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  1. So I'm new to the game, and I'm stuck between three masters. I really like the Resurrectionists, the Neverborn, and the Arcanists. Specifically, I really like Sandeep, Reva, Molly and Euripedes. Right now, I love the Elemenatals of Sandeep. The thought of being able to summon little ice, fire, and metal monsters is super cool, and I like the Indian aesthetic of Banasuva and the rest of his crew a lot. I like the theme of Reva (Necromancer Nun is awesome) and whereas normal Molly is cool, if they ever release the Brine and Bones box again, I would love the undead pirate theme is just AMAZING, and of course ice trolls are just super cool with Euripedes. I guess I was looking at buying one of those boxes to start the game, but I was wondering how I would go about expanding each box and what the pros, cons, and investment on each would be as well as how competitively viable each master is? I have heard Sandeep is a little more expensive due to his summoning mechanic, but beyond that, I don't know much. Any help is really appreciated!
  2. Hi New player to malifaux. Bought a kaeris crew back in late 2e. But My club wanted to wait for 3e. So newer played the game. I can take the long road of reading the entire rulebook. And then Hope i understand what is going on. However that is a big if. I was hoping that there was a good and easy video online with. This is how you play this game. Not by reading all the rules, but more like a demo game. I can not find it However. There is alot of it to 2nd ed. But would much rather play the New ed. Not a single malifaux player in town. But a good portion off ppl that is willing to learn it. Sitting here hoping against Hope, someone can get me startet to learn this game. I am 36 years old, played 40k and infinity for many years
  3. As a newer player I’ve found that a lot of fantastic ideas can be found on the forums, PullMyFinger, Podcasts and several different blogs. However to make live a bit easier for newer players I decided to make a Compendium for the Guild. It covers all models we have now and will continue to be updated with further releases and obviously synergies. This Compendium acts as: - An oversight of all the Guild models (including exclusives) with links to the models - An small summery of all functionalities the Guild models have - An oversight of all the Guild cards with (including exclusives) links to the cards - A list of several sources you can use for you tactical advantage as a Guild player Note: If you are a Guild veteran this Compendium might be less of an interesting topic to look into. However feel free to add your experiences, synergy ideas and other tactical opinions used. - BOX SETS - The Guild’s Judgement - Lady Justice - The Judge - Scales of Justice - 3x Death Marshal Lady Justice’s boxed set gives you a melee orientated Master that synergizes very well with Death Marshals and are known as the Ressurrectionist hunters within Malifaux. The box offers a lot of melee hitting power plus possible ranged support and a fast way for Death Marshals to go up the board. The Latigo Posse - Perdita Ortega - Francsico Ortega - Santiago Ortega - Nino Ortega - Papa Loco - Enslaved Nephilim Perdita Ortega’s boxed set gives you a ranged orientated Master that synergizes very well with Family models and are known as the Neverborn hunters within Malifaux. The box offers a lot of ranged power plus great push synergizes and melee power to threaten your opponent very quick. The Torch and the Blade - Sonnia Criid - Samael Hopkins - Purifying Flame - 3x Witchling Stalker Sonnia Criid’s boxed set gives you a caster orientated Master that is very capable of clearing the board of swarms of miniatures by melee, ranged and burning attacks. They are known as the Arcanist hunters within Malifaux. The box offers fantastic casting power from Sonnia plus great melee power in melee thanks to the Witchling Stalkers. Body of Evidence - Douglas McMourning - Sebastian - Zombie Chihuahua - Flesh Construct - Canine Remains - 2x Nurse McMourning’s boxed set gives you a dual Guild/Ressurrectionists melee Master that is extremely hard hitting in melee and uses poison attacks to clear the board very quickly. He offers you the option to go deeper into Ressurrectionists or act as a Guild Master with a good grip of Ressurrectionist models available to your Guild crew. Of Metal and Flesh - Charles Hoffman - Mechanical Attendant - 2x Hunter - Guardian - Watcher C. Hoffman’s boxed set gives you a construct orientated caster Master that is capable of synergizing with a lot of construct models and as a result can have a limited acces to Arcanist Construct models. He offers you great upgrade support for your crew’s constructs. Bound by Law - Lucius Matheson - Captain Dashel - The Scribe - 2x Guild Lawyer - 2x Guild Guard Lucius’ boxed set gives you a dual Guild/Neverborn support orientated Master that is capable of letting your Guardsmen perform beyond themselves and as