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  1. edopersichetti

    Pandora in M3E

    ...hopefully she's also fun to play!
  2. edopersichetti

    Beta Applications Reopen

    +1 for this.
  3. edopersichetti

    Pandora in M3E

    Sure, but I mean, in comparison the ability is definitely weaker. And yes I do believe that there will be a general leveling down towards less damage, shorter engagement ranges etc. but in fact this is one of my main concerns. For sure we will have to see what her other abilities and attacks are, but I feel since many of the things that defined her are going away (negative modifiers, paralyze, Wp duels etc.) she's running out of options pretty quickly...at the very least, she'll be something very different from what we were used to. This wait is excruciating.
  4. edopersichetti

    Pandora in M3E

    Hi fellow Neverborners! I'm trying to figure out how the faction will evolve in M3E and I've seen the other post, but I'm in particular concerned about Pandora so I decided to write its own post about her. It looks like Wyrd is trying to shift back (as seems the case for most masters) to her original focus, the Mood Swings. That's all good with me, it was a system that really wasn't working very well and it'd be nice to see it function properly. However, what is gonna happen to Misery? From the little excerpt on the Wyrd website it reads "...the Misery ability, which damages enemy models who Cheat Fate within its aura". So now instead of taking damage for losing Wp duels, the damage happens when cheating fate. This is an interesting change, but feels like a de-powering (again, as it seems the case for most masters) since normally the opponent is only going to cheat fate up to 6 times (= number of cards in hand). Maybe not even all of those times he's going to be next to Pandora (or whoever else has Misery, I assume at least Sorrows). M2E Pandora and her crew could generate many more Wp duels than that, and Misery had the potential to be truly a weapon for inflicting damage. Now this ability seems less useful. Also, will the damage still "stack" as before (it didn't really stack, but was 1 per source) ? Otherwise, from "less useful" Misery will become "pretty useless". So, the opponent can occasionally take a single damage when cheating next to Misery models? It seems a pretty marginal effect...most of the times, opponent will not even care... As we know, Paralyze is gone and its replacements are much watered down. For example Distracted only gives in one direction (when targeting enemy models, but not when targeted by) and slowly ticks away...whereas Pandora used to be able to give full-fledged to enemy models. So am I right to be concerned about Pandora being overall quite weakened in M3E?
  5. edopersichetti


  6. edopersichetti

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    +1. I don't think many people will actually entirely quit playing, but many might just decide to stay with 2e. Personally, right now I'm oriented towards 2e...neither me nor my meta are particularly excited by this edition change, judging by the various tidbits of information that we have at this point.
  7. edopersichetti

    Round One Results & Round Two Begins

    Great! Love the theme! Good luck to all!
  8. edopersichetti

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    I agree - this is pretty exciting. We love theorizing about our favorite game It's the only thing we can do while we wait for the actual beta to begin - this, or eating our knuckles will we get to the bone
  9. edopersichetti

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    This is the scenario without pass tokens...with pass tokens, the (6) crew will just pass and wait for positioning, then kill one or two of the 4ss models which, I presume, will be rather easy to do...and go from there. It's all hypothetical anyway but it looks plausible to me. I mean, I get it, right now people are angry because activations are so important that crews with more activations tend to do better and elite crews are outnumbered - and elite crews are those that tend to attract newer players anyway - the big, mean, kick-ass looking crews. But that is in the natural order of things (ANY wargame has, say, a horde of goblins vs a small contingent of elf swordsmen, and the like), and I think pass tokens evening out the numbers will give an upper hand to elite crews that they do not need...because they are elite already! If you allow a crew composed of models 7SS and up to have the same tempo as one composed of 5SS and down...the better stats and difference in abilities (higher damage output, range etc.), at least from a logical point of view, should swing the battle in favor of the elite crew pretty clearly. I'm not saying pass tokens are bad per se, just that they're a slippery slope and hard to get right - so I'm curious to try them out, hoping there is some balancing mechanics (not for free, or not two in a row, or something) and hoping Wyrd gets it right. But at the moment I'm with @Fetid Strumpet on this one - i.e. I am let's say "skeptical".
  10. edopersichetti

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    I guess what people are afraid of is that if there is no value in cheap models because they provide that extra activation, a small-count elite crew could even the odds pretty quickly and then dominate the game. Suppose I have 5 models worth 10 stones each, and you have 10 models worth 5 stones each. My 5 models each kill a cheap model on their turn, while you kill none (especially with damage being toned down and all). So on Turn 2/3 we both have 5 models, but mine are bigger, better and way out of reach of yours. Why would I ever go for quantity if it gives me little advantage? Sure, you can say more models = more actions and you can drop more scheme markers and all - but again, once the big guys dispose of the opponent's extra ones, the game will be pretty much done and dusted there. Already in M2E against heavy damage/elite crews the only remedy is to stay hidden and delay the important activations, but if this is not possible because pass tokens, one is forced to either expose some models or waste a turn. I'm thinking for example a typical Perdita or Sonnia crew...they can easily murder one (or more) models a turn. The only way to stay safe is to feed them fodder, or delay your important activations staying hidden until she's activated...you see the (potential) problem? If they get multiple pass tokens, there's no way to stay safe... Again, I'm just voicing what the people are afraid of. I agree that out-activation was starting to become a problem - but it was so only because there were more and more cheap models available. I'm curious to read the rules too and try it out, because as it is there are justified worries, and it looks like certain masters like summoners and masters that made numbers their whole schtick (like Som'er and Hamelin) will be hit - while small elite (and in particular shooty, like Perdita and the like) crews will have an advantage.
  11. edopersichetti

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    For the record, Mason just confirmed that summoning a model means the opponent gets a Pass Token right away I remember discussing with some people about out-activation still going to be possible with summoning (@Clement @Razhem @Fetid Strumpet @retnab @mrninja13 and others) - this unfortunately means that not even that is going to be true. It looks like the devs are adamant that there can't be any sort of out-activation whatsoever... At this point my first beta game will have to be Som'er or Ulix or some other summoner - I need to figure out if this Pass Token thing actually makes sense, and how the game changes. I'm very worried.
  12. edopersichetti

    Gen Con 2018 Coverage

    For sure one thing: there are many more changes, and of broader nature, than I expected when the news first came out about M3E. The initial message from Wyrd was sort of "fine-tuning" and "tightening the bolts", but as more details keep coming out, this looks more and more like a major overhaul. I mean, fundamental building blocks of the game are being changed like the stats, the AP mechanic etc. - to the point that @cbtb11235813 above said they were playing demo games to get a feel for the new mechanics...
  13. edopersichetti

    Iron Painter - 2018 Rules & Sign Ups

    I'm in!
  14. edopersichetti

    Gen Con 2018 Coverage

    It's definitely a shift in perspective - with more emphasis on the strategy (shared and public) rather than schemes (personal and secret) it will look more like a "classic" wargame. Also 8 points is a funny point-total - 10 resonates better with people I guess. One more thing for the Beta!