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  1. I have absolutely no problem using them with Wong still. Guaranteeing I hit my explosive pig that's engaged with at least 2 enemies (hopefully) is well worth it for the , , and pig damage. I've never been a fan of activation control play style anyways, so I could care less. Though I do understand the people hurting from it.
  2. If you're going for filth, Pandora is a pretty damn good start. She can be difficult to learn, but she was my first master and I never regretted it.
  3. I'd say it still applies. Looking out of the normal factions for those suits helps. First example that comes to mind is on Zipp in Gremlins. He needs a for his defensive trigger, which I'd consider a control aspect (same with all the squealing we like to do), and he also needs a on his Ml attack for the trigger, which is still a control trick.
  4. I don't have a slot in this fight, but if the story doesn't call for it either way, then does it matter? I'm all for equality and representation, but not if it's being done for the sake of just having a character in the game like that. If it serves the story, I'd love it. If it's thrown in on top just to add it in, then it's going to be obvious that it's being done on purpose. If that's the case, you might as well take the South Park approach and name the character Token. Which, I can only imagine, would be potentially more insulting.
  5. With Frame for Murder a thing, I'd say you can pick whatever the hell you want. In those situations, I'd rather feign a big beater going forward so it isn't obvious that it's my FfM target when I try to keep it alive through enforcer and minion attacks, but as soon as a henchman or master come at it, suddenly I don't have cards to cheat with. If I throw a sacrifice forward, I'm basically guaranteeing I'm only getting 2 points from it. I can sustain a big guy through enough attacks to let the 3 point kill come in. Other than that, I typically use it on Lilith
  6. The original meaning, that I take, is that "negated" is just the dictionary definition. So in that regards, it means cancel. So "can't be reduced or negated" means "you're taking the poison." It's different when it's used on a condition. In the first regard, it isn't being used as a keyword for the game or in reference to an ability. For the Arcane Emissary ability we're looking at, it gives a specific condition called "Negated," but then specifically defines afterwards what it means in this case. That's how I've always seen it, anyway.
  7. I'm going to throw another vote in for Zipp over Wong, though the two of them make up two of my favorite masters. With Zipp, you're getting the First Mate, who is a great scheme runner, and if you play him properly, also denies enemy schemes quite easily while making himself fairly survivable in return. The Iron Skeeters are a pretty good addition to an Ophelia crew. Just being able to pick up and drop off the dangerous Kin where you want them to be, while also potentially making sure they have 4 AP on their activation, is well worth the stones for their cost. The Sky Pirate upgrades they can take is just extra icing. I'm not sure how thematic pianos flying in an Ophelia crew are, but I'm sure she'd welcome any kind of offense that she can get.
  8. Considering the jerk that placed 1st, I'd say it was a long shot, but I definitely see your point.
  9. The idea is to use the smoke, move Zipp, then "Up We Go" your target into the smoke. It works, I just don't see many situations where it's useful to be honest. You're wasting 3 AP from your (fairly versatile and annoying) master to trap 1 model for 1 turn. The tradeoff doesn't seem incredibly beneficial other than very specific situations. Of course I could be missing the point entirely, which is definitely 100% plausible.
  10. I still have a ton of fun playing him, and ended up taking 2nd in a local tournament playing him exclusively. It takes some careful model choices for every scheme pool, but it's not impossible to make him great. Even if all you're doing with him is getting Swill onto a high priority target and sending the Whiskey Golem or Burt after them (or both, as I tend to do). That's a model that probably won't survive. I always use Drinking Contest because as a (0) with no cost, there's really no reason not to do it. But don't focus your game around it. Maybe in the future they'll make it easier to make that his "thing," but for now it's gotta be secondary. I prefer First Mate to Trixie in a lot of situations, and this is no different. His Croak is much better than her Lure in a situation where you want enemies near Brewmaster, since it's in any direction as opposed to directly toward or away from Trixie. Yes, you can't cheat fate, but worst case scenario your opponent gets 1 activation against Brewmaster. If you play him right, it won't matter. Every game I put 1 soulstone onto Brewmaster's card, and 1 card face down as soon as I get it (13 with one of his suits for his Df trigger, Red Joker if it comes up). So their 1 activation they might get some rounds turns into their big hitter just going away. Besides, an intelligent player wouldn't get first activation against Brewmaster and use it to try to kill him. There aren't exactly a ton of available models that could kill a master in one go. Getting that first activation, best bet is to haul ass the Hell out of dodge before you get trapped again. If you had other models, maybe ones that don't randomize into engagement, that's a different story. Brewmaster is one of my favorite masters, so I'm always advocating for his use in Gremlins due to his unique theme. It's doable if you want it to be.
  11. I can see doing it for certain situations, but most of the time I'm not sure it's a great benefit. Fun to try. First thing that comes to mind is copying Zipp's "Up We Go" to drop something away, so he's not engaged and can now use the big gun. But I agree with Adran and using once per turn actions. I just can't think of anything great off the top of my head to use it with.
  12. I don't recall the user but I've seen something on Youtube about it. I haven't heard this episode yet, but I'm assuming that it's referencing the diagram to place the markers and block a model in? If that's the case, you essentially place them in a triangle around Zipp. X Z X X
  13. I would say yes, since it says "target." I'd imagine if it went against normal rules, it would just say something like "take this action again against a model hit by the effect."
  14. I use him with Kirai or when I'm using Seamus with spirits. He's great if you have a spirit crew, and he seems pretty good when you have corpses that you don't need. I don't think he works well with Reva since she wants those bodies to stick around. I wouldn't put him at the top of the henchmen list, but I don't own a ton of Ressers, so he does the job for me when I need him.
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