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  1. iamthefly

    (almost) couldn't be worse

    I like the cards and the model list, being able to star and mark the ones owned and painted. The app is soo hard to use. When building a list you swipe right to view a model BUT while playing the game swiping right does something else, how confusing. You can add a model to your list during a game for Summoning, but I can't delete one added by accident. The importing of games and opponents lists is so clunky and usually fails. There seems to be some confusion with building and importing the crew after schemes are generated. This is the bit that grueling defeats us. We are tech savvy people, but this app is unusable. My mate can't get it to work on his iPhone, it just keeps crashing. I'm on android My other mate has an iPhone and it doesn't crash, but it's so hard to use we've just given up. Rather than being designed on the platforms is meant to run on, it feels like it is made in html then converted to run on both apple and android. I hope Wyrd hire professionals to make the M3E version instead of the school kids they used last time. It's trash.
  2. iamthefly

    Fatemaster Characters with [+] flips

    Thanks for this. I was looking everywhere but didn't find it. When will wyrd learn how to write a decent index...
  3. Hi, Fatemaster Characters don't flip cards, their total is written in their action in brackets on their sheet and the suit comes from the Fated resist flip. However some Fatemaster Characters get [+] to attack, so how does that work? I guess it would also be a thing when focussing. Thanks.
  4. Hi, My buddy made a character but chose no combat skills and no weapons. Does that mean the character is unable to attack, not even a kick in the shins? Thanks
  5. iamthefly

    How do Fated die?

    Hi, I've read 'damage' on p300, it only talks about Fated becoming unconscious, it doesn't say how they can die, nor does it spell out that they can't die, only lose consciousness. Are players immortal? Thanks Edit: OK so in the bleeding out rules on p306 it says if you teach bleed +10, you die, but when a fated dies is that the end of them - create a new character, or can they come back from the dead?
  6. iamthefly

    Put off playing as Brewmaster

    This sounds decent. Cheers.
  7. iamthefly

    Put off playing as Brewmaster

    Hi folks, Help a gremlin out. My friend got put off playing Brewmaster. He put brewmaster on the table for the first time a couple of nights ago and I put down McM. Corner Deployment. I had 5 face cards in my hand turn 1 & 2. We both called the game half way through turn 2 as Brewmaster had shut down my crew and the Rotten Belles on the wings which were there to pull models out of the bubble were out of action. I paralysed Brewmaster turn 2, but Macha removed it. I couldn't get to Trixiebel past the bubble. I faced brewmaster once before at a tournament and the same thing happened. Brewie can resummon Wesley, who can resummon Brewie. Neither of us can see a way to play against Brewmaster, so my friend decided not to take him again, because it wasn't a game, but that's not fair on him so I'd really appreciate it if you Gremlin players could help me make a game of it. Not sure what Wyrd are thinking when they made this master, but there might be some way to play Malifaux I've not thought of yet. It obviously made it through play testing. Thanks for the help in advance.
  8. Hi, During character creation, can Endeavour Skills stack with Root Skills to result in a rating greater than 3, or at least to a maximum of 3? If a fated learned a skill growing up, could they not further hone that skill if it became part of their career? Thanks
  9. iamthefly

    Weapon skill number

    Thanks May you have an awesome 2018.
  10. iamthefly

    Weapon skill number

    This is a really basic question, but I've spent an hour looking through the book and can't find it. Why does a weapon like a Collier Naval Pistol have a skill number in the table on p234? What does that number mean and where, oh where, is that explained in the book? At a guess I'd say it's the minimum grace (or associated skill) value a character needs to have in order to use the weapon? Also why is there an "av" field in the Attacks on the character sheet? This book has a rediulously sparce index which is a trademark of Wyrd. Thanks.
  11. iamthefly

    pdf licence with the book?

    Hi, Loving my new TTB2E book. Good Job! With other books available, if you buy the hard copy, you get a licence for the pdf seeing as you already own all the information it contains. Is this the case with TTB2E and if so how do I get it? Cheers iamthefly
  12. There can i give some feedback on the Malifaux app? Thanks
  13. iamthefly

    Selling - Neverborn, UK. Now Splitting

    Hi mate, Will take the Waldgeists and Insidious Madnesses Ewan
  14. iamthefly

    Stitch in time Act 4

    Hi, I was playing D&D in a fairly new group of 7, i convinced them to do A Stitch in Time, but we fell way behind. Please can anyone pm me the final Act? Looking forward to the next time TTB comes around in our rpg rota now we understand it (mostly) Much obliged, iamthefly
  15. iamthefly

    What to do while waiting for TTB2E?

    Can a stitch in time run with 6 Fated?