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  1. I worked on it for a really short time (just three days for building and painting). I think I'll be improving it in the future because it looks unfinished to me. I'll be cutting off the outer branches and replace them with some dead roots (those work good as branches) and I need to do shading on the puppets.
  2. Lol, we have a similar concept. Beautiful subtle painting and a lovely base. Is that the hacker girl from the Infinity manga?
  3. @sataniel Hey! I wanted to reply but I got distracted. Anyway, I'm grateful for any critique I can get. I'm in the competition to push my painting skill. What did you mean by water margins exactly, because I didn't understand your comment?
  4. Beautiful colors this round, you have very atmospheric dioramas. I hope to make something larger for future rounds (as long as I'm in the competition).
  5. I remember that Iron Painter was always a free for all and never had categories before last year when tiers were introduced (incidentally when prizes entered the equation). I've also wanted to point out again that technical skill isn't only about painting skill. I myself came into this contest to push myself and become an overall better painter. I'm too tired, so I'm throwing a glove in for tonight.
  6. I thought Iron Painter was about striving to become better at the hobby, not about categories. In bronze we as a community vote for entries, so a simple choice of colors and a mediocre paintjob on a simple display piece can make a world of change. Making a nicer collage in a photoshop can make a world of change, as can a choice of popular miniature genre. Technical skill in my opinion is preparing your model (planning, sketching, assembly, cleaning the miniature from mold leftovers, closing the gaps etc.), basing and painting the model (building a display piece and converting included), photographing your miniature/model/diorama/terrain/display base with models. All this talk of unfairness towards putting a diorama as a special sideshow category irks me quite a bit, especially in this round when the theme focuses heavily on building display sets. I remember seeing similar talk last year and this is exactly the thing that puts some of the contestants off from ever participating again in this contests and it robs us from seeing greatness. I didn't vote this round on a purely tehnical skill, but I voted on bold artistic decisions I've seen some people take. In my own opinion some people suffered from losing points because most people don't consider style, artistic acumen, storytelling. I believe being a judge is a difficult position and a lot of people who are long in this hobby will have quite different ways of judging just between themselves, so judging from a wider audience will be mostly for overall look, or some preset set of categories that can have different meaning for every single voter. Slapping down dioramas takes away from a big number of jaw dropping dioramas that have been made for this round of the contest and it seems disrespectful. I apologize if this post is inappropriate. I commented since I didn't drop out from the contest this year and I found myself called out (I've built a mediocre looking diorama in the previous round).
  7. Voting went like a breeze this time around for the most part. I had a bit mind-breaking to do over a few entry pairinigs, but it's mostly easy to vote this early on. I suppose it'll be tougher later on. A lot of great works all around! I'm off to check out silver and gold.
  8. Hey Trepak nice piece. Good luck with your entry!
  9. lol There is a little spark on the tip of the unicorns horn.
  10. Thank you for such a detailed answer. I think WIPs were always allowed on this forum. There is a gallery with it. It was also my first with a diorama for this competition. I have on that was for the previous Iron Painter, with a painted on background and I wanted to make an OSL as well (theme was Pretty in Pink).
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