a Guild Master has a limited acces to Mimic Neverborn models. He offers allround casting support for your crew. Relic Hunters - Lucas McCabe (on foot and mounted) - Sidir Alchibal - Luna - 3x Wastrel McCabe’s boxed set gives you a dual Ten Thunders/Gild support orientated Master that is capable of passing relics around trough your crew to let other models reform beyond themselves and as a Guild Master has excellent synergy with Guild Hounds thanks to his trusty Luna. He offers great allround upgrade support for your crew. The Pen is Mightier - Nellie Cochrane - Phiona Gage - The Printing Press - 3x Field Reporter Nellie’s boxed set gives you a support orientated Master that is capable of supporting your other crew models thanks to evidence. Her boxed set is scheme orientated and allows you to build pressure with casting attacks, melee attacks and scheme’s. She offers great allround casting support for your crew. Wild Ones (Nightmare Edition) - Rollins Black (alternate Lucas McCabe on foot and mounted) - Cherri Bomb (alternate Sidir Alchibal) - Iggy Pup (alternate Luna) - Elli Ramone (alternate Mounted Guard) - Patti Ramone (alternate Mounted Guard) Rollin’s boxed set gives you a dual Ten Thunders/Gild support orientated Master that is capable of passing relics around trough your crew to let other models reform beyond themselves and as a Guild Master has excellent synergy with Guild Hounds thanks to his trusty Iggy Pup. He offers great allround support for your crew. Crossroad Seven (Story Encounter) - Greed - Wrath, Pride, Envy, Sloth, Lust and Gluttony The Crossroad Seven’s boxes gives you a very cool story encounter and allows you to pick and choose from a very wide selection of Mercenaries with Greed being a Guild Enforcer herself based around taking and giving away Soulstones. - MASTERS - Lady Justice - Melee Master, high damage and self sufficient, Guild Marshal Perdita Ortega - Ranged Master, hard to hit and Family synergy, Family Sonnia Criid - Casting Master, Blasts and Burning synergy, Witch Hunter Douglas McMourning - Guild/Ressurrectionist, Melee Master, Poison synergy Charles Hoffman - Casting Master, fantastic Construct support, MS&U Lucius Matheson - Guild/Neverborn, Casting Master, Minion support, Mimic Lucas McCabe - Guild/Ten Thunders, Combined arms Master, fantastic Minion support, Black Sheep Nellie Cochrane - Casting Master, fantastic Minion support, Journalist - HENCHMAN - Captain Dashel - Combined arms Henchman, Minion support, Guardsman Dr. Grimwell - Melee Henchman, Witch Hunter Francisco Ortega - Melee Henchman, fantastic defensive support, Family Master Queeg - Combined arms Henchman, allround Support, Black Sheep, Guardsman Phiona Gage - Melee Henchman, Terrain creator, Journalist Ryle Hoffman - Combined arms Henchman, Construct, MS&U Samael Hopkins - Ranged Henchman, Burning synergy, Witch Hunter Sidir Alchibal - Guild/Ten Thunders, Ranged Henchman, Black Sheep The Judge - Combined arms Henchman, anti-Undead, Guild Marshal - ENFORCER - Abuela Ortega - Ranged Enforcer, non-Leader support, Family Allison Dade - Casting Enforcer, Guardsman synergy, Journalist Brutal Emissary - Combined arms Enforcer, Buried attack, forces Wk duel, different Upgrade linked to Master Death Marshal Recruiter (2) - Combined arms Enforcer, Guild Marshal support, Buried synergy, Guild Marshal Executioner (2) - Melee Enforcer, enemy Scheme marker synergy Exorcist (2) - Combined arms Enforcer, anti-Undead, Guild Marshal Greed - Casting Enforcer, Soulstone synergy, Crossroad Seven Guild Sergeant (2) - Combined arms Enforcer, Guardsman synergy, Guardsman Nino Ortega - Ranged Enforcer, Family synergy, Family Nurse Heartsbane - Combined arms Enforcer, Witch Hunter Pale Rider - Combined arms Enforcer, gaining stronger triggers as the turns continue Papa Loco - Combined arms Enforcer, fantastic offensive support, explosive death, Family Peacekeeper - Combined arms Enforcer, difficult to destroy, Construct Santiago Ortega - Combined arms Enforcer, Family The Lone Marshal - Combined arms Enforcer, Guild Marshal Witchling Handler (2) - Combined arms Enforcer, Witchling Stalker synergy, Witch Hunter - MINION - Brutal Effigy - Ranged Minion, Leader support Death Marshal (3) - Combined arms Minion, Buried attack, Guild Marshal Field Reporter (3) - Casting Minion, fantastic Scheme synergy, Journalist, Woe Guardian - Melee Minion, fantastic defensive support, Construct Guild Austringer (2) - Ranged Minion, no LoS requirement, Scheme marker synergy, Guardsman Guild Guard (2) - Combined arms Minion, Guardsman Guild Hound (4) - Melee Minion, enemy Scheme marker synergy Guild Lawyer (2) - Casting Minion, non-Leader support, Mimic Guild Pathfinder (1) - Guild/Ten Thunders, Ranged Minion, Clockwork Trap Summoner and synergy, Guardsman Guild Rifleman (3) - Ranged Minion, Guardsman Hunter (2) - Combined arms Minion, Construct Mounted Guard (2) - Combined arms Minion, Place synergy with Cg 7 models, Guardsman Orderly (2) - Melee Minion, Heal support, Witch