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  1. Took Zipp against Misaki last night: Zipp: Hovering Airship, Gift of Gab, Dreaded Pirate Earl Burns Francois LaCroix: Stilts, Dirty Cheater Iron Skeeter: explosives Iron Skeeter: Spot Light Iron Skeeter: Treasure Map 4x Bayou Gremlins This is my first time playing this list on the table, so still adjusting and trimming fat. Being able to ensure Franc gets fast and reckless to destroy pretty much any model on the board is always a plus. I played this into Symbols of Authority, being able to at the end of a turn run Zipp up to a objective turn into a bayou to threaten a 1st activation score next turn, and pop zipp up in a position to protect a key area was a lot of fun. Ill edit with my opps list and our schemes after work
  2. yes and thats the problem, I agree with you, they write it out, if it develops naturally it can be a great little arch, I dont think in the fluff of Malifaux it really matters, with other games like steamrobots, or continuous galactic civil war, we dont see the cry for sexuality amongst the characters because it doesnt matter. People who cry for every little inclusion, are what causes the minefield to appear. And yes ambiguous it best
  3. May not be a bad idea, would make for a hell of a story arch, "Im gay, Im angry, respkt me" But seriously though, if its to be normalized, how do you normalize it without playing into the stereotypes? How do yo normalize it without making it seem like they just came from a gay pride parade in chicago?
  4. Women also owned businesses and land in real life back then, and it was against the social norm for a woman, but it was still rare. Not arguing the fact that Malifaux is different, this is like trying to argue the feasibility of space battle in star wars. We dont know in a fictional climate. Now from a media source, why does it matter if a character is explicitly gay or not? Why can't you guys answer that? Homosexuality, even heterosexuality doesnt have a place in every piece of mass consumed media. Ive read plenty of books and played games, where I never thought, "Gee I wish I knew if this character was gay or straight" Just enjoy the damned fluff and game, assume whatever sexual orientation you want. This sexuality doesn't really play a huge roll in the over arching story or trying to tag sexuality to a characters identity, doesn't really work. And yes the internet is a strong answer, if you get angry at me using Autistic the way I did, be careful about other words, and memes as well (see my profile pic as an example). If you're going to call out a word being used in a way you don't like, and even get angry, social interaction within the confines of the internet is no place for you my friend.
  5. Very true, you have the right to call me out on it as much as I have the right to use it as I see fit along with other words as well. lets just hope you dont enjoy any memes. Sure cop out of the argument. I read it as well, and yours along with everyone else (even mine to some degree) is arguing from an assumption, which can be biased Heres what I find intersting, the LGB community says that they are just as normal as a straight person, now I agree, so why is it that when ever a character is never explicitly stated homo or made as flaming as they can be, people go up in arms? Its either you're normal or not. They shouldn't have to wave a rainbow flag around, the writers should continue to write as they see fit, if a well developed LGB character comes from that great! If not, its not the end of the world
  6. Actually no it didnt seem in my face, I didnt see it as impactful to the over all story, it changed a dynamic in the interaction with 2 characters. But it felt natural and a good progression. Not saying that if Francis, wanted to have a relationship with a guy it couldnt be natural, but again why does it matter?
  7. You are arguing based off of an assumption, Malifaux could be different sure, but we dont know nor will ever know the social climate of a fictional world. Historical accuracy or not, taking the climate of the world at the time Malifaux takes place1800-1900, its a safe bet that any sort of divergence from social norms such has Homosexuality would still be seen with distain. And really.... from my entire argument you pulled autistically? Come on bro/chick its the internet
  8. The inverse can be said, having a Straight couple of characters has no bad effects on LGBT. With what you're saying though. How does one add a LGBT character without it being explicitly in your face? Why cant a character be a character? A game doesn't have to include every bit of current social nuances, when given the time period its mirroring it would of been a taboo and still frowned on (though that in and of its self would make an interesting dynamic). Just let the damned characters develop, I for one dont tie any sort of sexuality to the character. Though Colette and Cassandras use of woman sexuality is pretty good and fits within the time period of what I would think a woman would have to do to succeed in a time period dominated by men
  9. Does it matter if there are LGBT characters in the story? Sexuality shouldn't be any sort of focal point in the story. If they want to throw an ambiguous nod towards it fine. I would much rather see and read about the characters struggles in the world around him/her, and his/her sexuality has nothing to do with how he deals with a hoard of gremlins autistically screeching across the swamp at them. Or the intricate political workings of word play as two character vie for the conversational high ground. Take your favorite character, insert desired sexual orientation, continue reading, and enjoying the fluff and the game
  10. I think it does says take this action again against a model hit by the pulse effect, at a -1 ca I dont have the card in front of me, but it does seem like it follows normal targeting rules as I thought, just needed to hear it from another source
  11. With Wongs trigger on his Cast action, it says target another enemy model hit by the Pulse of this effect at a -1 ca. Im assuming this follows the regular LoS, cover engagement rules correct? I cant hit something out of my LoS, still has to be a legal target etc etc?
