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  1. So I've had 1 game with Ulix since posting all the above, and 1 game with the Freikorps. With Ulix, I went up against Marcus, and we were both highly inexperienced with our Masters (my local group is 4 players who own far too many Masters and switch between them after just a game or two, and 1 player who is sensible and tries to get 10-20 games in with a single Master to actually unlock it before trying another). Anyway, found Ulix to be kinda "Meh" fun-wise, and I just kept tripping up over all the 50mm bases. Not really into pigs as a theme either, but I'll keep an eye on the War Pig for my Zoraida crew... 😉 The Freikorps, on the other hand, were great! Really enjoyed them, didn't find them nearly as taxing as most of the other crews I've tried, and I even felt like I was using some of the proper interactions and Abilities on them. Score!
  2. Sweet! Moving into Outcasts, that sounds like the deal!
  3. I agree completely. Definitely finding M3e Wong lacklustre in comparison, and too mentally taxing for me. Som'er was hilarious in M2e, but with the removal of the heavy self-flagellation theme in Gremlins ("Dumb Luck" triggers specifically, but also being able to hit your own guys for squeals, etc), I've really lost a lot of my love for Bayou. Have also sold some off - Mah and Ophelia - and thinking of chucking Ulix, Wong and Som'er. Would be fine with keeping Brewmaster and Z, and yet to try Zipp (I think I'll be moving to Outcasts with Freikorps to begin with, as they're quite fun). RIP M2e Gremlins! 😉 (just my own opinion, of course)
  4. Wow. Bayou - and especially Zipp - really are privileged in this regard. Enough to make me think twice about coming to Outcasts, given In going to be facing Titania quite regularly 😉
  5. Or Zipp. Smugglers are both Bandit & Infamous.
  6. Boo. Well, if it's a fairly rare capability, I can't be too bummed out that we don't have any. I'm just switching over from Bayou where we have Gluttony and the Lucky Emissary that can both do it, so I thought it was a bit more common across the board.
  7. Hey! New to Outcasts, and I'm just wondering how Outcasts go about getting rid of non-Destructible markers, such as Titania's "Underbrush", Mysterious Emissary's "Hungry Land", etc? Thanks!
  8. Cheers for that. I've had a look at all those cards now, and yeah - the Umbra stuff appeals. The Spelleater looks like a PITA for an opponent (stealing suits during opposed duels? Urgh!), and it's a Witch Hunter - at least - so that'll go with the Sonnia crew I've never actually used, but keep meaning to 😉 Looks like the Explorer's Society might be the shiny
  9. Do you mean the Explorers Starter Box? I'm starting to develop a looking for what's been shown of the Umbra keyword models, but I imagine their Crew Box is some ways away yet?
  10. Hey y'all, Just checking - have I missed this? I haven't been paying attention since Beta, and since the Wong box is out, In guessing that the facility to special order just the Alphonse model has come and gone, right? Thanks
  11. Good point, thanks. Reminded me to check out "Dmg Prevention" vs "Dmg Reduction" in this new edition, but it seems that there *is* no more Dmg Prevention? Soulstones can be used to Reduce Dmg in M3e, rather than Prevent.
  12. Got it. That makes the most sense, of course. Just feel for those who still want to use the Ramones as Mounted Guard, but feel they can't (in a Tournament setting, or whatever. I'm sure it's not a problem in casual games).
  13. Ahhh, I see. Wasn't aware that the re-release is going to invalidate the original purpose of the box. Okay, well let's see what shakes out when it re-issues. I just love those (formerly?) Mounted Guard alts tho. Thanks!
  14. So, is The Wild Ones box sold at all anymore? Or have I missed it? 😉 I know it's been out a while, but I've never really had the cash to get it, and now I do. Plus it's the only Nightmare crew that lands in that happy intersection of "I wants it", & "I plays that Faction/Master".
  15. So, how much unreleased Explorer's Society stuff has been teased now? I saw that other guy with the Syndicate keyword. Seems to reference TOS? But I'm liking the look of this guy (Gibson), and interested in the potential of the Umbra keyword. What else is out there?