Hunter Pistolero De Latigo (3) - Combined arms Minion, defensive support, Family Sanctioned Spellcaster (3) - Casting Minion, Push protection, Academic Warden (2) - Combined arms Minion, Construct, Guardsman Wastrel (3) - Guild/Ten Thunders, Combined arms Minion, offensive support, Black Sheep Watcher - Scheme Minion, Cover ignoring, Construct Witchling Stalker (3) - Combined arms Minion, explosive death, Witch Hunter Witchling Thrall (2) - Combined arms Minion, fantastic Scheme synergy, Witch Hunter - TOTEM - Enslaved Nephilim (Perdita Ortega) - Push and Influence support, Nephilim Governor’s Proxy - Suit removal, Healing Mechanical Attendant (Charles Hoffman) - Ranged Totem, Support, Construct Purifying Flame (Sonnia Criid) - Burning missle, Spirit Scales of Justice (Lady Justice) - Support, Card daw The Printing Press (Nellie Cochrane) - Evidence and Card support, Construct, Journalist The Scribe (Lucius Matheson) - Guild/Neverborn, Melee Totem, Support, Mimic Luna (McCabe) - Guild/Ten Thunders, Melee Totem, fantastic Support - PEON - Clockwork Trap (4) - Guild/Ten Thunders, Melee Peon, forces Wk duel - MERCENARIES - Angel Eyes Bloodwretch Scion of Black Blood Wrath Envy Performer Anna Lovelace Sloth Aionus Big Jake Bishop Convict Gunslinger Desperate Mercenary Freikorps Librarian Freikorps Specialist Freikorps Trapper Frekorpsmann Hannah Hans Johan Killjoy Malifaux Child Pride Ronin Strongarm Suit Sue Taelor Burt Jebsen Gluttony Gracie Hog Whisperer McTavish Ama No Zako Lust Oiran Torakage -M2E ALTERNATES - Perdita Ortega Francisco Ortega Witchling Handler Guild Sergeant Sonnia Criid (Vintage) Douglas McMourning (Vintage) Santana Ortega counts as Santiago Ortega Dr. Dufresne counts as McMourning Miss Terious counts as Death Marshal Miss Anne Thrope counts as Wastrel - GENERAL UPGRADES - All Upgrades can also be found in: Generalist Upgrade Deck 1 (Wave 1 and Wave 2) Generalist Upgrade Deck 2 (Wave 3 and Wave 4) Flames of the Pit - Guild Marshal, Rare 1 Tormenta de Plomo - Family, Rare 1 Diestro - Non-Master, Family, Rare 1 Hermanos De Armas - Family, Rare 1 Hair Trigger - Enforcer, Family, Rare 1 Disrupt Magic - Witch Hunter, Rare 1 Plant Evidence - Rare 3, Scheme synergy Vengeance Bullet - Master, Henchman, Rare 1, single Ranged boost The Thalarian Stone - Leader, Soulstone synergy, single Heal Badge of Office - Leader, Limited, single Damage reduction Lead Lined Coat - Henchman, Enforcer, Rare 3, Armor Useless Duplications - Mimic, Rare 1 Promises - Black Sheep, Rare 1 Dampening Field - Master, Henchman, Rare 1, single Heal stop, Aura stop Expert Sleuth - Rare 3, single Initiative flip boost, enemy Scheme synergy Tessellating Magnet - Construct, Rare 1, Construct synergy Transparency - Journalist, Rare 1 Curfew - Rare 1, single Slow spread on un-activated oppossing models if last friendly to activate Numb to the World - Non-Master, Rare 1, enemy Condition "immunity", enemy Control "immunity" A Debt to the Guild - Non-Master, Rare 3, single Soulstone, Card and Damage boost - SPECIFIC UPGRADES - Lady Justice - Implacable - Justice Unleashed - Last Stand - Vendetta The Judge - Unrelenting Leader Perdita Ortega - Os Veo - Trick Shooting - Aura Ancestral Francisco Ortega - Wade In Sonnia Criid - Cherufe's Imprint - Reincarnation - The Mask - Counterspell Aura Samael Hopkins - Witch Hunt Douglas McMourning - Plastic Surgery - Evidence Tampering - On the Clock - Unknowable Pain Dr. Grimwell - Research Grant Charles Hoffman - Arcanist Assets - On Site Assimiliation - Field Mechanic - Remote Mines Ryle Hoffman - Pieces of Myself Lucius Matheson - Surprisingly Loyal - Secret Objectives - Legalese - Secret Assets Captain Dashel - Watch My Back - Arrest Him Lucas McCabe - Badge of Speed - Glowing Saber - Elixir of Life - Strangemetal Shirt - Barbs Sidir Alchibal - By Your Side Nellie Cochrane - Guild Funds - Embedded - Misleading Headlines - Delegation Phiona Gage - Wrath of the Guild Brutal Emissary - Brutal Conflux - Conflux of Judgment - Conflux of Incineration - Conflux of the Hunt - Conflux of Amalgamation - Conflux of Tyranny - Conflux of Forbidden Knowledge - Conflux of Exploration Executioner - Ready to Work -ALTERNATE CARDS - Perdita Ortega Francisco Ortega Witchling Handler Guild Sergeant Santana Ortega counts as Santiago Ortega Dr. Durfesse counts as McMourning Miss Terious counts as Death Marshal Miss Anne Thrope count as Wastrel - SOURCES - https://www.wyrd--games.net/ http://giveusyourmoneypleasethankyou-wyrd.com/ https://www.wargamevault.com/ - TACTICAL SOURCES - https://pullmyfinger.wikispaces.com/ http://schemesandstones.podbean.com/
  4. As the title says, I am getting a friend into the game and he thinks Zipp looks the coolest and therefore wants to use him. I've got about $65 to spend on getting him the box and maybe 1-2 things to help augment that box. I don't play Gremlins (Neverborn is where I live) and have no clue what kind of things would be worthwhile getting to help him out. Any help is greatly appreciated, Thanks!
