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Found 35 results

  1. Located in Pennsylvania Dropped the price a bit! I have a Misaki Boxset and Metal Hamelin crew I want to sale/ trade. I'm looking for brewmaster in trade. You can have both crews for a brewmaster Boxset and anything Ten Thunders like the Lone Swordsman, Komainu, Femented River Monks, Kang, etc.... Sale prices will be below. Misaki assembled and primed - $20 plus $5 shipping. Metal Hamelin crew w/ 8 rats, Hamelin, Obedient Wretch, 2 Rat Catchers, 3 Stolen, 3 Crooligans, Candy, and Baby Kade. All metal models - $25 plus $8 shipping Buy Both crews for $50 with shipping
  2. Happy Monday Wyrdos! Last week we finished looking at the Undying. Now it's time to start looking into another upcoming story encounter box, Backdraft! We are starting by looking at some of the Gremlin models. To start with we have the Whiskey Gamin! Let's learn a little about these adorable, delicious little barrels. Unlike elemental Gamin, which are summoned by powerful magic spells and rituals, Whiskey Gamin are created by enterprising Gremlin artificers to carry their moonshine from one place to another. After the first few Whiskey Gamin disappeared into the swamp, the Gremlins started replacing their feet with wheels in order to make it more difficult for the little machines to run off with all their alcohol. When this made the Whiskey Gamin too cumbersome to escape predators (most notably, other Gremlins that wanted the moonshine they carried), the engineers replaced their arms with pump nozzles, allowing the Gamin to spray their attackers with the high proof (and very flammable) moonshine they carried. This is Gremlin engineering at its finest, folks. On the table, Whiskey Gamin are fast models that spread around (Alcohol) Poison(ing) and light inebriated models on fire. Like true Gamin, they explode when they are killed, showering everyone around them with moonshine. _____________________________ So, combination Akaname and Fingers with some Expunge and/or Burning synergy. Cannot wait to get these! Oh, Brewmaster, like Dylan said, "Times they are a changing!"
  3. Hello! This thread will serve as a place for me to post battle reports so I don't end up flooding the board with them. As the title suggests, the focus of this thread will be on my Outcast games with Parker Barrows, and a little Freikorp, Viktorias or whatever else I feel like playing on the side. This OP will be updated with links to each Battle Report as I complete them. Any suggestions, thoughts, or comments are welcome! Outcasts Parker Barrows Games Parker Barrows vs. Reva - 50ss Parker Barrows vs. McMourning - 50ss Parker Barrows vs. Reva - 50ss Parker Barrows vs. Perdita Ortega - 50ss Parker Barrows vs. Kaeris - 50ss Parker Barrows vs. Molly - 50ss Parker Barrows vs. Reva - 50ss Parker Barrows vs. Molly - 50ss Parker Barrows vs. C. Hoffman - 50ss Von Schill Games Von Schill vs. Zoraida - 50ss Von Schill vs. Viktoria of Ashes - 50ss Von Schill vs. Yan Lo - 50ss Von Schill vs. Perdita Ortega - 50ss Misaki (Outcast) Games Misaki vs. Lilith - 50ss Misaki vs. Sandeep Desai - 50ss Misaki vs. Yan Lo - 50ss Misaki vs. Lady Justice - 50ss Misaki vs. Kirai Ankoku - 50ss Yan Lo Games Yan Lo vs. Seamus - 50 SS (GG17) Gremlins Zipp Games Zipp vs. Reva - 50ss Ulix Games Ulix vs. Perdita Ortega - 50ss - Partial Game Wong Games Wong vs. Molly - 50ss Mah Tucket Games Mah Tucket vs. Kirai Ankoku - 50ss Brewmaster Brewmaster vs. Reva - 50ss Arcanists Rasputina Games Rasputina vs. Yan Lo (Resurrectionists) - 50ss Rasputina vs. Molly - 50ss
  4. I've always been the kind of player that builds a crew from scratch for any given set of strats and schemes, just because there are so many variables involved. However, with the paired schemes in GG2018, I'm starting to build a core list for each strategy; if I have a crew that I think can comfortably manage the strat and the paired scheme, I feel comfortable that I can probably find another scheme that I can manage with that crew (with appropriate tweaks as needed) in any scheme pool. In most cases, I can put together something I feel good about with one of my Big Three masters (Asami, Lynch, and Yan Lo). However, the more I look at Ply for Information, the more I feel like Brewmaster might be a really good choice. Drinking Contest cuts down on the number of Ply attempts against your crew, and a Performer can pull the enemies into range (and/or use A Sip of Wine if needed). Sensei Yu can provide a second bubble as well as some mobility. Fingers is expensive, but the Chatty bubble is great in Ply, and I Saws it First can ruin someone's day if they have taken Surround Them. Chiaki provides ranged condition removal (that targets Wp) if the opponent's Ply does get through. Take some subset of these guys and fill out the crew with a few cheap minions (Akaname/Fermented River Monks/Moon Shinobi/Tanuki/10T Brothers) to taste as appropriate for the opponent, table, and other schemes. The main problem is that we need a good bouncer in case a bar fight breaks out. Yasunori is awesome with Brewie and Pick Yer Poison, but he's really pricey these days. We have plenty of options in the 8-9ss range, so I'm sure I can find someone workable, but SS are (as always) tight. Has anyone experimented with Brewie in Ply? Any recommendations, gotchas, notable successes or failures?