  12. hes worth it in addition to the starters, not too expensive, 12 USD states side
  13. So the way I take list building in Malifaux is I typically build a "Crew Core" This is typically about 30-35 points of models that I take with a particular Master at all times. I try to make them as generalist as possible, to fit strats that I find that particular Master to be good at. The remaining points I use to try and set up my scheme running or denial. Typically I bring a set amount of models to hire from for those remaining 15-20 points, so I can focus on certain interactions. I dont have any experience with Zipp yet, and I dropped Ophelia once my LFGS got the Wong box in (which would be my recommendation to get as well) But as Daniello said, Somer is a great over all jack of all trades. He summons, can dish out some good damage and makes our Bayou Gremlins that much better. His Do it like Dis ability is just amazing, especially considering taking skeeters with him. The way I play him is he summons bayous on turn 1 and 2. The new brood of green menace does what ever they need to do, mainly scheme running or playing the strat. So with Somer the idea I play him as is, for Strats like Guard the Stash, Interference etc I can flood these types of zones to ensure I can score. My other remaining points play towards the scheme or scheme denial. Some models I like with Somer: bayou Gremlins: Somer Summons these guys, they have a push trigger, big damage (at the cost of their selves) can fuel Somer draw engine, and he can summon a metric ****ton of these dudes. Pigapult+Stuffed Pigs: Great damage, can throw Bayous and company with a 24 inch place. Resilent, can mitigate cover. Stuffed pigs give the damage increase at the cost of SH Burt+Dirty Cheater: 8 points of wont die. Use to carve out enemy scheme runners and deny markers Slop Haulers: Heals Bayou Gremlins after summon or Drunk and Reckless. Can lower def Francisco: Awesome damage dealer, can mitigate cover and surviviable Trixibelle: I use her to manipulate models, Pull a mismeasured friendly model into a zone to score. Move Scheme Markers around, Push enemy models out of Scoring range and Slow. Merris LaCroix: Sweet Scheme runner, can drop 3 scheme markers a turn if you wanted to, able to set up your turns for a decent amount of damage and can mitigate blast damage. McTavish: In a scheme pool with a lot of markers, or with your Bayous dying he can be good with his push. I am not a huge fan of him in Somer, but works Lightning bugs: Good healers, Somer can help with their damage output. Scheme runners and good utility models Sparks: Only there for 4 AP Pigapult Hopefully this helps. Schemes and stones also has a good buying on a budget guide that I used to start my collection of gremlins. I think its a bit dated, but helps to start out
  14. So to keep this topic relevent, my eyes have been opened to the stupidity that is Glowy Burt, he has my heart right now. As a scheme runner that can heal the reckless damage, then alpha strike almost anything into submission. Ive also been playing the swine cursed as scheme runners to some degree of success. Not sure how else to run them in the lead up to the Alpha strike. Thoughts?
  15. I think he could be alright, taking a list with bayou gremlins, and Burt may not be bad. You get a dumbluck trigger on the bayou shooting to possibly kill himself, he drops a scrap instead of a corpse, fuel Sparks for turning burt into a Robotic Green Terminator with 4 AP. May not be the most effecient way to spend AP. Also he adds blast to moderate and severe, could be a thing
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