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  1. You can only concentrate once per activation so you can't get 3 on the student, unless I've misunderstood something.
  2. Agree with all of this. I found it hard to articulate why I dislike this deck; but the above encapsulates it. I can only add to this by saying I feel less inclined to promote Malifaux now this exists.
  3. 100% agree - this idea that Lynch is some southern gentleman and therefore must be slow is absurd, and hampers the in-game effectiveness of him
  4. I'm 100% for this idea. I only play with Huggy + Effigy (in and since Closed Beta) after iterations of Lynch only made him harder to get any efficiency out of the 3 AP he had.
  5. Shadow Emissary, Kang (situational but very useful) Charm Warders. Snipers (the usual TT stuff!). The Illuminated are great too so you don't need much more to run a very effective TT Lynch crew There is the age old argument about whether Sensei Yu is better than the Emissary, but that is a matter of playstyle I think.
  6. Is that the summon that auto ends the game and all players are ejected from the room?
  7. I believe in the situation you are describing (Stitched on One wound with Reactivate being hit by Burn Like Fire) would allow Shen to steal reactivate as the model has the condition when attacked and there is no clause to indicate timing, its part of the attack. FAQ 132 is probably closest in situation to the above. If Shen did burn like fire on a stitched with 2 wounds (reducing it to 1 and thus gaining reactivate) would Shen be able to steal reactivate? Reactivate is gained when damaging, but no timing is given for the stealing of conditions. I'm thinking general timing applies here an
  8. The Prospector requires friendly scheme markers to do all its tricks other than the push they get at the start of the activation, whereas the Raider forces enemy scheme markers out, that the Crime Boss takes advantage of. I'd drop the Prospector and add in Sensei Yu. Then have the Raider force the drop of enemy scheme markers netting some cards then have Yu mighty gust the Raider to move the raider and place the enemy scheme markers in another location, netting you more cards for the same marker! (Extra credits - then mighty gust the Crime boss) EDIT: Reading the app, it seems you co
  9. Hey @Franchute I think I will be; not felt the Malifaux painting bug bite after the Hamelin crew took some damage at a recent tournament. I'm still grieving.
  10. Night Terrors for Ressurs and Raptors in Arcanist (although Raptors are more useful to make friendly non-beasts into beasts for Marcus) NB have corrupted hounds and the very useful Wisps.
  11. No ability to manipulate the Initiative flip/result within the faction. Neverborn - Doppelganger Guild - Perdita (via upgrade: Fastest Draw), Doppelganger (via Lucius) Gremlins - Trixibelle Arcanist - Seize the Day upgrade for all Masters Ressur/Outcasts - Tara (via upgrade: Knowledge of Eternity) Last one is a bit of a stretch I'll grant you but in TT we have nothing.
  12. As who dares noted - LRM upgrade can only be taken if an LRM is in the crew. You want the LRM as its the cheapest (resource wise) way to get 3 cards from the Emissary's zero action. The Emissary can do it to himself but at the cost of a card (Discard a card for Focus 2, Focus for 1, then zero on himself) if you wanted to keep the crew as is. Only 2 of those schemes are scheme marker related
  13. Yes, only those four conditions are mentioned, so only those four conditions are transferable. Note that if the model has used reactivate, it still has the reactivate condition until the end of the turn so Shen Long can steal it! for completion sake: Fast - Removed when the model with Fast activates (to generate the extra AP) so Shen Long wouldn't be able to steal Fast from a model that used it prior to Shen Long activating Focus - Removed when a model declares its use with an action so Shen Long wouldn't be able to steal Focus from a model that used it prior to Shen Long activating
  14. I will be rebuilding Hannah and attempting to get her painted. Failing that I think it's time I dealt with my Rat problem!
  15. Nix (8ss) and 2 Rat Catchers (12ss) completed for March painting challenge. Unfortunately Hannah the Cat Robot took a nasty fall and shattered, along with the Rat King' s Cork bases coming away from the plastic bases during a tournament has knocked the wind out of my painting sails a little.
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