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  1. edopersichetti

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    I agree - this is pretty exciting. We love theorizing about our favorite game It's the only thing we can do while we wait for the actual beta to begin - this, or eating our knuckles will we get to the bone
  2. edopersichetti

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    This is the scenario without pass tokens...with pass tokens, the (6) crew will just pass and wait for positioning, then kill one or two of the 4ss models which, I presume, will be rather easy to do...and go from there. It's all hypothetical anyway but it looks plausible to me. I mean, I get it, right now people are angry because activations are so important that crews with more activations tend to do better and elite crews are outnumbered - and elite crews are those that tend to attract newer players anyway - the big, mean, kick-ass looking crews. But that is in the natural order of things (ANY wargame has, say, a horde of goblins vs a small contingent of elf swordsmen, and the like), and I think pass tokens evening out the numbers will give an upper hand to elite crews that they do not need...because they are elite already! If you allow a crew composed of models 7SS and up to have the same tempo as one composed of 5SS and down...the better stats and difference in abilities (higher damage output, range etc.), at least from a logical point of view, should swing the battle in favor of the elite crew pretty clearly. I'm not saying pass tokens are bad per se, just that they're a slippery slope and hard to get right - so I'm curious to try them out, hoping there is some balancing mechanics (not for free, or not two in a row, or something) and hoping Wyrd gets it right. But at the moment I'm with @Fetid Strumpet on this one - i.e. I am let's say "skeptical".
  3. edopersichetti

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    I guess what people are afraid of is that if there is no value in cheap models because they provide that extra activation, a small-count elite crew could even the odds pretty quickly and then dominate the game. Suppose I have 5 models worth 10 stones each, and you have 10 models worth 5 stones each. My 5 models each kill a cheap model on their turn, while you kill none (especially with damage being toned down and all). So on Turn 2/3 we both have 5 models, but mine are bigger, better and way out of reach of yours. Why would I ever go for quantity if it gives me little advantage? Sure, you can say more models = more actions and you can drop more scheme markers and all - but again, once the big guys dispose of the opponent's extra ones, the game will be pretty much done and dusted there. Already in M2E against heavy damage/elite crews the only remedy is to stay hidden and delay the important activations, but if this is not possible because pass tokens, one is forced to either expose some models or waste a turn. I'm thinking for example a typical Perdita or Sonnia crew...they can easily murder one (or more) models a turn. The only way to stay safe is to feed them fodder, or delay your important activations staying hidden until she's activated...you see the (potential) problem? If they get multiple pass tokens, there's no way to stay safe... Again, I'm just voicing what the people are afraid of. I agree that out-activation was starting to become a problem - but it was so only because there were more and more cheap models available. I'm curious to read the rules too and try it out, because as it is there are justified worries, and it looks like certain masters like summoners and masters that made numbers their whole schtick (like Som'er and Hamelin) will be hit - while small elite (and in particular shooty, like Perdita and the like) crews will have an advantage.
  4. edopersichetti

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    For the record, Mason just confirmed that summoning a model means the opponent gets a Pass Token right away I remember discussing with some people about out-activation still going to be possible with summoning (@Clement @Razhem @Fetid Strumpet @retnab @mrninja13 and others) - this unfortunately means that not even that is going to be true. It looks like the devs are adamant that there can't be any sort of out-activation whatsoever... At this point my first beta game will have to be Som'er or Ulix or some other summoner - I need to figure out if this Pass Token thing actually makes sense, and how the game changes. I'm very worried.
  5. edopersichetti

    Gen Con 2018 Coverage

    For sure one thing: there are many more changes, and of broader nature, than I expected when the news first came out about M3E. The initial message from Wyrd was sort of "fine-tuning" and "tightening the bolts", but as more details keep coming out, this looks more and more like a major overhaul. I mean, fundamental building blocks of the game are being changed like the stats, the AP mechanic etc. - to the point that @cbtb11235813 above said they were playing demo games to get a feel for the new mechanics...
  6. edopersichetti

    Iron Painter - 2018 Rules & Sign Ups

    I'm in!
  7. edopersichetti

    Gen Con 2018 Coverage

    It's definitely a shift in perspective - with more emphasis on the strategy (shared and public) rather than schemes (personal and secret) it will look more like a "classic" wargame. Also 8 points is a funny point-total - 10 resonates better with people I guess. One more thing for the Beta!
  8. edopersichetti

