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  1. The Little Lass! Because she can... Or, at the least she helps the crew... I... Well, yeah. Joking aside, I really like totems that help by just being alive. Primordial Magic is a fantastic model, and all it does is stand in the background and give out Incorporeal + Arcane Reservoir.
  2. We seriously need a "Love"-button. Until then, you get my +1 internets, sir!
  3. Iโ€™ve got an idea for the one, true master of Malifaux: Ulix! I spend a total of 20 minutes on this and refuse to accept any criticism on this totally balanced work of art! ๐Ÿ˜‚ Lore: The pig master of Malifaux had known much hardship in his many years. Wanting nothing more than to rest in the shade with his beloved hogs, he continuously found himself under attack by the outside forces that seek to harm his family. Driven to the limit of his abilities, Ulix found assistance in the magics of Wong. Seeking forgiveness for the atrocities that are the Swine-Cursed, Wong agrees and prep
  4. For me, it seems that Wyrd have tried to dial back the summoners in GG2. We see this in how they've added restrictions to Summon models when it comes to Strats and Schemes, and how they've nerfed many of the summoners. It also feels like they've tried to reset some of the internal faction balance, by nerfing the outliners in each faction. If you feel like that, then I'd recommend simply taking a break from Malifaux. Many asked for these changes, and it might be the direction that Wyrd is taking the game. It might also be a fluke, and maybe they'll revert some of the changes. I p
  5. Too much of a hit, if you ask me. I saw some of the changes coming, but this much? I guess the crew that wasnโ€™t winning tournaments will continue to not win tournaments. Other than that I really like the errata and changes - Especially the change to focus. The addition of a Summon Token could be a major nerf to Ulix and the Pigs, when playing against Guild. I assume they keep the token when they get replaced? Exorcists look terrifying now ๐Ÿ˜…
  6. Ol' Mr. Wyrd and his late night quests! I've played quite a few games with Wong, but I'm far from an expert - Please take my opinion with a grain of salt Agreed. He should be the center piece of the crew, but often feels like he is a short-term enabler that becomes horrible in the end-game. I've tried spitballin' a few ideas with my local playground, and we've come up with a few buffs for him: Wong feels like he suffers horribly when he gets engaged (Don't we all, boys? ๐Ÿ˜ ... My bad). Havin' to land a Stat 5 with a Tome or Disengage feels horrible. We considered making Fzzzzap
  7. I remember when Som'er had +2 Arcane Reservoir, and Bayou Bash didn't have a limit on how high it stacked ๐Ÿคฃ
  8. Really cool ideas! Immediately started theorycrafting on ways to break the schemes and strategies, which is a good sign for me Is it confirmed we wonโ€™t see a GG2 in the near future btw?
  9. You've gotten your answer several times. The fact that you chose to ignore it, and instead belittle people doesn't mean people aren't replying.
  10. I honestly don't think this branch of the thread is going anywhere good. This is now a personal crusade, and shouldn't be encouraged.
  11. Great intro ๐Ÿ˜… You shouldn't make forum posts if you don't want people to reply, mate. That is what blogs are for. I'll have to disagree with you on this part. I don't believe you'll get into that situation every single turn in a game. It seems like a dream scenario. Does it happen during games? Sure, but not that often. You're right on this one, true. But even then, it requires: A fragile model to be in position for the marker A Crier within 12 of the model, in position of the marker Two Bayou Bash-models within 3 of the Crier, at the time of the action
  12. I believe that Big Hat is a top-contender in Bayou, and a good overall Keyword in Malifaux M3E. But you're clearly skipping a lot of steps in this post. We can start by mentioning that Rami isn't Big Hat keyword. Georgy and Olaf rarely makes more than 3 hits every turn - 6 hits? What perfect world is that happening in? I can see the "Som'er summons 3-bayou gremlins that you blow up and then GaO shoots"-combo, but that often, every turn? Nope. And he isn't shoot 7 for most of those shots (stat 6 if within Lenny, true) Skeeters require a Gremlin Crier to make that action. It'll cost yo
  13. My local tournament scene doesn't allow proxies with other Malifaux models, so I'll be stuck with the War Piglets Tried finding an alternative, but nothing seems to fit the theme.
  14. Bettin' on Big Brain Brin becomin' a master. Test subjects are essentially his own personal army, right? So they seem to be moving the plot with him in mind.
  15. Still unpainted, and the light is horrible, but there you go'. And just to supplement this, the box clearly misrepresents the size of the M3E models:
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