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  1. I always wanted the Crossroads Seven to look a bit more inhuman so for Gluttony decided to go for a decidedly unnatural skin colour. Also pretty happy with the hat.
  2. I would also like to note that comparing Bete to Hinamatsu might not be the best way to go about it. I mean, Hinamatsu is quite bonkers and would probably be a strong consideration for inclusion into any crew in the game no matter the faction if it was possible. She is absolute cream of the crop in her role.
  3. I have to say that Silurid with an Upgrade always makes me consider that First Mate would be only one stone more. Disguised is naturally crazy amazing for a Butterfly Jumping Stealth model but still, First Mate is really really good as well. Of course taking tons of Henchmen kinda weakens them due to Stones being less of an advantage when there's so many models that want to use them so maybe that's the deciding factor.
  4. I don't know that you really need all your models to be nodes for Zoraida - I think that having two or three models that do not share keyword with Zoraida still allows you plenty of reach and threat for her. But yeah, in general I agree with @SEV- NB has better Versatiles and OOK models for Zoraida for the most part with just Marker Removal being something that Bayou really excels at on a wholly different level compared to NB (Emissary, Gluttony, Mancha Roja). I also don't consider Ghillie Suit an autotake for Zoraida - depends on the opponent a lot.
  5. They could be made into two distinct Enforcers called Nesty McNestFace (with two less Wounds) and Nesterbestertester (without the Ram baked in)!
  6. Ulix is the only Bayou Master I don't own so I'll let someone else suggest how to get into him but Mah I know well. So the starter for Mah gives you a solid set of models - you will seldom take all three of the Bushwhackers but they are fine Minions and fun to play. Now, I'd say that your next purchase should either be Rooster Riders giving you three very solid damage dealers or Bayou Engineering which gives you three fine Minions and two useful Enforcers. Roosters aren't very durable but hit extremely hard and are super mobile while the Bayou Engineering is more durable but hits les
  7. I'm not sure Wong is a strong pick against much of anything But in all seriousness, Emissary kinda turns Shockwaves on their head making them into a potential source of healing in addition to damage and with We Are Legion allowing Cadmus to control how the damage lands Wong seems to me, on paper, to be quite possibly the weakest pick into Cadmus that we have. Unless I'm missing something, that is. My approach would be to try avoiding and outscoring them with Zoraida or Zipp since I really don't see fighting them head on leading anywhere productive. Of course if the Strat and Scheme
  8. Thank you! And yeah, I actually didn't even paint the eyes but in the pic they somehow look like they have pupils painted - I'll need to check them. The goggles are a good catch - I seem to have messed them up a bit during some stage but should be a really easy fix.
  9. Not sure whether I can offer anything super constructive but I just love how sinister they look. And how they are very different from another yet very cohesive. The smoothness also helps - they are technically super sound. Also really love the subtle use of colour in both to give some visual interest but still retain the look. If there's anything I'm not super fond of it's probably the white one's bowtie which I feel could use some more definition and stronger shadows but that's really minor.
  10. I do like him a lot! One thing I'm kinda on the fence about is that, even though I love the green, it's so very eye catching that it kinda steals the focus of the piece. Especially on the head the eye kinda wonders away from the (lovely!) face to the hat brim. This also goes to the base somewhat. I do like the kinda velvet finish you gave to the coat with the way you applied the highlights. And the shovel is fantastic! (I also absolutely love your Mourners! Damn they are amazing!)
  11. I like them! A classic look that suits them! My favourite is definitely Perdita herself which is good since she's the Master.
