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  1. THIS IS SO HYPE! I clicked on this randomly, and that was basically my first thought. I do like the vast majority of it though, the boxes are great. I especially am a huge fan of the giant piles, which provide both (I assume) climbable obstacles, vantage points, and blocking terrain, which really just makes a battlefield fun. Plus they look damn nice, is it foam with balsa layered over it to look like boxes? Or I guess it could be more hollow than I'm thinking. I also like the sacs in that one wagon, look pretty cool. The house I'm not a fan of though, the texture bothers me. Like stucco walls.. just doesn't jive with me. I like the stack of I-beams though, oh and the cool crane, although I almost wish there were a more obvious way to get to the top. I guess it looks nice on it's own, but I feel like if it's just impassable terrain around the 6-support struts it's almost being wasted for terrain purposes. Also I just noticed the out-of-shot-rungs on the back support that look like they are probably there for exactly the reason I just went over, so ignore me. EDIT: Oh!, oh, doublepost! (Or secret edit) But I just thought of something important, since there is seemingly little terrain that is not LoS blocking you have (Maybe the little boxes or fences I guess?), but not really much like.. ponds or rivers or the likes, the typical "difficult terrain only" type pieces. You could have a like, coal-patch or something, that's like a large hole the coal is stored in on ground level, before it's packed or whatever. I guess it's not quite gravel, I've never really seen a section of ground made of coal, but I actually imagine it is fairly stable to walk on, but same difference. Or you could have little bonfires which don't really block LoS, but provide hazardous.
  2. I feel like the number range implies the healing flip. I haven't read the Ability off hand, and it may not be explicitly stated in the rules, but I would say that unless an Ability specifically calls for you to interact with the discarded card, that it is simply being discarded. Or rather, if this is ambiguous to the sensibilities of players, I would assume they omitted that phrase "Make a healing flip" since that is common place in the game, rather than assume they made an Ability that functions in a unique way without including text which explicitly states how to take the Action. And I guess eventually if people ask enough it could be FAQ'd.
  3. Well, I certainly can't tell you what to do, but I certainly wouldn't give a Kappa a weird angler-fish lure . And yeah, I would normally assume anything that is drawn from a traditional Japanese folklore would jump to Oni subtype in my head, although that doesn't mean it can't be a Swampfiend as well, just not.. first and foremost in my mind. That said, now that we've been given Asami, the Oni subtype does carry more weight (If the model is a minion anyways), since she can summon it. Although currently you're resting on an Enforcer. As far as the Abilities, I assume the front side ones are written as per other instances of them, so they should be correct. The last Ability you have that eats counters, it's currently written a little funny. Since it isn't using the word "Target" in it's main text, it doesn't require a target to use, along with the trigger, this makes it seem like it might be able to simply use that Ability as a heal. The trigger is not stated conditionally on the discard happening (i.e. "If the marker is discarded...") so I dunno if that is suppose to happen exactly like that? The "Close enough" trigger on the lure is also lacking the "Target" phrasing which, I believe, is what Val was referencing in the confusion for that trigger. Two things to point out though 1) that Lure Action in general is an Attack, the difference between Attacks and Tactical Actions is if the Action references a target (Or rather, if the Action can be resisted, by Df or Wp typically); 2) the trigger seems like it's just a reduced power Pounce, which isn't a straight knock on it, but I do wonder if the trigger isn't more or less adding additional "moves" to the game that are almost identical? Like, using Pounce would be almost the same effect, but it wouldn't require a (Which is built in anyways unless Hannah is too close) and could be used if other models were pushing the target around. All I'm really saying is, when possible making use of existing concepts, especially when so similar, just makes things easier for everyone. Infect and Critical on the same model also seem kind of odd to me, if only because they are almost directly competing for use. If you have the choice of which to use (i.e. you hit with a card, since the is again built in) then their effect is effectively [+1 damage], just one has a slight delay. Granted sometimes applying the poison and allowing synergy is a good thing, and sometimes if you aren't dealing with too much Armor or a model you can simply finish off, then the Crit is better immediately. But together, while they provide options, isn't exactly something that explains the flavor of the model to me, especially if you want it not focused on being a brawler. It's attack is already decent as is, granted it is currently floating around 8-ss, but expanding on that aspect seems to.. "steal" room from if you wanted it to be more focused on a "Scheme runner" style model.
