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  1. Chompy Bits has let himself go, he needs some time at the gym.
  2. @Aaron is there any plan on using the app to collect tournament information on what all is taken. If so and your looking for someone to look at the statistics please let me know, I would love to do the stats for it. Corvus Belli does this with infinity and though they do not make all the information public they released faction count for there last tournament season as open information.
  3. Any word on August promotions, I am still waiting on mine.
  4. She believe deeply in Misaki and her riotousness. She believed it deep enough to act on her own to stop Toshiro in a very respectful manner.
  5. I often play with 7 and try to kill enough to make up the difference by the end of turn 3. The main bonuses to more activations is that you can burn some activations to force your enemy to move important models before you do and the second one is that you have more target to maneuver around to get schemes while a portion holds the center or distracts your enemy.
  6. Probably not and it "works" for 40k because of the scope of revisions they need to do each edition. This is also the reasons why privateer press did there forces of warmachine book fallowing the change of editions. With malifaux short of a new edition it is keeping the grand book approach and in theory working to balance each addition it adds vs everything else in the game on a master vs master bases or use case vs use case bases on non master models. This also means that we the player get all the new toys for every faction in one book which makes the book really interesting as there is also a lot of cross faction play. When they move to a new edition will they do a codex? My answer, do you want dual faction models or masters that can play with non merc models from other factions such as Collodi and Marcus, if yes then no they will not do codexs as these masters counter the idea of functional independence that is core to a codex approach. Functional independence is effectively can X force and all the non corner case build be functional in that book and this is sort of paramount for a codex. In a nut shell can a codex stand on its own, and in malifaux terms it would be can each master in the codex stand on its own. Masters that heavily rely on models from another faction or use cross faction models would violate this principle or cause a lot of reprinting in the codex, think of how big the arcanists would be if it had to include every beast in the game just to make Marcus viable with one book or how many dual faction models/masters would have to be in two book. Then you run into the issue of maintaining the cross faction model cross the books, for instance the standard Land Raiders between the space marines codex and grey knights in 4th - 6th ed codex where there where multiple different rules for this one vehicle based on the faction you ran.
  7. SPOILER WARNING SPOILER WARNING SPOILER WARNING SPOILER WARNING SPOILER WARNING SPOILER WARNING SPOILER WARNING SPOILER WARNING SPOILER WARNING You have been warned. But just in case: SPOILER WARNING SPOILER WARNING SPOILER WARNING SPOILER WARNING SPOILER WARNING SPOILER WARNING SPOILER WARNING SPOILER WARNING SPOILER WARNING I will try not to spoil to much in the initial post. Minako Rei, the last member of the Order of Balance. I want to theorize how she will be implemented because her art looks cool and I think she will be in the next book. I am some what sad she was not a model in this one. I suspect she will be a last blossom fast moving Ml henchmen with some control tricks, sort of the mirror of Ototo who is slow and hard hitting with some control tricks. This is somewhat supported by the set of characters that the story focused on. The Order of Balance seems to be a secretive order of internal affairs. What are other peoples thoughts: Do you think she will be an enforcer, henchmen or master.
  8. I do not want her to get a new upgrade, I want her to die or defect in the next book and join another faction. In fact broken promises seems to be setting up master or henchmen to move to other factions or loose dual faction status. Think of Nekima getting killed by the new and improved Lilith and then Nekima becoming a new resur master leading an army of undead nephilims with Hayreddin. I know I speak of heresy.... Also I am not a huge fan of adding another master just yet, may be in 2 years.
  9. I have 2 questions about Cut of Hinamatsu, I will explain some logic to go with it. First: If I attack a model which has the condition of Cut by Hinamatsu and flip the black joker do I still do the damage of the Cut by Hinamatsu condition? Cut of Hinamatsu +number reads “This models suffer +1 damage from attacks from enemy Hinamatsu models.” The rest of it is about when it goes away. Jokers and the damage flip according to page 52 reads “The Black Joker always deal no damage, so Triggers which are declared after damaging or while damaging (such as Critical Strike) are not applied.” This damage is not a trigger so the trigger part does not matter. There are 2 easy arguments: 1: Rule book said you deal no damage and so you deal no damage, I do not think this is correct. 2: Himatsu deals 0 damage from his attack and then you apply the condition on the enemy to Cut of Hinamatsu to increase the deal that is damage. This seems much more in line with various other logic in the game, such as how conditions tend to work and the way reductions/preventions work. The Second question: On Hinamatsu attack it state the target suffers damage and gain the Cut of Hinamatsu +1 condition. This has no timing mechanism in it so as the act player I get decide the order, am I correct? If so I would think this to strong. Rational: I could Cut of Hinamatsu +1 and then do damage making my non-black joker minimum 2. Then when you get to Cut of Hinamatsu +3 on the next attack I can damage you for 4 have the condition reset and then give you Cut of Hinamatsu +1. When I played Hinamatsu last night I always did it after the damage flip.
  10. I feel there are to many factors in a Malifaux game that saying unless you have X in your build then your not competitive is really limiting your play and ability.
  11. I suspect that is why Grown Up makes him 10 wd total and incorporeal. That upgrade does a lot for 1 stone.
  12. Drop Aether Connection for Pact. Most people tend not to target the Dreamer in my experience and this way you do not need to worry about the black joker when you summon. Lucid does not go away when you summon a daydream so you can summon a bunch of alps if you want before doing the summon you care about: Lelu or Lilitu. I think you have to many large point sink. I would drop Coppelius and get Iggy, he is an auto for me in show of force as he is 6 points with depression and a useful bluff on the will I wont I scheme debate. I am not a fan of the schemes you are going for but that matters not, what does matter is you do not want to telegraph them. Example with Show of Force if you have 0-2 upgrades on enforcers or henchmen you are probably not going for it so I as your enemy do not need to worry about it. Next I am not a fan of having the dooplegnager, she never did much for me. You might be better with some cheep scheme runners. Upgrades I like on teddy: Retributions Eye or On Dreaming Wings Widow Weaver Upgrades: Mimics Blessing, Pact or Hand Bags
  13. This is a quick question, has anyone tried him yet? This in my opinion is rather broken for a few reason. For those that do not know you take Grown Up and Tantrum with will give you 3 general actions+1 Ml+1 Sh for a total of 5 actions. On top of that it is possible to get 2 activation with Chompy provided that he was out at the beginning of the turn. This effectively turns the Dreamer into a combat machine. 2 Chompy activation method: Lord Chompy Bit activates attacks 2 and sacks himself to bring out the Dreamer who attacks and damages and enemy 4 times with Ml actions to raise his waking to 4 and re summon Lord Chompy Bit to attack again.
  14. Short answer they are a pain to play against. They have disguise, unimpeded at 4 point and there attack is vs wp and is designed for control at range 8. It has several triggers with the built in one being a 5 inch push back and then another that can give slow. Those are the two I tend to see the most which messes up my close combat focus play, hence i have been adding Hans or Angel Eye's to my crews. They may be killer in a Pandora crew because of hitting wp and being ok scheme runners, especially if you through in a Widow Weaver or some sorrows.
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