  5. Hi guys! I’ve been hitting things with Brewmaster over in Gremlins for a while now, and I think I have a reasonable grasp of how he does things. Time to break into Ten Thunders! Although I’m looking forward to painting my Misaki, I’d like to try the following list. Mostly because I love the models, I’ll be painting these things first, and I want to make it (or similar) work. Difficulty: no Yassinori or Terracotta warrior, I want to put things on the field less played and make them work. So, Oiran! 50 SS Ten Thunders Crew The Brewmaster + 3 Pool - A Barkeep Never Sleeps (2) - Running Tab (1) - A Friendly Ear (1) Apprentice Wesley (3) Fingers (10) Shadow Emissary (10) - Shadow Conflux (0) Katanaka Crime Boss (8) - Hidden Agenda (0) Oiran (5) Oiran (5) Oiran (5) Some obvious synergies including 4 unreducable damage for every point of poison and binge to assist Fast Oiran flutters. What do do you think? Obviously needs to be adjusted for the strats and schemes, but as a base line? (exported from CrewFaux) EDIT: Removed 'Recalled Training', added 'A Friendly Ear'
  6. Symbols of Authority - Punish The Weak - Covert Breakthrough - Take Prisoner - Hold Up Their Forces - Inescapable Trap Tonight I'll face a friend of mine with Arcanists. Pointed on Mei Feng and Brewmaster as my possible choices: what do you suggest to take with them as list? Mei is probably good with Punish The Weak and Hold Up Their Forces. Fingers could be good in Covert Breakthrough. Both the Masters (better Brewie) can isolate enemy models to score easier on Take Prisoner.
  7. New GG and errata seems nice for the brew crew. 3 moon shinobi can score public demonstration with ease, tanuki+akaname can give fermented or golem reactivate easily and fingers makes recover evidence almost auto 3vp. Despite all that killing and tankiness seem hard to get, plus if you take fingers its hard to fit those other big guys in. With all the changes what strategies do you think brew should be played in? How will you change your brew crew? Can you help me lose less?
  8. I started Gremlins a week ago or so (I own Brewie, Zipp and Som'er), and now with my mates we're playing using the GG18. I'll be playing Gremlins, my opponent Arcanists. We've generated randomly the Encouter: SYMBOLS OF AUTHORITY; Standard Deployment - Punish The Weak - Search The Ruins - Set Up - Inescapable Trap - Dig Their Graves Right now, I'm more headed towards Brewmaster, 'cause I want to test him in Faction as I always used him as 10T, but Zipp can be the right choice too, or Som'er. The reasoning behind the BMaster in this setup is 'cause I can place the Symbols relatively close to each other, and oblige my opponent to come at me and stay inside my bubbles. For Punish The Weak, I think that I can go for a killy crew, but I need Interacts for the Strategy and the other Schemes. Maybe Fingers + Burt + Golem? First Mate to push enemies around? What do you suggest guys?
