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Found 267 results

  1. Hello everyone. We had a little debate today, on wich flips are affected by "A Gremlin's Luck" upgrade, and I need some advice. Wording is: This model gains plus flip to all flips it makes during it's Activation wich are not part of duel or damage flip. 1) Shooting randomization flips. That one is quite obvious. 2) Pulse flips from Lightning Jump. Quite obvious too. 3) Healing Flips from Quality Mash Liquor(or any other way to make healing flips during Wong's activation)? 4) Prevention Flips during Wong activation(from hazardous terrain for example)?This one is in question, because prevention flips are made by "player", not by "model". 5) Flips made for "Oooo... Ahhhh..." action, from "Behold my Effervescence!" upgrade? This one has strange wording. Not "This model flips", but " Flip a card for every model", that's why clarifications needed. Thank you for your answers.
  2. So my friend has created a crew that seems impossible to stop. This crew requires a skill to play, but I don't see a way to play vs experinced player who picks it. So the crew: Somer Teeth Jones + 6 Pool - Family Tree (2) Skeeter (2) Old Major (9) Gremlin Crier (7) War Pig (9) - One Pig Against The World (0) War Pig (9) - One Pig Against The World (0) Hog Whisperer (5) Banjonista (5) 2 extra SS are optional, usually he takes a second Skeeter or some upgrades for them. Doesn't look that scary? If you move forward to take position - poor you. You still don't understand what is waiting for you. Best strategy is to run in horror at the corners. So how does this crew works. 0. My friend always use a SS to get a better starting hand. 1. Skeeter flies a bit forward and uses Sommers (0) to give to everyone (-card). 2. After it activates Bajonista. He pushes everyone 2" forward, attacks Sommer (to push him 4" forward, Skeeter autogives needed suit) and takes a def. stance. He does it so that Goblin cryer nearby can take 1 damage and 1 card (6 wounds left). 3. Then Hog Whisperer gets extra action for Reckless and gives Reactivation for 2 War pigs and Old Major. It's easy to do because he gets from Skeeter and needed card is 5+ 4.Old Major activates for the first time. He spends 2 cards to push Warpigs 4" forward and give them +. Cryer takes 2 damage and gives 2 cards (4 wounds left). 5. Old Major activates for the second time. He pushes one of the warpigs additional 4" and walks forward so that both warpigs are in his aura. Cryer takes 1 damage and gives 1 card (3 wounds left). 6.Cryer activates. he makes his 0 (1 damage and 1 card) and makes 2 times a def stance action (2 cards more). He dies and gives Sommer 3 cards (2 for Sommer and 1 for Bajonista). A new gremlin is spawned. 7.New gremlin activates, gets extra action for 2 damage and walks/attacks Sommer to push him. 8. Then activates Sommer. He makes " Git Yer Bro" 3 times each time killing a gremlin and getting 3 cards for a total of 9. So this is it Now Sommer has 6 - 1 + 3 + 9 = 17 cards (!!!!!) (- cards that could have been spent for def. or failed TN of action). Usually it's about 14-15 cards now. Also don't forget that he has discarded his worst cards 8 times (!!!!!) an got new ones for them. Can you imagine this hand? So usually all enemy crew has spent it's activation now. If not - new gremlin can activate. Then it's piggy time. First pig was moved 2 + 4 +4 = 10" Second pig was moved 2 + 4 = 6" If we add 6" for standart deployment it's 16" and 12" in total. Then each pig can either charge if enemy is foolish enough to come close or move 5" and charge (5 + 9 = 14). Please remeber that a pig has to attack and damage from old Major. A total threat range of 30" and 26" so usually everyone can be charged. They can use charge for (1), remeber? Now they attack and for second attack Stampede (remeber + ?). Stampede means that you can charge an extra target for free even when engaged (once per activation). Plus remember that pigs can activate twice (due to reactivation) and get extra to all thx to One Pig Against The World for the second activation. So what does this mean? It means that each pig will make 4-5 charges with to hit and to damage with MI6 and 2/4/6 damage. Do you still remeber 14-15 cards and 8 worst cards discarded? So it will be 8-10 attacks each pig with 4 damage avarage (you can cheat it). Let's assume that 15 attacks hit (easy with this hand and ). This is at least 60 damage, more if needed. So if an enemy makes a slightest mistake or even doesn't make it, the game is finished turn 1. If someone remains he will be killed on turn 2. This crew demands skill, but when a skilled player plays it is unstoppable. So what will you do vs it? PS. 1. Pigs have 12 wounds, HT 3 and 50 mm base. They can cover models from sniper fire. 2. Accoarding to the situation, activation order can be changed. 3. Pigs can be moved even further 8" by moving each other or Somer with Bowled over (4" push after attack). There is NO ESCAPE. 4. Table with lots and lots of terrain or roofs can save you. So on this table he will just take other master 😃
  3. LoyalSkritNa