  5. Greetings everyone! I am a new player and I am mostly going by looks of models for interests and The Dreamer with Lord Chompy Bits definitely speak to me. I know he's a vastly complicated master but any advice for a Chompy focused crew or just starting out with Dreamer in general. Thank you for any advice and guidance!
  6. Hello everyone. As the title suggests, I'm looking to start playing Malifaux with a friend of mine and I'm looking for some tips. Are the "Boxed sets" a good first purchase to make? For example, I'm interested in the "AN ONI'S WRATH - ASAMI BOX SET" box. What would be some good value purchases after that? Thanks guys.
  7. Greetings everyone. This is it, the time has come for me to pick my first master. I still can't decide if I will start with Reva or Seamus. I like both miniatures (with a preference for Reva), I've read a lot and enjoy both playstyles, so here is my question : 99% of my games will be played against my wife, who picked up Titania as her starter. We both play for fun, so I don't want to overhelm her every game, and I don't want to get crushed either. In your opinion, which of these two masters would be the most balanced opponent for Titania and why ? Thank You.
  8. Greetings everyone! I have been eyeing this game for a while and finally committed to buying and playing some games. I currently have Yan Lo crew, the McMourning crew and the carrion emissary(such an amazing model that sold me on the faction) in my fledgling collection. I was looking at also maybe grabbing Nicoderm but am a little intimidated at the prospect of the summoning aspect he brings to the table. I did briefly see someone mention he can be run in some alternative manners and was curious about that. If someone could chime in about that as well as maybe other general advice about this great game I would really appreciate it. Till then, may the bodies be fresh and the graves shallow.
  9. Hi I'm pretty new to Malifaux and still learning almost everything so I'd decided to not grab tons of models....... Yeah, that didn't work. So last night I'm at the FLGS with some store credit and I see the Tanuki box. I really love the sculpts and this box had the 'extra' model in so despite not having any TT models I decided I had to have them. Now obviously I can't use them on their own and my Outcast models are no help (Viks and Von Shill boxes) so I look at the shelves to find no TT masters at all. Disaster was averted by someone pointing out that they had the Brewmaster box amongst the gremlin stuff. I have a very old metal Ophelia crew from way back in the day when I tried to learn before so I end up going home with a new crew box and the Tanuki. Someone said that it was a good fit because the Tanuki have Tri-Chi which fits in with the Brewmaster crew. Anyway, none of the above is really a TT question until I point out that a conversation with a gaming friend late last night has led to me picking up his unused Malifaux collection. So I've also got coming to me: Shenlong box, Asami box, Izamu, Katana snipers and Low River monks. So here I am with complete TT overload, no idea what I've got, where to start, what to do. If any of you would like to take pity on me and give me suggestions for a crew out of that lot that includes at least 1 Tanuki I would be very grateful. It does not have to be a good list it just needs to include Tanuki! All advice and encouragement gratefully received. I'm also expecting a fair amount of head shaking and finger pointing at the impulse buying idiot so don't hold back.
  10. Had my third Malifaux game yesterday (first was a demo match) with my first master, Ironsides - so second game with her. I went against the Victorias, my first match was against Von Schill, both 26 SS. After my experiences in the Von-Schill-Match (spend the whole game trying to catch him, ignored the rest, lost most of my team and the scenario), I played my team very close together and managed to draw in most of his ronins and even killed the Student of Conflict rather easily. Only to be taken apart by Victoria, thanks to a Red Joker at damage. Now I am wondering: is Ironsides a bad matchup against the Victorias or is it just a matter of playing around them? My crew was Ironsides, the Captain, both with Warding Runes, Oxford Mage with Doom Ward and two spiders. His crew was the Victorias, Student of Conflict and 3 Ronin.
  11. Sorry as I'm sure this is a question that probably gets asked a lot but I couldn't find an answer. Maybe the answer has changed over time as well so I'm asking for your help. I've just started playing, I've picked Outcasts and I have some basic models on their way to me (hired swords, hired guns, Vanessa). So I'm sorted for models for a while because I intend to try and learn the game with those models (they seem to be the most new player friendly). So about the only thing I have left to consider are the general upgrade decks as I'll only have the upgrades that come with those models. I suspect I'm probably getting a little too 'fancy' here and that I may not need them which prompts the question. Do I need these decks given my self imposed limit on models? I don't want to drop money for something where I will use only ever use one or two of the cards. I don't want to not get them if they are really useful. Thanks.
