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  1. Finalscene

    Starting Ophelia

    Gremlin taxidermists are a great buy for later, but I second the opininon of buying zipp + slop haulers. Slop to heal everyone from reckless and dumb luck, and iron skeeters for tons of mobility.
  2. Finalscene

    Zipp with Cooper!?!.......nope

    Malifaux child wouldnt be able to use diatribe since it specifies that it can only copy '1' AP actions
  3. Finalscene

    Just got ma tucket

    Not a popular option, but if you take McTavish and give him the "hexed among you" upgrade, your Gators get from the shadows and can start the game in your opponents face. It's a but of a niche strategy and really expensive but has served me well on occasion.
  4. Finalscene

    Self-imposed restrictions!

    A banjonista goes a long way for both crews since they both tend to have alot of gremlins so you can get alot of pushing. Taxidermist is one of my favorites for both crews.
  5. Finalscene

    Weekly Model Discussion - Bayou Gremlin

    I actually like to use one (occasionally 2) bayou gremlins with ulix as a cheap reckless model. They make it really cheap and simple to put down scheme markers for war pigs. They also make good late game scheme runners because by that point, my opponent is too busy dealing with all the summoned pigs to care about my 3 stone runner.
  6. Finalscene


    I've taken Bishop with Wong as a glow Target before. He can keep up with my reckless gremlins with Swift and ooh glow makes him an even better beater than he already is. All of the triggers on his ml are amazing and can be built in, and regen helps a bit. Wrath has also come with my Wong crew as an experiment and he becomes an amazing sponge for damage with his healing + regen from ooh glowy. And with his empty rage 0, ooh glowy, frenzied charge, and his ml trigger he can get a 4/6/7 damage track with + on attacks and damge from a charge. That's a ton of damage from a relatively tanky model.
  7. Finalscene

    Nightmare Crew Box

    I would be excited for a new take on zoraida, with more gremlin goodies for her to use and a new look. I'd like a reason to buy her box please
  8. Finalscene

    Zipp + Fingers = Overkill?

    I've been curious to try out a list with zipper, fingers, and lucky emmissary, who also denies interacts as long as he can see zipp. It's super expensive, probably a terrible idea, but it would protect my entire crew most likely. Stupid and fun
  9. Finalscene

    Advice for a new Collette player?

    Thanks, it was a good read and my fiancee and I learned alot. We'll have our first game tonight.
  10. My fiancee just finished painting her Collette crew (looks amazing btw) and she's excited to get her first game of malifaux in. She's worried about being destroyed in her first match. Mainly because it's with me and we tend to get really competitive when we play games together. Any advice for what she can play to do well? Ill be playing gremlins (I'm soloing Ophelia) so if you have any advice against them that would be good also.
  11. Finalscene

    The Real LaCroix-Ophelia tactica

    True! Take all the Bois! I'll have to try that for the fun of it.
  12. Finalscene

    The Real LaCroix-Ophelia tactica

    I agree about Burt being better, but it's hard to say no to Raphael when he can put out a ton of damage (sometimes), has great defensive tech (armor, htk, a push out of engagement action), is KIN (my main reason for taking him over Burt), and is only 6 ss (my main reason for taking him over Francois).
  13. Finalscene

    The Real LaCroix-Ophelia tactica

    Thanks! Useless junk is hired in so that I can focus on generating trash markers instead of putting upgrades. I like to attach an upgrade and shoot it off in the same activation with my first two young, then attach the upgrades I need with my last. If I use my first young to attach useless and another, then I'm only generating 1 or two trash with my setup. I agree about slop haulers, but it's really hard for me to justify taking such a slow model with my crews. I know I can pull him along with Ophelia but I would rather ooh a girl some bigger model so they can get in the action sooner. The only reason mancha is in the list is for his mud toss upgrade. Being able to take away my opponents she'd blood condition is really usefull if you can resist activating him early in the turn.
  14. Finalscene

    Our worst models

    Gremlin shine is best shine! Thus ends my contribution to this discussion.
  15. Finalscene

