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Found 25 results

  1. Do you have any favourite cinematic experiences which make you think of Malifaux? This is a long post and I've bolded the links to my reccomendations... I've just rewatched a movie I've seen three years ago and it made me think of which movies I remember when I'm reading Malifaux stories or seeing its artwork. These movies are all of quite different genres, but they all share a certain feeling of surrealism. They also share some of my favourite directors (Jean Pierre-Jenuet, Alejanro Jodorowsky and Takashi Miike) and all are visually enticing. Most of the movies aren't in English language and some are definitely not safe for work and have mature audiences ratings. The movie that looks the most and even feels like Malifaux is The City of Lost Children. I don't know if I should introduce it much since it's a cult classic. Set in a dystopian out of time steampunk world, a silent hero and a little girl (a heroine) are on a quest to save the dreaming children. This movie is even suitable for children even if it's a bit dark looking. Also another movie from the same director is a postapocalyptic movie set somewhere in the past: Delicatessen. A movie about street performer who starts living in an apartment building after he lost his monkey and some strange things start happening (I don't want to spoil much). It's also not very brutal (and it could have been considering its title) and has some adventurous scenes. Both movies have broken down buildings in them and are set in vast old urban settings, very much like Malifaux. I've just watched The Last Circus again. It's a very violent and a quite sexual flick and later in the movie it becomes quite a bit crazy and it nearly becomes a horror film. Atmosphere is set in the past and even if it's mostly set in seventies it feels out of time and reality. The movie has an artistic meld of beauty and ugliness. It also contains Penguins (lol auto-corrected c-l-o-w-n-s), so I wouldn't reccomend it to everyone... it's definitely not for children. The scenes of battle on the beginning and near the end of the movie resemble weird scenes and locations that might as well be situated somewhere in Malifaux. For the most part the story itself reminds me of a lot of background stories I've read for Malifaux. This is a weirdest one I'm mentioning and don't let the low budget looks decieve you, it's a great movie and an awesomely weird western: El Topo. It's a weird spiritual quest for excellence, undertaken by a gunslinger, which takes him on a trip through desert and he finds himself in awkward situation after he's reached his goal (again I don't want to spoil the movie too much). It's a movie about human corruption and I would reccomend it only for mature viewers... yes there is violence and weird scenes, but it has a bit of a hidden meaning in it, so it's not for people wanting action of a western or even gore. It's not trying to be smart and you'll need to relax into the movie to experience it beyond weirdness (it tries to toy with the watchers emotions). The movie seems dated but it's before its time in some aspects. This movie is a much easier watching, because it's an action/adventure set in the time of French Revolution: Brotherhood of the Wolf. It seems like a werewolf story (which it isn't), it has an indian in it, martial arts, Monica Belluci and weird cults. The secret society and its conflict reminds me of Malifaux and maybe most of Lucius because of the french costumes and deranged aristocracy. There is also a poacher society which screams Wyrd and I don't want to spoil anything. This should be a fairly popular action flick... Next two are somewhat similar because they have a colonial theme set in familiar outlandish settings of Africa and Orient. Ok, both are happening on real locations, but the stuff that happens seems outlandish and it has its own mythology. First one is The Ghost and the Darkness, set in Africa near a railroad building site where strange animal related murders have been happening. I'm mostly not a fan of Michael Douglas, but this is one of the two movies with him that I loved. Second one is The Bird People in China, set in deep wilderness of China filled with jade deposits. There are no weird bird people in the movie (I'm sorry), but that doesn't mean that the movie hasn't got its wonders. This is by far the tamest of the movies I've mentioned here, but it shows how modern civilization can change a traditional lifestyle and rewrite its mythologies in a bizzarely poetic way. Lastly I'll post a link to a short animated film on youtube called Backwater Gospel. I've seen it posted on A Wyrd Place on Facebook, so I'm reposting it here There is another cartoon I've seen as a kid, but I can't remember its name... I'll post a link to an article about it when I find it. EDIT Dead Man is one of my favourite movies, but I want to rewatch it before reccomending it for Malifaux like atmosphere. I just don't want to reccomend it just because it's a great movie and the reason I love Jim Jarmusch's style. I just remembered that I want to rewatch the movie Vidocq with Gerard Depardeiu. I can't remember much about it. I drifted away while watching it the last time. It had some intense visuals and I remember that it had some light-fantastic elements set in Victorian age, but that's it. Also a question from me: is there a more Malifauxy' movie visually/thematically similar to Gangs of New York or Moulin Rogue? I can't remember if I've seen or heard of anything similar... Sin City is not it.