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    I think models being fragile is an interesting part of the game: they can do amazing things (think for example Mr Tannen!) but you have to protect them and be careful not to expose them. Now if killing is toned down, it'll become safer to employ these models, and that in turn means their skills will be toned down too...and the whole thing becomes less interesting. Plus, I don't know, I never minded my Bayou Gremlins and the like being killed easily, it almost...makes sense...
  9. edopersichetti

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Hahah I did not know indeed - so yeah, there goes my "unless" Still, the answer was rather short
  10. edopersichetti

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    1. Meh. So now the contest becomes on who has the better hand...also models like Doppelganger and Trixiebelle lose a lot of usefulness? 2. Will have to see what Pass Tokens are used for, but just outright canceling the advantage of out-activation seems a bit hard. 3. Agree. Actually really like this. 4. 50/50 here. Models sticking around is kinda nice, but on the other hand, some models becoming near-unkillable will be annoying. I always liked that in Malifaux, pretty much anyone could be killed if enough effort was put - and this was also because damage sometimes was pretty high. Also sometimes crazy random stuff happening with jokers, flipping three severe cards on a double negative damage flip (it happened!!) etc. 5. A negative modifier was a 90% fail without focus, and the model in cover usually didn't even have to spend a card to make it so. This made the odd "hail mary" shot pretty useless (unless, again, one was willing to spend 2AP for 1shot). A +2df on the other hand can be very easily circumvented: in fact, sometimes the shooter is already at an advantage (say Sh6 vs Df 5 or Df 4) and so it looks like your cover will do absolutely nothing against the shot. I'm curious to playtest this, but I think the +2 Df means models in cover will be hit pretty much all the time, and the only difference the cover will make is that the attacking model may have to use a card. So yeah I think shooty crews if anything are getting a boost...also with the reduction of engagement ranges! 6. Agree. 7. Not sure. 8. Agree. 9. I actually liked Peons - the idea of having super weak models that usually couldn't even interact but somehow still contribute to the crew's victory... It looks like overall there's a shift towards removing randomness from the game (see the change to initiative, the less damage, the nerf to Red Joker etc.) which kinda goes against the idea of streamlining that is supposed to be the main goal...on top of losing the original Malifaux "Bad Things Happen" flavor. Mmm
  11. edopersichetti

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Yeah I noticed the change to Flurry, I quite like it. So yeah, (2) actions are not being "translated" into actions that cost two actions (!) but rather, as options. I think this is good, but different. So I have to forget about the double healing....😆 By the way, did the Ice Golem lose his 3rd AP? That's a bit simplistic LOL. Superior: I don't know how you can say that, unless you've been Alpha testing...it looks simpler, for sure, and I agree with you it is what the game needs - because what the game needs now is to grow, to attract new players, to become popular so it can contend with the "big games" out there. And for this, the game needs to be simplified a bit, inevitably (hopefully without getting to the "pew pew" of Space Marines). But superior I don't know - right now I can't think of anything superior to M2E But yeah very "compact" answer @Zebo thanks for your answer! I agree about the initiative. I'm really on the edge about pass tokens, but I guess we'll have to see how much they get used, if they burn quickly etc. Similarly not convinced about free totems. I'm ok with very few generic, versatile models. You still have plenty of options for a crew without needing many versatile models. I guess the idea is to have max 1-2 non-thematic, non-versatile models per crew. Say for instance an average 8-model crew: master, 5 thematic, 1 versatile and 2 non-keyword/non-versatile. That way, you just have to pay +2SS. So if you really need one or two models for a task that can't be accomplished by a keyword guy, you pay a little extra.
  12. edopersichetti

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Yep, I see your point. Just, in the beginning I wasn't worried at all, now we are unsure - it's not good It's subtle differences sometimes, but think about this for example: a (2) AP action costs all of a model's AP, so normally can only be taken once. However, if the models gains extra AP, it might be able to take it twice: for example a fast, reckless Slop Hauler can heal twice (I built an entire crew on this!). How are you going to represent this with the current AP-less wording? The current (proposed?) wording for former (2) actions is "this action can only be taken once per activation, and no other action can be taken if this one is taken" ...so now add "unless the model can take two more actions, in which case this action can be taken again, and no other action can be taken after this action is taken again". You get my point
  13. edopersichetti

