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  1. Recently had a game vs Yan Lo, and god I hate Manos. I struggled to tie him down due to the Leap action, and his range 2 melee. In return, he ties a lot of my own models down. This, and his Lantern of Souls to anti-demise me. Doesn't help that my opponent is a really good player Hell, even if I manage to kill him, Yan Lo will be able to bring him back. Figured I'd try to pick up Twelve Cups of Coffee, and prevent him from leaping away. Not sure if it is enough, though. Got any tips?
  2. Lovin' the input, guys. Som'er with my lovechild, but I very much struggle with the crew. I keep focusing on the negative aspects, of which I think there are a lot. I feel like the weaknesses of the crew seem too easy for my opponent to capitalize on. But I'm more than willing to admit that I am being biased What does your starting crew & turn 1 look like?
  3. Does this mean that your model Shockwave-model would take 1 damage, and THEN take a test (with a +2 Resist), which it can potentially fail and thus gain a 2nd Glowy Token?
  4. 'Ello all I was viewin' the master-fluff on https://www.wyrd-games.net/bayou-m3e, and noted that Ulix, Mah and Zipp all refer to three individual "plans". Does anyone know what they are working on? I imagen that most of this is hidden behind the new Bayou Book, but was wonderin' if there was anything in the previous fluff that spoke of a plan.
  5. Not sure if I agree with this. The M3E testing-phase released a load of changes and new models - All of which required a lot of attention from the testers. I cannot fault a volunteer beta-tester for not focusing on a theme or model that is, quoting Wyrd themselves "not traditionally allowed in Tournament or Story play". I personally read that as them being ban-able from competitive play from the get-go. It was my understanding that they'd be ban-able from the beginning of the errata. Irregardless of their power. They'd still get used in none-competitive matches. Like I wrote before, I don't mind them being used in friendly, none-competitive matches. If future "patches" add them to the none-DMH roster, then I'd imagen they might need a new review. Which is a shame, but possibly also a byproduct of their DMH label during the testing phase. You might be right on this one. Which is a shame, but also the price of having Malifaux follow a narrative-driven gameplay. Something I personally prefer, but can also see why it would upset others.
  6. Joking aside, it seems like people have intentionally, somewhat ignored DMH themes during testing due to their presumed ban from competitive games. I don't blame them. As a result, they seem somewhat unbalanced now. I'd personally like to see them continue being banned from competitive games, but have no issue seeing them in friendly, none-competitive games. Even when paired with other masters. I'm surprised to see so many Henchmen (or atleast I think they are henchmen) allow them in tournaments, however.
  7. Strange comparison, no? I'd like to see Lady Justice get her damage track changed to 2/4/5 because the Zombie Chihuahua has MV 5.
  8. I think we need a new Rasputina-model. 'Bout time if you ask me
  9. You make some very good points throughout your post, and I think that I can see where you are coming from. Still, I do not see how this version of testing is the better alternative for future additions to the game. Hell, I imagen Wyrd had a very heavy drop in sales with the announcement, and this indirectly made them rush certain parts of the process. I'd like to see them avoid such things in the future unless nessesary. Perhaps a third option could be found? Not sure if I agree with this, or maybe just need to see the process before me. I don't believe new concepts can't be added due to this. Aren't Privateer Press doing this with their new sub-faction Inferno? The idea is simply to add things that are unique but not game breaking, and present it to the public for testing. You'd then have all others factions able to focus on the new additions and give their review. Will it counter X Theme? Maybe. And maybe that is okay. But this way it'll get a more grounded and well-rounded review before release. Obviously this isn't viable when focusing on a complete overhaul like M3E ended up being, but would be possible for when the new faction is being introduced, or if they change the core concept of the current rules (like Upgrades and such). Gotta ask if you actually mean that certain factions are intentionally left weak by Wyrd due to popularity? Either way, a testing phase can be done multiple times with different models before the release of a faction book or new release wave. It doesn't need to be focused on a single faction for a year.
  10. While I am very excited about M3E, I still think that a lot of the more popular factions came out on top. Still, I guess the dust will have to settle before we pass judgement on the new edition. I'd personally like to see Wyrd take a different approach in the future, where they focus on a single faction at a time. I understand that this wasn't possible this edition, but maybe in the future. Also this edition felt very rushed in the end, which might also have something to do with it. The game-order where you announce your master first, and then begin building a crew, has flat-out excluded certain crews from competitive games, which is a shame if you ask me.
  11. Huh, don't remember seeing that. Still, seems like it is buzzing now 😉
  12. Thank you! I very much agree, but others swear by the model(s). Havin' to use a 7 to even get a chance for a hit feels somewhat expensive to me. I'd much rather bring The Sow and have her summon piglets.
  13. I expected more changes to BIG HAT and Brin. Feels strange to almost only get more puns added
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