  12. Hi all, I'm about to start playing Malifaux with the Gremlins Faction, specifically Ophilia's mob/gang. I'd like to know what I need to get hold of to be able to play, rulebooks, equipment and so on. Any help would be appreciated... Dheekon.
  13. Hello, I've begun looking into the world of Malifaux and the scene has me hooked. I'm interested in learning more about the game so I've decided to come here. The Henchman for my area (Plano, TX) seems to have been absent from the forums for quite some time, so I'm not sure who to contact. Is anyone here around the same area?
  14. Essentially, this list uses Tara, Hannah, and the Hodgepodge Emissary to bury a bunch of nasty short-range bruisers and the Scion of the Void's action lending to unbury them in the middle of the enemy crew on the first turn. Naturally, this is great to use against shooty crews (which will either have to scatter all around the board fairly quickly or get tied up in melee), but not so good against melee crews (which will thank you for closing the distance before turning most of your models into a fine paste) I had taken a rough stab at this concept around eight months ago, wherein rules misunderstandings were sorted out and some advice on good and bad matchups was given. Since that was eight months ago, I've started a new thread for clarity and to avoid thread-necromancy (this not being that smelly Resser's thread :P). As before, thoughts/advice on the current list would be greatly appreciated. 50 ss Tara (Outcasts) List: Fastball Special v2 Master: Tara (Cache 4); Upgrades - Eternal Journey (1 ss), Knowledge of Eternity (2 ss), Oath Keeper (1 ss). Henchmen: Scion of the Void (8ss), Hannah (10 ss), Montressor (9 ss); Upgrades - Ancient Tomes (2 ss, Hannah), Brick by Brick (0 ss, Montressor), Fearful Whispers (1 ss, Montressor) Enforcers: Hodgepodge Emissary (10 ss); Upgrades - Conflux of Nothingness (0 ss) Minions: Void Wretch (4 ss) Total: 48 ss, the remaining 2 of which can be saved/spent on upgrades or very cheap models to better suit a given matchup/strategy/scheme. Basic Play Strategy: Your crew should deploy close to the edge of your deployment zone in a nice cluster within effect range of each other. Except the Void Wretch, who finds a nice piece of cover to hide in for quite likely the remainder of the game. Tara activates first, discards Oath Keeper for Fast and either hits Hannah gently with her sword (to maximize probability of success) or uses Pull the Void (to minimize potential damage) together with a Glimpse the Void trigger to bury Hannah. Next, Tara uses Whispers from Darkness to borrow the buried Hannah's Void Record and buries Montressor. While the SotV could be buried instead at this step, there is a remote possibility that your enemy might try and snipe the SotV across the board on their activation, allowing her to bury herself and saving you a (0) action later (which will be in short supply). Next, Tara uses Pull the Void on the Hodgepodge Emissary to give him Fast. While the extra AP generated by Oath Keeper isn't strictly necessary, it acts as insurance against a Black Joker flip in Tara's activation (which would otherwise remove a model from your initial offensive) by letting you repeat a step, and lets Tara move up the board toward the action a bit quicker if you don't. Finally, Tara uses Eternal Moment to make up for her largely stationary first activation, letting her move up the board later. Next, the Hodgepodge Emissary uses Into the Maw to bury the remaining Henchman, and moves 15" towards the enemy crew. In the unlikely event that SotV got buried during the enemy's activation in the meantime, he can get an extra 4" of movement by taking A Weary Road. Then, he borrows SotV's The Hollowing to unbury either Hannah or Montressor. I would usually recommend Montressor, as he has more mobility then Hannah for subsequent positioning, a larger threat range, and can stop the enemy crew from scattering by Tossing the Noose. That being said, if the enemy crew has a large number of models in a roughly 10" circle that are squishy enough for Montressor to survive close contact with, you may wish to save his (0) action for Fearful Whispers and mass immobilization by unburying Hannah first instead. Montressor uses his activation to close the distance further and either trap 2-3 enemy models in base contact or secure and paralyze a key enemy model. Keep in mind Montressor's slight squishyness, and avoid entangling anything he'd be unlikely to survive a round of close combat with. Hannah (if going last), can take the opportunity to hit Montressor's trapped models with a few Horrifying Ghost Censer blasts (synergizing with Montressor's crowd control, Mocking Laughter's penalty to willpower, and Comfort in Fear if you had enough models in range to make it worthwhile) or go after stragglers. Remember to position to allow your second and third models to unbury within about 6" of the Hodgepodge Emissary, so they can get Fast from his Screaming from the Void. The first model to unbury then uses their (0) action to use The Hollowing and unbury the SotV, who will have taken 4 wounds from lending actions. While Returning Home lets her avoid any enemy action targeting her, you still want to get some use from her this activation and a clever opponent might be able to finish her off with enough indirect damage, so be careful where you put her. Once actually activated, however, she can move with relative impunity (thanks to her aforementioned Returning Home) with a wide range of good possible actions: finishing off weak models trapped by Montressor, tailing stragglers to stop them from scattering too much, drawing cards with The True Path trigger (which, given the potentially resource intensive first few activations, you may be in sore need of), marking a dangerous model with