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  1. So when you create the illusion, you specify a model that it's an illusion of?
  2. When you attack an Illusion that has had the (1) Order applied to it, what happens? Do they get a defense? Do they just vanish?
  3. Basically, are we going to get another Spell Deck (WYR30405) that includes the new Magia and Immuto once From Nightmares is out? I would be interested in buying a copy.
  4. Illusionist, as envisioned with lots of Manifested Powers, feels more like an Advanced Pursuit. You need multiple Magic skills to pull it off. It's a hard pursuit to pull off RAW without a lot of Magic Skill Kits or picking the Oxford Method. It would certainly be easier to pull off if you had some Destiny Steps under your belt.
  5. This was the #1 request on my wish list as well. If it's not in this book, could we get it in an official supplement?
  6. Do we have an update on From Nightmares? I would love a Feb 2021 release, but I also figure we're close enough to February to know if we're gonna hit that. My excitement for this book is palpable.
  7. I guess the follow-up question is that is there a flip for scrutiny. This implies that there isn't. So if you come across a master or anyone with a 12+ rank and a non-negative Scrutiny you're going to be found out. In our campaign we do work for the guild from time to time and we come across Master-level characters. The implication is that they would suspect something right away. This does give hope, except for the fact that successfully lying to a high-rank characters is also almost impossible. So I guess the end result is avoid the big bads of the universe.
  8. Okay. That doesn't clarify things greatly. Is Scrutiny used passively or is it only used actively? I.e. do people not know you're a stitched until they have reason to suspect like Illusions or Visage of Life?
  9. How are scrutiny checks supposed to work for Stitched Characters against Fatemaster character? Is it like horror checks where you take half the target value and then flip with their Scrutiny + Rank as the target? Or is it just a flat, if you exceed it, you're fine; otherwise you're not?
  10. Given the fact that the line's primary author quit early this year and that we haven't heard anything concrete in a long time, it would be nice to know when we might hear something even if that something is that you'll let us know something by X date.
  11. Have we gotten any updates on when the next book is going to drop?
  12. Fair enough. My understanding, specifically to the Neverborn book, is that he didn't get a chance to work on it much.
  13. Do you think that's still the case given Mason's departure? Wasn't he the lead on all the books?
  14. RAW, yes they flip as non-fated. The issue is that a Df/Wp of 7 with a bonus of 9 leaves you with a sixteen. That leaves you immune to just about all non-henchmen and up. There are a few enforcers that can hit that, but it would be rare.
  15. While I haven't seen any indication the line is officially dead, I wouldn't expect the neverborn book anytime soon, if at all. It is also sad for me to see this line fade away.
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