  12. Love the vibrancy of the blues and the reds! As for the photography - check out this video by Squidmar for a very simple style of minis photography: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YlkzRE33Lb0
  13. We did a Slow Grow League where your model pool was tied to profile cards so if you picked, say, Moon Shinobi, you could pick all three of them for your force. I can't remember the exact particulars of the league (the number of cards we started with, the size of the games or such) but it was a good way to set up a slow grow league and I could see it codified into a format that could be used for leagues but also for tournaments if one were so inclined. Also, depending on whether you pick the new card(s) before or after knowing the Strat and Schemes and the opponent for the next game i
  14. Well, they are Syndicate which seems to be a bit like Guild or Arcanists in looks. But yeah, they certainly could've been a bit less generic. I do like the look of the Brawler and Yannic has at least some character to her. It is a bit embarrassing. It's weird that this render was approved. I suppose one could pretend that he is checking how the scope aligns with the barrel or something rather than being actively trying to shoot the gun.
  15. To be fair, Archivist is the most commonly used 9-cost Versatile in the Faction
  16. Yannic and Brawler look great, one rifleman is fine but yeah, the other one is holding the rifle in a really really weird way. Harata looks a bit skinnier that I thought he would but is otherwise fine. The girlpooner is very cool, the guypooner looks somehow imbalanced. And why does the Tidecaller have those pipes attached to his nipples?? Also, his pose from the waist down looks strange. I love the Moorwraiths and Grave Goo looks like Goo so I dunno. Not a huge fan of the concept but it is what it is. Still, this box kinda cements Seekers as the best looking Explorers crew. Really h
  17. So would this make for a fine starting point for a Toni crew: Toni (5 Pool) Mouse Howard SS Miner x2 Coryphee Duet Arcane Emissary I have a Toni crew from M2e but due to the keyword reshuffling and such my collection of keyword models for her is Toni, Mouse, Captain, Amina, Howard, and one Steamfitter so I had kinda resigned to never playing her again (similar to my Sonnia, LJ, McM, Lilith, Collodi, Nicodem, Ramos, Tara, and probably a couple of other Masters that I'm forgetting...) but now I'm kinda seeing some light at the end of the tunnel.
  18. My undefeated Seamus list at the very tail end of M2e (got my final M2e tournament win with it) was based around the idea that it had no "worthy" targets for the enemy except for Seamus who was decked out in defensive Upgrades to make him unkillable unless I screwed up. The basic version was Seamus (Mad Haberdasher, Do You Know Who I Am, Sinister Reputation), 6 Pool Copycat Killer 4x Rotten Belle Dead Doxy Crooligan Crooked Man Necropunk So a good variety of cheap Minions. Mah is my favourite Master so I dug up a thread about her in M2e a
  19. Of course if the "normal 10/10" choices don't work against Cadmus and you need to resort to 8/10 choices then they effectively could be a 14/10 crew (to continue with the arbitrary numbers).
  20. I think that for it to be an effective illusion someone would need to show the "non-best" models working well against Cadmus and so far that hasn't really happened.
  21. So is it all OOK and Versatiles for Toni (aside from Howard and Captain sometimes)?
  22. I do realize that I said that I wouldn't answer further but that particular article is something I feel quite strongly about and I've seen it bandied about in minis gaming circles quite a bit. So this post isn't meant to further engage with @Maniacal_cacklebut rather trying to raise some view points that IMO should be considered when reading the article linked. Now I realize that you don't specify which parts of the article you find pertinent but I would posit that it's amazingly important to note the vast differences between a card game where an average player owns thousands of cards and
  23. I admit that I'm having massive difficulty following what you're trying to say here. To me it kinda reads like you're just disagreeing on principle since your examples seem to be of ridiculous extremes like "being good in 1 in 1000 pools" or "buff him to be good in all games and broken against summons". Do you honestly think that I was suggesting something where that "1/1000 pools" thing would be relevant? Or that anyone on this forum wants to see Vincent being good in all games and broken against summons? Malifaux is unique among minis games in the way that it supports niche models
  24. I extremely strongly disagree with the idea that a model needs to be good in all pools and matchups for it to be fine. I even more strongly disagree with the notion that buffing models is useless since "one model is always the worst" (and the corollary of nerfing models is useless because "there's always a model that is the strongest and therefore problematic"). I think we're in the territory where it might be wiser just to agree that we disagree since our differences are so extreme here.
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