  9. So I've been looking at the site and watching battle report and decided to start play (Duh) From what they had at my local store I pick out the fallowing two starters: Mah Tucket and Brewmaster I think I get the basic of the game but I would like some insight on the fallowing; Which master do you suggest I focus on first? Brewmaster seem more need for his crew, but Mah Tucket Seem easier. Are any models or sets could help make my crew mesh better? (for my next purchase) I was think a big to draw the eye and soak-up hits. Any ideas for a starting list? (other than just use one of the starter sets) And lastly are the any threats or model types I should keep an eye out for? Feel free to add any other suggestion or tips you think can be helpful. Good gaming
  10. Hello folks and Bayou inhabitants, so this is my first „experimental“ build, that doens not contain a typical formation that is recommended from the sources we got like pullmyfinger. It is called: Pub fight! And here is the Setup: The Brewmaster Binge Apprentice Wesley Mancha Roja Dirty Cheater Mud Toss Whiskey Golem The Sow Sammy Lacroix Hold their hair back Burt Jebsen This brings us to a total of 50 Soulstones and the plan is clear: Creat a pub-like environment around the Brewmaster and hit the guys with your melee hard hitters. So, why did we choose the models we got here? The Brewmaster: He is one of the more resilient masters and essential for this setup because he is giving out free drinks that heal models! WOW! Your opponents should appreciate that a little bit more than they usually do. Okay, they get the poison condition and are forced to do it on their turn, if they don`t succeed, but hey...free drinks are free drinks right? Binge: I find this card crazy good, because your enemy will pretty early run out of cards early, if you assemble your „Pub“ constellation. Every card hurts them. And sometimes they only got a good suit, we want. In this build, we will mainly use the drinking contest of course and try to give out some swill, while obeying the enemy model in your Pub-Zone. The drinking contest only has a TN of 12, but with an ongoing game, it will get better and better while draining cards out of the enemy hand he sure has a possibility to fail and even more so with lowering their WP. This will be our main goal and we even got some models, that can help us with. Dont forget to Obey your own minions, doing a nice little hit or taking a run on an objective! Apprentice Wesley He is the best totem for Brewmaster. 2nd chances? I like 2nd chances, and here we got one. Plus he can mimic Brewmasters casts and give -1 WP per Poison also, which is pretty nice. Keep him alive! That is why we got some heavy hitters that will protect him! Mancha Roja Why would u add a Mancha in this list? Because a Wrestler in a Pub fight, should give you an edge! He is a solid fighter with the great Upgrade of mud toss, because we dont want any paralyze or slow on our Ball of drinking fighters. He really shines, when we come to the Challenge ability. This will protect your other models and make sure everyone has to do a willpower duel if targeting another model. But what for? Well, what about a little piggy that can smell fear with its three heads? We will come to that later :D. Nevertheless, if the enemy uses coordinated attacks on Mancha, even a wrestler will go down after some time. But, we even got something for that! Do you guys remember when in wrestling some of the contestants went under the ring to get a chair? Well, Mancha also got a chair and folks will call him a Dirty Cheater! So here it is where dirty cheater comes in. We need some more resilience, even though we can heal from the Barkeeper (Brewmaster) and cheating is also nice, so lets also heal when we do this. The Whiskey Golem A never ending source of moonshine in a pub? Well, thats quite good for sure! He is the poison spreading machine we want to take the enemy very fast to a low WP level. This one is built to go in deal huge amounts of dmg and poison and go out with a great explosion of moonshine. We want this model to be hit! He even spills some moonshine, when getting attacked AND forces the attacking model to pass a WP 15 duel or end it turn immediately plus getting poison. If this giant construct of moonshine doesnt give out poison, it sure will drain some nice cards out of the opponents hand. The only downside is, that he cannot be healed by a slop hauler. But nevermind...because he has some self-healing that can be used :). The Sow Another heavy hitter you will think, right? But this one is an exclusive hitter, that will give your opponent bad dreams at night (even dreamer will have them!). This little piggy can smell fear and that is an incredible good aility to have in a pub. The Sow takes an extra melee attack whenever a WP Duel is lost. Herself bringing a solid terrify all with TN 12 to the pub, is now surrounded by big hitters that give out good dmg or heavy poison. You only need to bring the Sow to the enemy and in a position you deny the enemy more options. Be sure she will have at least one attack when Mancha challenges while Brewmaster giving out free stuff again. I reccommend activating her last, because your opponent won`t this little piggy near to any of his models and it will surely become a high priority target (no worries, mancha will challenge this :)). Another upside is her ability to drop scheme markers for some piglets. The only way we can interact with that kinda stuff and getting any benefit. Dont underestimate that. By the way, she can heal also, but be careful. With DF4 The Sow will drop very fast if you opponent can reach her without any danger. Sammy LaCroix This little gremlin is one of the funniest and most annoying your opponent can face. Even though her scheme marker interaction requires some work, her melee attack is superb, giving out poison and an okay spread on the dmg. The ability to use an upgrade from the brewmaster is the main factor we play her. With the ability to „hold their hair back“ we free up AP for Brewie and give her a chance to paralyze someone on a bit more range. Great for us in those situations and giving out more poison is just awesome! Burt Jebsen Burt is a gremlin of