changed this (another instance of the "broken" crying syndrome). I actually don't see the point of Misery at all, seems like a lot of setup for a single point of damage, it is at best a li
  2. Well in the beta some things were different, like the Fade Away ability/trigger, which now is worse IMHO. Even then, she felt underwhelming to me - it is probably because I still remember all the things she used to be able to do in M2E. Now she looks very flat: she has 3 actions just to move people, no prompt, no SS manipulation, no summoning doves, no interact as 0...she used to be a crew enabler, now she is just a...crew pusher? I don't know, perhaps her crew works around her, but last time I tried her in the beta she felt very underwhelming - I don't know that an extra (0) action can rea
  3. The art, very pretty. The stat card, very underwhelming. But hey, at least it will look good in the display case
  4. That's the thing though - M2E was amazing, M3E looks just a lot less exciting. It's hard to shift away from paradigms - basically you're asking me to forget my previous gaming experience, one that I enjoyed very much. It's like being handed a Toyota after having driven a Ferrari for the last three years...yeah good car, but can you really expect me to be content? I think toning down things makes the game just less "wonky", fun and entertaining than before. It takes away from Malifaux that "spark" which was given by the overall unpredictability, and things like a sudden Red Joker coming ou
  5. Lol that might be my problem. I love M2E and I recognize there were a few things to be smoothed out, but I didn't see any need for such a massive overhaul across the board. I'll definitely give M3E a shot, but right now it looks a lot less fun that what we've been playing so far - that's all.
  6. Allow me to be the Devil's Advocate. Terrifying is now what Manipulative used to be. Definitely a weaker ability...I realize Paralyzed is gone (sad face), so some changed needed to be made, but overall is a weaker risk/reward thing (I wonder what happened to Manipulative...). I like more high risk/high reward tactics - it makes the game less predictable and more entertaining. Now it feels like "oh, I failed - not a big deal", which is hardly a threat, more an annoyance. Also, the change to Misery is pretty bad. This does not "preserve the feel" at all - playing Pandora is going to fe
  7. ...hopefully she's also fun to play!
  8. Sure, but I mean, in comparison the ability is definitely weaker. And yes I do believe that there will be a general leveling down towards less damage, shorter engagement ranges etc. but in fact this is one of my main concerns. For sure we will have to see what her other abilities and attacks are, but I feel since many of the things that defined her are going away (negative modifiers, paralyze, Wp duels etc.) she's running out of options pretty quickly...at the very least, she'll be something very different from what we were used to. This wait is excruciating.
  9. Hi fellow Neverborners! I'm trying to figure out how the faction will evolve in M3E and I've seen the other post, but I'm in particular concerned about Pandora so I decided to write its own post about her. It looks like Wyrd is trying to shift back (as seems the case for most masters) to her original focus, the Mood Swings. That's all good with me, it was a system that really wasn't working very well and it'd be nice to see it function properly. However, what is gonna happen to Misery? From the little excerpt on the Wyrd website it reads "...the Misery ability, which damages enemy mod
  10. +1. I don't think many people will actually entirely quit playing, but many might just decide to stay with 2e. Personally, right now I'm oriented towards 2e...neither me nor my meta are particularly excited by this edition change, judging by the various tidbits of information that we have at this point.
  11. I agree - this is pretty exciting. We love theorizing about our favorite game It's the only thing we can do while we wait for the actual beta to begin - this, or eating our knuckles will we get to the bone
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