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  1. Perfect! Now I just need to eventually buy the model, find a way to file off her nose, paint her green and make the water-effect look like slop.
  2. Side question - I assume that Shojo's trigger Fussy Company on the attack Have a Drink allows you to use Boring Conversation, irregardless of you already having used the other Slurred Speech ?
  3. I don't think the aura works on none Tri-Chi constructs? Man, if it did It played out very well - I spend the first turn loading up Poison on my crew, and then rushing into the middle of his crew. The Lucky Emissary kept the card draw below 3, while I ping-pong'ed around, slowly wearing him and his models down. It was a solid win for me, against one (if not the) best player in my area. We didn't play it out, but I could see myself finishing the game 7 - 2
  4. Tried this list with a bit of variation to fit my enemy crew & the schemes. Played against Titania 2.0. Ended up with: Brew 2.0 Twelve Cups of Coffee Wesley Whiskey Golm Tanuki Fermented Monk Twelve Cups of Coffee Fermented Monk Lucky Emissary Whiskey Gamin 4x SS The Lucky Emissary was there to remove Markers from Titania. Man, this version of the master is hilarious to play. So much mobility and fun interactions. I can see him being picked a lot in GG2.
  5. Didn't even consider them - Very good idea! They seem powerful with this version, yeah
  6. Have anyone tried out the new Brewmaster, and feel like sharing their list and thoughts? I want to try him out, but I'm at a loss on the crew building.
  7. Wow! I got crazy close on this one! 🥳
  8. If nothing else, I can see this version of Wong being a solid 2nd master against bubble crews.
  9. Great minds think alike I had the following list: Som’er Teeth Jones Skeeter Skeeter Spit Hog Good Ol’ Boy Good Ol’ Boy Georgy and Olaf Twelve Cups of Coffee Lenny Jones Old Cranky Bayou Gremlin 4x Soulstones The core idea of the crew was to single out an enemy model and lure that into my crew. This would be the primary focus of the Spit Hog during the early turns, who would utilize the from Old Cranky, and add slow to the Bayou Gremlin – Thus getting 3 flips on the duel, and hopefully ensure that I’d win the duel. This would then be supplemented by Som’er, who’d assist by using “Throw Junk”. With a single enemy in perfect range for my crew & Spot the Goods, I’d then start blasting. I was hoping the enemy would then cheat a bunch of cards to survive the onslaught, and thus create a load of Scheme Markers within range, for me to utilize. Georgy and Olaf with Twelve Cups of Coffee seems like a borderline obligatory choice for the crew. I also wanted to include a Crier in my list, since I consider them great, however situational tanks & control pieces. But I was afraid that I’d lack damage, so I skipped it for now. I can see how a Crier would be useful to remove Scheme Markers, but it would add a whole new leveling of planning for me. Something like: Somehow force the enemy to drop a Scheme Marker (always hated depending on the enemy player) or spending an action myself to place a Scheme marker Get a model to stand next to that Scheme Marker (Bayou Gremlin in this case, since you need the Bully-Abillity to avoid depending on a high Mask, and ignore being engaged) Use my 6-SS model to get a 7-9 card in on a duel, to get a Bayou Gremlin to remove the marker my enemy spawned Toss a card from my already depleted hand Give a Pass token to the enemy. Its just a lot of moving parts for a not very high payoff.
  10. Good question - It felt like this version of Som'er was unable to properly support this crew, and not supply enough “fodder” to compensate for it. The Big Hat crew seems to be built around either being summonable & flexible, or just bloating the board with models to compensate for their below-average efficiency. It’s the whole “No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it”-concept, where the models become about-average when paired together. This Som’er doesn’t seem to support that playstyle. He also relies too much on the enemy to help him function. You want Scheme Markers to get Schemes & Bayou Gremlins. Your primary way to getting said markers are by either using his own trigger Draw out Secrets or the ability Spot the Goods. You can obviously just drop one yourself, but that isn’t Action-efficient, from what I can tell. It needs to be a natural part of the crew & rotation – Otherwise you’re playing from behind. Often, I found that the markers dropped 10-inches away. That essentially made them useless to me since I could not get close enough to remove them, to get the Bayou Gremlins I needed. The whole stick seems to be tacked on to the master as a band-aid, and it doesn’t flow with the keyword. Comparing the two versions of the master, it feels like Som'er has lost a lot, and gained very little. Sorry if this comes off as very negative 😅 My hope is that someone can point out how wrong I am, and show me how to win with this crew.
  11. I finally got to try this Som’er out in a scheme pool perfect for him, and… Wow. That might’ve been the single worst game I’ve had all year. I want to love this keyword, but it feels so dysfunctional and untested. I’m semi worried this is the result of people simply losing interest in Big Hat after they kneecapped the original Som’er to oblivion, and so they never got around to this version in the beta. Please tell me someone else had a different experience, and I just dropped the ball on this one Side question: We ruled that the ability Ransack means you can only ever get a single Bayou Gremlin out – Even if you remove 3-4 markers with an ability like Mark Territory. Were we totally off on that one? “Luckily” it didn’t matter in my game, since there were never more than 1 scheme marker around.
  12. Different mechanic with a different crew, though.
  13. Yeah. It has to be a Big Hat model who removes the marker, to summon a Bayou Gremlin. From what I can tell, the crew has 0 long-range removals to activate this. Som'er isn't more killy with this title, but he can slow models? I'm honestly not very impressed. You get to trade a master AP for a push (if a Scheme Marker is available in LoS) and a ranged attack. I can see the "New" Bayou Two Card, where you'd toss Slow on Bayou Gremlins to get on a Duel (Duel only. Not a flip). But your opponent is the one putting down most of the scheme markers through Spot the goods? So the Bayou Gremlin would spawn in their area, and thus not be within 3. A bit of a let down, since Bayou Two Card has been given to several other models in different factions. This is the first Bayou Title that doesn't impress me. It really seems like they didn't think this one through. I'll try it, and hopefully it turns out I'm a grumpy old fool who sucks at theorycrafting
  14. Agreed - But not sure how reliable he will be. Seems to depend on the enemy to get the "engine" going. Throw Junk seems fun and effective I can see Gluttony being effective with this crew - Loads of markers to remove
  15. Am I reading Lasting Liquor wrong or does it actually have two effects: The Poision Condition cannot be ended The Poision Condition cannot be reduced on friendly models within 8 by enemy effects. Essentially meaning that all friendly models will always have a minimum of 1 poison, since it cannot be ended, if they stay within 8 of the brewmaster?
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