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  1. Today we talk about the Arcanists keywords and rank them based on fun and competitiveness. https://schemesandstones.podbean.com/e/episode-107-m3e-arcanist-keyword-rankings/
  2. Now the M3E Open Beta has released its final update, I've updated my cheatsheet for you. https://schemesandstones.wordpress.com/2019/03/01/m3e-open-beta-3-1-cheatsheet/
  3. I think multiple ways of scoring the second point is interesting, but your opponent still knows those methods so I'm not sure its bluffing as much as giving your more avenues to score.
  4. I disagree as you can fix the problem with the right unrevealed scoring methods. For example, you could make end of game methods lean towards requiring enemy models to be alive at the end of the game in order to score (something like Deliver the Messages end of game scoring). This forces non-killing methods of scoring which is harder to achieve, but promotes an alternate method of scoring. I think your missing part of the point with the example, as I said it was intended to just give people an idea as to how it would work instead of being a "good" example of the difficulty of scoring revealed vs unrevealed. The difference in difficulty for revealed vs unrevealed would need to be changed for most schemes including my example one.
  5. I agree that it would take some testing, but I would argue that we have the time to fix this problem and it is a pretty big deal as the scheme scoring is a major complaint of the game and players should not be waiting for a tournament rules to fix how the gameplay feels.
  6. So I touch on this idea in last couple podcasts, but I think at least part of the "grind" feeling coming from M3E is due to how the schemes now score. You often find out early what the opponent is doing and since there is not more surprise factor the game is just a matter of "grinding them down" while denying what you know they need to do. I propose the following change to help bring back the lost dimension of bluffing to M3E. The idea is simple, every scheme gives you the option of score 1 or 2 points from end of turn scoring or you can score 2 points from end of game scoring. In the case of end of turn scoring, the methods of scoring would be easier to do, but you opponent also knows what you are doing for that 2nd point. Alternatively, you can choose to never reveal the scheme and go for its 2 point end of game scoring method which involves more requirements, but your opponent never knows what you are trying to do. For example lets use Dig Their Graves. Revealed: After killing an enemy model within 1" of one or more friendly Scheme Markers, you may reveal this Scheme and remove one such Scheme Marker to gain 1 VP. Once revealed, you may repeat this process once more to score a second point from these scheme. Unrevealed: At the end of the game, if you have three or more different Scheme Markers wtihin 1" of three different Corpse or Scrap Markers, you may remove three such Scheme Markers to gain 2VP. Obviously the actual ways of scoring will likely change for many schemes, but this gets across the idea.
  7. Turf War with Standard Deployment Breakthrough, Dig Their Graves, Hold Up Their Forces, Deliver A Message, Vendetta Time Played: 2.5 hours Final Score: 6 to 4 Player 1: Tony (unsure if he has forum account) (1) Molly with Deadly Pursuit and cache of 6ss (2) Necrotic Machine - Free (3) Philip and The Nanny - 8ss (4) Archie - 9ss (5) The Forgotten Marshall - 7ss (6) Rabble Riser - 6ss (7-9) 3x Crooligans - 12ss Player 1 Schemes: Breakthrough, Deliver A Message (Von Schtook) Player 2: Myself (1) Albus Von Schtook with 3ss cache (2) Research Assistant - Free (3) Valedictorian - 9ss (4) Student of Viscera - 8ss (5-6) 2x Student of Sinew - 14ss (7) Undergraduate - 6ss (8-9) 2x Necropunks - 10ss Player 2 Schemes: Breakthrough, Vendetta (Viscera vs Archie) Setup Notes I was the attacker and divided into Group 1 (Schtook, Assistant, Valedictorian, Sinew1, Undergraduate) and Group 2 (Viscera, Sinew2, 2x Necropunks). Group 1 deployed first. My Point of View Deployment was... Left Side (Schtook): Undergraduate (next to lower left turf marker), Valedictorian, Necropunk1 Left Side (Molly): None Central (Schtook): Schtook, Assistant, Sinew1, Sinew2 Central (Molly): Molly, Necrotic, Philip, F.Marshall, Rabble Riser, Crooligan1 (halfway up table) Right Side (Schtook): Viscera, Necropunk2 (next to lower right turf marker) Right Side (Molly): Archie, Crooligan2 (next to upper right turf marker), Crooligan3 (halfway up table) Turn 1 Highlights: Undergrade and Necropunk2 claim turf markers on my side Crooligan2 claims turf marker in upper right Schtook use Academic Broadcast to push 4 models forward and give them focus. Crooligan1 was left to far up the table and was killed on turn 1 by Sinew1 charging it and using Flay to cheat to kill it Crooligan3 was engaged by Viscera Crooligan3 disengaged and move close to Schtook The Forgotten Marshall summoned in Crooligan4 Necropunk1 push up the left flank Molly's Lethe' Caress was avoided by walking and then charging at nothing to avoid taking a second walk or by just walking behind a bigger model to break LoS then walking again. She drew 2-3 cards this turn from Gorgon's Influence. Molly 0VP; Turf (0), Breakthrough (0), Deliver (0) Schtook 0VP; Turf (0), Breakthrough (0), Vendetta (0) Turn 2 Highlights: Schtook won initiative and went first. Valedictorian went first and killed Crooligan3 before it could get close enough to deliver any potential messages. This flipped no Turf Markers (kill was on my side). Crooligan4 moved next to the upper left turf marker Archie charged Sinew1 but failed to kill it, Archie was lowered below half wounds by a couple models then charged by Vicera who killed it accidentally on a negative damage flip with a 13 and RJ (no way to cheat it down to avoid killing). This ended up costing me 1VP from Vendetta. This flipped no Turf Markers (kill was on my side). Molly drew 3 cards this turn from Gorgon's Influence and moved forward. Necropunk1 walk, leaped, and placed scheme marker in opponents backfield at end for turn for Breakthrough Necropunk2 push up the right flank Both player score 1VP on Turfwar Molly 1VP; Turf (1), Breakthrough (0), Deliver (0) Schtook 2VP; Turf (1), Breakthrough (1), Vendetta (0) Turn 3 Highlights: Schtook won initiative and went first. Necropunk2 was able to leap on upper right Turf Marker, unclaim it, and drop a scheme marker for breakthrough Undergraduate was killed by Rabble Riser. This unclaimed lower right Turf Marker Schtook double walked and reclaimed lower right Turf Marker Sinew1 was killed by Forgotten Marshall which unclaimed lower right Turf Marker again. Valdictorian killed Crooligan4 which unclaimed the upper left Turf Marker it was next too Molly drew 3 cards, removed scheme marker using Reparations trigger against Assistant (killing it), and gives Rabble another activation Forgotten Marshall shoots Sinew2 and summons Crooligan5 Rabble killed Sinew2. This didn't affected any Turf War Markers Necropunk1 claimed the upper left Turf War Marker Vicera kills Rabble. No Turf markers affected Philip claims the mid-table Turf marker Crooligan2 and Crooligan5 both move towards my deployment zone Round ended with Schtook controlling the left side markers and Molly only controlling mid-table marker Molly 1VP; Turf (1), Breakthrough (0), Deliver (0) Schtook 3VP; Turf (2), Breakthrough (1), Vendetta (0) Turn 4 Highlights: Schtook won initiative and went first Schtook kills Crooligan2 before it can drop a marker Philip and Nanny finally deliver a message to Schtook for 1VP Necropunk2 claims upper right Turf Marker, leaps, and drops a scheme marker in backfield Crooligan5 moves into my deployment zone and drops a marker Vicera charges Crooligan5 and kills it Necropunk1 drops scheme markers in deployment zone Molly draws 5 cards this turn and don't recall her doing much this turn Round ended with Schtook controlling both upper turf markers and the bottom left side one, Molly still only controlled mid-table marker Molly 2VP; Turf (1), Breakthrough (0), Deliver (1) Schtook 4VP; Turf (3), Breakthrough (1), Vendetta (0) Turn 5 Highlights: Schtook won initiative and went first Schtook disengages from Philip and walks into the corner of the board Molly drops a scheme marker by attacking Vicera and moves and claims bottom right turf marker Vicera picks up scheme marker Marshal and Philip both move forward and drop scheme markers Game wraps up at this point as nothing else mattered towards the score. Molly controlled mid-table marker and bottom right to finally score 2VP from it. At this point Breakthrough is revealed by Molly to score 1VP for it and Vendetta is revealed by Schtook to score 1VP from it. Molly 4VP; Turf (2), Breakthrough (1), Deliver (1) Schtook 6VP; Turf (3), Breakthrough (2), Vendetta (1) Model Thoughts: Forgotten Themes - The new version of fading is much better then before and I like the how it worked Molly Squidpiddge - Overall she seems like she is quite good now Gorgon's Influence seems a bit too powerful as my opponent was consistently drawing 2-5 