all trades and i found him awesome in nearly EVERY setup i played him in. In this case someone could ask what he dies for the crew, because he isnt a melee hitter and he has no poison...so why is he in there anyway? First of all, he is a fast gremlin using reckless to get 3 AP per turn. 2nd he is heavy hitter, but on range, which can be useful when the opponent doesnt want to come in our nice pub. 3rd he has got the crackerjack timing, giving us more options to drain some enemy models in. Ever used Obey to let the enemy walk to our pub and then use crackerjack to let the party follow? It is great! Oh and btw, is it even another willpower trigger we got here? The answer is: Yes, it is! So the Sow is even happier about that! And there is our 4th reason: If we dmg the opponent we can call the Sow from waaaay back to immediately hit and bite the opponent. That will let us keep her safe for a long time to then Pig-Rush in and deal huge amounts of dmg! Burt does so much, he doesnt even need to have an upgrade or poison to justify his place in the crew. Options: Lucky Effigy The Lucky effigy frees Up some Soulstones and also has a challenge action, that can help protect your important models. Also it has some nice upside your opponent won`t count on when facing a gremlin crew. Overall a little less wounds and neither gremlin nor pig, but if you want more soulstones to spread obe, this can be a fine replacement. First Mate Slow, Paralyze and the ability to rag more into the bubble of free moonshine? Well, the first mate has seen some crazy things out on the water and is happy to have someone to talk to in the pub. He also synergizes very well with our wrestling buddy and giving out more and more conditions can help you getting the edge before the opponent`s crew is that drunk, that they won't have the chance to do anything. I will try him out in this setup for sure! Lenny I mean...it is lenny...lenny is always good and can be in any gremlin crew. He will give some more resilience to your whole crew and give out trigger for mancha. He is also defended by them and can take one or two hits, before going down. He is a solid choice, but i think the other options are better in general because this is a very synergetic build. Pros and Cons So, what are we good at? We are pretty resilient and can deny a LOT of Actions when we can have the pub filled with their and our models. After a while it doesnt matter anymore who is close to Brewie, because no one has any willpower high enough to do anything. This is the state, where it is totally fine to have no whiskey golem anymore or a defeated mancha. As long as the bubble stands, it is also okay to lose wesley due to his own vanishing and becoming the new Brewie or because he was defeated in any way. We can control a certain field on the map and bring the opponent to the edge of going crazy because he can`t do anything. This will probably cost a friendship, but hey you are a gremolin now anyway! And you got new friends in the pub! If we get the Turf War, this will be a very nice vrew to have. A Line in the Sand, cursed object or other things that require your opponent to spend AP on anything will be great for your crew. Even breakthrough is managable. With this crew it is superb to take a prisoner, because you dont want to kill anything at all means. It is just enough to make them unable to do anything else. What we are not good at We lack ranged attacks and by that i mean Burt is the ONLY one with a decent range attack. We dont want to face snipers or even worse...Belles (in any living or non-living form). Try to get them out with obey or just let the whiskey golem rush in and do as much damage as he can, before exploding in a great wave of moonshine. That gives us the opportunity to follow up with the Brewmaster. Those crews tend to be in one place in order to receive the most benefits from they synergetic crews. This is the upside we got here. If we reach them in their starting zone, they will probably stay there forever, I call this tactic „house party!“, because obviously we are bringing the drinks. Another difficult task is to face AoE damage. Burts of any kind can be negated by the healing provided by Brewie, but it will cost AP to do so, which we lack later to get scheme markers or other things like Posion spreading. While mitigating most bursts because we also got quite a good Wd pool around, constant AoE dmg can overwhelm us after some time. One of the nastiest things we can face is a Black Blood crew or a Pandora with ghosts in place. They dont have to do anything then sticking around and spread their triggers. This is where our heavy hitter team comes in and smack them to eternity. If they surive it is even worse playing against black blood, because every poison dmg will trigger it. Get those guys out of your bubble asap! So, we got a possible solution for that, too. What we do not have is a solution for heavy AoE Dmg like Wong or Kaeris can do. If they blast us...the party will be over in no time. This is the fun police we will have a hard time with. What can we do about it? Remember the Burt trick with the Sow? Try that to get those models in a melee fight and follow it up with obey or something else that bring them out of safety and to our pub-area. Mancha has also quite a good charge when stand next to certain terrain, but that is everything we got here...no fun if we face them. Strategy So this is where your strategy gaming comes in. You have many heavy hitters and you CAN smack your opponents, but you are not forced to do so to win! This crew will just try to survive and score point after point in each round your opponent doesnt deny them, which is preeeeety difficult when it requires running into the „Pub-area“. So this is the place to be! What we dont want is a strategy that forces us to spread, because for a gremlin Crew we dont have that many models. Narrow terrain placement can favour us quite a lot, but be careful how you stack your models. Yes, mistakes were made :D. So, i hope you find this little guide interesting and inspirational and i hope you will discuss that list, because i am quite sure i missed some things you sure will point me to :). Thanks for the time and See You in the Bayou!
