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Found 6 results

  1. Welcome, one and all, to the church of Mei! I’m here to tell you all that you need to play her, for she is amazing and to play her is to know true happiness. Mei is an incredibly flexible master who has good team support, extreme mobility, and also threatens a mean beat-down. That’s true of her keyword Foundry as well: they’re durable, fast, do good damage, and really just have it all. No single model of theirs is necessarily amazing in every way and a bunch of their strengths are situational, but a Foundry crew can easily be built to skew towards any objective. If there’s a job that need
  2. 2 rail workers stand to close to a forgeling on deployment so both get burning but the 1st has it removed by the forgeling. The 2nd moves his 10" and then uses his bonus action to target himself and remove the burning... He gets a ram for the trigger... Shovel Faster! Target a model with Burning.Target gains Stunned and reduces the value of its Burning Condition by 2. : Scorched Remains Drop a Scrap Marker into base contact with the target. My question is 2 part... does this work and can he drop a scrap? I *think* it does and he can... Part 1; He has
  3. Archibal's Empty the Magazine is the first one I thought of. Any other come to mind?
  4. Hello to the bayou, I'm new to the forums but I've been playing almost exclusively (Ramos looked too fun) gremlins since I started playing 2 years ago. While thinking about whether I should pick up Lazarus for wong, I had the idea of cranking him to 11 with Sparks. Since Sparks can give out a condition which adds 'construct' and Lazarus can copy construct actions, with the two of them together, we can copy any 1 action in the game! I might be wrong since I don't have a Lazarus card on me, but he can even copy masters. The idea I had was bigger hat then you off somer but I know there's way mor
  5. Hi all, My local community has an awesome-looking event coming up in the end of February, and I've decided to go with the Ten Thunders. I originally bought Mei Feng for my Arcanists that I ended up dropping, as well as Jakob Lynch for my Neverborn. I picked up McCabe during my LGS' recent holidays sale because I'm weak. Sorted by theme, my collection consists of the following: Mei Feng Emberling Kang 3 Rail Workers Rail Golem Mechanized Porkchop 3 Metal Gamin Jakob Lynch Hungering Darkness 3 Illuminated 2 Beckoner
  6. Hey Guys, I'll be running a Malifaux 2.0 demo at The Foundry this Saturday from noon until it makes sense to stop (will hang out till 6 but won't make that a hard cut off). If you are interested in seeing Malifaux for the first time or want to see how 2.0 is different than 1.0 come on out.
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