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  1. Good PMF News: PullMyFinger Wiki lives! The amazing Dan Miner has moved existing content off the rapidly-disintegrating Wikispaces site and onto another site. Sad PMF News: Users didn't migrate! If you want to update it, please please please go to this page to create an account: http://pullmyfinger.minercreations.com/index.php?title=Special%3ACreateAccount But! It definitely needs a lot of love and management, and a lot of newer models don't have entries. Come log in and update! I haven't been doing a lot of keeping up with newer models and strategies, so I hope that people who
  2. When I tried moving it previously, it didn't go well. I'll be looking into options, but probably handing it off to someone up for the task.
  3. Hey! Yeah, looks like we definitely need to move it. They've been getting more expensive every year, so moving is very tempting. However, I have not been very active on PMF lately. I'd really welcome someone who would help me move it to a new site. I'll be looking for someone experienced with these things to help. Thanks, Ted/Hateful Darkblack
  4. Also! For those who want to help, here's a guide page. https://pullmyfinger.wikispaces.com/Helping+Out (Quick summary: Yes, please do help!)
  5. Please do work on the Gremlin section! I added Talos from Broken Promises, and I'm going through now and adding Master Upgrades when I have time. For me, it's often the best way to learn this stuff.
  6. Hey all! So, I had plans to move the PullMyFinger tactical wiki off of Wikispaces, because of rising prices. The price rise turned out to be less than it seemed, and moving off the server turned out to be technically very challenging. So, I'm not moving it any time soon. I've started to populate the Wiki with updated Broken Promises content. I hope you'll do the same!
  7. It's been a while since I've played Levy, but here's my usual thoughts on Anchors: You want three Anchors, every time. You can add more, but I usually assume that my Levy Crew will be split in three. One should be a sniper who hangs out toward the back and is really stable so you never run out of Anchors. I often use Lazarus or Ryle for this one. For this you want durability and a ranged attack. One should be fast and durable, able to get up and hold territory. I generally rely on Ashes and Dust here. But I generally rely on Ashes and Dust a lot when I'm playing Leveticus. Sometimes
  8. Yeah! I have won a tournament or two with a similar list. Aionus speeds up nearby Gremlins in the first rounds as he rolls up with them toward the middle. He can also speed up Merris, who can then get a ridiculous 4AP + (0) action and do tricks like drop a scheme marker, move, drop a scheme marker, move, drop a scheme marker. Here's the Crew I typically use: Somer + Family Tree, Can of Beans, Encouragement. Ainous. Merris + Show Off. Skeeters x 2. Lightning Bug (for healing). Bayou Gremlins x 5.
  9. COLD NIGHTS - MALIFAUX TOURNAMENT Sunday, March 5 at 10 AM - 6 PM Heretic Games 442 San Mateo Ave, San Bruno, California 94066 50SS GG17 Unpainted models are allowed. As a motivation to paint we will be having a competition for best painted crew. Those who use unpainted models will be disqualified. Hosted by Derrek Chu. Facebook events page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1826159834302452/
  10. I sure hope so! I know I've been feeling kind of unhappy with the site being not up-to-date, and I'm glad to be moving it.
  11. You'll need to request edit access to do so, but once you do, yes.
  12. Great question! So, the answer is, I've started a new site for PMF (one Google Sites) and I've been porting stuff over, but I haven't announced it yet. The import process is all by hand, which is annoying. You should be able to edit the Wikispaces site if you are logged in. New announcement on this coming up in the next few days - sorry for the delay!
  13. Okay, I tried to set this up. I really did. It looks like I cannot add the podcast to iTunes without installing iTunes on my laptop, and my laptop is Ubuntu, which doesn't run iTunes. I'll try to figure out a workaround or try from a different machine or something, but right now I still can't do this. Sorry!
  14. Another new episode of How They Get You is now out! Sorry it took so long! Joshua MacAran explains how his horrible Seamus Crew shut me down so thoroughly. Thanks Joshua! https://howtheygetyou.podbean.com/e/episode-6-seamus-shoots-your-favorite-model-in-the-head/
  15. Thanks! Glad you've been enjoying the videos in general. I don't plan to rerecord this one, but I'll add your suggestions in the Notes! Mind if I credit you?
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