  16. For anyone as ignorant as me, what's the reference here with this crew? *Is* there a pop-culture reference? Thanks!
  17. Oh no! Yikes - no, that's a few too many moving parts / self-playey for me! I think I'd prefer to go 2-3 big beaters, and just let Z obey them once each. Provide some redundancy that way, but have fewer models I'm sure. Anyway, Freikorps is one crew I've always liked the look of, so it might be time to dip the toes in and see whether I like them. @Jesy Blue any wisdom on OOK models for them? I was looking around for any sneaky Constructs for Lazarus to assimilate, but there doesn't seem to be anything sneaky enough to make it worthwhile. Oh - except for Rusty Alyce, of course...
  18. Same here - don't have any Squeelers, but I have all the others, and am familiar enough with how they look from M2e to not be a problem. I'm just going to try out Ulix as though Squeelers don't exist, which will impact the grow mechanic a bit (but that won't be my focus anyway in the first games), and see how that goes. Have been eyeing up a Ulix = scheme runner idea by pairing him with a Rooster Rider for up to 21" movement per turn, but that may or may not work out 🙂 Biggest differences I've noticed are that Boars are now ~similar to Piglets & War Pigs, whereas in M2e they were quite different, and the odd one out. And Piglets no longer have that Small Target debuff, so it'll be easier for the opponent to shoot them down. Not sure now whether I'll try Ulix or Freikorps tonight, but will let you know how I go, anyway.
  19. Just started looking at Ulix myself. The front of his card has "Sturdy Critters", which allows you to pitch a card to give a 1/2/2 heal (depending on the value of the card you pitch). Soooo, why ever pitch a Severe? Wyrd just felt that a 1/2/3 heal was slightly too good, so no point chucking a Severe, unless you really have to?
  20. Now - about Ulix. I've only skim-read his crew's cards, and I don't see any Summoning other than his Grow Up Strong action. Is there something else? Because if I just kind of ignore that, then the only Summoning I have to worry about with him, is the placement of Piglets whenever another Pig dies (or if The Sow uses "Birth"). I *think* I can handle that. Maybe. I'm just considering him, because for the most part, all of the Pigs have very similar Abilities, Attacks, Triggers and purposes, so it seems like it might be a fairly straightforward crew to learn. Or is foregoing Ulix's growth-list potential really just handicapping the whole shtick? EDIT: Okay, just realised that the Hog Whisperer & Slop Hauler can both summon Piglets.
  21. Thanks for all the advice, everyone! Yeah, I remember playing M2e Lucius and finding the overlapping effects from Dashel, Queeg, Sergeants and the Riflemen being a bit of a hassle for me. Never got the hang of who was doing what, so it really slowed down my play. I haven't really looked, but I imagine that in M3e, Dashel's crew hasn't moved too far away from that shtick. The only main M3e experience I have so far is a tournament late last year, and I used Brewmaster for that, with Zoraida as a second Master. I found that okay to use, but it did drain me a bit, and I think I was really using Z and Whiskey Golem the most out of all of the models! I really like Z's Obeys, but I found a couple of times that I was essentially doing 7 Actions in her 1 activation, due to her Obeying (with double Masks), 2 of my beaters into getting 2 Actions each, so at that point I was feeling bad for my opponent who was more or less sitting there watching me play with myself for half an hour (I also need to speed up my play, of course...). And yeah - I have NEVER remembered Penetrating Stench, so I'm sure I'm not getting the most out of my models, most of the time! In terms of what I find the most taxing, I think it's the constant re-reading of cards in order to make sure I'm getting the rules right. So a crew with fairly consistent Abilities and Actions would be best. Probably puts Freikorps (and possibly the Viks, who I could borrow from a friend) into first place. That all sounds like excellent advice. I could take an elite Zoraida crew, for instance, form a solid plan, and Obey my own big beaters into carrying it out. Your point about having a 1st turn plan, really resonates for me in terms of Deployment. I can experience significant confusion, indecision and stress when I'm suddenly faced with having