  2. so something was thinking on the other day. one of the great thing about malifaux is the diversity in characters. i've been playing been playing GW games predominantly for most of my gaming life span having only recently started malifaux. i mean in GW games 90% of the characters are caucasian males, malifaux does seem a lot more balanced (i mean a few weeks ago we had 6 people playing malifaux, the only caucasian male master was the dreamer, with lady J, zorader, linch, mei feng and ironsides making up the other 5 masters- in fact we joked i was the most discriminative (vs dwarfism) person as I didn't take mouse however one thing that doesn't seem to be talked about much is characters sexuality, is this mentioned at all? (I've only read the 2nd ed "rulebooks" none of the other fluff). are there any known LGBT characters out there, either known or hinted at, or am I assuming that reproduction even works the same way on malifaux and all the characters are in fact asexual
  3. I know malifaux is supposed to be a game where most characters are either morally grey or darker than black, but if you were to consider some guys the good guys in this world, who would you consider to fill that mostly scarce position. Here is my opinion on who are the most morally correct masters in Malifaux, per faction, in no particular order Bayou Ulix: there is literally nothing wrong about ulix, the guy is very smart and cunning but there doesnt seem to be malice in his cunning, his particular story makes a pretty great effort in showing him as a caring person that values life above anything else and his dignified treatment of animals make him one of the most simpathetic characters in malifaux IMHO Ophelia: Besides stealing Perdita's hat, Ophelia has been mainly a force of good in the bayou, trying to organize gremlins into a cohesive force that can stand against the humans and their invasion, she doesnt seem to be mean or malicious in any of her appearences and seems to be a great role model for female gremlins Brewmaster: this man is literally an example of a heel face turn done well. He started of as a villain, planning to use gremlins as meatshields in some nefarious ten thunders plan, but overtime he has grown to love his kin and now fights for their freedom against the powers that enslaved him so long ago Zoraida: This one is rather controversial, but Zoraidas en game is getting rid of the tirants, who are clearly the big bad of the setting, so his actions fall in the means justify the ends category. Also she doesnt seem to be particularly mean towards gremlins, sometimes even looking tender and endearing towards them. Overall in a rather twisted way i think Zoraida is probably the big good of the story. Arcanists Toni Ironsides: The president is probably one of the better human characters in the setting, sure, she let the best inventor in malifaux rot in prison, but just as zoraida her actions fall in the means justify the end category, which is a pretty understandable category to qualify as good in this setting. Also she does seem to care about the union workers and we dont really see her do anything wrong or criminal in her stories. Mei Feng: Mei Feng is a seriously weird character, on one hadn her fluff implies that she does care a lot about her workers and tries to give them a human treatment, on the other hand in her stories she is seen torturing and extorting workers on more than one ocation. But lets give mei the benefit of the doubt and say that the takanakas are the ones behind all this torturing and that she is forced to do it Ten thunders Asami: Asami is one of the saddest characters in malifaux alongside with Collodi and Molly. But unlike collodi and much like molly she didn't let the sadness of her life turn her into a bad person. In her story she tries to save the innocent time and time again and actively tries to prevent a great evil from being released into the world, even if it means losing something she values a lot. Overall it is impossible to not feel simpathy for Asami Guild Lady Justice: Lady justice is malifaux answer to batman, she seems to be beloved by the people of Malifaux and we never ever she her doing anything nefarious, all we see her doing is her job with the lowest ammount of civil casualties possible. Overall there isn't much bad to say about lady j Perdita ortega: Another character i can say n othing bad about, she fights nephilin and gremlins without being overly evil about it and seems to care a lot about her family and friends despite not always carrying herself all that well Outcasts Von Schill: A real german, overall he is nowadays fighting for freedom and offering all of malifaux outcasts a possibility to settle down. I dont see him doing anything evil unless it involves his job Resurrectionists Reva: An angel, she fights for the rights of the living AND the dead Molly: She seems to be a zombie that re socializes zombies and tries to help them live in harmony, just like Reva she is an angel
  4. Hello I did something stupid the other day as I bought Molly's box. Dont get me wrong: the minis are incredible and certainly useful to any ressurs player. It's just that I already have plenty of minis to paint and I should limit my purchases... Anyway, as I was studying the crew and how to play it, I was wondering how exactly to define a horror. I know a model is a horror when it is written on its card, but how would you define it to somebody who does not know the game. The other day I told a friend they are pieces of dead meat all put together to form an undead entity, but I'm not sure I am correct. Things like Archie, the kentaurois or the rogue necromancy would sort of correspond to this definition, but what about punk zombies, crooligans or the drowned? Is anyone aware of any piece of fluff which would clarify a bit this uncertainty? I'm also wondering why is Archie a horror while flesh constructs are not.