    Loyal's gremlin gang

    Hi ! Started the hobby with malifaux, and was in the mood to share some of my work. Some of these minis are very recently painted (stuffed piglets and iron skeeters), some are from my beginnings (Som'er). I really have to step up my game in basing, so for taking pictures I didn't care about wether or not you can see it, it's really not that interesting. Hope you enjoy and get inspiration for your own painting !
  4. Hello! This thread will serve as a place for me to post battle reports so I don't end up flooding the board with them. As the title suggests, the focus of this thread will be on my Outcast games with Parker Barrows, and a little Freikorp, Viktorias or whatever else I feel like playing on the side. This OP will be updated with links to each Battle Report as I complete them. Any suggestions, thoughts, or comments are welcome! Outcasts Parker Barrows Games Parker Barrows vs. Reva - 50ss Parker Barrows vs. McMourning - 50ss Parker Barrows vs. Reva - 50ss Parker Barrows vs. Perdita Ortega - 50ss Parker Barrows vs. Kaeris - 50ss Parker Barrows vs. Molly - 50ss Parker Barrows vs. Reva - 50ss Parker Barrows vs. Molly - 50ss Parker Barrows vs. C. Hoffman - 50ss Von Schill Games Von Schill vs. Zoraida - 50ss Von Schill vs. Viktoria of Ashes - 50ss Von Schill vs. Yan Lo - 50ss Von Schill vs. Perdita Ortega - 50ss Misaki (Outcast) Games Misaki vs. Lilith - 50ss Misaki vs. Sandeep Desai - 50ss Misaki vs. Yan Lo - 50ss Misaki vs. Lady Justice - 50ss Misaki vs. Kirai Ankoku - 50ss Yan Lo Games Yan Lo vs. Seamus - 50 SS (GG17) Gremlins Zipp Games Zipp vs. Reva - 50ss Ulix Games Ulix vs. Perdita Ortega - 50ss - Partial Game Wong Games Wong vs. Molly - 50ss Mah Tucket Games Mah Tucket vs. Kirai Ankoku - 50ss Brewmaster Brewmaster vs. Reva - 50ss Arcanists Rasputina Games Rasputina vs. Yan Lo (Resurrectionists) - 50ss Rasputina vs. Molly - 50ss
  5. Treehouse

    How To Train Your Pig

    Hello, I've finally gave in and bought Ulix and a core crew to go along with him. I was thinking of buying him for a while now because I like the idea of a crew of mostly pigs and his mechanic seemed fun. When a friend of mine suggested we could start a mini Shifting Loyalties campaign, it was the perfect excuse to start and go down the the road to Porkville. The plan is to keep him my stand-alone Gremlin master (we'll see how that'll work out). If time allows, I'd like to spend some extra time on basing and writing up a little bit of background. Anyway, here's my first pig, Agamemnon, the piglet with big ambitions. And his base. I'd like to add some water effect later, too. After a hard day in the Bayou and half a bucket of slop, Agamemnon gazes across the slough and dreams about conquering Truffles.
  6. Finalscene

    Blasts are scary

    Playing gremlins for a while now, I love swarming the field with our little boys. While doing that, I've found that ressers and blasting models are the only ones that keep up well. I've been having a bad time predicting when to bring merris for anti-blast support. Whenever I take her, she just ends up as an expensive scheme runner. I'd rather just use a couple bayous in those situations. I'd like to move into the tournement scene so I need to get better against blasts. How does everyone else predict blasting and which are the most popular/powerful blasters in each faction? Thanks in advance!
  7. Mikuchck

