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  1. Want to know what to buy when starting a new keyword? Check out my new series that kicks things off with Neverborn. Let me know what you think. https://youtu.be/qEPylQu8-sg
  2. I agree if you have access to the M2E boxes, the lists change a lot. That said, I'm future proofing and don't want to make recommendations on old boxes when 3 years from now you can't find those boxes anywhere.
  3. I still think Stalker is needed for things like Symbols and Prospector feels unnecessary for Bandits, but the other changes seem fine.
  4. Good catch, I'll add them to the list.
  5. Dreamer can do a lot more then just dump cards into summoning every round (especially with nerfs to it) and you still have 15ss of Alps that are going to likely die shortly after being summoned because your putting them into your opponents beaters more often the not. I think your on a different page here. Competitive here isn't building a list to win a 50 man event, its aim is at a new player going to his local meta 8 man event, probably with a wide range of skill. People aiming to win a larger event will buy what they need and don't need my advice on what to buy....they probably own the faction anyways. Plus upgrades and stones. Sure you have no flexibility other then upgrades, but it works and yes its a playable crew.
  6. Easy fix. I'll never recommend a new player buying a $50 model that they may use. I originally had her higher, but I was told by several players that she isn't needed/worth buying for just her model *shrug*. I'm not sure if Cooper is a high take and as scheme runners they die to a breeze with no defense tech other then hiding.
  7. I can see flipping Support Staff with Keeping the Peace, but I do not understand everyone's love of Howard in Augmented as he is worse then the Peacekeeper in every way imo and you already have tons of healing so you don't need the Steamfitters unless you really want to drop lots of markers (and honestly they get sniped out anyways as they die easier then most in this list). I feel like at this point, why are you even playing Nellie? I would rather just suggest picking her up after another master if your just buying versatile and out of keywords. I'm fine with putting Sand Worm before the 2nd Trapper box and dropping Keeping and Steward to red. Austringers are fine, but I there are plenty of pools you don't take them into, hence orange. As for Rough Riders, they die way to easy for their cost and just never end up being worth their cost from what I've experience with them and from what other good players have said as well.
  8. I'm fine with moving Ice Gamin/Golem down to bottom of Orange. As for Kandara, I honestly think she isn't needed at all right now as Kudra does a similar job, but better now. I've always felt people overvalue Langston as he is worse then the Peacekeeper and Joss in about every way unless your playing MS&U. Steamfitters are ok, but I honestly still don't take them very often unless you need lots of marker dropping as you have tons of healing between Hoffman, Attendant, Toolkit, and Automaton. I'm fine with bumping up Arachnids as 4 Action models can really get work done and I still love them since I got so much work out of them pre-nerf. I've been back and forth on the Blessed since the Cerberus can fill the same role, but I agree that Hoarcats are fine cheap "filler" model when you need more AP. Another one I've been torn on is how good Sparks actually is now. I think bottom of Yellow is probably right since he can heal and make things fast consistently now. I disagree on the Coryphee since you need two boxes to even run a Duet since you want to option to split them (yea you can magnetize, but I don't recommend messing with it for brand new folk) and barring Colette, Coryphee are why you play performer. The models are just crazy good for their cost and you lose a lot of power without them. It doesn't hurt this is also one of the few crews I have 20+ games with as well, so I can speak from experience on her.
  9. Orange seem fines for Howling. Pre-nerf I would be more inclined to agree and as heavy as I run on Stitched with dreamer, I think yellow is fine for it to keep things on a budget at green. The Bokor and Silirids are solidly yellow since they are out of faction models that can't be used in other NB crews, while Hina and Hooded can fit into anything. Zoraida imo is one of the worst masters for following my guidelines as she tends to favor out of faction models, taxed models, and awkward purchases (like buying Zipp box for a single model). Moving Hooded green and Teddy as bottom or orange makes sense (it was my original thought that someone argued against). Moving Lyssa and Serena up is fine.
  10. Moving Emissary, Killjoy, and Hooded seems fine. I'm not a big fan of rougaru and think Serena is a better fit. Top of yellow for budget reasons I think are fine for Cyclops, which are you first secondary purchase. The Lyssa being yellow seems a stretch to me. As for The Howling, I just have to disagree on them as Bultungin are crap really and I would sooner go out of keyword for something in that roll (or heck pay the tax on the Insidious Madness). Sure
  11. Lots of debate on this choice, so I just deferred the top ranked Reva player I know and he said Draugr.
  12. Its already a $142 base box and your still missing options. So for budget reasons, I'm keeping them at yellow. That said if budget isn't an issue, then sure you should go ahead and pick them up.
  13. I could see it going either way, but if you already have Rogue, the support models probably are a better first purchase. The original lists the boxes of the same color were just alphabetical and everyone thought it was purchasing order so I just changed it to be that.
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