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  1. They also seem to work well in conjunction - Ophelia can discard an upgrade to deal 1 damage to Sammy, giving the Bayou player a card + Glowy & Fast on Sammy. Neat'o! By the way - Quick rules question. Ophelias trigger "Walking Arsenal" says that she can take an action on an upgrade, but must then discard a card or that upgrade. The upgrade says that you can discard it after use to deal 1 damage within an aura of 6. Does this mean that you can simply discard the upgrade (as per the text on the upgrade) and then ignore the "Either discard a card or that upgrade" clause on her tri
  2. I think you’re right! No Gator on the artwork
  3. Skimmed the forums, but couldn’t find any mention of the new Starter packs - Specifically the Bayou one! Seems like we will get the Bayou Bash models. I love the models, and cannot wait to see them in action 😀 What do you guys think? Some of the models seem to fit some of the current keywords. A rooster for Tricksy, a Waldgeist for Swampfiend, Rabbit with a lot of booze for tri-chi, Hog for Pig & Sooey.
  4. Quick comment - It isn't a Heal, but rather a Damage Reduction. Very important difference in Malifaux. And no, you'd never really toss out a Severe unless you're in a pinch.
  5. Hey guys I remember Hitch A Ride not being possible on a model being Obey'ed to take a Walk action, since you can only "Declare a Walk" action during your activation. Does it still work the same way in M3E?
  6. Damn, seems annoying! But thanks for the quick reply
  7. Hey guys Sorry if this has already been asked, but I could find an answer for this wyrd (heh..) situation last week. A Bayou Gremlin shoots an Oxfordian Mage within 6 inches of the model. The Bayou Gremlin have to declare triggers. The Oxfordian Mage says models within 6 have to discard a card to declare triggers. Does this mean the Bayou Gremlin player HAS to discard a card? Or can the player simply ignore the trigger, if they don't wish to discard a card?
  8. Cannot wait to see this model in base contact with the new Lord Chompy Bits 😀 Toss in the alternative model to the Hungering Darkness for added fun
  9. I'm just gonna add my vote on both of these . +1 from me. Wizz-bang seems to be in such a wierd place. I feel like the crew could become broken with just a few changes, but they feel out of place right now. Ulix is insanely card hungry, and it feels horrible to have BBB / Bokor glued on the crew. I'd love to se an alternative. Maybe something that makes Penelope more involved - Draw a card if you Replace a Pig near her. Also: Yes. Very much so.
  10. Can you link to this FAQ, and which area I can find this in? Is it in the 2020 March FAQ?
  11. Do we actually have any statistics on this, other than random quotes from random people? I've had several games against Von Schtook, and he seems insane to me. But I've never actually seen him win any tournaments or anything. (feel free to correct me on this) Maybe "Broken" means something differently to me. For me, a broken keyworld would be rocking every single tournament, every single time. I'm not seeing that many summoners holding that spot.
  12. I'd love to hear how you pull this one off 😮 Do you just hit him a bunch with small attacks, and have to Bokor spam him with heals afterwards?
  13. Man, this guy just further disprove my fanfiction about Bayou being supported by some sort of Luck-based Tyrant. My 2nd theory however, with them being a supported by a Booze-Tyrant seems to flourish.
  14. I'm a huge fan of the podcast, along with many of the others out there. They bring a massive amount of content to the game, and their contribution to the community is beyond appreciated by me and my local playgroup. That being said, I always try to take their comments with a grain of salt - They bring very passionate, vocal players who have an opinion that may not always be shared across metas. A good example of this is their comments regarding triggers, blasts and so forth. Everything is OP, since they always seem to have the correct triggers, or their opponent always stacks 4-5 models on
  15. I was gonna mention the Bayou Smuggler, but then I remembered that they received a pretty significant change in the latest errata - Not sure if I'm sold on the new one, but the potential is there. So many models have that niche-situation that they can be relevant in, that I struggle to name a really bad model.
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