cards a turn off of a passive ability. Yes, I could cheat my hand out quickly to prevent such large draws, but it wasn't always practical to do so and still do what I need to do (aka needed to save cards for those late turn leaps). Lethe's Caress seems powerful, but I only suffered damage from it once thanks to abusing the walk then use charge to walk method or just breaking LoS against her. The rest of her card felt about right for a master Necrotic Machine didn't really do much all game other then heal a couple models Crooligans seemed ok, but he just used them for interacting or they died before doing much. He also didn't keep any back to deny my markers at end of game. Archie, my opponent was disappointed with his performance, but I think he is fine with the leap. The problem was he charged Archie into a fight when he had a terrible hand to support him with and then he was promptly killed by 3 models beating on him with some lucky flips (or unlucky considering I killed him when I wanted to keep him alive with a couple health). Philip and The Nanny still seems like a fine denial model The Forgotten Marshal was pretty good in this game summoning a couple extra crooligans that kept replenishing his ranks. I never got to see his Pine Box ability, since he just stayed back and shot at things with his pistol. Rabble Riser seemed fine for its cost. Transmortis - Studied Opponent felt more like a chore in tracking then a cool ability and I don't think it once actually mattered during the game other then my opponent deciding to cheat in his mid-ranged ram instead of his mid-ranged crow type thing a couple times. Overall the crew I think functions fine, but it lacks something that makes it feel like a synergistic theme and not just a bunch of well costed models (aka its boring). Albus Von Schtook - Overall felt a bit meh, but I also played him and designed the crew a bit wrong Academic Superiority never really came into play this game so hard to say on it Recruitment Drive I forgot about, but it also didn't really matter since I didn't take Dig Graves and Schtook stayed back most the game Administrative Review didn't really come up as there weren't many conditions going around and I never got an upgrade on one of my models to give them fast Gruesome Lecture I think is his "main" ability making him the resser "blaster" master, but I didn't really think about this until after the game. I think this was my biggest play mistake, so next time I'll try to use him more offensively as a blasting mater. Academic Broadcast was good, but I needed to spread out so I only used it first turn. Peer Review seems ok, but its a really clunky way to summon since you first need a crow (granted it helps if you bring extra SS to spend for the crows) and then you need that model to actually kill something and not die. My biggest issue was I didn't bring enough stones this game to really use it effectively and I never once got it off since I never had mid-ranged crows (and I wanted my high cards for other things). Research Assistant - The model is fine, but kinda boring. I just used it to throw a shockwave a couple times (just which burned high cards out of his deck both times) then it died. Valedictorian - Overall a good model, but not particularly interesting. I mean I just like it because it has good stats, its tough, and it has flight which is quite good. The Valedictory ability seems good, but its pretty situational and I think the one time I was able to use it, I didn't have the right costed card in my discard pile to effectively use it. Student of Vicera - Overall a good model due to a good attack and being tough. Ambush is also nice on it, but Emergency Surgery feels very random on this model. I mean it isn't bad, but the majority of the crew's keyworded models aren't living and nothing about this model screams this thing looks like it should heal other models. Student of Sinew - Overall a good model due to good attack and being tough. I brought two of these due to my opponent being Ressers so I knew I could get some extra cards from Necrotic Font and Flay would come in useful (which it did). Like the other student, Command Corpse isn't a bad ability, but it feels very random on this thing as nothing about this model screams, yea this thing should be able to command undead models. At least this makes a little more sense though as "anti-Resser" tech since you can command their models. Undergraduate - Overall a fine model thanks to it being well costed for its damage and toughness. Also its Lead the Way and Study abilities are good support abilities for the crew. Necropunks - Still the best scheme runner in Ressers right now and this crew doesn't have to pay the keyword tax
