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  1. How stacked up are you early game, and do you struggle with spreading out turn 1, 2 or 3?
  2. I've tried the same, but the player just AFKs the rider out of sight, and then double walks into position for the bonus action 😐 The DF 6 and WP 7 stats don't help either, to be honest. Also doesn't help that the models are so gorgeous, and my opponents are really good painters. I'm so jealous!
  3. Has anyone received their alternative Spit Hog yet? I was too late on getting one myself, and was hoping they’d reopen the promotion in the future. Anyone know if they’ve done that before?
  4. But he appears to be drowning in plus-flips now, and this seems to be a part of the problem - No? I was under the impression that Shenlongs intended strenghts was his flexible playstyle and abillity to adapt, as the situation changes. Not his incredible damage output.
  5. Am I the only one focusing on his Fermented River Style, and the crazy damage potential he has? Combined with the “free” 6-inch push through models, and the follow-up hit.
  6. Any tips on dealing with Riders (Pale, Dead og Hooded)? I've had several games where they just AFK on the sideline, and then explode turn 3, 4 and 5. Normally I pick BBB to discard a card, and ignore their insane triggers, but I don't feel like being pushed into BBB for every single game against Guild, Neverborn og Ressers. Stunned would also be nice, but their WP7 makes Willpower-attacks hard to hit. I've tried using Obey, and simply spending the auto-suits myself, but that just doesn't seem reliable. Maybe if my opponent gets too offensive with it, but that rarely happens anymore.
  7. Here is a fun fact. Prof. Von Schtook has an Attack Action called Administrative Review, which removes any number of conditions from a model. A build-in Suit on the action says that: Target suffers X damage, where X is the highest value Condition ended by this Action(to a minimum of 1) I didn't know about that when I charged my Brewmaster with a stack of 17 Poison into his crew.
  8. A lot of good input guys - Thanks a lot! I've got a quick question in regards to his Attack action Have a drink, and the build-in trigger "A Small Favor". It essentially obeys the model, but I assume target model will still be engaged with Fingers? What is your normal "go-to" use of this trigger, if any? (Enemy-model wise. I can see you'd also be able to obey your own models with it)
  9. Hey guys How many of you have tried out the new M3E-version of Fingers, and what is your experience with him? I've only just now started to delve into Brewmaster, and I cannot seem to justify him and his spot. 9 SS to deny scheming seems decent in theory, but I can find other ways of doing that. He just seems too overpriced for how little he does - Or am I wrong? What situations just scream "This is a job for Fingers!" to you?
  10. Vs. Joking aside, I too play Infamous into a lot of the current Strategy and Schemes. That being said, my local playgroup seems to hate picking schemes with scheme markers, and prefer crews that can melt the enemy. Especially Infamous models. Nephilim, Family and so forth. Do you have any experience with these situations?
  11. Hey guys Have anyone found a suitable binder for the new Tarot-card cards? Preferably in a easy-to-order situation for EU
  12. You sure? If so, cool. I just wanted an official statement on the matter. Will help a lot of the crews. Many still need new models, and this will allow them to proxy.
  13. The App looks really nice - I get a great overview when lookin' through it. Nice one! Seems like all the currently unrelease models are in there aswell - Is this how they will look upon release? Stats and such.
  14. Recently had a game vs Yan Lo, and god I hate Manos. I struggled to tie him down due to the Leap action, and his range 2 melee. In return, he ties a lot of my own models down. This, and his Lantern of Souls to anti-demise me. Doesn't help that my opponent is a really good player Hell, even if I manage to kill him, Yan Lo will be able to bring him back. Figured I'd try to pick up Twelve Cups of Coffee, and prevent him from leaping away. Not sure if it is enough, though. Got any tips?
  15. Lovin' the input, guys. Som'er with my lovechild, but I very much struggle with the crew. I keep focusing on the negative aspects, of which I think there are a lot. I feel like the weaknesses of the crew seem too easy for my opponent to capitalize on. But I'm more than willing to admit that I am being biased What does your starting crew & turn 1 look like?
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