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  1. My Gen Con order just arrived - that's a new sale record! (I'm sure it helps that the staff weren't in Indiana this year, and it doesn't hurt that I'm less than 10 miles from Wyrd HQ). Everything I picked up (10T and Guild Fate decks, Lynch core box, Guild core book, and of course Miss Guided) looks great. I do have one question, though. The 10T Fate Deck (which is gorgeous, by the way!) has a different Ten Thunders model on every card...except that the 3 of Crows depicts a Seishin for some reason. As far as I know, even Yan Lo can't get one of those into a Ten Thunders crew...is this jus
  2. No, this was the question about choosing between 3+ teams for a country. Will definitely post any sign-up info here, though. Thanks!
  3. I tried deleting the app from my phone and reinstalling it - it kept my login info, but cleared out all the crews (duplicates and otherwise), so that's a solution. Unfortunately, when I rebuilt a few core crews on the phone, those are no longer synching to my other devices. 🙄 I suspect my app may just be cursed...
  4. @dzlier, I'm sure you have plenty going on with the GG1 release, but just FYI, deleted crews are still reappearing for me across multiple devices. I'm thinking of creating a new account to see if the issue persists.
  5. The Georgia Malifaux team is finishing up our M3E grow league, and we're capping it off with a 3-round, 50ss, Gaining Grounds Season 0 tournament on Saturday, February 29. at Heroic Gaming in Roswell, Georgia (just north of Atlanta). All comers are welcome whether or not you participated in the league, and this will be a USFT event (assuming we reach the 8-player minimum, which we certainly expect to). Registration begins at 12:00 noon, and play begins at 12:30. Plenty of raffle prizes and fun to be had in a great new venue. $5 entry fee goes directly to store credit for winners. Full det
  6. Yeah, it's still happening for me as well. @dzlier, let me know if there's anything I can do to help troubleshoot or debug this. (Presumably not over the holidays, though.)
  7. No, I wasn't. Interestingly, if I make changes to a crew in the new PC/browser version, it creates a new copy of the crew with the same name...and THAT copy propagates to other devices. But deletes don't. It's generally very odd.
  8. At least as of iOS build 1.0.9 (and possibly earlier), changes to data one one device (game setups, crews. etc.) are not being reflected on other devices using the same account. I've done a force-close and restart, sign out and sign back in, etc. on multiple devices with no joy. Previously this seemed to happen pretty quickly, but I'm not seeing changes reflected even several hours after making them. Let me know if I can provide any more information.
  9. I definitely agree that there are a lot of good, versatile options within 10T, and I can certainly build a crew that uses them. Unfortunately, avoiding Walking Forge and giving up (most of) Rail Walk means that I'm basically surrendering the Foundry keyword's signature action, which is a significant handicap. A lot of other Foundry abilities rely on Scrap markers as well; there are a few ways to hand out Stunned in the crew, which would handicap the Bonus Actions Von Schtook's people rely on to remove Scrap, but most of those also rely on removing Scrap markers. I guess what I'm saying is
  10. I've been talking to one of our local Resser players, and he has a theory that Von Schtook is a hard counter to Mei Feng. With Von Schtook, Anna Lovelace, Undergratuates, and (especially) the Valedictorian all able to turn Scrap Markers into their Scheme Markers (and get card draw into the bargain), I wonder if he may be right. Anyone here have experience with, or suggestions for, this matchup?
  11. THAT wouldn’t be a pain to assemble at all...
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