  11. How do you think, who is the better option for Brewamster as a tough damage dealer - serpent or golem? + Golem has better defence options (buffed DF 7 with built in trigger and armor are awesome), deals more damage and more mobile thanks to Nimble. Possible Flurry, but price becomes extremly high. Tri-Chi combos: better healing and possible reactivate from upkoming Tanuki - Stupid 1" MI range, poison trigger is not built in. Brewmaster must to take an upgrade to get Golem in the crew. Works only with Brewmaster in TT + 7 MI with built in Poison+2, has ranged attack, HtK, counterspell Both of them can get fast (Yu and Toshiro for serpent and Yu and Emissary for golem), both have healing options, but serpent requires models with Ca actions around.
  12. I saw many topics regarding Brewmaster. Many people say it's weak, bad etc. But I assume some people play him Can you share your 50ss lists and schemes & strategies that suit Brewmaster and his crew? My idea would be to have Brewmaster and some hitter in middle, iron skitter and Burt at one flank to kill enemy scheme runners & place schemes. Rest models should be chosen to suit my enemy and schemes. So I challenge you give me best Brewmaster lists
  13. I just finished watching Drunken Master (an earlie jacky chan movie, a true gem) and I now want more than anything to play brewie xD this, and @daniello_s recent post, got me thinking that brewie, while being extremely awesome (as concept) has little to no use compared to other masters. I'm not saying "wyrd buff him so he's competitive and super strong", tho he sure needs some love. By taking a look at wave 5 models ideas, it looks like he's reciving some, but is it enough? So my idea was, what do you think brewie need ATM? What would you "create"/change in order to make him viable among the other masters?
  14. So I've slowly been working my way through the gremlin masters, testing them out and enjoying each for different reasons. Ophelia is fun for her solo rampage, Mah is fun for those nasty alpha strikes, and Somer is...just great! I'm building Wong now and excited for him, but I'm already thinking of who to get next. Brewmaster looks seriously fun in a Ten Thunders crew but I've played against gremlin Brewmaster on several occasions and he just seems unimpressive. Are my opponent's not playing him properly, or is he just not worth playing in gremlins?
  15. Hello. Newb here. I've been wondering, why does brewmaster's binge ability have built in mask on it when there are no triggers based on a duel result. Does that mean that brewmaster can decide if he wants to use built in mask or suite of a card dropped by the opponent? That does not seems to be the case. And while we are on a subject brewmaster's "one for the road" ability also have built in mask but lacks any mask triggers. What's the point of it? I am really confused right now. Could you please help me clarify this? P.S. English is not my native, so sorry for possible grammar mistakes.
  16. I currently play Ulix and am just starting to get a sense of how to play with a plan rather than just flailing around randomly with pigs. So I'm not dead set on interrupting my learning, but I've been contemplating what master I might try next. Because I still feel like a complete noob, I think I'm still finding my feet with my particular playstyle soooo I think the basis for my choice is initially going to be based on synergies with models I already own. And since I pay Ulix....no surprise....I have a case full of plastic bacon. I think I own: every flavor of pig slop haulers hog whisperer Lucky Emissary Sammy LaCroix taxidermists My impression is that Wong has some decent synergy with pigs and Zoraida may as well. Brewmaster sort of interests me, but I think that's a poor choice. As for Ophelia and Som'er I'm just not all that interested at the moment. But...I'm taking all advice I can get. So, if my goal is to maximize use of models I already have, am I sane to be considering Wong and Zoraida as my next expansion?