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Not sure if this has popped up somewhere else already, but here's an excerpt from Malifaux Musings: All initiative can be cheated. You get pass tokens based on difference in activations and it recounts each turn. All models outside of the Keyword get the old merc tax penalty of +1ss. Damage scaled down. Engagement ranges scaled down. Charges are 1 AP Walks plus a single attack. No more than 1 charge a turn, barring special rules like Cojo. First Master hire is free, others pay the cost. Totems are free with their Master. No generic totems. Each faction gets Versatile models, like the Effigy, Emissary and Riders, which don’t pay the tax with any Master. Peons are no longer a thing. All non minions are rare 1 unless specified otherwise What do people think? I'm actually in favor of most of those, even though there is a concern for watering-down that keeps creeping up...simplification is nice, over-simplification not so much. No more different charge ranges, no more stat for attacks, no more AP, weakened red joker, now no more peons...there's actually quite a few more that don't come to mind now, but all together, it looks like we're losing quite a bit of depth. The new charge is interesting, even though it is strange that there isn't at least a +2 to the Mv or something like this. But basically if you use both AP - pardon, actions - you get a movement and two attacks like the old one...or you could walk and then charge for very long threat range, but only 1 attack. So it's an interesting tradeoff. The reduction in engagement range means it's going to be harder to get engaged - I'll miss the 3" of some of the models, they provided huge table control! I'm a bit concerned about shooty crews being too powerful, especially since cover seems to have also gone down in efficacy - the modifier made sure that hitting in cover was almost impossible, now a mere +2 Df won't do much at all... Damage scaled down: not sure what to think. Games will last longer if no models die Pass tokens: completely cancel the advantage of out-activation? Man, that's harsh. You lose entirely one aspect of the game - again, we're losing some depth here. Some crews really relied on that to work. Cheating initiative: again it looks like an attempt to make Malifaux more "democratic" and less depending on fate. In fact, now that I think about it, this seems to emerge as a recurring theme...both players have same number of activations (with pass tokens), both can cheat initiative, same amount of "cache" (0), red joker is watered down, etc. So less "bad things happen", and more chess? Mmmm. I kinda like the randomness aspect. I understand it can be frustrating at times, especially for beginners (and maybe that's why the change) but too predictable and too many "equal opportunities" becomes less spicy. I might be wrong, but that's my feeling. Overall, I thought M3E was going to be a minor rework with a few changes in selected aspects that needed fine-tuning, but it looks more and more like a major overhaul, and I think it'll be a very different game experience. Looking forward to the Beta, and hopefully some or most of these changes are still work-in-progress! Your thoughts folks?
  14. edopersichetti

    The unbeatable Seamus list

    Looks really mean! Gremlin-wise, the only thing I can think of with Gremlins, is to fight on outactivation. If you win that battle, perhaps you can get to call the shots (excuse the pun!) on who goes when (and where!) and then might have a chance to bring down a Belle or two - which in turn would turn the tide of the overall game. I guess Gremlins having cheap activations and cheap-ish beaters (and lots of AP) they can invest extra resources to try and kill even low-priority targets like Crooligans etc - and that would then skew the outactivation battle even more. A summoning-heavy Som'er or my beloved Ulix for example? I usually have 13-15 activations, several disposable pigs and a lot of healing. Tough call though, can't say it would always work...and I certainly wouldn't wanna deal with quadruple lures for the life of me, especially with the renowned Gremlin Willpower!
  15. edopersichetti

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Indeed, that is perhaps my biggest concern. I find it very hard to balance the double-master option: if they're too desirable, then we end up with a situation even worse than before, where we have at least a Nekima/beater master in every faction - but if they're not desirable enough, no one would bother hiring a second master...unfortunately it looks like it'll be the first case since that's the direction of the change, but it would be a crying shame if the only way to compete would be to have a 2-master crew. Again, seeing how this worked with Nekima in Neverborn crews, I'm inclined to believe it... Can't wait to start the Beta testing, I guess!