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Found 8 results

  1. If the topic of this post was already discussed elswhere, I'am sorry for duplicating it. I've a question about Mad Dogs Brackett and / or Gigant's trigger: Burts Damage - When resolving, the target suffer + damage. Does this means that: 1. The primary target of an attack action suffers dmg from both flip and blast, ie. Moderate from flip + Weak from Blast or 2. The primiary Target suffers just the flip damage and the trigger adds an additional to the damage track?
  2. Hi Wyrdos!! 😁 Me and my friends have played like this since M2E, but recently have been asked a question about triggers. So there it is "how can I have +2 dmg on critical strike or +2 poison on infect on minions since they don't always have the built in triggers?" Maybe I'm not understanding it right but there was my answer : with fate modifier (+ or - flip) you will have multiple card in the action's final duel. Wich possibly add a new suit in the duel so it is possible to have a +2 dmg on critical strike or infect that way. For exemple if a flesh construct use
  3. Hey all, I was a light dabbler in M2E, but pretty excited to jump deeper into 3E. As a big lady J fan, there’s a rule question I can’t figure out. How exactly does attacking a buried model work? For models like marshal recruiters who can target buried models with actions - do their attacks follow all the normal rules and patterns for attacks against buried models, just ignoring range and LoS? That would be my assumption based on what the core rules seem to say. Does that mean buried models still compete in duels, can cheat fate, etc? And probably most importantly, if a buried model
  4. The trigger on Lord of Steel's Spear of Ages reads thusly: Open Wound: Immediately increase the Strength of this Action by +1 per in the final duel total. When not in Glory, there is no suit built-in to the stat of the Spear of Ages attack. When in Glory, there is one . The wording on using suits for triggers is listed as below in the rulebook: When a player declares a Trigger, they spend the indicated suit(s) or Margin Values from their final duel total. Spent suits are removed from the final duel total... Therefore, unless you are getting at le
  5. My question is about the Grootslang's abilities. In its "Lair to Lair" action its trigger "Strike from Concealment" states "This model may immediately take a 1 AP action" and its 1 ap attack "Wide Claws" has a trigger that reads "Slink Away - After succeeding, take the Lair to Lair action" since these triggers do not specify that the other AP action used cannot use triggers, does this mean that as long as you keep drawing the correct suits these abilities can keep being chained? I.E. - going back and forth lair to lair and possibly landing 6 attacks?
  6. Question about Jakob Lynches Defensive Ability called Hold 'Em and Mcmournings ability Organ Donor. Hold 'Em - "If an attacker cheats an attack action against this model, the attacker suffers 2 damage AFTER resolving the attack action" Organ Donor - "After this model inflicts damage with a ML action, it heals an amount of damage equal the the damage inflicted " I.E. - My Jakob Lynch was charged by my friends Mcmourning model. He cheated fate for the attack to hit and damaged my Lynch with Surgical Instruments. It triggered my Defensive ability Hold Em. Question - Would Jako
  7. Hi, Parker has this trigger: "Empty The Chamber: Before flipping damage, discard any number of Upgrades from this model to deal +1 damage for each Upgrade discarded." And also has this ability: "Limited Supplies: Once per Turn, after this model discards an Upgrade, add one Soulstone to this Crew's Soulstone Pool." So, should they work together? Also most of his upgrades have this part about discarding them: "This model gains the following Ability: Fast Getaway: At the start or end of this model's Activation, it may discard this Upgrade to take a Walk Action.
  8. Get right to the good stuff... The scenario: Bete Noir starts the game buried. A void wretch uses it's Void Maw on the first activation and reduces Bete Noir to 0 wounds. NOW - The rule book on buried model states that: "When a model is buried it is removed from play... The model is not counted as killed or sacrificed when it is buried. Buried models cannot Activate. In addition, buried models are never considered to be in LoS or within range of effects. These models do not count as "in play" for the purposes of other rules that reference whether or not a model is
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