    New player - need help

    Hello. I'm fairly new player to Malifaux i known basic rules and how to play. I bought the kin https://giveusyourmoneypleasethankyou-wyrd.com/products/the-kin and slop haulers https://giveusyourmoneypleasethankyou-wyrd.com/products/slop-haulers I need advice what to buy next and some strategy how to play it. I played 2 games. But i think im playing gremlins not to good. I started painting them aswell ;0 two painted gremlins
  8. Jesy Blue


    Von Schill uses his Clockwork Arm on the gremlin Pere Ravage, and damages the little green dude for his last wound. Which happens first? Does Von Schill launch Pere, hopefully into his unsuspecting Kin, and then he explodes, leaving nothing for his brethren to remember him by but a Corpse Marker. Does Pere explode, washing harmlessly off the Freikorp Armor, and then Von Schill tosses the lifeless body across the landscape, and finally placing a Corpse Marker next to Pere's husk? ... or, something completely different.
  9. Hi All, bit of background, I’ve been playing for 2 years but only get games at tournaments and probably 4-5 tournaments a year, so learning curve is interesting. Especially first ever game (didn’t get spoon at that tournament). i usually finish bottom or close to bottom table but have more fun playing than trying to win games, and with such a great community it’s not difficult having fun. Im switching from Ressers to Gremlins this year and a friend has started playing Guild, so I’ll now get regular-ish games in. last night first game I beat Sonia with ophelia 6-4 in a game that felt I was on back foot whole time while only pulling off a win taking Sonia out turn 5 (leadership) and denying him picking up evidence markers. i really struggled against burning, he also summoned about 3 models (stalkers) which from turn 3 was out activating me. (sorry for long intro) so so my questions are; Slop haulers, I don’t see how they are that good having such a low healing per 2 AP, unless I bunch my models up, are there better healing options to consider? burning, was horrible, I had an upgrade to remove conditions but my models were being burnt after they had activated. Any models/upgrades good for this? i had spread my crew out a reasonable amount as I was nervous about blasts, should I keep closer together and focus on taking out enemies nearer to me before going for schemes? taxidermist, until I committed to throwing him into charges he was pretty useless. I didn’t hire any stuffed pigs and couldn’t get to a corpse marker to summing one until turn 3. Would you hire any or have tricks to get them in quicker? sorry for daft questions, rereading seems I’m more whining than asking questions. have had a good read of most of the posts in the past few months and will be listening to schemes and stones pod casts later tonight. any help, pointing in right direction would be much appreciated. i don’t have a huge amount of gremlin models but could get hold of things fairly quickly. thanks rikk
  10. So I've been looking at the site and watching battle report and decided to start play (Duh) From what they had at my local store I pick out the fallowing two starters: Mah Tucket and Brewmaster I think I get the basic of the game but I would like some insight on the fallowing; Which master do you suggest I focus on first? Brewmaster seem more need for his crew, but Mah Tucket Seem easier. Are any models or sets could help make my crew mesh better? (for my next purchase) I was think a big to draw the eye and soak-up hits. Any ideas for a starting list? (other than just use one of the starter sets) And lastly are the any threats or model types I should keep an eye out for? Feel free to add any other suggestion or tips you think can be helpful. Good gaming
  11. Cadaver_Junkie

    Gremlin Crier - Rules Q

    Hi all! Question about the Gremlin Crier (which I think is an AMAZING model, both in hobby and play terms. Especially the one with the bell, my favourite). I've just grabbed a box of three, plan to run at least one in my new Zipp crew, with Iron Skeeters dropping them on objectives. So; The Over Excited Ability - can you draw multiple cards with multiple Gremlin Criers, for every single card discarded? From the front of the card: Over Exited "When a friendly model within 3" (Aura) of one or more models with this Ability discards one or more cards as the result of a friendly Ability or Action, this model may suffer 1 damage to draw a card. If this model's controller has six or more cards in hand after resolving this Ability, this model suffers 1 additional damage." The thing is, a Gremlin Crier Over Exited Ability is potentially triggered if a friendly discard is made within the 3" Aura of ANY Gremlin Crier on the field. "One or more models with this Ability", not "This model". That could be a massive amount of card draw over the game, especially if you heal these guys as you go, inbuilt zero action or otherwise. Makes sense in a way, Gremlin Criers calling out the news to each other... Thoughts? I've only been playing Malifaux a little while, so maybe I've missed something. EDIT: I mean, have someone discard to go defensive, and draw two or three cards in return! Nice. I like having all the 13's and Jokers in my hand. EDIT EDIT: If this topic has already been covered, my apologies
  12. Aurelian

