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  1. Thanks, I look forward to seeing yours Omen...
  2. I'm also looking forward to these and am considering painti g the piglets a weird (for pigs) colour, maybe a blue or purple'ish (just for the shits and giggles... lol)
  3. Thanks Clement. Already considered msgnetim basing for them, will probably use for all though. Can get sticky sheet magnet and cut to size. Not thought about basing the bugs yet but will address that problem when I do.
  4. Noted, thanks buddy
  5. Thanks for the help, will take all that advice.
  6. Got my Gremlins now. I have Wongs Crew, Zipps Crew, McTavish and Burt. I've assembled and undercoated Wong and his Crew and found my paints are mostly knackered, some can be saved though. My question is... Which paints are the best value, good to paint with and give good results. I always used GW paints before but they're not as good value as they used to be and all the colours have changed in the years since I painted before... lol
  7. Well the Wong and Zipp Crews have arrived along with Mctavish. Have also ordered Creative Taxidermy. Had a quick look inside the boxes and Damn, they look so delicate. Going to be so much fun assembling them... May have to figure a way to pin some of them to strengthen somewhat, especially the Lightening Bugs... Any advice welcomed...
  8. I have now purchased the Wong and Zipp crews plus McTavish and a Fate Deck... Awaiting arrival so I can paint them. Looking forward to it but not painted for years... lol.
  9. Which fate deck to get hold of? Looked on eBay and there are loads. Do I need a specific one? Seen 'Through the breach' fate deck, 'Black Arcane' fate deck, 'Bad Ink' fate deck, 2e rulebook and fate deck, 'Arcane' fate deck and 'Twisted' fate deck... Somewhat confusing really... lol
  10. Thank you all for your comments, they're invaluabe to a 'not even started yet' player. I have a LGS where there are some players so that's covered. I've also been checking out the other Gremlin Crews and decided to go with Wong as my starter crew. It looks like they may be a ittle more fun and the models may be fun to paintas well...
  11. Hi all, I'm about to start playing Malifaux with the Gremlins Faction, specifically Ophilia's mob/gang. I'd like to know what I need to get hold of to be able to play, rulebooks, equipment and so on. Any help would be appreciated... Dheekon.
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