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Academic - Fated Almanac p.80
Animator - Into the Steam p.76
Augmented - Into the Steam p.80
Bokor - Into the Bayou p.80
Boomer - Into the Bayou p.84
Boozer - Into the Bayou p.88
Buckaroo - Into the Bayou p.92
Bully - Under Quarantine p.88
Chemist - Under Quarantine p.92
Collaborator - Into the Steam p.84
Copycat - Into the Bayou p.96
Criminal - Fated Almanac p.82
Dabbler - Fated Almanac p.84
Drudge - Fated Almanac p.86
Engineer - Into the Steam p.88
Forgotten - Under Quarantine p.96
Ghost Eater - Under Quarantine p.100
Ghoul - Under Quarantine p.104
Graverobber - Fated Almanac p.88
Guard - Fated Almanac p.90
Gunfighter - Fated Almanac p.92
Illusionist - Into the Steam p.92
Infiltrator - Into the Steam p.96/Monday Preview June 29
Mage - Into the Steam p.100
Medium -  - Under Quarantine p.108
Mercenary - Fated Almanac p.94
Necromancer - Under Quarantine p.112
Overseer - Fated Almanac p.96
Performer - Fated Almanac p.98
Pioneer - Fated Almanac p.100
Primal - Into the Steam p.104
Pugilist - Into the Bayou p.100
Sawbones - Under Quarantine p.116
Scrapper - Fated Almanac p.102
Swineherd - Into the Bayou p.104
Tinkerer - Fated Almanac p.104
Trapper - Into the Bayou p.108/Monday Preview 26 July 2016
Wastrel - Fated Almanac p.106
Advanced Pursuits, with suggested Factions
The Powers That Be
The Guild 
Death Marshal - Fatemasters' p.210
Exorcist - Under Quarantine p.124
Nephilim Hunter - Penny Dreadful: In Defense of Innocence
Miners and Steamfitters Union
Demolitionist - Into The Steam p.118
Steamfitter - Fatemasters' p.214
Outcasts and Mercenary Bands
Abettor of Obliteration - Under Quarantine p.122
Freikorpsmann - Fatemasters' p.212
Secret Factions
The Arcanists
December Acolyte - Wyrd Chronicles 11 p.5/Into The Steam p.110
Demolitionist - Into The Steam p.118
Shapeshifter - Into the Steam p.116/Monday Preview March 23
Showgirl - Into The Steam p.114 - Possibly Invested
Silent One - Into The Steam p.112
The Resurrectionists
Grave Servant - Fatemasters' p.216
Revenant - Under Quarantine p.128
Revivalist - Under Quarantine p.126
Student of Transmortis - Under Quarantine p.130
The Ten Thunders
Torakage - Fatemasters' p.218
Rampager -
 Northern Aggression p.106
- Possibly Guild/Arcanist/Resurrectionist
Autumn Knight -
Nythera p.150
Big Hat - Into the Bayou p.116
Lightning Bug - Into the Bayou p.118
Rocketeer - Into the Bayou p.120 - Possibly Arcanist/Guild
Taxidermist - Into the Bayou p.122 - Possibly Resurrectionist
Virtuoso - Into the Bayou p.114
Showgirl - Into The Steam p.114 - Probably Arcanist
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8 minutes ago, Kurai said:

I would like to know what fates each adventure is tied to. Would help a lot to pick relevant ones.

There's nothing specific for most of them.

The full Penny Dreadful books have some suggestions on which fates could be tied to each Act, and most of the Chronicles adventures have a few entries at the start to give the Fatemaster ideas.

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41 minutes ago, Kurai said:

I would like to know what fates each adventure is tied to. Would help a lot to pick relevant ones.

Aside from the suggestions available in some of the Penny Dreadfuls, there are a few discussion chains here on FMing and tying in Fate Steps is one of the things that every FM will end up needing to tackle. If you're feeling daunted by this, I would suggest two things:

  • Taking a quick read through how other Fatemasters/mistresses have handled or suggest handling Fate Steps and character advancement, and
  • Looking at a Penny Dreadful or two to see how they handle the ones that they suggest fulfillment of. One of the things I appreciate about the way they do it is that the Fate Step business is entirely optional for you as the FM to use (it's not crucial to advancing the story), which makes it possible for you to swap it out with an adapted modular response for a Fate Step that applies to your Fated crew. The adaptation would simply be making sure that maps and references you are using all have the updated information (people, places, and what specifically ties it to the Fate Step).
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@Malistrad Thanks for your awesome work in collating all the Wyrd Chronicles TTB Adventures especially. Just noticed that the Issue 31 adventure is called "Stonetooth's Folly" (pg48), not "Terror of Hog's Bog" (which is a story).


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I noticed the Above the Law pursuits were missing from the list above.

Bureaucrat - p.96
Commander - p.102
Cunner - p.108
Magewright - p.112
Marksman - p.116
Propagandist - p.120

Executioner - p.128
Guild Lawyer - P.130
Mage Killer - p.134
Soulstone Aficionado - p.136
Witchling Handler - p.138

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