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  1. Cheers guys. I think I'll def check out the shifting loyalties campaign, seems like a good wean into the game. whats in the generalist upgrades decks ?
  2. Hey folks, looking for some advice on best kind of place to start. looking to start playing malifaux with a local group of 6 of us, each buy a crew and all learn the game together. Ive picked neverborn purely based on its the faction I like the look of the models of the most, i got my hands on zoraida's crew, lynch's crew and pandoras crew. I've also ordered graves, tannen, reckoners and some depleted. All based on looks... but am happy to order some more bits and bobs. id quite like to get used to a crew without swapping out all the time until I get a hang of the rules etc. What would you advise? generally the group I am in are very competitive with miniatures games and filth is generally always up there.... we would be looking to start painting, and using the crews all at the same time and possibly make it a little campaign, can anyone suggest best place to start with this?
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