Forgotten to Time for burying later, or even running the objective (should the enemy crew be sufficiently disrupted). Just remember to use The Hollowing to unbury your last Henchman in a good position before going too far out of the way. The lonesome Void Wretch is mostly there as a safety net for the SotV, healing her, removing adverse conditions, and unburying her so she doesn't get sacrificed at the end of the turn. As such, he'll likely want to stay as far away from trouble as possible, though he could run objectives if the SotV hasn't needed to bury herself and the enemy crew lack the range or mobility to deal with him. Finally, Tara reactivates and either moves up the board or runs objectives, depending on how well the alpha strike went (While 'Alpha Strike' is a fair bit cooler sounding as a list name, it lacks the cheesy connotations appropriate to this list). Come turn two, the enemy crew has either been largely contained, scattered as much as they can in the course of five activations, and either they or you are in serious trouble, depending on how well they can handle three fairly nasty models appearing in their midst. List Variations and Matchups: This list has been primarily designed with Guild and Gremlin matchups in mind, due to the likelihood of facing ranged crews and their range of Living models vulnerable to horror duels. While this list can play like a regular-ish Tara crew if the fastball special maneuver would probably get your models stuck out of position or killed, it may not fair quite as well as regular lists. A respectable portion of Montressor's defense comes from his Terrifying (Living) and his crowd control abilities. If a matchup would likely limit the effectiveness of either of those (fairly likely with Arcanists, Neverborn, or Ressurectionists), substituting another relatively mobile and durable Outcast Henchman (such as Taelor) would probably be a good idea. While the listed alpha strike ideally has a 31"-35" threat range (3 Emissary moves [3x5"] + large Montressor base [2"] + Montressor's Nimble [4"] + optional Montressor move [4"] + Toss the Noose range [10"]), enough severe or blocking terrain on the table might prevent the Emissary from getting close enough to the enemy deployment zone. In such cases a Freikorps Trapper could be exchanged for every upgrade except Eternal Journey and Ancient Tomes (needed to bury the models efficiently) to deploy up the board and unbury the Henchmen, but doing so makes the list extremely tight on soul stones, vulnerable to an unlucky Black Joker during set up, and much less versatile. Karina could also be substituted for most of the upgrades to add more Bury/Fast synergy and some more sustainability from summons, but to do so one has to sacrifice 5" of fastball threat range, Tara's Knowledge of Eternity, and either insurance against the Black Joker or Montressor's Fearful Whispers. A similar list could probably be made for the Ressers (for example, using a buried mercenary Killjoy, Bete Noir, and a suicidal Crooligan. Or just a mercenary Hannah and a not-as suicidal Crooligan), but, again, the Resser's thread would probably be the better place for that. If you've had the patience to read through that respectably sized wall of text, then again, thoughts/advice would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Gremlins are the faction that got me to play malifaux. Although I started with ten thunders I found them kinda boring and not very thematically fun so I only played occasionally. Gracie hooked me and i've been a gremlin player since (who doesn't want to play a pig in armor from the kitchen). I don't post on the forums much but i've been having serious problems running gremlins. As this is the only faction I have I thought I'd look for some advice here before I sell them and try to start over. I've played for 2 years almost, over 100 games, and I own every gremlin model in the game. During this time I've gotten so badly beaten by even the newest of players that I'm having a hard time reconciling the balance of the game when it comes to playing gremlins who seem to crumble by the middle of turn three. I'm disheartened to the point of just selling off my models and finding a new game to get into. So to get deeper into it.... I tend to play Zoraida and Ulix most followed by Somer. I've not gotten much play time in with Wong or Brewmaster and I dislike how ophelia plays. I tend to try to focus on strategies and schemes that require scheme markers as I expect to be able to out activate opponents for a turn or two and can get 3-4 points this way easier. I typically avoid points requiring long term terrain holding as this has always failed when gremlins get into combat.... they always just die in droves so I lose models and often gain zero points. Most of my games are basically over by the end of turn 2 or middle of turn 3. I understand that the out-activation that gremlins bring because they are cheap to purchase and have reckless abilities is how they should be powerful. However, in my experience the extra AP and activation control is only relevant until the end of turn 3 as by that time I've lost so many models, been forced to retreat or hide out in terrain, or just can't stand up to even a moderate sized opponents hand that the extra power in AP and activation is gone. I've had several games where I've lost a huge number of points in a turn and a half (turn 2 to middle of 3) and can't claim points beyond maybe 3 or 4. Comparing equal points model to model I can't see the balance in abilities and stats. Although many gremlins can get extra AP with reckless/drunk and reckless, the payoff isn't enough to make them that much better compared to models of the same points that can do the same or better actions without a down side that can cause them to get killed in one shot. Example: Nino (the big guild sniper) compaired to Rami. Nino can kill models by focusing quite easily with a high damage flip. For Rami to do the same I've had to reckless, get the ram trigger to knock myself to half health to get the same effect. If you consider the damage level a gremlin can do with a Ram trigger they are decent hitters but they also blow themselves up in the process and cost me models when this happens. One of my worst outcomes was losing Francois to a massive hit (admittedly killing the minion he hit) followed by losing Bert because of a ricochet trigger (flipped late and couldn't cheat to change), then because my two big hitters that were protecting Somer were gone he also died that turn. All because of one turn of damaging myself. My local Henchman has been extremely patient working with me to either get better or figure out lists to play for certain schemes etc. However, we've run out of ideas. I've tried playing conservatively, which helps with gremlin survival but I often still only get 3-5 points because my opponent has had two turns of free roaming for points. I've tried being aggressive with expendable models but find that I'm just spending two turns and 3-4 models to nullify one 5-10 point model, often losing 8-15 points of my own models in the trade. I've tried being more selective with schemes and strategies by focusing on what other gremlin players play (from podcasts and tournaments) but inevitably lose so many models so early on that I'm just waiting for my opponent to get max points and end turn 5 with a 4-6 point spread between us. I'm extremely positive and excited about playing every game (one to three games a week). I listen to and read hours of malifaux posts and podcasts every week trying to learn to play better. But by turn 2 or 3 in most games, even against new players, I'm just wanting the game to be over because i've lost so many models and will only be able to get half or less than half points and feel like i'm just waiting for my opponent to max out their points while I wait an hour for the game to end. I understand that it's possible, and very likely, that I'm playing extremely badly and can't figure out what to do to get better. But I also can't see the balance of the game when looking at a gremlin card compared to other factions. I love the game and how it plays but I'm very close to just selling all my models...... ANY advice would be great, any ideas for lists, advice on schemes and strategies to choose, any help with understanding how gremlins are even close to other factions in power level would be great before I decide to dump them. Thanks in advance
  16. Hello, all. I've been working on a Tara list intended to take the Beastie Bomb to it's fullest possible extreme, while still retaining some viability in scheme running should the initial strike fail. I'm fairly new to the game, so thoughts/advice on the list or how best to play to it's strengths would be greatly appreciated. 50 ss Tara Outcasts list: Fastball Special Master Tara (Cache 4), Upgrade: Knowledge of Eternity (2 ss) Henchmen Scion of the Void (8 ss) Enforcers Killjoy (12 ss). Can start buried, and has a built in unbury mechanic, saving health and AP on the SotV. The Nothing Beast (10 ss), Upgrade: Void Shield (0 ss) Minions Rat King (8 ss). The strongest 8 ss or less minion available that can tolerate losing 4 wounds, since it can turn itself into a Rat Catcher. Friekorps Trapper (6 ss) Void Wretch (4 ss). Mostly there to heal the SotV when it gets itself in trouble. Basic play strategy: Killjoy deploys buried. The Friekorps Trapper deploys 6" from the opponent's deployment area, as close as possible to the bulk of the enemy crew (preferably in cover, but not essential. Even if it's killed on the first activation through bad luck on the initiative flip and unfortunate deployment, an angry Killjoy will pop out unless sacrifice/bury shenanigans were involved). Everyone else deploys in The Nothing Beast's nice 10" from The Faceless Oblivion. Strongest when deploying second and winning initiative. First, Tara uses Pull the Void 3 times to bury and give fast to the Scion of the Void, the Rat King, and The Nothing Beast (in that order). Then, the Friekorps trapper moves towards the enemy, shoots and Repositions to get a bit closer, then uses The Hollowing (from the SotV's Whispers from the Nothing) to unbury the Rat King. Ideally, the Rat King will kill an enemy model and unbury the rest of the crew. Failing that, it can also use The Hollowing to unbury the SotV to finish the job, and turn into a Rat Catcher if it's dropped below 4 wounds. If the Rat king dies before this, the rest of the crew unburies anyway. Unless there is a terrible run of bad luck/mismatched deployment, the enemy crew now has a Rat King, a SotV, a Fast Nothing Beast, and Killjoy in the middle of their deployment zone, and will probably have a rather bad day. The Rat King and the SotV will likely only have 4 wounds or less, but both have mechanics to get around that. Tara can reactivate and move up the field to rejoin her crew, run schemes, or whatnot while the enemy crew is dealing with the massive new threat in it's ranks or running away. An alternative list I'm considering replaces the Rat King and Killjoy with Montressor, Ama no Zako (as Henchmen, they won't take damage from The Hollowing, and are more likely to secure the unburying kill than the Rat King), and a Malifaux Child (for the additional casting of Pull the Void needed to bury the extra model). Such a draft would be stronger in combat and offer more tactical/movement options than the first list, but requires an extra activation to set up which any sensible enemy crew will be using to scatter to the four winds, and opens the risk of the enemy crew killing the Friekorps Trapper before Tara can get everyone buried.
