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  1. You could always use Wesley to give the Shinobi Swill. He can only get 1 per turn, but he's got a better chance of getting it onto a Shinobi than he does getting it onto a target that a monk is engaged with.
  2. wong

    I use both, typically. Gremlin's Luck makes sure I randomize into my own model on the first attack most of the time. That way, it can be a stuffed piglet, and I blow it off the board, and then get 3 attacks on whatever's left in range.
  3. My mistake. Then I have no idea where he got that thought from.
  4. I know it's a big investment from soulstones, but I tend to bring both First Mate and Fingers if there's a good amount of scheme running needed.
  5. wong

    I've also been using Do Over. Essentially, the way you want to play Wong (if your opponent is grouped up) is to hit your own models with Lightning Jump. You'll have the best chance of getting to severe damage, and that gives you your 5 and just ripping through enemy models. When things go right for Wong (ha), he can do the same damage to targets surrounding his main target with his attacks. 3 from the blast, 2 from the pulse. If you have the Emissary, then you'll do more damage to surrounding targets than your main target. Our models can take it with all the healing we get. I've been wanting to try using a Magical Whiskey Golem for this strategy, since it has a little more defensive ability and can easily heal itself. With Gremlin's Luck on Wong, you'll nearly guarantee you're hitting what you want to hit. With Do Over as well, that's a guarantee that your master gets 4 shots a turn if you want it.
  6. I haven't looked in the rulebook for it myself (just haven't had time to look), but a friend of mine recently told me that he's been playing reactivate wrong. The rulebook apparently says that reactivate models get to activate a second time during the turn, after all other models have activated. Just pointing that out so you don't assume you can get fast on a Stitched and then use it right away again before it gets killed.
  7. wong

    I don't like McTavish either, so most of the time my Glowy model is Burt. I use Gremlin's Luck on Wong, and it essentially guarantees he hits what he wants when shooting into engagements. I'm a huge fan of Sammy LaCroix for the other limited upgrade, and Jinx does wonders in a lot of situations. Merris is good in a Wong crew, because he can manipulate scheme markers to pretty good effect, and if you use her ability to stack the deck, you have some more control over hitting good damage from Wong, or making sure you hit what you want if you don't give him Gremlin's Luck. I typically bring Fingers or the First Mate for my scheme running needs, let my Magical model engage the dangerous enemy model, and let stuffed piglets try to engage groups of enemies. The main thing to remember is dodging mistakes that people make. The main thing I had to learn was worrying about hitting as many models as possible with his and damage. It was my main focus in a lot of early games with Wong, and it gave me quite a few losses. If you can hit a main target and then and/or into one other model, that's Wong doing his job. He doesn't have to hit 4 models a shot to be effective, and that's the first big hurdle I had to get over to start being effective with Wong.
  8. 1st Mate makes it into a lot of my crews, whether Zipp is in charge or not. Especially in GG2017 and how many scheme markers can be on the board.
  9. I like the idea of talking only about masters without the crew. Only issue is then you see masters that are considered on the better side, like Zoraida, and all of a sudden she's one of the weakest without a crew to buff and obey.
  10. When I did that tournament with Brewmaster the only model that came consistently was Fingers because he's a great scheme runner and I love his heal. I only brought Wesley in one game. And I know Liquid Bravery is a thing. My point is just that the scheme pool isn't always the only factor when choosing a master and crew.
  11. It's really hard to make this call. In general, people consider my drinking buddy one of the weakest, but I just took 2nd place a couple of weeks ago in a tournament using literally only Brewmaster. That's not because the schemes fell perfectly into place for me or because my opponent completely screwed up. Matches were against Titania, Hoffman, and Sandeep. With so many variables, I don't know that I like questioning a master's power in the game. Mostly because a game doesn't hinge on a master. The master just adds their tricks to it, but you have 50 soulstones worth of models backing the master up and working independently of it. You can tell me all day that my master can't do the scheme pool, but if I have the First Mate or Fingers running schemes and getting me 6 points, then it doesn't matter much what master I bring along with them. It plays a factor, of course, but if I have a crew designed that can score me points, the master shouldn't effect it much. Those are the games when Mah Tucket comes out. If it's a scheme/strategy pool that my crew can handle alone, I can let Mah just mess with my opponent. Or Brewmaster Swill. Or Zipp displace enemy positioning. There are masters that can be considered better, but I like to think that a lot of it is just them not getting enough action. People have masters they "prefer" to use, but that doesn't necessarily mean that Master A is 100% of the time better for the particular scheme pool than Master B is. You might have an easier time, and make different crew selections, but A and B should both be able to handle it just fine. Then, you also have to look at opposing faction as a factor. A lot of people will consider Som'er to be a great choice for a huge selection of scheme pools. However, if you're going against Ressers or Neverborn and having to worry about a lot of horror duels, then I'm not sure an army of Bayou Gremlins are the best option.
  12. He added it to his release schedule. I think it's the 3rd one out? 10T Brewmaster is the next master. So thank you for doing the service for us. We're going to critique the Hell out of you.
  13. I have my fingers crossed on a box of 3 flying pigs. 1 with wood wings, 1 with tree beaches and leaves, and 1 with chicken feathers glued to it. If they're hilarious enough, I'm good with them.
  14. Yep. It's been a long day. Definitely skimmed over the actions v. abilities thing. So just ignore everything I mentioned other than Treasure Map
  15. Old Cranky on his (0). First Mate can on his ability. Any Sky Pirate with the Treasure Map upgrade. Whiskey Golem can Flurry. Mancha Roja on his Thousand Masks. Mah Tucket, though hers are both (0) actions, which means you're only doing it once per turn. Also, of course, anybody can go Defensive. So for Guard the Stash, have Sparks give Whiskey Golem Fast, have Whiskey use his tactical to get +2 Df, and go double defensive. Cycle a few cards, and he's probably not getting hit.