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  1. Done! Another year of Iron Painter competition completed. Happy New Year's everyone. This was a blast! Looking back at my past entries from 2016 I'm surprised by how much I've improved. If I can keep this up maybe next year I might even make it into the Silver category. New Year's resolution? Paint harder! Stain those fingers Red! Checking out the galley. Gorgeous pieces. Well done everyone!
  2. Scratch built diorama featuring Wyrd Miniatures models December's Fist (Puppet Wars), December Acolytes (Puppet Wars: Unstitched), and December's Fist (Malifaux).
  3. I had a similar thought @Octavus. I'm in "Winterpeg", Canada. The snow drifts are up to the top of my fence and we get snow here till March or April. No need to mock up a diorama! LOL.
  4. -Bayou Gremlin by Wyrd Miniatures; Height: 20mm -White Lion by Kingdom Death; Height: 65mm -Scratch Built Diorama Base
  5. Jason13


    The water pouring in from the window is just chilling. Love it!
  6. This is to perfect to be real. Somebody wake me up! Amazing!
  7. Jason13


    In two weeks!?! How?!?! Thank goodness I'm in Bronze. I'd have burnt my brushes otherwise. Amazing work!
  8. Jason13

    Floating spirits.jpg

    Love that raft. Scratch build? Great job on the water effects!
  9. Jason13

    The Ferryman.jpg

    Love that side wave the boat makes from tipping. Very nice work!
  10. Love that purple striping. Adds so much character!
  11. The rising water effect on this is SO cool!
  12. Love the freehand on that cloak!
  13. Jason13

    Soup time.jpg

    Theme is a bit weak but the paint job is great! Love the sketch-like style to your painting.