    Into the bayou

    Hi everyone, this is my first time on this forum. I hope you will enjoy my diorama of gremlins!
  13. Dheekon666

    Painting Gremlins... ;-)

    Got my Gremlins now. I have Wongs Crew, Zipps Crew, McTavish and Burt. I've assembled and undercoated Wong and his Crew and found my paints are mostly knackered, some can be saved though. My question is... Which paints are the best value, good to paint with and give good results. I always used GW paints before but they're not as good value as they used to be and all the colours have changed in the years since I painted before... lol
  14. Bakuriel

    Miss O'Jenny

    Been looking around for where to post this, and general Malifaux seems like the best place to do so. This isn't a particularly in depth idea, there's new new mechanics or abilities, but just a fun thought I had for a continuation of the ever popular "Miss" line of alternate models, and a subversion of that title, given the nature of the idea. Thus far we have Miss 'Ery for Neverborn, Miss Terious for Guild, Miss Demeanor for outcasts (albeit pewter), Miss Step and Miss Fire for Arcanists, and Miss Anne Thrope for Guild/TT. In that lineup two factions are currently missing models, Ressurectionists and Gremlins. This idea is for the Gremlins. Put simply Miss O'Jenny would be an alternate model for Trixiebelle, and true to the Gremlin spirit, is not quite what you'd expect out of a Miss model. In fact, Miss O'Jenny isn't a Miss at all, it's a quite-obviously-male Gremlin dressed in drag, but acting generally the way Trixie does in every other capacity. That's it, just a Gremlin dude in drag calling himself "Miss O'Jenny" and trying to lure people closer, only for them to run in abject horror the other way. Unless they're Gremlins, which just opens up even more hilarity in the long run. Feel free to post thoughts on this idea, I'm placing it here because I genuinely think it would be a fun idea to see implemented in the future sometime.
  15. klatschi

    Piglets and Set Er' Up

    Hey, sorry if this topic came up already but a quick search did only answer some of my questions. So I would also be glad to get a link from a friendly helper :-) We have the following situation: Piglet Albert and Piglet Bertram are on their way to do some filthy Scheme Grabbing on a flank of the board. They are completely on their own, so not Gremlin nearby to safe them from "Set'er Off". Set'er Off "When this model has the opportunity to declare an action, if its not engaged or within 2" of a friendly Gremlin, it must take a Charge Action if there is a legal target available." and just because we will need it afterwards: Charge: Target a model within LoS. Move this model up to its Cg in a straight line. This model must end the move with the target model within its engagement range or this Action may not be taken. This model then takes two Range (claw) Attack Actions against the target model. Each of these Actions must have an AP cost of 1. A model may not declare this Action if it is engaged (see Engagement, pg. 48) or if it has a Cg of “—” So we imagine Piglet Albert activates first and now it has to charge Piglet B. For some reasons, the player decides to do the Pig Charge. Maybe he thinks he can kill Bertram, maybe he has misread it. But he does it. So Albert is charging Bertram, hitting him two times. Now comes the interesting part: The two are standing base to base but they are not engaged ("Models are never engaged with models that are friendly to them." p. 48). What can Albert do with his second Action? Let's break down Set'er Off: "When this model has the opportunity to declare an action, (it has one AP left - check) if its not engaged or within 2" of a friendly Gremlin, (Piglets are not Gremlins and it is not engaged since Bertram is friendly) it must take a Charge Action (it can charge Bertram) if there is a legal target available." (Bertram is so legal right now) So, basically, Albert charges Bertram a second time. And Bertram would do the same, although the Gremlin player would now decide to not use Pig-Charge in order to save two attacks. Is this correct? This would go on and on until one pig is dead or a Gremlin comes to say "order!"?
  16. Rostislav

