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  1. Great report! I really enjoyed the viewing angle, and the narration makes it very easy to follow through. Thanks for the video
  2. I did - Still not sure. Most people seem to believe, as I do, that they don't count. But I'd hate to make my main argument "4 out of 7 people agree with this". Was hopin' we'd come to any agreement on this one
  3. Did we ever land on an answer for this one? Seems to be split 50 / 50 right now.
  4. Seems a bit expensive to me, and slightly awkward a trick to pull off, if you ask me. But I can see it working at times. I've found that Big Hat has decent potential in the strategy, due to the amount of volume of actions that the crew can pull off. And you can always toss the Lucky Emissary into the crew, and just roll your way to the markers.
  5. So, just had a weird situation. A Mindless Zombie (Insignificant) kills a model designated for Hidden Martyrs - Does the kill count? We ruled no, but wanted to make sure.
  6. From a Master though? Not sure if it was that much. Plus, I'd struggle to see a situation where I'd skip summoning and do it 3 times. It could happen, but very rare.
  7. I can see Wong, and his Launch into space-abillity being useful in the schemes for this GG. Breakthrough, Sabotage, Research Mission, Spread them out and Runic Binding all seem decent with that abillity.
  8. Ugh, I hope the release will be early this week - Really lookin' forward to the news Strats and schemes
  9. GrumpyGrandpa

    Pig help

    Wow. That crushed all confidence I had in my own painting skills 😮
  10. There might be some bad-feelings, but I doubt it completely excludes the idea. Did anyone even survive long enough to warn anyone? If not.. Well, bad things happen (In the Bayou )
  11. Good lord, I have to try this! Makes me miss the old version of Drunk and Stupid, where the summoned model also gained Insignificant 😁
  12. I don't believe that Dashel is as bad as you make him out to be. I understand that Guild-players currently feel underpowered, but I personally think that atleast some, almost miniscule part of this, is the result of hyperbole and the echo chamber(ing) that can occur at times. That being said, I also believe that Sandeep & Dreamer, among other masters, are atleast a bit over the curve. I'd much rather see them be brought down, however. There are obviously things that need buffing in the Guild-roster, though. Please be gentle, Guild players 😁
  13. This topic is gettin' a bit off track, buuuuut.... Isn't the Guard-crew based around a heavy amount of SS gain through Loot their corpses? That should allow for the summoning suits and filtering cards during the beginning of the turn. Hell, you can use it to keep him alive aswell. Maybe my local meta is unique compared to others, but my experience with Dashel doesn't really scream "bland master who struggles to stay alive, kill or summon.". He has access to good damage and somewhat flexible models. And denying Scheme marker-Schemes can be a winning strategy. It means you are dictating a core part of the game. Several other summoners struggle with card draw, which seems like a fair trade for a summoner.
  14. Agreed. Are people still thinkin' Soulstone Miners are a completely balanced model? It seems to have an almost obligatory position in most Arcanist crews, regardless of the Keyword. It might be solved through GG1, but right now they just make some schemes too easy to score I feel.
  15. GrumpyGrandpa

    Pig help

    Almost a 1-to-1 on how I did it! Got any pictures of yours? I'm lookin' to up my game on the new War Pigs and Squealers
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