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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all. In our local malifaux chat born idea for new gremlin model: Gremlin Grenadiers. Minion, Gremlin, without Rare, 5 SS Df 3, Wp 5, Wd 4, Wk 5, Ch 5, Ht 1 Ablities Unplaned detonation - At the start of this model activation this model make a flip which may not be cheated. If flipped 0-1 all model in 5" suffer 5 damage, then sacrifice this model. FOR THE BAYOOOO!!! - When this model killed, not sacrificed, all model in 2" suffer 3 damage. Attack actions Big Burta Sh 5/Rst: Df/Rg: 8" - Target suffer 2/3/3 damage. This attack ignore cover. Before flipping damage, but after declaring a trigger this model make a flip which may not be cheated. If flipped 0-6 this model becomes the target for this attack action instead of original target. If flipped 7-14 resume attack as normal. Dumb luck - Instead normal damage, target suffer 4/6/6 damage, but this model suffer half of damage. -----------------------------OR-------------------------------- Big Burta (1) Sh 5/Rst: Df/Rg: 8" - Target suffer 2/3/3 damage. This attack ignore cover. This attack must declare a trigger if able: Something in trunk, need to glance - After resolving this model suffer damage instead of original target. This damage flip receive Strabismus and concussion - After succeeding make a randomization flip between models in 4" of original target to define new target for this attack action. Dumb luck - After succeeding instead normal damage, target suffer 4/6/6 damage, but this model suffer half of damage. Shrapnell - After succeeding target suffer 2/3/3 damage instead of normal damage. After target suffer addtioinal 1/2/2 damage, this damage flip receive Busket with ammo (1) Ml5/Rst: Df/Rg: 1" - target suffer 1/2/3 damage. This attack must declare trigger if able. Ooops, I droped it! - After resolving all model in 2" include this model suffer 3 damage. Tactical actions (0) Stashed bacon - this model may discart two card, to heal 2 damage. Thoughts?
  2. So I had this idea a while back and I've used it in several games with Mah, Somer, and Ophelia. Get two Bushwhackers and Lenny, 1st turn use Bushwhackers to push forward 10 inches, then double walk Lenny within 3 inches of them. Bushwhackers have an ability which let's them take a free 14' inch shot whenever a friendly gremlin misses a shoot action at the cost of two wounds. Since they only have 6 wounds to start, it's usually not useful as they only get two and then die, but Lenny reduces that damage by one with his aura, which means we can use the ability alot more. The best use I've found for this combo is giving Somer masks with do it like dis, then missing shots with the Bushwhackers over and over, which allows Somer to push a crazy amount for free. I've scored full points undercover entorage with Somer starting turn 5 in my deployment zone with this. I've also used it to deny tail em' really easily. It's a bit expensive at 21 stones, but worth it if it's the right schemes. They're also decent snipers. It's not as effective or worth it in Ophelia and Mah, but still fun.
  3. Hello to the bayou, I'm new to the forums but I've been playing almost exclusively (Ramos looked too fun) gremlins since I started playing 2 years ago. While thinking about whether I should pick up Lazarus for wong, I had the idea of cranking him to 11 with Sparks. Since Sparks can give out a condition which adds 'construct' and Lazarus can copy construct actions, with the two of them together, we can copy any 1 action in the game! I might be wrong since I don't have a Lazarus card on me, but he can even copy masters. The idea I had was bigger hat then you off somer but I know there's way more with Lazarus being a mercenary and Sparks able to be used with Mei Feng in TT or Arcanists. What other possible options does this add?
  4. Hello all I am reading all the TtB stuff I could get my hands on and I had an idea for a story pop into my head (yes I'll be the Fatemaster). Decided to not work it out completely yet and keep reading first. And as I'm a firm believer of "several minds are better then one" I'm gona post the idea here. Hoping you give me some insights or even expand on it or use it yourselves. _____________________________ Some people came through the breach to try and make a better life for themselves. This all seemed to work at first. They had a small group, went into the wilds and set up a frontier town. With all the trouble that goes with it. But they got cheated out of their belongings and control of the town by some one (I'd go for a normal human, not some Malifaux monster, humans are evil enough to be antagonists. Maybe just Guild). The good townsfolk were forced to leave their homes after loosing everything. And they starved and froze to death in the wilds. Some Neverborn caught wind of this and took control of their misery, turning them so they have to relive the nightmare of loosing everything and starving over and over. So you get a Guild controled frontier town that gets wiped out by nightmare Neverborn, who then get thrown back out and go through their own personal hell and die ... again. These nightmare Neverborn look human though and they don't know they are Neverborn. And the cycle continues. The players have to figure out the problem and take on the big controling Neverborn to make the cycle end. So there has to be something near the town to make it worthwhile for the Guild to want to go back there over and over. Sending fresh Through the Breach frontiersman that work the town till it gets wiped out again might not cost the Guild much but eventually word will get out. Maybe this can be a second campaign. The first being that all the fated characters are the first frontiersmen that go through all the pains of establishing a frontier town. Fight some local wild life, fight off some outlaws, keep Guild from taking over town a few times, ... But in the end they lose it in the big finale. Enter the second campaign, fresh Fated Characters that don't know s*it about Malifaux but the players will know exactly what happened. This can then be their first story (or first few) in the campaign. This time they could be Guild investigators even. So, any thoughts?
  5. I love the idea of filling in the world of malifaux. I have previously posted a huge gap in the wierd-west style world, with the absence of a native american crew (malifaux I think would be a great setting for native americans to move to and essential to the setting). I feel there are some thing that are just needed, and today I had an idea as I was building a ttb character. A photographer resurrectionist. Now bear woth me. Spirit photography at séances was populer and I think could be creepy. Soul stealing, handing out slow in blasts to reresent the lense. Burying modles so they are stuck, temporarily, in a moment in time. Board manipulation tricks. I mean a spirit photographer almost writes itself. What do you, the wyrdos think? Would that not be cool? And what else could it do?
  6. I think it would be cool for someone to wright a short story about a card game between Zordia and Lynch. I don't have the skills, nor the time, to wright a short story, but I would love to see this encounter in malifaux come to life.
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