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  1. Unfortunately, whenever I see those Schemes I just forget about my other masters and look at Mah Tucket with her Soul Stone miners. They just make those schemes so easy to score. Big Hat feels too slow (unless you include a Pigapult) to compete with Soul Stone miners. For Ulix however, I'd recommend Big Brain Brin with a Piglet! The combination of Pulling the Strings and Demise (Delicious Bacon) means you can rush a piglet to one side, and have it die at the end-phase to drop a scheme marker.
  2. Any news on the episode? I've been counting the days since you tossed this teaser out! 😁
  3. Would love an ETA from Wyrd on the update, tho'
  4. Dang, I really wanted to paint some pork during the holidays 😐
  5. Seems like the Spit Hog should be available on Special order by now. No?
  6. Huh, I always figured it was any amount of upgrades.
  7. Not sure if I understand what you mean. Can you give an example of the upgrade, and the specific rule & wording?
  8. This seems like a great fix, imo. I've personally considered one of the following changes as an alternative: No longer draw a card at the end of the action Once per turn (Seems very harsh) Once per activation (Allows for Obey-ing, which makes the change feel redundant) But Only during this model's activation seems like a better choice imo. ALSO I'd like to Agree twice, if possible. Someone please help with that 😁 ALSO I'm gonna back up this aswell. The model just doesn't seem to be worth the stones you pay for it. Maybe if Pluck the Strings was a ranged attack I'd see myself enjoy the model more.
  9. I too would like to see Mah's Focus-trigger on Horrible Hollerin' become a single-use. It seems too strong in its current form, and adds too much flack on the keyword as a whole. This would obviously translate to other crews that have a similar problem - Such as the Nephilim crew. Maybe make Focus automatically reduce down to +1 at the End Phase?
  10. I can see that, but I prefer to look at each model regardless of their counterparts in other factions. Model X can still be considered too strong, even if model Y is available. Still, figured it was worth a mention.
  11. I'm surprised that more people don't mention the Hooded Rider. It is, from my point of view: An amazing beater A highly mobile model Flexible in what you need it to do Very survivable Has a game-ending bonus action in the later (3+) turns of the game. I've seen Zorida do horrible, horrible things with it, but I can imagen other Masters having similar succes.
  12. Anyone got the model, and want to sell it? I live in Denmark.
  13. How do you guys deal with Terrifying on this crew? It is my understanding that Terrifying (sadly) isn't an oppossed duel, and so Bayou Bash doesn't help. Maybe upgrades? If so, who do you like putting it on?
  14. Damn, doesn't seem like the alternative Spit Hog will be available.
  15. The damage timing-rules state that all models hit by a shockwave or blast must go through the same step at once, and then move on to the next step. Does this mean that if a Slop hauler and a pig dies to the same shockwave or blast, the Slop haulers Demise-abillity will heal the pig up, as seen on step 6.a.
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