  5. Does anyone have a list of all the currently released stories that are based in (or give information on) the stories Earthside? I'm sure TOS' book will have a ton in it, but I want to give the currently released stuff a look-through before then
  6. Hi all! I would love to know all the fluff from start to end, the reason I'm posting here, and please forgive me if this is dumb, I am wondering if there is a good order/ way to absorb it all? I know there's the books, the podcast, the newsletters. Do all of these contain the same stories or is it spread out between all of these media?
  7. What do other Neverborn think of Gremlins, and vice versa? We don't seem to have much fluff talking about the interaction between Gremlins and other Neverborn, and it seems like something that would be cool to hear more about. Is Lilith our queen too? Would Nekima use our help? Do silurids normally eat us, or is it just The First Mate? Are we on Titania's hit list? So many questions! What are your theories and things you want to know about Gremlins and other Neverborn?
  8. WHO ARE THE TEN THUNDERS? Last week I injured my hand, rendering me unable to paint for some time. I've been itching to do some hobby stuff and now I have an idea for what: This thread will be a showcase of my painted TT models (photographed badly) coupled with a bits of fluff writing. The world of Malifaux is so rich in details and flavour, and I've often found myself imagining a place for the models I paint in it. The named characters are, of course, well established, as is the general relationships between the models in a faction, but the actual organizations, people and places are left just vague enough that we as players have to fill it in ourselves. I enjoy that immensely. The first entry will be my Ten Thunders Brothers. I uploaded this to facebook two weeks ago, and the positive response (as well as the hand thing) spurred me on to start this project. THE RED DEMONS "The Red Demons run the dockside markets of the Little Kingdom. Now, we all know crops just don't grow right this side of the Breach. If it isn't the taste, then it's the texture, or the tiny, singing mouths only visible in moonlight. But these guys? They've got peaches that taste like your childhood summers – you name it two days in advance, and they'll bring you any amount of fresh fruit or vegetables, hell, they can even get you flowers! Who can afford to pay the Guild cargo rates to bring in flowers? And how do they keep them from growing those tiny lidless eyes? Oh, and I guess I should mention the crates and crates of illegal weapons. I'm sure they'll have what you need. Couple of rules, of course: Payment in soulstones, immediately. And don't mention the masks. If they start talking about you meeting their little brother, or if they mention the name Ototo, just give them what you have and back away slowly. But if they mention The Lady, you run."
  9. cfrag

    Zipp's ship

    So, I've been trying to know more about Zipp's airship. All the information I could find about it is that it was an experimental airship stolen by Zipp, that he named it Infamy, and that Earl Burns was the lead engineer of it before he got kidnapped. This leaves sooo many questions! Who was it stolen from? What is the size of it? What size is zipp's regular crew? How many pianos can you fit in it? Etc. Can you guys help me find more sources of information about it? Like malifaux books, through the breach books or official podcasts. Thanks!
  10. I'm running a through the breach game in a few days and I'm working on the story. I just wanted to ask, what do you call a bar in the Malifaux world. Is it a: pub, inn, tavern, bar. Any help would be appreciated!
  11. I've been looking for a summoning master and Ramos' has piqued my interest. I love the whole idea of a swarm of spiders just spawning out of one scrap marker and oppressing the enemy, plus, his crew box would go nicely with my Ironsides crew (having Joss and Howard can never be a bad thing). Only one thing is kinda making me reluctant to buy him: I really dislike his fluff and his character... In all of the stories I've read, Ramos is always betraying people, or trying to deceive people. He doesn't even do it in a way that makes him interesting (eg. Lucius) and I just can't attach myself emotionally to him. Am I missing something? Is there a nicer side to Ramos that I just haven't noticed? If I can't find a way to like Ramos I might just proxy/convert my own Ramos impersonator but I really want to like him. tl;dr I'm thinking of buying Ramos but I don't like his fluff. Can anyone convince me that he is cool and ,if not, any suggestions for possible proxy/conversion ideas? Any replies are appreciated!
