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  1. I try not to compare Rusty Alyce to anything. She is in a league of her own.
  2. 'Ello Sir - Nice post. I too enjoy the current version of Gremlins. Wish we'd have more time to test things out, because I feel the last edition was a bit rushed - Still, this isn't the worst outcome. I really enjoy BBB, and worry about his position in almost every crew. He does have his counters tho', and you are putting a 8 (+1) SS Support model on the board who almost only uses Calculate the Possibilities. Hopefully it'll balance itself out over time. I'll have to try First Mate more - He is a really cool model, yeah. Ulix also seems really fun. Older versions of him seemed broken, but I think they've hit a nice spot for him now. I look forward to playin' him some more in M3E. He does have his counters tho', and so I think he is balanced enough. My biggest worry is Som'er - Feels like they ended the Beta right as he was beginning to take shape, and I'm not sure they've hit the spot yet. He seems like a not-quite-swarmy master who wants to swarm the board.
  3. I assume this would be mirrored in Wong's abillity "Uncontrollable Magic", where he'd instead center his damage on a friendly model? However, this also states that the model automatically suffers 1 damage (which would give Hard Knock life models a Glowy token). Am I correct in that they'd then ALSO have to take the test with a +2 TN? They'd be able to fail automatically, and get a 2nd glowy token, but still. Also - It is still Wong / The Pigapult that generates the damage, right? This is specifially in regards to The Hoof Hearted-abillity on Stuffed Piglets. As an example: Wong casts Fzzzzap! on Stuffed Piglet A Stuffed Piglet A takes 1 Damage and gains a Glowy Token Enemies in an area of 2 will now have to take a MV 15 simple duel. The +1 TN from Stuffed Piglets abillity The Hoof Hearted does not apply to this attack. The Stuffed Piglet passes the duel, and gains a 2nd Glowy Token from Wongs abillity "Crackling Energies". The Stuffed Piglet now has 1 HP left, and 2 Glowy Tokens. Wong takes this 2nd action. Wong casts Fzzzzap! on Stuffed Piglet A Stuffed Piglet A takes 1 Damage and gains another Glowy Token. The Stuffed Piglet dies. Enemies in a pulse of 2 must each pass a TN 14 MV duel from Stuffed Piglets abillity The Hoof Hearted (now with 3 Glowy Tokens) Enemies in an area of 2 will now have to take a MV 15 simple duel. The +3 TN (from the aformentioned three Glowy Tokens) does not apply to this attack. Am I totally off on this, or?
  4. Slightly off topic, but will the changes from v. OB_3.22.19 be release before the 28th? Possibly in the same PDF format?
  5. GrumpyGrandpa

    Fingers Tweak

    It'd make the attack have a huge amount of text on it, but maybe addin' the following: (as seen on Big Brain Brin) Does this make him OP? Not sure. I havn't tested him enough to justify any changes.
  6. What a beaut’ ! I cannot wait to mess up painting his hat Was hoping that “What a lovely day” would end up including a May-sentence tho’, since I’ve seen him unintentionally become dragged into the middle of the battlefield. Still, an instant addition to my shopping list!
  7. That'd be cool - I'm all in for it.
  8. I very much agree. I've recently played with him, and he isn't as swarmy as I imagened.
  9. Agree with most, if not all your comments. Not sure if I can see BIG HAT being optimal with GG19 tho’, which is a shame. I were crossing my fingers that someone had a “do this and it’ll work”-trick
  10. I like the positive attitude, but not sure if I agree with your line of thought. The summoning range of 6 isn’t enough for me to consider the summoning process a serious counter. I’ll try to put more emphasis on keeping Lenny alive, who I agree is a key model. An upgrade will prob’ help
  11. Been a while since I’ve seen any talk on Som’er – Especially with his latest edition (some of the talk in this thread seems to be focused on issues exclusive to the previous edition). I worry about this, since Som’er have gone through a lot of different editions during the entire testing phase. How do people feel about Som’er now? My personal thoughts are: I still worry about the large amount of overview that the theme requires, but I think the new version mitigates a lot of this. An example of this would be the Bayou Bash abillity. Some of the models still seem to be slightly too niche, or lackluster. An example of this would be the Town Crier or Banjonista. The “Elite” models of the crew (Lenny, Georgy and Olaf, and to an extent Good Ol Boy(s)) are seemingly very easy to kill. The low survivability on other models make sense but seems to have affected these models as well. The entire crew is putting a lot of emphasis on stacking up (Bayou Bash) but is also very focused on swarming the board. This makes you very easy to take out with blast, shockwaves and the like. I feel like playing a bloated, fragile wall. I’d imagen +1 range on Bayou Bash would help this, but I’m not sure if it’d make the crew too strong. Anyone else feel differently? Perhaps you can offer me a solution to my issues, since I’d like to play Som’er in competitive games during M3E.
  12. It is the single most beautiful model in the world - And it nearly broke my mind painting it I'd trade my left kidney for a Beast-tag on it, too!
  13. I’d personally rather see the War Pig get a change than ulix. I think he is in a good spot, and shouldn’t be buffed. Anyone else feel differently?
  14. It is worth noting that it has a range of 6, meaning you’ve gotta bunch up if you wanna get a lot of effect from it. I rarely see it as a reliable heal for War pigs.
  15. Slight side-note, but could we make the Demise (Delicious Bacon) a MAY-option? Some crews get so much from enemy schemes markers, and more often than not you don't actually want to give them one. Dashel is a prime example of this.
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