    Trixiebelle vs Flurry

    A model declares Flurry on Trixiebelle . Trixiebelle uses "Don't fight over me boys" to change the target for the first attack action. Where must other 2 attacks be directed - to Trixiebelle or to a new target?
  17. We is gunna needs a bigga boat! Inspired by the 1975 movie classic "Jaws" Quint, Brody and Hooper head out to hunt a Great White shark in their little fishing boat "The Orca"... Gremlin style! Starring: Shark - Schleich Great White Quint - Bayou Gremlin Hooper - War Wabbit Gremlin Brody - Bayou Gremlin Orka - GW Lake Town Additional Sculpting by Tamiya Quick Set Epoxy Water Effects by Golden Gloss Gel Medium No (real) sharks were harmed during the production of this entry. Cant say the same for Gremlins. Copyright 2017
  18. If a Young LaCroix uses Gets Into Everything, takes a shot with an upgrade gun and discards it, can you place a Trash marker with the Useless Junk upgrade?
  19. Creative taxidermy, lovely assistant, gracie and two lightning bugs fully painted, based and varnished. Mancha roja, one lightning bug, Burt and old cranky undercoated, based and flesh done. Zipps crew, Sammy, wong undercoated and based. Two crews, a boxed set and lots of others there, Looking for £75 for everything, all cards are of course included. Postage will vary, I'm based in the UK and will get you a postage price for signed for to make sure it gets to you safely James.
  20. Hi everyone! This is my gremlins crew so far, which right now just consists of Som'er's crew box. When I started Malifaux I was immediately drawn to the Gremlins of the bayou, I've been wanting to create a swamp/bayou themed army for a long time and this was the perfect opportunity. I painted Som'er as Baron Samedi to tie him more into the whole Voodoo bayou theme of the army. Right now I'm working on Burt and Gracie, plus a bunch of extra gremlins for Som'er to spawn.
  21. I've got a couple of games coming up where I can see the 'pult being really useful (namely vs Levi and Sonnia), my problem is fitting it in the crew plus it's ammo tends to leave me very few resources left to complete strats/schemes. Vs Levi, I'm thinking of using it for Waif hunting so the normal Sh 6 min damage 2 piglet shots will be what I want. Vs. Sonnia, I see the 'pult going for her early game so the Sh 5 min damage 3 stuffed piglet shots should be ok. So what do you folks do to mitigate the cost or do you just accept it and build the list around the 'pult?
  22. I've seen some discussion on the neverborn forum about what they're wanting from broken promises, specifically what new master upgrades. What do our little green men and women want from the book? Im hoping for an upgrade for Ophelia which gives her instinctual and possibly a better way to cycle upgrades (been playing against Parker and he makes me jealous with his efficiency). Somer might have fun being able to boss his clan around through pushes or obey effects. And Wong might give some sort of new conditions through the use of MAGIC! Mah needs card draw....that's all I want. What other ideas could be cool? Broken ideas welcome.
  23. Hello everyone. I'm returning (again) to the game having found some local players. I played a few games a long time ago and have a small collection of the old metal gremlin models. It's basically the 'Kin' box plus a couple of slop haulers and some young LaCroix. These were from a time when Gremlins wasn't a full blown faction in it's own right. I've picked up the latest rules and cards for my old models and I do have just enough to play games without a great deal of choice. So far I've limited myself to Henchmen Hardcore as I try and remember how to play the game! So what's the problem I hear you ask. You thought it I'm sure you did. Well the problem is that whilst I think all the latest models are really nice they just don't fit in with my old metal ones. Nostalgia and the fact that I painted them quite well means that I'm not excited about mixing the two styles. So I've decided that I want to branch out into a new faction as I get back into the game. I just have no real clue which ones. So instead of multi-posting across all the faction sub forums I though I'd try a post here. In a futile attempt to assist anyone brave enough to answer this post here are some things that might help: Rule of cool means I was thinking maybe the Viktorias from Outcasts. The problem there is that I like to keep things themed so after that box I'm struggling a bit as Outcasts seem quite eclectic in there styles. The fact that the Kin are imitations of Perdita and the Latigo Posse made me look there. The Gulid seem to have more options within the same (cowboy steampunk) theme but is it a good or bad thing that I think it might just play too similar to the gremlins I have? I'm just not sold on the Neverborn or Resurrectionists looks or concepts. I have no clue about the Ten Thunders as they were not around last time I played. However who doesn't like Asian influenced Ninja and Shaolin types? In other games I tend to prefer the more elite forces that are flexible but brutal rather than the horde style forces (not applicable here) or the very high synergy/tricky/control forces that need to stay out of the fight and be clever. For Malifaux I'll be playing a lot of Henchman Hardcore to start and whilst I wouldn't mind attending tournaments in the future this is not my 'hardcore tournament system' it's more about fun and theme and the aesthetics of it all. So whilst I've written a wall of text I've probably not helped you much in answering the 'where do you think I should start looking for a new faction?' question I'm asking. Any thoughts appreciated. EDIT: Just to add that the reason I'm asking and not just experimenting is that both cash and hobby time are very limited so wanted to avoid, if possible, going down blind alleys and ending up with a little of everything rather than a good core of stuff I can build on.