  12. I am looking to build a Neverborn Lucius list that is "in theme" for him. What would the manipulative Mimic bureaucrat bring to the field? His signature pieces are the Guild Lawyers and The Scribe, so Surprisingly Loyal is an auto-include. I figure that he is allied to Mimics, so the Doppelganger and Changelings are in order. However, the rest of the NB Mimics are strongly linked to other masters (Lynch, Pandora), which is not ideal. Out-of-faction Mimics for Personal Retinue are: Guild Lawyer, Terracotta Warrior. Surprisingly Loyal opens up his hiring pool to Guardsman models and it stands to reason that Lucius would be bringing some. Of all the Guardsmen, I think Guild Hounds fit Lucius' story best. Him signalling the hounds to charge is something I can very well picture. Captain Dashel is dear in Lucius fluff, but I want to avoid him because he does little without shooty Guild models to support and the Guild slots are few. So far I have: Lucius (Secret Assets, Surprisingly Loyal) The Scribe Doppelganger (Mimic's Blessing) Guild Lawyer Guild Hound x2 Terracotta Warrior That's 20SS more to go and I would love to hear your suggestions! Especially for the Changelings because I can't figure them out and they look like support pieces. Your thoughts on the above are welcome, too.
  13. Hi Guys, Could someone tell me if there are some stories in the old or the new books about Jack Daw? Thanks
  14. So wyrd has been doing some pretty great stories. Many compliments. But there is so much left to go. The world has so many characters. Not all can get screen time. I hope you agree with me that name-dropping is about the coolest thing about wyrd fluff. The feeling of reading about walking amongst legends is what I love. Please keep doing that. So I leave this here because I want you all to post characters you would like to read more about. wyrd needs to see what you guys want. Let's see them.
  15. So I'm rather curious why humans get all of the gremliny copy-cat attention. The fluff states that after humans arrived in Malifaux the gremlins started to mimic their farming practice to try and take over their pigs, develop moonshine, and fire boomguns. But haven't Neverborn been around for at least as long as the Gremlins? Aside from Sammy imitating Zoraida, why aren't there other green versions of Neverborn stuff? An easy answer is that Neverborn have a malleable appearance, and only look the way they do now because of the presence of humans. But we also know that Black Blood can be implanted (or is maybe even infectious?), so it's still possible for there to be an acid-blood goblin. Similarly, they love to get intoxicated, so there are likely some gremlin Illuminated/Depleted floating around (though I totally get not making a model for that as it would span 3 factions). In addition to that, it's also rather interesting that the gremlins seem to be immune to the necromantic voices that seem to seep into human minds in Malifaux. I know there are people who want a gremlin Resurrectionist, but I think it could be a cool plot point that gremlins cannot hear those secrets. Any thoughts? Or perhaps stories which I don't know of which go into some of these details?
  16. Sorry if this is already a thread, I saw there was that one about Wong up fairly high, but I think most threads revolve around actually using models in game and their crew building. I'm more curious about his story, or what he's doing. It's a fairly open question, but I'm just curious what he's about, or from whence he came? He clearly uses magic, but how did that come about? My other more broad curiosity is about Faction X Arcanist crossovers, namely the notion that anything that can cast spells might be related to Arcanist. Is this how people generally view the Arcanist Faction, as the primary "Casters"? The alternative, that I subscribe to (Which better explains why Wong would not be Arcanist), is that Arcanist happen to be comprised of many mages, but represent more of an ideal or mentality, a group bound more by shared interest than vestment in the arcane. Does this seem reasonable, or is there a good reason Wong could be theoretically clumped into Arcanist? I'm just curious what the defining trait why or why not a model might be partially woven into the Arcanist (Other than purely that being their design), and the general story around Wong and any connection he has to magic or the Arcanist (Does he like them, hate them?). Thanks for the know how, half-stock-green-kin.