  8. What? 50ss fixed faction (or fixed DMH master) tournament 3 Rounds lasting 2h $10 entry fee When? April 7th, registration, 10am - 10:30am and tournament 11am - 7pm Where? Mayhem Comics in Clive, IA Other Rules? No painting required, but it will be rewarded Proxies allowed so long as the model is identifiable Latest version of the M3E Beta documents will be used Prizes rewarded via a point system (player with most points picks prize he wants and so forth) Our stores prize support is fantastic and everyone will get at least $15 in store credit for prizes. You can RSVP via facebook here or you can message me on here on the forums
  9. What? Friday: Open Tables to play M2E, M3E, or TOS Saturday: M3E Tournament - 50ss fixed faction (or fixed DMH master) Sunday: M3ETournament- 50ss fixed faction (or fixed DMH master) Cost? Tickets can be purchased at www.museonstore.com and are as follows... $60 for the weekend if prepurchased ($65 at the door) $20 for a day pass at the door When? May 24th - 26th Friday: Open Play and Dinner Saturday: Malifaux (3-Round, 50ss M3E Open Beta) 10am - 7pm Sunday: Malifaux (3-Round, 50ss M3E Open Beta) 8:15am - 5pm Where? West Des Moines Marriott Hotel on 1250 Jordan Creek Parkway Who? The Tournament TOs for the event will be myself and Doug Broman Tournament Packets? M3E (Sat-Sun): Will be released once we get closer to the event And of course if you enjoy other games there will be Warmahordes, Guild Ball, Infinity, Blood Bowl, and more. More details will be posted as they are finalized and they can also be found at https://www.facebook.com/events/319491458683376/
  10. Sorry for the bit unconventional format, but we did a audio battle report for the show. https://schemesandstones.podbean.com/e/episode-104-open-beta-with-euripides-vs-mccabe/
  11. I noticed there were no logs done for changes to the rules, so does that mean that nothing changed or that they weren't posted?
  12. Ah, didn't realized it was changed again and it was late when I was updating. Thanks for pointing it out and it should be fixed with latest version of the file.
  13. I've updated my cheatsheet for the rules to the 1.16 version of the rules. https://schemesandstones.wordpress.com/2019/01/11/m3e-open-beta-cheatsheet/
  14. So you want to play a game and your not sure how to print off the cards in a manner that is functional, well have no fear here is how you do it. First you need a PDF viewer. Several can be found online for free. Adobe is probably the most common and you can get it in the below link, though I would advice you to uncheck the install McAfee Anti-virus software because its more spamware then useful software. https://get.adobe.com/reader/ Next step to figure out the crew you want to hire. Lets say I want to the following Crew. (1) Reva with 6ss cache (2-3) Corpse Candle (4) Asura Roten 8ss (5) Restless Spirit 4ss (6-7) 2x Draugr 14ss (8-9) 2x Shieldbearer 12ss (10-12) 3x Mindless Zombies 8ss Then you need to write down all the pages that the models are on in the PDF file. Also note that hitting ctrl+f and typing in the name of the model is a quick way to locate it in the pdf file. Reva (77-78) Corpse Candle (91-92) Asura Roten (81-82) Restless Spirit (89-90) Draugr (85-86) Shieldbearer (87-88) Mindless Zombie (139-140) Now lets start printing things off. First you'll want to hit the print button which will bring up the print page. 1) Under Pages to Print you you want to select the Pages bullet 2) Now you are going to type in those pages the above in the order you want them to print off in. I like them in the order I set above. 77-78, 91-92, 81-82, 89-90, 85-86, 87-88, 139-140 3) Next under Page Sizing & Handling select the Multiple box 4) I personally like around 3 or 4 cards per page so I'm going to set Pages per sheet to Custom... and then 2 by 4 5) Again I like to keep the front and back of the cards side by side so I set Page Order to Horizontal 6) Last I like having borders so I check Print page border 7) I also prefer to keep the Orientation to Portrait Now if you look to the right side you should see 4 front and back cards per page. You can print these off and just use the sheets or you can try cutting them out and sleeving them as well if you prefer to have the cards.
  15. What do you think about the updates to old abilities and the new ones? https://schemesandstones.wordpress.com/2019/01/14/m3e-common-abilities/
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