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  1. I know several who has, but this isn't 1e or 2e - And Som'er has clearly evolved beyond his previous versions.
  2. I feel like the chaos was acceptable in m2 due to somers ability to add suits. Without that, It'd be too random and reduce Somer to a fun-only master - I'd rather see him viable. Bayou gremlins are a core part of the BIG HAT theme now, and is less of a "optional choice". Also, I only eat Guildies
  3. I like the new concept, and much prefer this over the previous version. I do however have a few remarks: I'd like to see Som'er retain his Trigger: "Make Me Proud, Boys!": : "What're You Waitin' For?": Up to two friendly Bayou Gremlins may each take a z Action targeting a model damaged by this Action I imagen reducing it to 1 Bayou Gremlin would be more balanced though, since you are now able to use it in combination with Pig-Eating Grin or Lookin' Down on 'Em. Lenny's new bonus action seems fun, but very random, and the downsides may be too harsh. Especially with the loss of Rush. Maybe reduce the push? Is Old Cranky a tad too powerful now? With Shouting Orders translating to all BIG HAT-models, while they are within 6 of Som'er?
  4. Was Som'er dominating every game with his "old" abillities? I don't see him obliterating every opponent. I'll admit I've been more focused on Ulix & Wong.
  5. Something that I cannot see being good game design.
  6. Not sure if I'd agree with Survival of the Fittest havin' to go. In any case, I really dislike Pig-Eating Grin. It is an abillity that requires way too much setup. You have to: Have a model die within 6 of Som'er Have a 2nd model be within 6 of Som'er Have card to discard Have a card worth discarding Honestly - Som'ers crew is all about worthless models dying for the glory of the Bayou. They are not skilled shotters worth setting up such a large combo for. You can trigger the combo yourself with "Make Me Proud, Boys!", and I imagen that is the only way to make it happen.
  7. I love Ulix - He is a fun, cool master with a unique theme. I don't have a lot of tricks to speak about, but I do have a single model that has kept me from playing Ulix against Guild - Brutal Emissary. It has an abillity that, I feel, counters Ulix (and his crew). Crowd Control: Enemy models within 6 cannot take Actions unless it is their Activation. Doesn't help that the Brutal Emissary is Versatile.
  8. Doh' - Of course! LENNY! You cannot generate blasts off friendly models anymore, I'm afraid 🙁
  9. I actually looked into this, and found it a bit risky. You'll be making a 9-soulstone investment into Sparks (8 + 1. Which is... 18% of your total SS pool?) and then have Sparks spend most of his turns applying the Explosive upgrade to your Bayou Gremlins. They will then have to rush down to your opponent, or risk blowing up in your own crew. It is also worth noting that your opponent will gain +on damage against the model carrying the upgrade, but you will not. You could buy the Pigapult aswell, which costs 7 SS. That'd help a lot with the risk, and supply you with a free Stuffed Piglet, but would also mean you've spend 16 SS from your 50 SS pool. Obviously both models can do other stuff, but they'd be limited (the range on Pack With Explosives is 2, so Sparks would have to stay back with the Pigapult, which is only Move 3). Maybe you could take the Mechanized Porkchop (7 SS), and have it supply Sparks with Scrap markers, which he could then "teleport" to mid-game. At this point tho', you're looking at a 23 SS investment, or 46% of your total SS pool. EDIT: It is worth noting that this is 100% theorycrafting, and I havn't actually tested it yet. Also, 5 DMG in a 2 is bloody amazing, and will leave most people in tears.
  10. This might be slightly off topic, but I really lucked out with my Som'er theme. I've painted them all as fancy hobos, and scattered a bunch of home-made bottles on their bases. Turns out the BIG HAT-theme has a slight drinking issue, and the bottles now make perfect sence.
  11. Hopefully this isn't too far off topic, but will the open beta include the same PDF format? A few people (myself included) mentioned it being slightly cumbersome to flip through during a match. It is a minor inconvenience, but it would help if you'd supplied the format in 4x per page (2x front and back) or just front and back?
  12. The ones on the website are perfect, but I'm looking for each variation of the models aswell. Like the 4 different Bayou Gremlins.
  13. Does Wyrd have a place where someone could get the model-pictures, as seen on the cards?
  14. I felt the same way - Ended up giving each 2nd sculpture of a piglet, a small sign that indicating what number it was. Ended up working out but was a bit of a hassle. I’d personally like to see a new version of Som’er. From reading the fluff of Malifaux, he always seemed like an overweight, arrogant and drunk Gremlin who’d be shaped like an old pear. I always imagined him standing much like his vintage-shape, but with a bigger belly and fatter chin. Similar to the Goblin King in Lord of the Rings.
  15. I can totally see that line of thought. My only counter argument would be that multiple summoning masters might simply swarm the board with models and those masters should therefore be more heavily costed. I could be wrong though.
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