  17. Gremlins are the faction that got me to play malifaux. Although I started with ten thunders I found them kinda boring and not very thematically fun so I only played occasionally. Gracie hooked me and i've been a gremlin player since (who doesn't want to play a pig in armor from the kitchen). I don't post on the forums much but i've been having serious problems running gremlins. As this is the only faction I have I thought I'd look for some advice here before I sell them and try to start over. I've played for 2 years almost, over 100 games, and I own every gremlin model in the game. During this time I've gotten so badly beaten by even the newest of players that I'm having a hard time reconciling the balance of the game when it comes to playing gremlins who seem to crumble by the middle of turn three. I'm disheartened to the point of just selling off my models and finding a new game to get into. So to get deeper into it.... I tend to play Zoraida and Ulix most followed by Somer. I've not gotten much play time in with Wong or Brewmaster and I dislike how ophelia plays. I tend to try to focus on strategies and schemes that require scheme markers as I expect to be able to out activate opponents for a turn or two and can get 3-4 points this way easier. I typically avoid points requiring long term terrain holding as this has always failed when gremlins get into combat.... they always just die in droves so I lose models and often gain zero points. Most of my games are basically over by the end of turn 2 or middle of turn 3. I understand that the out-activation that gremlins bring because they are cheap to purchase and have reckless abilities is how they should be powerful. However, in my experience the extra AP and activation control is only relevant until the end of turn 3 as by that time I've lost so many models, been forced to retreat or hide out in terrain, or just can't stand up to even a moderate sized opponents hand that the extra power in AP and activation is gone. I've had several games where I've lost a huge number of points in a turn and a half (turn 2 to middle of 3) and can't claim points beyond maybe 3 or 4. Comparing equal points model to model I can't see the balance in abilities and stats. Although many gremlins can get extra AP with reckless/drunk and reckless, the payoff isn't enough to make them that much better compared to models of the same points that can do the same or better actions without a down side that can cause them to get killed in one shot. Example: Nino (the big guild sniper) compaired to Rami. Nino can kill models by focusing quite easily with a high damage flip. For Rami to do the same I've had to reckless, get the ram trigger to knock myself to half health to get the same effect. If you consider the damage level a gremlin can do with a Ram trigger they are decent hitters but they also blow themselves up in the process and cost me models when this happens. One of my worst outcomes was losing Francois to a massive hit (admittedly killing the minion he hit) followed by losing Bert because of a ricochet trigger (flipped late and couldn't cheat to change), then because my two big hitters that were protecting Somer were gone he also died that turn. All because of one turn of damaging myself. My local Henchman has been extremely patient working with me to either get better or figure out lists to play for certain schemes etc. However, we've run out of ideas. I've tried playing conservatively, which helps with gremlin survival but I often still only get 3-5 points because my opponent has had two turns of free roaming for points. I've tried being aggressive with expendable models but find that I'm just spending two turns and 3-4 models to nullify one 5-10 point model, often losing 8-15 points of my own models in the trade. I've tried being more selective with schemes and strategies by focusing on what other gremlin players play (from podcasts and tournaments) but inevitably lose so many models so early on that I'm just waiting for my opponent to get max points and end turn 5 with a 4-6 point spread between us. I'm extremely positive and excited about playing every game (one to three games a week). I listen to and read hours of malifaux posts and podcasts every week trying to learn to play better. But by turn 2 or 3 in most games, even against new players, I'm just wanting the game to be over because i've lost so many models and will only be able to get half or less than half points and feel like i'm just waiting for my opponent to max out their points while I wait an hour for the game to end. I understand that it's possible, and very likely, that I'm playing extremely badly and can't figure out what to do to get better. But I also can't see the balance of the game when looking at a gremlin card compared to other factions. I love the game and how it plays but I'm very close to just selling all my models...... ANY advice would be great, any ideas for lists, advice on schemes and strategies to choose, any help with understanding how gremlins are even close to other factions in power level would be great before I decide to dump them. Thanks in advance
  18. Hello guys, I am fairly new to Malifaux and have been attracted by the aesthetics of the Gremlin crew Brewmaster so I picked up the starter box! Now I don't know where to go... I have read on here that he isn't the best crew for a beginner so I was wondering what other Master box would be a good addition to expand them to either use the models from the box with a different master - or to use the models within the new box with Brewmaster. Whilst I know he is Ten Thunder too I really want to stay in the Gremlin line as I favour playing this for greater sense of fun over achievement / tournament play. Any help would be appreciated and I will be scouring this thread for hints on how/when to play him. Thank you.