to decide where to put all my models, how their Abilities etc are going to interact in the 3D of the gaming table (with terrain, etc), rather than just the 2D of the theory-crafting space, and then knowing what Activation order and Actions I ought to do. So that point about having a crew with a fairly well mapped-out 1st Turn sounds like it somewhat addresses that. I gather that Wong for instance has a fairly consistent 1st Turn - cluster everyone around him, and do "The Glow", followed by a bunch of "Fzzzzap!" Attacks on your own models to load Glowy. I just don't dig those overly excessive "Playing with yourself" metagame styles at the moment, so I might steer clear of the Wong-esque crews and see which ones offer me some kind of rails for setup and deployment, without really needing to sit there flipping against just myself for the first turn. Freikorps should offer that a bit, although I guess the Equipment upgrades would all require simple duels anyway. Hmmm... Thanks @Jesy Blue. Yeah, I have found the Poison upkeep occasionally difficult, and you're right - it's mostly been a pain in the a*#e for my opponents, since they take on the bookkeeping of it on their own models. Still slows the game down, especially since it ticks down each End Phase. And I always feel under pressure at the beginning of each round to consider who in my crew needs more Poison again, how to get it there, etc. I was starting to gravitate towards Freikorps, Infamous and Swampfiend anyway, actually. I could live with non-Obey Zoraida, but I think I might even find it easier to run her with a couple big beaters, and have her Obeying them, than to get mixed up in the (admittedly cool, but pretty mind-bending) Voodoo Doll shenanigans. By non-Obey Swampfiend, do you mean to have Z concentrate more on just Hex, and Threads of Fate? Per @Adran's point, I find remembering persistent Abilities etc like Penetrating Stench and Poisoned Fate to be a bit much (tend to forget them, then remember them, then get down on myself for having forgotten them, so... might be an idea to either stay away from crews with those things, or just willfully ignore them). Anyway, will try out the Freikorps tomorrow night and see how they fit. It might be Outcast O'clock for me 😉 Thanks again everyone for taking the time to help me out!
  22. Hey all, Got a tournament coming up in a month, and I haven't gotten a lot of practice in M3e (played a fair bit of M2e tho). I have a chronic fatigue condition that makes long periods of attention and mental acuity pretty draining, so I was wondering what Masters/Keywords you all think might be the least taxing? I'm not too worried about being competitive - as long as I have fun, and am not completely knackered by the end of game 2, I'll be happy 🙂 For the record, here's a list of the Keywords/crews I own and can field at this tourny, so I'm mostly after your opinions on these ones. As an example of what I find draining, Wong is right up there. I'm finding his Glowy mechanic quite confusing, and it requires a lot of bookkeeping, so crews with a simpler shtick would be better for me at this stage. Thanks in advance! BAYOU - Wong (Wizz Bang) - Brewmaster (Tri Chi) - Zoraida (Swampfiend) - Ulix (Sooey, Pig) - Zipp (Infamous) - Som'er (Big Hat) GUILD - Sonnia (Witch Hunter) - Dashel (Guard) - Hoffman (Augmented) OUTCASTS - Zipp (Infamous) - Von Schill (Freikorps)
  23. Just to flesh this Attack out a little: So you can use Maddening Drums to "Push the target into base contact with the chosen Marker". Does anyone read this as not specifying a maximum distance on said Push? The Attack text allows multiple Markers to be removed (as long as they're in base contact), so I'm just wondering how much leeway you'd have on where the target model ends up. If the closest edge of the chosen Marker was the maximum 6" away from the target, I'm thinking that there's nothing in the wording of the Attack that says you'd only be able to Push the target to that closest edge - you should be able to Push it all the way to the other edge, or halfway over the Marker, just as long as the target ends the Push in contact with it. Yes? (The wording also neatly avoids the "Push towards" and "Push away from" stipulations, so you already have freedom of positioning in the sense that you can Push towards either outside edge of the Marker, rather than just the middle.)
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