  17. Hi all, What are your thoughts regarding Parker Barrows and his crew in terms of ease of use for a new player? http://www.wyrd-games.net/parker-barrows
  18. So i have recently joined the Ten thunders after a spell with the Neverborn and the Arcanists. I can see that there are conversations for different factions (see Arcanists) that are pinned and discuss masters individually do what there strengths are and their weaknesses and are always at the top of the page when someone looks. There are a lot of different conversations on the forums for lets say Shen long but they are all spread out so my hope is to start a thread where we can discuss certain masters in detail. I think this would be useful as it will make it easier for a new Ten thunder player or new player in general to look at the forum and think right that is the one for me. This doesn't have to be the pinned post but I will add some ideas and experiences as and they come up.
  19. If you're interested in checking out Malifaux in the Rochester area, this is the perfect opportunity to do so. You don't need to bring anything, but if you have your own crew to play that is great too. We will have several painted crews on hand for people to play and get a demo of the game. As this is a new player event the emphasis is going to be on simplicity. Expect the total duration of a game to last 45 minutes to an hour. The Important Stuff: Store: Just Games Location: 1601 Penfield Rd, Suite 750, Rochester, NY 14625 Date: Sunday, March 20th 2016 Time: 2pm-5pm* (Can stay later if required to finish up games) Format: 25ss Henchman Led Cost: $5 in purchases. What this means is in order to play you need to buy $5 in stuff from the store, preferably Wyrd items, but not required. If you need a new set of dice and want to try out a new game risk free, come on in we'd be happy to teach you. Hope to see you there.
  20. Hello guys I would like to participate in campaign with a neverborn crew. I have chosen to focus on nephalim as I feel like they are the branch of neverborn most significant for the whole fluff. I wanted to go with this list Angel Eyes (+ some 1SS upgrade) Scion of black blood doppler 2x Wratches This was the starter set + doppler However ... As i started to paint and read into the fluff the urge was to strong. Currently I own Lilith box, Nekima, Waldgaist, Beckoners, and Nephalim Box (and puke worm aka primordial magic) So I gravitated more to a list with nekima as a leader but i have some second thoughts ... She is expensive and will need to close with the enemy in order to get the job done - on the other hand she generates extra AP so she is almost as killy as some masters - which can be good at the start of the campaign. I plan on running Nekima (+True Mother ?) Terror tot Waldgaist Scion of Black Blood Puke worm The idea behid this set up is that scion maybe not the best model in the neverborn roster but he has unique way of condition removal that doesnt cost action at all and on top of that he can attack from range and i find this amusing in neverborn list (also he is slightly better in CC then angel eyes that I plan on adding later) My main concern is true mother - I know it can be good to sumon a terror tot with it - I think in order to use the other part of the ability I would need second up - rapid growth on someone (preferebly scion) so i wonder if this is wishfull thinking list and I dont have enough bodies to create danger for my opponents and win some battles ?
  21. Hey all, I've been lurking in a lot of Malifaux communities for a while, and I'm finally looking to jump in. I'm not very experienced with wargames, but I played a bit of Warmachine, and I really gravitated towards Legion and Circle there because of the movement tricks. However, with Malifaux, it's hard for me to find a faction that I don't like aesthetically. I guess my question is: Which factions have the most mobility/movement tricks?
  22. Hello everyone! I've started playing Malifaux two weeks ago...Nicodem of course. My local game store hosts a 50ss tournament at the end of November and I want to ask you for help because I have no idea what to deploy. It's a 3 round based tournament with following strategies: 1. round - Reconnoiter 2. round - Extraction 3. round - Interference I've read through a few posts here and there and have following base crew list: Nicodem - Maniacal Laugh - Undertaker - Reaper Grin Mortimer -Corpse Bloat Izamu -Decaying Aura Graveyard Spirit 29 SS Can you guys help me out give me some "recruiting advice" based on the strategy? Thank you very very much!!! Greetings, qoob
  23. Hi i am a new player that recently bought Sonnia Criid box "The Torch and the Blade" and I was wondering, how should she be played? What is her tactic? I would like to hear from players who actually plays her, instead of you guys directing me to "pull my finger" where every box is conveniently awesome, and every model is a must have. From what I see, her main strength is blast damage, but what happens when the opponent does not group up his forces ? What upgrades are must have on Sonnia, and what is her crew is best built? I figured francisco over hopkins is good trade.
  24. So I'm starting my 2nd week of our campaign soon. I'm trying to decide what to get next. My list so far; Candy -run away home upgrade. Baby Kade Dopplaganger 2x Sarrow i have 6 script for my next purchase. I was thinking Teddy. Please help new player.
  25. Hi, not sure if I'm posting in the right place but I was hoping for some advice. I have played a few games with the dreamer crew and a teddy and so far I'm loving the game. I'm now wanting to go into a 2nd crew/mastermaster since most of the stuff I want for my dreamer crew isn't out yet. I want a crew who can really tale a punch and give one back harder up close and personal. What would people recommendrecommend for a tough close combat crew? I have no preference to faction but I only build fluffy lists so I build on the theme of a crew box. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
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