  17. While playing games at my FLGS has done a great job of attracting new players' eyes, I've had a few questions about the fluff, specifically the very beginning/setup for the world itself. I know the origin fluff was in the 1st and 1.5 edition books, but where I can point these new potential players who want to immerse themselves into the world on the very beginning? Is there a reason (since the older edition books don't have the current rules) that the origin fluff isn't on PullMyFinger as, shall we say, an appetizer? Any light shed on this question or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  18. Hey! Does anybody knows which books give a little bit of fluff about Kaeris? I need to know more about her before buying the crew. I already own the malifaux 2E book, Crossroads, Shifting Loyalties and downloaded all Wyrd Chronicles, but in all of them I just read the story of her as a child earthside. Haven't finished all the books yet and may have missed something, but anyway, I'd love some help on the matter. Greetings.
  19. Malifaux 2nd Edition Rulebook - Ophelia LaCroix: "It was an independent but identical realization to Som'er's; that it was the person with the big hat who gave the orders." It seems odd that 2nd edition Francois LaCroix and Young LaCroix (those piggy back riding ones) models have considerably bigger hats than Ophelia has. Don't get me wrong, I think that The Kin - Ophelia Box Set contains amazing models (apart from height inconsistency which has been discused several times) and I really like the fluff, I just don't understand logic behind this decision.
  20. Hello friends, Just saw that the older books are available as pdfs. I picked up the smaller rule book for m2e, so I currently have no experience with the fluff. If I were interested in learning more about Ramos and Pandora, would the core 1.5 rule book have the background I am looking for, or should I start with the other books?
  21. Hi all, Has anybody made a list of the stories in chronological order? I was thinking of reading through everything this summer and I wanted a bit of a guide. It would be amazing if there were a list of the characters that appeared in each as well, so you could track individual journeys. I know that there was talk of a wiki a while back. Did that ever happen? Thanks! David
  22. So, if the story is supposed to be progressing forward, why has Candy reverted back to being a little girl, while, at the same time, being promoted to being a Henchwoman? What other edition change glitches​ do people wonder about?
  23. I was talking with the manager at my LFGS and we got to thinking. What if there was a book that took all the stories and fluff from the all of the previous Malifaux books and put them together in one book. It would be a useful resource to hand out to perspective players to get them interested in the game. For example, my girlfriend is interested in the world of Malifaux and wants to get a better grasp for who all these characters are and how they interact in this world, but she has zero interest in flipping through these five different books and their crunch. So yeah, what do you guys think? Cool collectable that you would read, or lame idea?
  24. Hi, I'm sure I posted something on here previously about this but can't find it now :S Due to a recent mass conversion of players to Malifaux at my club (*looks shifty*) we had call to design an ongoing fluffy campaign. Like most leagues/campaigns it plays heavily on the 'Battle for Malifaux' document so thanks again are due to Dustin Smith for the original concept for that. Unlike most fluffy campaigns it sort based on master/hench (m/h) rather than controlling player. This mean that anybody can play with any m/h rather than people being tied to one specific m/h. We christened the campaign 'Malignancy'. There are 130 territories being fought over (5 of each type from the original document). Each of these have been given a fluffy name but apart from that the 5 are identical. For example, the 5 Gremlin villages are called 'Soggy Bottom', 'Moonshine Palace', 'Boondocks', 'The Pigpen' & 'Swamptown'. But all of them give the same benefit (once per game one model may take a (0) healing flip). These 130 territories were randomly distributed to the 26 masters/henchmen and gave each 5 starting territories. Whenever a scrap/brawl is fought each player selects one of the territories owned by their m/h and puts that up as a stake. They are also allowed to use that territory buff. If you win you take the opposing players territory. If you lose, you obviously lose it. If you draw then both of the territories are 'salted'. This means they are still owned by the same m/h but have lost the buff and don't count as a held territory. They can be unsalted by being used as a stake territory (albeit not giving a buff) and winning the game. It is very unlikely that this campaign will ever end as that would require one master to own all 130 territories. What this gives us is a fluffy way to record every Malifaux game that takes place at our club, with both master/henchmen win/draw/loss ratio but also who is more successful with certain masters and also who has the highest w/d/l with any master. Here are some links for you to check out: This is the territories owned by each m/h: http://www.aftermath-club.co.uk/campaigns/malifaux/index.php (Click on m/h name for a breakdown of what they own). Currently recorded encounter results: http://www.aftermath-club.co.uk/campaigns/malifaux/results.php We have just started a 10 player league so the results will be piling up pretty sharpish. I appreciate any comments you have on this. If you're ever around Norwich, UK feel free to contact me for a game.