  4. I concur with Valgaav. I am confused with the intended identity, and where you are looking to start or end? I mean, conceptually, this screams Neverborn (Swampfiend, plus the luring and wicked claws). I can't speak on the model itself. I guess what I'm asking is, you didn't exactly declare the faction of the unique model you're hoping to design, so what is it? You did clearly state it shall be usable as Mei Feng, which would be 10T, but is the "new model" intended to be 10T as well, or something more Neverborn like it appears? If it's suppose to be 10T, I feel it is perhaps, a bit off of the "color wheel". As for the abilities, I'd love to comment after I have a more solid image of where you're going
  5. Dude, Performer in a poison-maters Brewmaster crew is awesome. Although that's TT side, where Drunken-fu is a thing, plus I think there are like new poison demons or something in Wave 4? I don't know too much about them though. I often hire Ronin and Torakage in any crew though, just because they are Mercs and I don't have terribly many crews actually built So Ronin fill out my Misaki crews if I need more SS and Torakage when it's Sister's time.
  6. The biggest obstacle, since Carver does have a specific play scenario and stats in Malifaux already, is.. well just that. Say you want to play the Carver scenario, and someone wants to bring "Carver-joy" to that game, then it becomes a chance at confusion. Granted, how people couldn't tell their models apart would befuddle me completely, but the chance is there, or simply someone forgetting who's carver is which what, and the FeelsBads of making plans around a false assumption. But it's certainly a cool model, he actually might fit in along side the Mysterious Emissary (Just pumpkin them both up ). I just don't know if it maters enough to have Wyrd push for it. At smaller local tournaments you could ask a friendly TO (And assuming players are comfortable enough) for proxy rights, and friendly games the same.. This would really only mater at an event being held with strict proxy rulings, so I feel like it's not quite... there?
  7. I take it yours are no longer "grey and sad" ? A bit jarringly bright, overall, but I love the skin tones. I also really like the use of the translucent bases with the insets, it's a very interesting style, quite crisp (Which match the style of the colors, for that mater). I mean, obviously your a fantastic painter, I just feel like the brightness on the bases really draws the eyes away from the focal points, if ya know what I mean. I especially love Lenny though, quite jealous of the immaculate shading.
  8. In the example you give, yes an no. Dense terrain (What the markers are declared by the Ability) only block LoS through them, however if you are touching the item in question you can be seen. So if the engagement is at 1" up to nearly 2" it's going to be almost impossible to place the 50mm in a way that neither is touching the Marker between them. However with 3" engagement it should be quite comfortable for you to place the Markers cutting off LoS. Effectively a 50mm base is about 1.96", so while you theoretically can place it between two models at 2" exactly (Also nearly impossible if you're playing physically), so in a friendly game at the table, I'd really only suggest it if you can easily place the 50mm marker in between the models. If you have to finagle the models to place the base correctly, it's probably not worth it. Although, that is placing the largest part of the 50mm between the models, and I just realized that you're asking if you can place the part where the two markers touch between the models. In which case, it's very likely that it will fit, depending on the base size of the engaged models. So yeah, if you can place it where the markers are not touching either model, but the Markers touch each other right where a direct like might pass through for LoS, that will be blocked. Like.. ..o... ()() .O... If you take the parenthesis as the Markers and the 'o's as model bases, then LoS can not be drawn through the point where the two Markers meet. If that is the question.
