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  1. Agree with most, if not all your comments. Not sure if I can see BIG HAT being optimal with GG19 tho’, which is a shame. I were crossing my fingers that someone had a “do this and it’ll work”-trick
  2. I like the positive attitude, but not sure if I agree with your line of thought. The summoning range of 6 isn’t enough for me to consider the summoning process a serious counter. I’ll try to put more emphasis on keeping Lenny alive, who I agree is a key model. An upgrade will prob’ help
  3. Been a while since I’ve seen any talk on Som’er – Especially with his latest edition (some of the talk in this thread seems to be focused on issues exclusive to the previous edition). I worry about this, since Som’er have gone through a lot of different editions during the entire testing phase. How do people feel about Som’er now? My personal thoughts are: I still worry about the large amount of overview that the theme requires, but I think the new version mitigates a lot of this. An example of this would be the Bayou Bash abillity. Some of the models still seem to be slightly too niche, or lackluster. An example of this would be the Town Crier or Banjonista. The “Elite” models of the crew (Lenny, Georgy and Olaf, and to an extent Good Ol Boy(s)) are seemingly very easy to kill. The low survivability on other models make sense but seems to have affected these models as well. The entire crew is putting a lot of emphasis on stacking up (Bayou Bash) but is also very focused on swarming the board. This makes you very easy to take out with blast, shockwaves and the like. I feel like playing a bloated, fragile wall. I’d imagen +1 range on Bayou Bash would help this, but I’m not sure if it’d make the crew too strong. Anyone else feel differently? Perhaps you can offer me a solution to my issues, since I’d like to play Som’er in competitive games during M3E.
  4. It is the single most beautiful model in the world - And it nearly broke my mind painting it I'd trade my left kidney for a Beast-tag on it, too!
  5. I’d personally rather see the War Pig get a change than ulix. I think he is in a good spot, and shouldn’t be buffed. Anyone else feel differently?
  6. It is worth noting that it has a range of 6, meaning you’ve gotta bunch up if you wanna get a lot of effect from it. I rarely see it as a reliable heal for War pigs.
  7. Slight side-note, but could we make the Demise (Delicious Bacon) a MAY-option? Some crews get so much from enemy schemes markers, and more often than not you don't actually want to give them one. Dashel is a prime example of this.
  8. I can see your point, and I agree that counterplay should be a key part of the game. Still, I feel that needing a 7 against Terrifying 11 to even begin hitting it, as a 9-cost model, is a struggle. With the IC upgrade, you're also looking at a 11-cost model. I'll concede that part tho', cause I think you've made a good point. Also... It's a pig. Low WP makes sence 😀
  9. I really like War Pigs, and agree they are easy to take down, but also suggest we approach the model carefully. Keep in mind that it is a summonable model with Reckless and a minimum damage of 3 (like you said). I'm floating towards the 10-wound idea more than HTW. Compared to Guild Executioners (another summonable model in the somewhat same category), they are much more squishy and rely on killing models to sustain themselves. Personally I'd like to see them get +1 WP, since they become a major burden against Terrifying.
  10. Same here. Pigapult seems it could be broken in some situation, somehow. Just haven’t found it yet
  11. Seems like you downplay McCabe a lot, and still came out a winner (5 to 3, no less). Still you think Som'er needs to get nerfed? I'd love to hear your opponents point of view - I havn't played a lot of the "new" Som'er, so might have missed the mark on him.
  12. It is based on the personal experience of several players, but not "hard fact". Thus the final remark: "Are we alone in this experience, or do others feel the same?" And that tool, even if it isn't a hard counter, will be enough for me to never pick Ulix vs Guild in a competitive situation. If he did not know my master before we build our crew, I would still have the possibility. Previously, we would make a judgement call regarding the strategy and schemes from eyes of the opponent, and build our crew with this in mind. *EDIT* Prehaps "Hard Counter" isn't the correct expression to use. We worry about certain master (themes) becoming too cancelled out due to the reveal. I'll ask the others what examples they might have - Maybe that'll help. I'm not saying you should spend 100% of your SS on countering the enemy, to remove the threat.
  13. On top of my head? Ulix vs Guild, due to the Brutal Emissary. I think BE is a good model with Crowd Control, which counters a lot of what Ulix (and his crew) does. He has Armor 1, Terrifying 11 (vs Pigs and their terrible WP). I'm not saying I was 100% hard-countered, but I felt it was enough to make me avoid the crew in future, more competitive scenarios. Note that I do not think BE should be changed. I'm not a giant fan of hard counters, which is why I worry about the change. You're fine with hard counters in a faction vs faction scenarios - Not sure if I agree.
  14. Hello all – I hope this isn’t a repeat of an already on-going thread. If so, I’ll move my post there. My local gaming area and I have, for a while now, had some issues with Step E in the Encounters-part of the new M3E setup. This step is where you pick your faction and leader and announce it before you hire a crew. We’ve found that the “Once both players have selected their Leader, they reveal the name of their Leader, though not its title, simultaneously.”-part of the step will literally cut certain masters from competitive play, simply due to the hard-counters that are available in certain factions. Now, the counter argument that future “titles / versions” of different masters will help solve this issue is fine and good, but very far into the future. I also believe they are fixing an issue that did not need to exist. From where we stand, M3E needs as perfect a start as possible to keep up with other competitors. We’ve tried to circumvent this issue by skipping the “leader”-part, but personally don’t enjoy forgoing a part of the core rules. Are we alone in this experience, or do others feel the same? What are the benefits of this, and do they outweigh the cost?
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