  25. (authors note: Story contains mature content, including mature language and themes. Reader discretion is advised. Also note, liberties have been taken with certain characters that may or may not reflect cannon. I hope however that you are entertained with my portrayals.) The smoke drifted up in lazy little rings, eventually disappearing into the haze above the fogged-over streetlamp. Old force of habit that came mainly from being lost in thought. She blew the rest of the smoke out in a huff, crushing the cigarette against the streetlamp. It didn’t even taste right. Not tonight. Her eyes fell back the weak line of illumination disappearing around the corner of the foggy street. #&(% Samael. Her brows drew together in an angry crease, and she pushed off the streetlight with a snarl. It was across the street and into the pub that had been cleared out by the Guild earlier that day. The light through the windows from the streetlamps outside could have passed for moonlight, stretching shadows of tables and chairs across the floor in strange, eerie patterns. None of which caught Sonnia’s eye. She went straight to the washroom, pushing through the swinging door with a surprising amount of silence for the amount of force used shoving the door, as it caught on it’s hinges and lightly creaked back, then back again several times before coming to rest. There was only enough light to see because she had become used to the dark. “You indiscriminate soulless STUPID bitch!” she screamed, the only witness the age-smudged mirror in front of her. “Why not let the rift just rip you a new asshole? Did you even think beyond the capacity of a lilly-brained schoolgirl? #&(%! That assaholic! Ego-maso-#&(%in-cistic! Man! No, wait. No, #&(% YOU! You’re the dumbass might-as-well-be whore who can’t let well enough alone!” she screamed at the mirror, her face distorted in passion and rage and bitterness, making angry pointing motions seemingly at random. The one thing no one could see. Must never see. She leaned in closer to the mirror and her own tortured reflection. And wiped her eyes clean from the mist of not-quite tears. The anger broke, and she heaved a broken sigh, letting her knees give, easing herself against the sink, sliding to the floor. Banging her head lightly against the cabinets several times. It was supposed to be distant past. Before her great change. Things like… trusting, or …admiring… those don’t belong any more. Wanting. She buried her forehead in a gloved hand, rubbing along one brow. “I’m …losing it.” There had been a time, long ago, she had been called Livian. Another when she had been Samantha, a passing memoir of the younger sister she once had. Samantha had hated her name. Had gone by the name Sam J. Sonnia now had her real name back, but she hated it just as much as Samantha had hated hers. And their last name… The corner of her mouth curled up in a leer without her even realizing it. It was easier in those days, in some ways. Those days between. Between the catalyst and the Creed. Her head tilted back, and she stared past the ceiling, off somewhere into the past. Once she had stayed with a gambler. In those years when she had tried to lose her identity, had handed out lies as often as she smoked cigarettes, had leeched from the souls of both good men and those stained… or perhaps they had been stained by her presence. Whether they turned sour before or after she ran from them didn’t matter. Everywhere, inescapably, was her own failure. Both to save the innocent bits of the world she loved that, bitterly, always would lose their innocence at some point, and to ultimately fulfill the vow she had made. Her Criid. “I will scour the stains from the soul of this earth. I will live until all is as clean as at birth.” She spoke into the darkness, softly, passionately. The moment stretched on, until her sword settled, slipping slightly upon her back. Sonnia frowned. For years she had been trying to exorcize the world of the monsters that ripped at reality. Cheating fate. Destroying her fate. She had been happy as a girl. Well, happy enough. Even if she had been corrupted by lesser evils all too young. But it would have been a life. A worthwhile life. Hell, maybe she would have grown up to have married a man by now, have a family… She turned her head to the side suddenly, violently. Stupid thought born in ignorance. Who could say it wouldn’t be much the same? Maybe worse. She was the one touched by the demon, wasn’t she? And something caught the corner of her eye. A pair of small, bare feet under the swinging door in front of her. “Yes, you are the one Sonnia.” It said from the other room, the voice of a little boy. “And you know why we come, don’t you? That little spark of hope you have, that soft spot for children. That love for men who deserve nothing and deserve far better than you. Until these die