  9. Yeah, I thought it was weak as well, but many models gain strength by synergy (Brilliance or any Bakuto interactions potentially), so I wasn't terribly offended. His base stats are at least on par, and I wanted the Wakizashi to be strictly worse than the Dai Katana on the Ronin cards because well, Wakizashi are smaller swords essentially. Of course, granting the Wakizashi was motivated by the fact that early "yakuza" had been granted the "honor" of wielding short blades in a time when only Samurai had them, and having a full length blade demanded respect. The negative tied to that was really just a flavorful turn to go with the Yubitsume, since that really was a focal point for the concept; Originally it was Ml 6, and Quick Hand was Ca 5, but I matched them to their respective defenses (Df // Wp respectively). The Defense I didn't want too over the top, 5 is decent, and the higher Wp was to represent that, despite being a criminal element, the Yakuza display strength of will in their actions, whether it be supporting the needy during disasters or in their strict codes of honor. But I certainly agree it was a weaker model to start off with. That was unintended, and I would try to change that in retrospect. However I am in favor of elegant design, and at a certain point the phrasing becomes cumbersome, so I might decide to rework that Ability all together if I didn't think it flowed well enough. For instance, the "Within 9" and "Within 3" both could be confused for within X" of the target, or the model? So I could see that being something to work around. Although I will say that the Range was 9", the distance to discard a token 8" and the distance to place a token 3" to repeat the 9-8-3 theme subtly. It's the only reason I used an odd number for a range in the first place I wouldn't favor a TN though for that Ability. If anything I think a targeting restriction might be the quickest method of clearing up that Action, just say "Target an enemy model." or something similar at the start. Honestly I did consider it, because I also felt like the front of the card was a bit lacking. But within the domain of the ideas I had floating around, the ones I wanted to convey were more "Action" oriented, though certainly he could benefit from alternative front options. Honestly, rather than a trigger, Wheedle would make a good Ability, simply allowing him to remove Scheme Markers after successfully resolving any duel, and then he could also "Force product" onto victims while cutting them with his sword if he had set it up. I wouldn't mind that at all actually. Yeah, I was on the fence with this as well. 6 cards seems very powerful, and while 9 and 8 are not face cards, 9 and 8 are enough to stop attacks often enough, and while drawing 6 will never be straight up bad (If they're all low cards, at least they're not being flipped!), I thought 4 was too little, and I.. didn't like the number 5 lol. I'd have to play a game or two to see how often he was able to utilize this Ability, but I agree it's potentially his most powerful Action. It's like a supped up Mulligan from Lynch, but with specific requirements. I also, DID, specifically make this Action a reveal rather than discard up-front, because of my consideration of Obey, for the record I'd be willing to at least try this guy at draw 6 before crying wolf though, if I were making this model I personally think hand pressure (And requiring exactly 3 cards in hand) are enough to stymie it's abuse. Although it is also not good if it's too powerful when it does go off, so it may well be as you say, and need a bit of changing Either way, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I appreciate the comments I really wish these forums had more "Build your own" style threads or.. a section. Playing games is definitively fun, but I also quite enjoy the creation aspect as well, and coming up with neat ideas is certainly a blast.
  10. 3 out of 5 weeks isn't the qualifier, as far as I understand though. The way I read it, they'll be cumulative scoring the final results? So if more people played the first week any any other, two or three of the other weeks might not set people ahead enough to take the lead. Likewise, if participating is ramping up and the last two weeks are not Neverborn, they could be swept out from under their feet. At least, that's how I understand it working, rather than a set number of period wins.
