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  1. Thanks, that made the whole difference!
  2. I seem unable to name my crews. I change the name and save, but in the list of saved crews it just says "New (master of choise) crew" anyway. Still very nice app. I hope to get my first M3e game going soon. Edited for spelling.
  3. Thank you! This is great! I've even found sleeves they can fit in.
  4. A couple of days ago I started planning for a three-day event to play "In Defense of Innocence" with some friends. They have never tried Malifaux, but I wanted to make pregenerated characters with matching painted model. After a while of planning I realized that I would like the character sheets to match the Malifaux character cards. Obviously there is a lot more info on a sheet compared to a card. However there is the new Tarot Fate Deck. I think it should be possible to create something similar on two doublesided tarot sized cards. Has anyone considered to make a tarot-sized character sheet? I would try to make one of my own if I had a decent program to design them in, but unfortunately I don't. If you do have one, please share!
  5. I would like to know what fates each adventure is tied to. Would help a lot to pick relevant ones.
  6. In the skills table Pick Pocket is associated with Speed. In the skill description it is associated with Intelligence instead.
  7. I love the fur on your Yokai! What colors did you use?
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