completely, we will come to you like a moth to a flame. It is anathema. It is beautiful. It burns and hurts and you wield this, so we wield you.” “You lie like a clockwork whore, D.” she said softly, with a strange hint of compassion edging her tone. And sighed deeply. The demon out there, that Neverborn, had taken the likeness of her little brother David. She couldn’t be certain if it had been the demon itself that had possessed her brother, or her brother who had created the demon… blood dripping from his hands, eyes closed, calling out as she hid under her bed in desperately frightened tones about the monster in his closet. So long ago, and none of them had believed. Chompy Bits, he had called it. He had walked down the stairs… and fallen. She had escaped onto the roof, run to the authorities. But he hadn’t been there when they returned. Apparently, instead, he had chosen to haunt her. But only when she was alone. Only when there could be no witnesses. The medallion around her neck always grew uncomfortably hot, but never actually removed the presence of this particular perversion. “You know you haven’t come just to bruise my ego, D. Not a hell of a lot you can do about that. So what’s the news this time?” “He comes. But not alone.” Her eyes widened. “You’re sure? How is it you always know what’s on my mind, anyway?” “I want your dreams more than any other. Until you let them go, they are not yet mine.” “So why don’t you crush my hope and lie to me?” “They draw me because all the little dreams you discard so readily make me see how delicious those you hold on to will be when you eventually give them to me. Why take them before they are ripe and rotten?” “I #&(%ing hate myself, you know that?” Sonnia said, figuring her own personal demon as good an audience as any. “I get my head messed up about a man after I foreswore men, love, my old life, my old way. I’m supposed to burn you to ash. It’s what I’ve sworn. It’s my Criid. But it’s me, D. I’d have to give you up. And somehow you have me thinking I’d screw myself over if I forsook one of the few things left that defines my humanity. Sometimes I think it’s the humanity that needs to get burned out of us all. Sometimes. But then I remember. People like Sam and you and dad. Or who you used to be, anyway. And I think of other people. Hell, I do sometimes think of Sammael. Even if I’m the worst hypocrite on Malifaux, I’d die before giving up on them. Potential, I suppose you could say. And I hate it. I hate the people who abuse it. People and #&(%ing… people that shouldn’t be called people, twisting and perverting… making the lie real. Doing the same damn thing I did back before I understood the things I needed to learn. Idiot girl that I was. Why the #&(% didn’t you just let me die, D? Why couldn’t you have just let me #&(%ing die?” “I love you. You keep the monsters away.” Sonnia’s brow furrowed. She didn’t understand. “Like hell. You are a monster, you little shit.” Just then, the medallion on her chest pressed into her bosom with a painful weight and there was a silent sort of thump from the other room. “YES, AND SO ARE YOU.” Spoke a voice pulled straight from your worst nightmares, a huge silhouette rising even above the top of the swinging door. Before it was gone after she blinked. “#&(%.” She swore, rising to her feet. Pushing through the pub in a rush back to the street, the mist had thinned and the light from the streetlamps seemed much brighter than before. She had just enough time to pull out a cigarette and light it when she saw the silhouette in the mist coming toward her from the end of the road. “You BASTARD!” she yelled at the approaching silhouette. “Next time, you say when you want to meet you’d by all the rifts better be FIFTY MINUTES EARLY!” “Sorry Sonnia. She got away. I only managed to off another of her golems, and had to catch the next train. If it’s any consolation, I learned they make great icecubes for margaritas.” A witchling trailed out of the mist behind him, eerie shriveled little thing that it was. “So why do I put up with you? Give me some sign way above Guild level or so help me, Sammael…” “Whoa, speaking of Guild level authority, boss, I’ve got a request. Seems like there’s a new Neverborn around they’re calling Dreamer. Got the tags, time to bag.” Sonnia rubbed her temple. Sammael actually took a few steps backward. “Sonnia,” croaked the witchling, “I feel something near here, like you…” “You are in violation of your privelages!” Sonnia snapped acidly at the witchling, flicking her hand at it and snapping her fingers. The witchling burst into a ball of eerie pale flame and was gone. “I don’t like to repeat myself. To you, I am Master. I #&(%ing hate my name.” she said, tossing her cigarette aside not even half finished. “Come, Sammael. We have a lot of work to do.”
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