  19. Slinging suds isn't as easy as it appears. Brew and crew have a slew of sweet tools for inebriating our enemies to death but at the same time it seems that while his mechanic is totally radical it doesn't actually deploy very well against ye old tried and true masters one faces most of the time. As a Gremlin leader I think drinking contest is much more viable. There's plenty of activation burners, poisoners, and most importantly Trixiebelle who helps ensure you win those very important initiatives without which you'll just be hoping you get to activate and toss up the aura or spread your poison before your enemies tear you up. But, as a T10 I'm a lot less sure. A few things need to happen to get this drinking shut down going, I reckon. 1) Need to get stuffed into your enemies stuff right away. 2) Jam them with poison 3) Put the aura 4) win the initiative A bit of work! Plus, if you enemy spreads out at all or has any kind of pushes you're not locking them down anymore. Locking down 1 model with Brewmaster does not a game winner make. I can't imagine that it's even a worthy tactic to plan around. Sure, if the stars align and you jump when the jumping is good you might catch an unwary foe with his pants around his ankles and a lamp shade on his head. Much like Misakis shadow bury thing, its not a mechanic you can rely lie. No, I think Brewmasters true T10 power is in his Swill and Obey. But, what do we run with him? If we're not slinging poison than quiet frankly we don't need Moonshinobies or Fingers or even his totem, WHO BY THE WAY I FOUND OUT IS NOT DUEL FACTION! That's a 5 stone totem when you pay the upgrade tax and just for a resummon which only matters if you plan on jamming with Brewhooey. In a Ten list I would drop him. But, our original question remains, how do I Brewmaster then? At this point, we have to find way to maximize his Obey and Swill. What I've been thinking is this: use obey to abuse recall training. We take: Brewmaster (no upgrades - honestly he doesn't need them). 7 Stones cache Two Tengu for schemes Loan Salesman I mean Lone Swordsman with Recall Training Graves with Recall Sammy Rye (Samurai) Izamu with Recall I'm pretty sure about my math but thats around the idea. The battle plan would be to burn recalls and after the models activate you use brewmaster to force them to attack against, to get more work from the upgrade. Because, hey Recall is a super stupid amazing upgrade. Then when they are all gone, you use his Swill to shut down key models and prep them for death. Last you can always obey the sammy rye to shoot his big ole gun a bunch. Any ideas beyond this? Has anyone had any success with Punky Brewster at a 10T?
  20. Hello Guys, I'm going to a Tournament and thinking about some Lists. So I just post my first ideas and hope that you can give me some good advices. Gremlins - 50ss Crew The Brewmaster -- 3SS Cache +Binge - 1ss Apprentice Wesley - 3ss Fingers - 10ss +Drinking Probelm - 2ss Moon Shinobi - 6ss Moon Shinobi - 6ss Performer - 6ss The Sow - 8ss Trixiebelle - 8ss I hope I should not say any about this. Gremlins - 50ss Crew Mah Tucket -- 4SS Cache +Know The Terrain - 1ss +Out For Blood - 2ss The Little Lass - 4ss Bayou Gremlin - 3ss Lenny - 9ss Rooster Rider - 6ss Rooster Rider - 6ss Rooster Rider - 6ss Slop Hauler - 5ss The Sow - 8ss Little Lass get's "Lead Lined Aproned" so I can Sacrifice her when necessarie, same for the Bayou. So all my heavy hitters get their positive flips. The Sow can provit form Rams on ini flip. Gremlins - 50ss Crew Somer Teeth Jones -- 4SS Cache +Can O' Beans - 1ss +Family Tree - 2ss Skeeter x 2 - 4ss Bayou Bushwacker - 6ss Bayou Gremlin - 3ss Bayou Gremlin - 3ss Bayou Gremlin - 3ss Lenny - 9ss +I'll Love It And Pet It... - 1ss Piglet - 4ss Slop Hauler - 5ss Trixiebelle - 8ss +A Gun For A Lady - 1ss I'm not sure about the Piglet, but it's a way to move my Gremlins. I hope that this list can easily out activate the enemie and the waves of Bayou Gremlins can get the Schemes and Strategies. Trixi and Lenny are great together, with her "Gremlin Lure I can push Enemys away, Slop Holer an Lenny close and Piglets deeper to the enemies. Hope that you like my ideas and wan't to hear some critics.