  11. Uh, that would be disgusting with Nicodem healing the Trickster (If she counts as Undead). More over if instructed to "heal to full" such as the Nurses or what not, how much of a value is that counted as? Many questions to be answered I see
  12. So I just got to reading the new events for this new period and WOW. I actually almost feel like people might pick 10T for the Man, just because it's so ridiculous, and honestly the rest of those didn't sound outrageously amazing. I mean, imagine how much we don't win, and then consider all the Hamlin bait that @Mason is dangling in front of his Outcast minions that will probably never come to fruition The Trickster is having a rough time though, her choices for flavors of new skins is not the most inspiring to me. Although the Gremlin story for that is funny, if only because the Gremlins thought they could simply barter for self-resurrection? Crazy Gremlins. I like most of the outcomes for the Child though, THE LOVED ONE! That is rather funny to me. I actually want Toni to win for her, just because I adore Toni, but the 10T and the Kimono seems like it could be interesting, and heavens know if there is a new official teddy with a kimono, everyone wins
  13. Well, to be honestly, my favorite part about the Magic: The Gathering forums were the Make Your Own Card subforum I haven't seen this sooner, or I'd probably have already wasted time making something up, but I can give it a go pretty quick right now. So, for starters, I just want to point out that there is a slight misconception displayed here with the concept of Yakuza. The current 10T actually display quite a bit of similarity to the Yakuza, especially in the leadership being called the Oyabun and their clearly illicit activities. The first thought that comes to mind when I think between Yakuza and the 10T is actually the Thunder Bros, because I feel they represent the Yakuza quite a bit with additional flavor of martial schools themed after animals, kind of a smash-up of ideas like you mentioned. But the thing is that the Yakuza in general are a much older organization, which places them in more feudal times of origin, and their original goals were very similar to the back-ground "10T" going ons, such as gambling or fencing illegal goods. I can quite imagine the 10T peddling cheap or knock-off soulstones in Malifaux (Or Earth side even), much like the Yakuza would in a similar situation. The Yakuza also have very strong loyalty style beliefs, something we can see very clearly in even the Katanaka Snipers, whom all cut out their tongues so they may not be forced into revealing secrets, and other such examples. All I'm really saying is, I think the Yakuza are very well represented in the fantastical culture of the 10T, despite other more fantasy-oriented ques being a big part of them. The big difference is, I feel, that you're looking for pop-culture (Our pop culture, not Malifaux pop-culture) image of Yakuza. Such as men in suits with tattoos just visible at the cuff of their sleeve (But you know it covers their entire body, if they've been around long enough), swords and often compact guns. Maybe you're looking for something else, but in general I think much of the 10T as is encompass the "criminal element" of such gangs. Either way, Shatei 5 Soulstones Minion, Living Darkened, Bakuto Df 5 Wp 6 Wds 6 Wk 5 Cg 7 Ht 2 Yubitsume - When an enemy model in 8 takes an Action which discards a Scheme Marker friendly to this model, this model suffers 1 damage. (1) Wakizashi (Ml 5 / Rst: Df / Rg: 1" ): Target suffers 2/2/3 damage. If this model has 3 Wds or less, this Attack receives . Practiced Precision: This Attack ignores Armor. (1) Quick Hand (Ca 6 / Rst: Wp / Rg: 8"): The winner of this duel may discard an opposing Scheme Marker within 9" or place a friendly Scheme Marker within 3". Wheedle: After succeeding, this model may remove a friendly Scheme Marker within 3". If it does, the target gains the following Condition until the end of the Turn: "Under the Influence: This model has the Brilliance Characteristic." (0) Ya-ku-za: You may reveal your hand. If you reveal exactly an 8, 9 and 3, discard your hand and draw six cards. Whatever, the general concept is there. I imagine it's generally a scheme runner style model, and it's Quick Hand grants it an improved chance to land Scheme Markers as well as denying opposing crews their Markers. However, the double-edged sword is that it opens the chance for the opponent to remove a Scheme Marker as well with failure, and Yubitusme means the lowly Yakuza will be paying the price (in fingers) to their boss. Likewise, the Yubitsume rite is meant, traditionally, as a means to weaken the ability to wield one's sword, which feeds into the Wakizashi's once they lose "3 fingers". Wheedle just connects them more to the Darkened theme of Lynch, and potentially a Bakuto (A type of Yakuza, typically involved in gambling, like Lynch) type could expand more towards the 10T than always using Darkened. Ya-ku-za is also the namesake of the challenge and where they get the idea, from a game where the three cards 8, 9, 3 results in a 0 score. It might not be too bad of a hand in Malifaux, but the potential to draw 6 cards if you have that exact combination seems decent enough and I doubt it's too powerful, it's more for the flavor of it anyways. It's also probably not written in an exactly rules-lawyer turn of phrase, but I think everything on there still is understandable at least
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