  24. First of all, thank you for reading! I've been playing Malifaux for almost a year, but my actual amount of games is fairly low. Casual only, it's me, my girlfriend sometimes, and two other friends. We worked up to 50ss games while we were still learning the rules and it's been maybe a month or two since we've all really gotten comfortable with them. The first half of that year was me collecting and largely theory as it took me a while to rope in players. Now, I'm a rather socially anxious person, particularly when it comes to strangers and games. This, and my overwhelming pile of greys, has kept me from joining a club with players more experienced than I. The point of this post is simple. My games last upwards of two hours sometimes even with one side often "calling" once the gap in VP gets too large. As casual as I am, I also refuse to deny my opponent their victory so I will usually stick with it if I can. I know in the rulebook it states games should last to about 90 minutes or so, and that's what I've been aiming for to keep my players invested and entertained, but it somehow always breaks 90 by the third or fourth turn (usually when schemes start becoming the focus) and I can see their attention and enthusiasm diminish. For reference, I play predominantly Gremlins, my GF plays an assorted mix of McMourning, Lucius, or Tara. Of the other two, one plays Tara exclusively (when my GF isn't), and the other proxies practically everything but has recently stuck to Arcanists Ramos or Ironsides. Rules wise, I feel we have the game down, but perhaps it's our lack of familiarity with our cards and (in the case of the proxies) our opponents models. Truthfully it's led me to start hiring my lists before I even start so I can eliminate that step (and predominantly elite high cost crews as well) just to keep the time investment down. Perhaps I will build another table so we can get two games at once, with everyone playing. I will edit this post with a battle report (never done one so I apologize in advance) and a timer for each step. Thanks again!
  25. Hey all. Just had a game against Zipp using Reva. It did not go well... Before I get into it, here's the rough breakdown: 50ss, Headhunter, scheme pool - claim jump, undercover entourage, leave your mark, dig their graves, mark for death. My crew: Reva (guises of death, litany of the fallen, maniacal laugh), Toshiro (command the graves), Bete Noire (my little helper), Forgotten Marshall, 2x Shieldbearer, 2x Crooligan. Schemes: Claim jump, leave your mark His crew (from memory): Zipp, Earl Burns, Fingers, The First Mate, Ronin, Jetpack LaCroix girl (?), 2x Iron Skeeter. Schemes: Claim jump, undercover entourage. Now I'm pretty new to Malifaux and it's only my second game with Reva. My positioning wasn't great, I had no idea what his crew could do and my luck was abysmal, both in hand draw and flipping (I hit an Iron Skeeter four times with Reva and failed to wound it once for example). My game plan was using the crooligans for claim jumping (which admittedly I stupidly set up on opposite sides of the board, completely exposed) while using Reva's early corpse candle through guises to get into his back field early with Bete, then tandeming in the Forgotten Marshall for leave your mark/disruption/killing, while the Toshiro/Shieldbearer bubble/Reva wrecked face for headhunter. I quit end of turn four, had we played it out to the end I would have lost like 10-3. I could not get anywhere near his crew. Their mobility was crazy and if I did manage to get into melee, he just bounced away. I left my crooligans out to dry to be honest but I didn't know they could get hunted down so quickly and they died after dropping one scheme marker between them (which Fingers then got rid of). Bete did nothing except die before she could do anything (she got into melee twice; first being gibbed by the ronin, the second pushed away and slowed by The First Mate who then leapt to the other side of a building, just to add insult to injury). The Forgotten Marshall managed to score twice but aside from a few ineffective shots did nothing. Reva was effectively sidelined by the threat of having pianos dropped on her. Fingers scored about 7vp on his own before tying up half my crew by getting into engagement with them and going double defensive and bouncing away if anything did get through. It was a horror show. What could I have done?