  21. I am looking for an avatar proxie or ideas to make the avatar for the campaign. Anyone have any good ideas, examples, or ideas to purchase?
  22. I am looking for an avatar proxie or ideas to make the avatar for the campaign. Anyone have any good ideas, examples, or ideas to purchase?
  23. Hey everybody, I have a question about the specific timings of abilities when they are nested within an Obey command. The Actions Causing Actions box (p. 38) states that "The original Action is not considered resolved until the new Actions are also resolved." This lead me to three questions: 1. If I use Obey on a model with Finish the Job, do I place the marker from that Ability if the target dies as a result of that action? For instance, Zoraida obeys a death Marshall to hit Bishop, cheats down the attack, triggers Bishop's Df trigger which kills the Death Marshall. Finish the Job then activates... who gets that scheme marker? The Placing Scheme Markers box (p. 39) states that "This Scheme Marker is always considered friendly to the crew of the model that placed it, regardless of who controlled the Interact Action." but only mentions (1) Interact Actions, so I would there assume that the marker would always belong to the model with Finish the Job. Obviously(?!?!) 2. Let's say I use Obey on an enemy model, and order them to Attack Brewmaster. I then Soulstone & Cheat the result such that his Df Trigger occurs. That trigger states that "After an Attack Action fails against this model, the Attacker's controller places the Attacking model anywhere in its deployment zone.". Would I, as the current "Attacker's controller", then place that enemy model in its' deployment zone? This is clearly worded, and since Obey isn't resolved until the new Actions are also resolved I would assume that you would resolve the trigger as part of the Action. I also double checked to see whether Triggers are always considered part of the Action according to the rules and FAQ. Plainly put: DO I GET PLACE TO THEIR MODEL INTO A DITCH, ON TOP OF A BUILDING, IN A TREE, AT THE FAR CORNER... AND THAT'S IN THE RULES? 3. Finally, regarding the proper timing of certain Ability types without a specified timing on the card. The Ability on Governor's Proxy states simply that "A model that kills this model with an Attack Action must succeed on a Wp 13 duel or be killed.". Now does this mean that if I Obey something to Attack and kill the Governor's Proxy, do I resolve that Governor's Proxy Ability as the Obeying player, as it is happening within the Obey Action? The FAQ (Q.15, 2) mentions timings, and states that "when the model is killed, which would be during Step 5 of the duel process (Determine Success, Core Rulebook pg. 33)". Since Step 5 is still a part of the Action, Obey will not yet resolve since "The original Action is not considered resolved until the new Actions are also resolved." meaning that you get to automatically kill a model with that 'orribly slow Governor's Proxy? Thank you for your feedback! Sorry this was so long and dense, I've had a lot of conversations in my local scene about this stuff and there is no consensus.
  24. Hello all, as the title suggests, I'm looking to expand my Bayou presence here soon, and I'm looking for more experienced recommendations to aid me in my nefarious, green-skinned plans. Currently, I have the "Closing Time" Brewmaster box, Burt, Trixie, Nurses I'm turning into "bar serving girl" slop haulers, a whiskey golem, and a lot of Arcanists, which I mention for merc-Performer purposes. My next step is to get Wong's box and Gracie for sure. Also thinking about Sammy & Merris. I know I'll get them eventually, just not sure if they should be an immediate purchase or if I should wait. So what would you recommend beyond that to work well with one or both of those crew boxes, and why? Piglets? Stuffed Piglets? Bayou Gremlins? What crew boxes would you suggest after Wong? What are your thoughts concerning Sammy & Merris? Lay it on me!
  25. So i'm getting The Brewmaster crew for Xmas and while i'm seeing how the crew works though their entries in the core book i'm sure i'm missing something with fingers... He stacks poison really well for the upcoming paralyse or brewmaster tarpit but is there something else other than the chatty and scheme marker manipulation that makes him worth 10ss?
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