    The Real LaCroix-Ophelia tactica

    Just got a game in the other day, sorry it took so long to post. Setup: Standard deployment public executions Eliminate the leadership, Dig their graves, Search the ruins, Vendetta My list: Ophelia LaCroix - 3ss cache -useless junk 1ss Young LaCroix 2ss Young LaCroix 2ss Young LaCroix 2ss Francois LaCroix 8ss -dirty cheater 1ss The first mate 9ss -Where the captain can't see 1ss Mancha Roja 9ss -dirty cheater 1ss -mud toss 1ss Iron Skeeter 6ss -poorly handled explosives 1ss Merris LaCroix 6ss Public executions is my favorite strat for Ophelia by far. Very killy and giving out healing is helpful. My idea straight off would be to do scheme marker stuff toward the center to bluff search the ruins while doing dig their graves. That way I get points for strat and dig from the same kills. Mancha Roja is here to take away my opponents strat condition with mud toss. Merris is there to provide extra scheming in case my useless junk doesn't provide enough. Along with 'disable it' from my poorly handled explosives, I should have more than enough scheme markers to cover the kill zone. First mate is great for discouraging my opponent from doing scheme marker schemes. My opponent's list: Von schill - 3ss cache Nythera aftermath 1ss survivalist 1ss the shirt comes off 1ss Steam trunk 3ss Hannah 10ss I pay better 1 ss lazarus 10ss scout the field 1ss librarian 7ss friekorpsman 5ss friekorpsman 5ss desperate merc 3ss My opponent is using a basic von schill crew that can tank hits while giving out solid damage. He says he took 2 friekorpsman and a desperate merc to keep up with gremlin activations. Scheme selection: After seeing his crew, I decided to take dig the graves AND search the ruins. It would be hard to kill his models with von schill giving out pseudo hard to kill, but I figured I could kill 1 per turn at least. merris would be able to set up search the ruins on turn 1 and then protect everyone else from lazarus blasts for the rest of her life. My opponent chose eliminate the leadership and mistakenly took vendetta with lazarus on mancha Roja, he hadn't known that mancha had dropped a ss on his cost. deployment: Ophelia lost deployment so I deployed on the side that would give merris the best path to a large tower in the center of the board. Everyone else deployed to get Max movement turn 1. Opponent put all his models in a bubble behind a wall leading with von schill and lazarus. Turn 1: Gremlins win initiative and choose von schill to activate first. The turn is mainly moving up for everyone. Lazarus gets a free walk from scout the field and the Desperate merc moves forward to position to be out of the way of his other models. Young LaCroix gives Ophelia metal line coat and shoots it off to put down a trash marker near where I assume his models will end up. Friekorpsman moves up, 2nd young LaCroix does the same as the first to spread the trash. His second friekorpsman moves into position and my final young LaCroix gives Ophelia metal lined coat and jug rocket. Now all our chaff models have activated and the interesting stuff can happen. He activates von schill and charges his desperate merc, dealing a point of damage to activate the merc's 'frantic'. Von schill uses his ability off nythera aftermath to Target lazarus with 2nd charge attack, using the trigger to place lazarus on top of a walkway to get a good location to shoot from. Sensing that I'm going to lose a few models to blasts, I activate merris and move her into position atop the tower to protect everyone from blasts. She also drops plenty of scheme markers for Search the ruins. He then activates lazarus to capitalize on merris being in range, focusing twice and ditching scout the field to shoot merris around the tower. Luckily he black joker's the damage and merris lives another day. I then use Ophelia to try to scoop some damage onto lazarus with 'my eyes closed' to get extra positives for my shots. I hit once for moderate getting 4 damage due to his armor. Then she shot him and missed with her jug rocket mainly to place the trash marker. Nothing else happened really except iron skeeter moving Francois forward to kill a friekorpsman. I misplaced my trash markers so I didn't get any points for it. End of turn 1 0-0 Von schill wins initiative and activates to easily murder francois then move into position to cover everyone with his auras. Trying to protect Francois has cost me all of my soulstones and I feel alot more vulnerable. I activate Ophelia and pop a few more shots into lazarus, hoping that Hannah and the librarian will spend their turns trying to heal him. I hit him for 4 damage total, then I ooh a girl and 'your turn' a young LaCroix up to engage lazarus so he doesn't blow apart my field. Lazarus spends his turn killing the young and heals 1 wound. First mate then tries to menacing croak to cause lazarus to push off a ledge to block Hannah from moving toward my models but fails twice due to lazarus' stupid high will power. Librarian uses her turn healing lazarus to full, doing nothing else. I have my iron skeeter focus and try to pull the librarian out of von schill's bubble with the trigger on grappling hook but I miss my shot. Hannah then moves to threaten Ophelia and mancha next turn, while also blocking mancha's charge lane to von schill. Mancha charged Hannah, doing no damage but engaging her and lazarus. Nothing else of interest happened for the rest of the turn. End of turn 2 My opponent scores public executions from killing Francois. 0-1 Sadly, something came up and I had to leave the game early, so we called it there. We discussed that there was nothing he could do to stop me scoring search the ruins and that his crew would be able to kill Ophelia since I had no stones and no healing in the crew. We agreed that end score was 3-4, the win going to Outcasts Final Scene's final thoughts Dig their graves was a terrible idea against von schill's auras. His models were tough as nails from the start and he had access to alot of healing. I also shouldn't have cared about lazarus so much. He was a big scary shooter with sight on almost my entire crew. If merris hadn't gotten lucky with the black joker, lazarus could have done some serious damage. I had a feeling that I was going to face von schill since my opponent was new with the master and very excited about him. I should have brought lightning bugs or banjonistas to ignore all the armor. It would have been nice to have some pushes and possible card draw from the banjos. Raphael would have been a better choice than Francois since he has armor and hard to kill. His damage track is also respectable. Francois is really tempting to take since he has built in dumb luck, but he's so easy to kill it's not a good option in some cases. I don't regret search the ruins since useless trash makes it really easy to score, and merris makes it almost effortless. Thinking on it, I should have taken vendetta on lazarus with mancha. I think that between first mate and mancha I could have paralyzed lazarus and then instakilled him with mancha's trigger. It would have been difficult but it would have been easier than having to kill 3 models for dig their graves. A healer would be nice with public executions also. Hindsight Ophelia list: Ophelia LaCroix - Cache:(3) Useless Junk 1ss Young LaCroix 2ss Young LaCroix 2ss Young LaCroix 2ss Mancha Roja 9ss Mud Toss 1ss The First Mate 9ss Where The Captain Can't See 1ss Merris LaCroix 6ss Raphael LaCroix 6ss Dirty Cheater 1ss Banjonista/ lightning bug 5ss Banjonistas/ lightning bug 5ss Lightning bugs and banjonistas are interchangeable since they fill similar roles though I like lightning bugs a bit more for slow and some healing tricks. Banjonistas also have their uses but I have less experience with them. Raphael is more durable and usefull than Burt and Francois I think, plus he's alot cheaper. He's more powerful than people expect and can wipe a model a turn pretty easily while being able to take a few hits at the same time. Sorry if this report is bad, it's my first attempt.